Hiru News en 2015-07-02 Update: President refuses giving nominations to the Former President Rajapaksa Hiru News en 2015-07-02 National Development Plans should be based on country’s priorities – President Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Former MP R Duminda Silva reiterates that Mahinda will be the Prime Minister again Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Update : Mahinda faction awaits for Maithree faction decision Hiru News en 2015-07-03 PM ready to make payment to the government for the use of bullet proof vehicle during the election Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Mother, father and daughter killed in a vehicle accident in Mannar Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Sri Lanka gross borrowings down 22.5% from Jan to Apr 2015 Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Militants kill 150 in Nigeria Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Rafael Nadal doubts Wimbledon future after Dustin Brown defeat Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Janet Jackson Launching Exclusive Diamond Collection Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Prince music pulled from subscription streaming sites Hiru News en 2015-07-03 124 tortoises seized at the Katunayaka air port Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Bail rejected for husband and wife of the Kotakethana murder Hiru News en 2015-07-03 A person who was transporting drugs from Jaffna to Colombo arrested Hiru News en 2015-07-03 SLMC to contest under UNP ticket Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Mr. Rayynor Silva the Chairman of Asia Broadcasting Corporation , donates Rs 500,000/- towards the medical expenses of veteran Artist Ruwan Weerasinghe at a live program which was broadcast on Hiru TV Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Part of an aircraft falls on to Thalangama school ground Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Optimism in Iran with visit of IAEA chief Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Sri Lanka sells Rs2.0bn in 04 and 07 year bonds Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Tharanga and Dimuth consolidate lankan innings Hiru News en 2015-07-03 The UPFA decides to give nominations to Mahinda Rajapakse Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Local and foreign training for Principals Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Having accepted UPFA decision, Mahinda faction vows to defeat minority government on August 17th Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Central Bank Governor rejects charges regarding Treasury bond issue Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Police and 6 government institutions raid a vessel in search of 30 kilograms of heroin Hiru News en 2015-07-03 Chandrika Bandaranayaka is ready to form a government with UNP after election Hiru News en 2015-07-04 I just want to serve the People: Former MP R Dumindha Silva Hiru News en 2015-07-04 FCID investigations to continue irrespective of election Hiru News en 2015-07-04 I am not aware of nominations being given for Mahinda Rajapaksa: Former President Chandrika Hiru News en 2015-07-04 11,000 Principals given Grading changes Hiru News en 2015-07-04 We are the alternative: says UNP – No challenge: says JVP Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Update: Pakistan 209/9; Trail by 69 runs and 1 wicket remaining in 1st innings Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Diplomatic Postings not to relax, but to serve Country: President Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Solar plane lands in Hawaii, ending perilous leg of global journey Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Processions banned on the final day of handing over nominations Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Mahinda to contest the General Election from Kurunegala Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Oil slides in thin trade on rising US rig count Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Magic Mike XXL, Terminator Genisys No Match for Inside Out and Jurassic World Hiru News en 2015-07-04 TNAs talks to decide Parliamentary seats postponed Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Inactive Polio vaccination commence Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Indian Supreme Court Judge says Rajivs murderers should be released Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Different opinions over decision of giving nominations to Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-07-04 CBK voices her opinion on UPFA fielding MR Hiru News en 2015-07-04 January 8th transformation will not be reversed – President Hiru News en 2015-07-04 S.B. to contest under UNP ticket Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Explosion at a milk collection centre in Mulativ Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Person dies after being hit by a train in Anuradhapura Hiru News en 2015-07-04 Candidates are banned from supporting other candidates Hiru News en 2015-07-05 All UPFA Mp’s to be given nominations for forthcoming election Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Murderers confess to killing of Youth who went missing in Piliyandala Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Be conscious of Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Political Stage heats up Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Hela Urumaya changes its name & Symbol Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Pope starts Latin American visit in Ecuador Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Update: JHU departs from the Alliance Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Emma Watson Honoured As 2015 Campaigner Of The Year Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Mathews builds commanding position for Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Work according to your conscience; former President request from Government employees Hiru News en 2015-07-05 A discussion at Chandrika Bandaranayakas house Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Many senior members of the SLFP to the UNP; Reveals Harrison Hiru News en 2015-07-05 Mahinda Rajapaksas Anuradapura rally cancelled suddenly Hiru News en 2015-07-06 2 suspects arrested with Elephant pearls Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Mahinda Rajapakse cannot be sidelined from politics; says former MP R Duminda Silva Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Update: 23 Independent groups deposit bonds for the General Election Hiru News en 2015-07-06 2 killed in shootings at Agunukolapalassa and Ahungalla Hiru News en 2015-07-06 It was Chandrika Bandaranayaka who revived the SLFP after 1977; says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Im the one who made the biggest political sacrifice; says Opposition Leader Nimal Siripala Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Sri Lanka Tourist arrivals up 12 pct- in June 2015 Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Iran nuclear: John Kerry says deal possible this week Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Greece debt crisis: Greek voters reject bailout offer Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Sir Tom Jones can now eat his own face - in chocolate Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Chameera most exciting bowler since Malinga - Ramanayake Hiru News en 2015-07-06 2 bodies recovered from Mathara and Narammala Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Estate workers launch a go slow demanding 1000 rupees daily wage Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Attempt to use yellow robe again at this election; charges National Bhikku Front Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Deputy Minister Shantha Bandara says he would not join the UNP Hiru News en 2015-07-06 A discussion between the President and a group of his supporters Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Mathews ton sets Pakistan target of 377 Hiru News en 2015-07-06 TNA holds special meeting on Election Hiru News en 2015-07-06 4 persons injured in motor accident in Anuradhapura Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Update: A court order to inspect the container belonging to former Russian ambassador Udayanga Weerathunga Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Twin blasts in Nigeria kills scores Hiru News en 2015-07-06 This is the last election for which public money is spent to stop illegal propaganda; says Election Commissioner Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Prime Ministers special statement tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-07-06 Will the SLFP quit the Alliance Hiru News en 2015-07-06 A state ceremony to hand over credentials to newly appointed Asgiri Chief Prelate Hiru News en 2015-07-07 UPFAs victory consolidated as a result of the unity between former president & president; former MP R Duminda Silva Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Update: The final decision with regard to UPFA nominations postponed to tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-07-07 No nominations for former LTTE members at the General Election Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Election Commissioner calls Ministry secretaries to speak about election cut outs of Government Institutions Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Another 700 bottles containing poisonous intoxicants aimed at school children apprehended at Makola Hiru News en 2015-07-07 SLFP to hand over nominations on the 10th and 11th Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Indian trawler transporting Kerala Marijuana seized in Mannar Sea Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Sajin Vaas further remanded Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Contemporary artist Laknath Peiris to host exhibition at Leo Burnett Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Colombo Fashion Week announces third annual season: Swim Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Former UPFA MP Thenuka Vidaana-gamage remanded until 14th Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Petition against Minister Baduideen for giving jobs violating election laws Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Update: DEW Gunasekara has created a hoax: says the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Presidents stand on giving nominations to Mahinda Rajapaske is vague; the Hindu reports Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Update: Supreme Court Judge Sarath Abrew released on bail after surrender Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Three killed in motor accident at Gurubabila Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Turkish plane forced to land at Delhi airport after crew spots bomb threat message written using a lipstick Hiru News en 2015-07-07 Pakistan beat SL by 7 wickets in 3rd and final Test. Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Only the Alliance can safeguard the future of the children; Former MP R Duminda Silva Hiru News en 2015-07-08 2000 pain killer capsules used by those addicted to narcotics recovered from Waththala Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Arumugam Thondaman at a sathyagraha in Hatton Town Hiru News en 2015-07-08 61 independent groups make deposits for the election Hiru News en 2015-07-08 US Army to cut 40,000 troops by the end of 2017 Hiru News en 2015-07-08 All must unite to take the country forward; President Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Minions fend off Terminator challenge at UK box office Hiru News en 2015-07-08 A suspect arrested with 3000 cigarettes Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Dialog Opens New Corporate Headquarters Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Five new envoys to Sri Lanka present credentials to President Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Sri Lanka born cricketer dies after being hit on chest during league match Hiru News en 2015-07-08 TOKYO SUPER PPC ACCREDITED AS THE GREENEST CEMENT Hiru News en 2015-07-08 99X Technology’s Shehani felicitated for ‘Leadership Excellence in IT’ Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Chef Publis to make a revelation next year Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Pakistan vaults into third place in ICC Test Championship table Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Greece debt crisis: Eurozone sets final deadline for new plan Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Iran nuclear talks to continue past deadline Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Pakistan to Participate in Tri-Series in Zimbabwe Next Month Hiru News en 2015-07-08 There are no 2 factions in the SLFP: No conditions as well: final nominations after 2 days Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Somawansa Amarasingha to contest from Kaluthara Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Departure of Champika and Rathana thero is a blessing for the alliance; says Collective of national organisations Hiru News en 2015-07-08 While Thondaman demands Rs 1000 from Estate Owners, Digambaran demands Rs 1000 from Thondaman Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Update: Postal voting on August 5th and 6th : 3rd of August allocated for teachers Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Court acquits former Mawanella PS Chairman on death row Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Chief of defence staff pays a courtesy call on commander of the navy Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Mahinda to contest from Kurunegala; Confirms, Nimal Siripala Hiru News en 2015-07-08 23 students in Alpitiya hospitalized after sudden illness Hiru News en 2015-07-08 OPPO Smartphones Set Sail to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Update : Lebanese women stabbed: suspect shot at Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Mt.Lavinia Chief Magistrate who granted bail to Judge Abrew is partial - tells AG in the SC Hiru News en 2015-07-08 UNP Nomination list almost completed Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Greece debt crisis: Tsipras appeals for European unity Hiru News en 2015-07-08 Rebel Heart Tour Tickets Selling Fast For Madonnas Stops In Australia, New Zealand Hiru News en 2015-07-09 SL to pay 5 ODIs against Pakistan Hiru News en 2015-07-09 The pistol of SC Judge Sarath Abrew apprehended by court Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Former Italian Prime Minister convicted of bribery Hiru News en 2015-07-09 2 political parties hand over nominations: 85 independent groups also place deposits Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Joe Root century galvanises England in Cardiff Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Star Wars: Han Solo origin film announced Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Three 6th grade students tied to trees for collecting Veralu Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Estate workers go slow for the 4th day as well - An estate manager also assaulted in Rathnapura Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Police shoot 3 wheeler which disregarded police orders: Alpitiya - Colombo bus operators on Strike Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Hirdaramani, Kahathuduwa receives LEED Platinum Green Building Certification Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Former President Mahinda signs nomination paper to contest from Kurunegala Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Greece extends bank closures Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Novak Djokovic and Richard Gasquet into semis Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Microsoft targets mobile phone unit as 7,800 more jobs go Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Phil Rudd, AC/DC drummer, sentenced to house detention Hiru News en 2015-07-09 President hands over appointments to 3 new electorate organizers of SLFP Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Sarath Fonseka hands over nomination from Colombo District Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Economic growth rate of 2014 a hoax: says UNP Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Western Provincial Council CM Prasanna Ranatunga summoned to FCID Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Nominations of main parties at final stages Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Former LTTE cadres to contest the Election Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Main political parties to begin handing over nominations tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Letter to IGP from Election Commissioner regarding Prasanna Ranatunga Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Centre of the Left tells President to announce his camp Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Turkish PM expects start of coalition talks next week Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Adelaide to host day-night Test, Australia Day T20 Hiru News en 2015-07-09 President inaugurates National Drug Prevention Week Hiru News en 2015-07-09 Prime Minister instructs to eliminate pension anomalies before August Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Finalised UNP nomination lists given to district leaders : Signing of UPFA nominations today as well Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Dubai Assets of Rajapakse family has been revealed: says Minister Mangala Hiru News en 2015-07-10 International pressure should be applied to Sri lanka: says Northern Province CM in the US Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Is it wrong to help the people? Questions former MP R Dumindha Silva Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Today is the 5th day of receiving nominations Hiru News en 2015-07-10 It is wrong to treat MP’s with similar accusations in 2 different ways Hiru News en 2015-07-10 21.5 million affected by US government data breach Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Andy Murray meets Roger Federer for final spot Hiru News en 2015-07-10 IMF lowers 2015 global growth forecast to 3.3% Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Chris Tucker Confirms Plans For Rush Hour 4 Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Alliance and JVP start handing over nominations Hiru News en 2015-07-10 TNA demands maximum devolution of power in its election Manifesto Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Social forces of January 8th with UNP: says Minister Kirialla Hiru News en 2015-07-10 New recruitment at CEB and Health Ministry during election period Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Western Provincial CM Prasanna Ranatunga to appear before the court on the 14th Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Arjuna, Rajitha, MKDS have not signed in UPFA nominations as yet; Hiru News en 2015-07-10 A Golden App for Sri Lankans Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Update : Maha Sangha, Artists and a large crowd stage protest in front of SLFP headquarters and Mahaweli Centre demanding nominations for Dumindha Silva Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Cinnamon presents Nigel Barker Workshop for the Sri Lankan Fashion Industry! Hiru News en 2015-07-10 UNP is ready to form a government with majority power Hiru News en 2015-07-10 UNP, UPFA, JVP and TNA start handing over nominations Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Prime Minister orders to pay pension increments from August Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Iran talks trigger sanctions delay Hiru News en 2015-07-10 Serena Williams Shrugs off Wimbledon Pressure as History Beckons Hiru News en 2015-07-11 I want to encourage students: President Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Several Parties agree to contest under the United National Front from the Elephant symbol for good governance Hiru News en 2015-07-11 1989 workers to remove illegal posters Hiru News en 2015-07-11 UNP Convention at Campbell Park today Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Update : Arjuna, Rajitha, M.K.D.S. and a group of persons defect from SLFP and will contest under the UNP ticket from elephant symbol Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Sri Lanka 156/4 for 35 overs Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Gas price to be reduced by Rs. 100 ; Price of rice also to be dropped Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Indias Modi accepts invite for first Pakistan visit Hiru News en 2015-07-11 US stocks close higher on hopes of Greek debt deal Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Indias most expensive film Bahubali hits cinemas Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Parents, son and daughter of same family arrested for murder Hiru News en 2015-07-11 UNP assures that more will contest under elephant symbol : UNP Convention begins under the patronage of the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-11 UPFA can not win the Colombo District without Duminda Silva- UPFA must issue nominations to Duminda - Johnston Fernando Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Protect the victory of January 8th during General Election Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Pakistan wins 1st ODI against SL at Dambulla Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Oil prices could fall further says International Energy Agency Hiru News en 2015-07-11 Update: Lets empower the Public after the General Election; PM Ranil Wickramasingha states while signing the agreement of United National Front for Good Governance Hiru News en 2015-07-12 Time period allocated for applying for postal voting to end from Tues midnight Hiru News en 2015-07-12 Pregnant mother commits suicide by jumping in to a well with child Hiru News en 2015-07-12 England win 1st Ashes Test Hiru News en 2015-07-12 Islamic State leader in Afghanistan killed by drone Hiru News en 2015-07-12 Update:People together with the Maha Sanga demonstrate requesting UPFA nominations for Duminda Silva. No responsible officer to accept the memorandum including people’s request that was scheduled to be handed over to the President. Hiru News en 2015-07-12 Estate workers strike costs 120 million rupees per day Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Former President explains the reasons for contesting from Kurunagala Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Handing over of nominations for the General Election ends at 12 noon today: Special police security around district secretariats Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Iraq violence: Deadly bombings in Baghdad Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Greece debt crisis: Leaders try to thrash out deal Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Bayliss praise for fantastic captain Cook Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Phil Collins splashes out $33million on former Miami home of JLo Hiru News en 2015-07-13 JVP accuses that a group of UPFA supporters assaulted 2 of their candidates and 1 supporter in Marawila Hiru News en 2015-07-13 4 fatal accidents within 24 hours Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Susil hospitalized Hiru News en 2015-07-13 2 murders in Kalaniya and Yakkala-mulla Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Objections filed against Dallas and Manoj Sirisena rejected Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Update: Over 6151 candidates to contest for 196 MP positions; Election Processions in several districts disregarding election laws Hiru News en 2015-07-13 UNP National list to the election commissioner Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Stay order on Full Face helmet ban extended until September 2nd Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Thissa Aththanayaka anticipates UPFA national list post; Be patient; says Somawansa Amarasingha Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Wimbledon 2015: Novak Djokovic beats Roger Federer in final Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Bodubala Sena hand over nominations for 17 districts under Bodujana Peramuna ticket Hiru News en 2015-07-13 COCA-COLA AND NCRS CONDUCT WORKSHOP IN PARTNERSHIP FOR ROAD SAFETY Hiru News en 2015-07-13 “Will you race ahead of the rest?” SLIM Brand Excellence 2015 kicks off Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Darren Lehmann Confident of Quick Aussie Turnaround Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Euro zone strike deal on Greek debt Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Estate owners demands 660 rupees per kilo gram of tea to pay 1000 rupees daily wage for estate workers Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Charges against Dallas for dual citizenship Hiru News en 2015-07-13 Rathana Thero, Karu, MKDS from UNP National list; Thissa Aththanayaka, Reginold, Dilan and Amunugama from UPFA National list. Former Auditor General Mayadunne from JVP Hiru News en 2015-07-14 A woman commits suicide by jumping in to a moving train in Bambalapitiya along with her paramour and a year old child Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Acceptance of postal vote applications ends today Hiru News en 2015-07-14 A special pledge today at the scared Dalada Maligawa from the United National front for good governance Hiru News en 2015-07-14 No media freedom in the country as a result of the decision taken by President to revive the Press council : Accusations from an international media organisation Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Hillary Clinton outlines economic vision Hiru News en 2015-07-14 England in Jayawardene consultancy talks Hiru News en 2015-07-14 The Hunger Games Comes Out On Top At Mtv Fandom Awards Hiru News en 2015-07-14 UPFA leaders have accepted defeat: UNP Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Prasanna Ranatunga and his wife granted bail Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Arugam Bay gets ready for Red Bull Ride My Wave Hiru News en 2015-07-14 National collective organisation protest against Ravi and Rajitha Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Mahinda Rajapakse has no political future: says JVP Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Mahinda pays homage to the sacred tooth relic Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Update: Country would be developed while preserving good governance - PM Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Signs grow Iran nuclear deal in view at last Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Sri Lanka sells USD301mn of one and two year development bonds Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Lodha Panel Suspends Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals for 2 Years Hiru News en 2015-07-14 4 Indians were arrested in Talai Mannar for possessing Kerala marijuana Hiru News en 2015-07-14 25 Women Killed in Andhra Stampede Where Chief Minister Took River Dip Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Inform Police if door to door campaigns carried out Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Supreme Court Judge Sarath Abrew permitted to withdraw his Fundamental Rights petition Hiru News en 2015-07-14 6 suspects including Premalal Jayasekara remanded again Hiru News en 2015-07-14 I was against giving nominations to Mahinda Rajapakse from the very beginning, Mahinda will never win the election, Even if the party wins there are enough deserving senior politicians for the premiership candidacy: President Hiru News en 2015-07-14 Gas prices to be reduced from midnight Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Sad about Presidents statement; Says Minister Janaka Bandara Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Our plan is to consolidate your future; says PM at the UNP maiden rally Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Candidates preferential numbers before 12 noon tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-07-15 EU to observe Parliamentary Elections Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Sri Lanka dogged by bowling worries Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Iran nuclear deal: US conservatives condemn agreement Hiru News en 2015-07-15 SLFP headquarters says scheduled Central working committee meeting was cancelled on Presidents orders. Party National Organiser Susil Premajayantha says the meeting would be held: Political leaders of UPFA call for an emergency meeting Hiru News en 2015-07-15 24 injured following motor accident in Hambanthota – Katuwana area Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Iran will never get nuclear weapon if Im president: Clinton Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Unemployment more acute in educated females than males Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Dont want to cry on stage says Paul McCartney Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Sourav Ganguly Hopes The Indian Premier League Recovers From Betting Scandal Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Reduce security and privileges of former President: A petition from UNP to election commissioner - Security of former MPs also reduced Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Commonwealth and European Unions consent to observe General Election Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Decisive meeting on estate workers wage crisis today Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Arrested Horana Asst. Divisional Secretary released on bail Hiru News en 2015-07-15 CINEC unveils ship-shaped training facility on campus Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Hameedia launches Signature Wedding Promo Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Former President Mahinda appointed as Chairman of UPFA election steering committee Hiru News en 2015-07-15 The woman who clashed with police at Malabe remanded on four charges Hiru News en 2015-07-15 An enjoining order issued, preventing SLFP central working committee meeting convened tonight without party leaders consent Hiru News en 2015-07-15 SLFP appoints 4 new electorate organizers Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Former President and co would not be allowed to revert the change achieved on January 8th Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Update : Investigations with regard to a variety of areca nut and Tobacco that intoxicates school children Hiru News en 2015-07-15 Several SLFPers express their views over President’s special statement Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Update : 2 brothers who tried to extort money assaulted and killed Hiru News en 2015-07-15 A law abiding election after 10 years Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Kusal Perera hits second fastest fifty in ODI history as Sri Lanka beat Pakistan to level series Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Preferential Numbers released Hiru News en 2015-07-16 A new constitution that safeguards peoples rights will be introduced: says PM Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Iran nuclear deal: 99% of world agrees says Obama Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Johnny Depp In Talks To Replace Hugh Jackman In Collateral Beauty Hiru News en 2015-07-16 No benefit will accrue from voting for the SLFP: Minister Kirialla Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Excise department raid an illegal brewery maintained in a house Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Release of COPE subcommittee report on Treasury bond issue prevented Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Paul Walkers Brother Lands First Feature Film Role Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Greece debt crisis: Eurozone deal laws backed by MPs Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Australia favourites - England captain Alastair Cook Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Japanese premier to push Japan security bills through lower house, despite protests Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Mervyn Silva reveals a conspiracy by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa Hiru News en 2015-07-16 UNP prepares to grab power of NWP council Hiru News en 2015-07-16 UPFA coalition leaders to meet today as well Hiru News en 2015-07-16 UNP prepares to grab power of North Western Provincial council Hiru News en 2015-07-16 3 SLFP Deputy Ministers resign from their portfolios; Letter against President from coalition Bhikku organization Hiru News en 2015-07-16 This is an election – not an auction; Statement from the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-16 100 thousand monthly fee to be charged, if official vehicles used for election campaigns Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Shoot using cameras instead of guns: A change of heart by the Election Commissioner Hiru News en 2015-07-16 Various factions express their views regarding the division of SLFP Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Update : Personal grudge behind Rathgama youth murder Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Prime Minister explains how the economy will be revived Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Do not carry forward party problems: says Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Four Marines killed in US shooting Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Australia expected to take England down - Chris Roger Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Game of Thrones leads Emmy nominations 2015 Hiru News en 2015-07-17 A warning from Purawasi Balaya Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Thousands urged to flee as Typhoon hits Japan Hiru News en 2015-07-17 PAFFERAL receives 103 complaints Hiru News en 2015-07-17 JVP files a petition with Human Rights Commission against former President Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Banks set to reopen on Monday Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Saeed Ajmal Got Positive Feedback on his Bowling Action Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Sports grounds and meeting halls to be taken under returning officers custody if hired by one party Hiru News en 2015-07-17 UPFA is enduring previous karma: a statement from UNP Hiru News en 2015-07-17 The UK releases a Human Rights report on Sri Lanka, after January 8th Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Report about Treasury bonds is not the COPE report: It is DEW Gunasekaras report: A clarification from Purawasi balaya Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Polonnaruwa museum is exposed to theft due to malfunction of main door Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Thondaman meets the President Hiru News en 2015-07-17 UPFA inaugural rally begins in Anuradapura; District group leader and Minister Duminda Dissanayaka is conspicuously absent Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Prime Minister assures the freedom of masses Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Nava Samasamaja party files petition at Supreme Court Hiru News en 2015-07-17 Law of the jungle prevailed during Rajapaksa regime – says Minister Kiriella Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Think about the future at the election: Prime Minister requests people Hiru News en 2015-07-18 2 month old girl dies after been given Polio Vaccine: complain from parents Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Muslims celebrate Ramazan today Hiru News en 2015-07-18 It was people who came in search of me: Former President says in Anuradhapura Hiru News en 2015-07-18 United National Front for Good Governance will win 127 seats: Min. Rajitha Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Two fishermen who disappeared from Kandakuliya found Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Printing of ballot papers for 10 districts reach final stage; Lengthiest ballot papers for Batticaloa and Colombo Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Boost rural economy by winning the international market -PM Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Feasibility study commenced to build a road between India and Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Iran says nuclear deal will boost regional stability Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Google adds $60bn to market value as shares hit new high Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Diamond League: Justin Gatlin wins 100m in Monaco Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Homeland Season 5 Premiere Date: When Will Show Return To America? Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Political arena warming up as propaganda rallies of main political parties begin Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Update : School girl in Kalmunai commits suicide by hanging Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Stash of Ganja found from vehicle of security squad of Sabaragamuwa Chief Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Estimate of expenses for Police during GE amounts to Rs. 400 million Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Prime Minister pledges to boost rural economy Hiru News en 2015-07-18 UPFA is spreading a false fear of separatism - Minister Patali Hiru News en 2015-07-18 Then opposition found faults in his measures taken to uplift rural education – MR Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Investigation report regarding candidates who held processions on last day of handing nominations to the AG Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Tamilnadu Police forms new unit to combat drug smuggling between India and Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Let’s work with unity in the next 5 years Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Didn’t get the chance to open Mahindodaya Laboratories- MR Hiru News en 2015-07-19 MR didn’t fulfil his promises - Minister Mangala Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Mahinda Rajapaksa - the National Leader Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Nominations of the UPFA were not given to former MP’s of Colombo District since several stalwarts of the alliance were going to lose; A revelation from Wijedasa Rajapaksa Hiru News en 2015-07-19 5 persons including father, mother and 2 daughters drown in a canal in Walasmulla Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Remains of a body recovered from a field believed to be of the 3 year old girl who went missing one month ago from Kilinochci Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Why must the village be developed; a clarification from the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Pakistan finishes off strong with 316 for 4 Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Update : The government has thrown the farming community to a pit: a statement from Mahinda Rajapaksa Hiru News en 2015-07-19 SLFP has fallen apart; says Anura Hiru News en 2015-07-19 Japans Mitsubishi to make prisoners of war apology Hiru News en 2015-07-20 The 100 days programme was implemented on behalf of the people: says Prime Minister at Hali-Ela Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Mahinda Rajapakse gave money to the LTTE: JVP accuses again Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Yemen conflict: Dozens killed in Aden heavy shelling Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Greek debt crisis: Germany may consider debt relief Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Pakistan wins 3rd ODI by 135 runs against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Prasanna Ranatunga and his wife arrives at FCID Hiru News en 2015-07-20 India Passes Gloria Estefan for Most Tropical Songs Chart No. 1s Among Women Hiru News en 2015-07-20 UNP will take charge of Mahiyanganaya after the next 17th: Hareen Hiru News en 2015-07-20 EU election observers in the island today Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Western Provincial council Chief Minister Prasanna Ranathunga and his wife report to FCID Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Main suspect of Ambalangoda Gang rape of an underage girl arrested at the Air Port: Search operation continues to arrest another 4 including a woman Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Iran nuclear deal does not prevent military option, says US Hiru News en 2015-07-20 CBSL, Reserve Bank India sign currency swap deal Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Angelo Mathews: Pakistan outplayed us in all departments Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Julio Iglesias Is Back With First Spanish Single in 12 Years Hiru News en 2015-07-20 The Sri lankan who joined IS and who was killed is a former principal of an international school in Galewela Hiru News en 2015-07-20 The government servant should not be questioned: a statement from the former President Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Prime Minister says the rural economy would be strengthened Hiru News en 2015-07-20 John - Joseph dispute at Ekala Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Why contest from Kurunegala? - The Prime Minister asks the former President Hiru News en 2015-07-20 No identification cards for those who dont submit Assets and Liabilities Hiru News en 2015-07-20 Mahinda replies to the allegations Hiru News en 2015-07-21 JVP leader reveals a secret President Maithripala Sirisena had told about former President Hiru News en 2015-07-21 A special telephone communiqué from Prime Minister to Election Commissioner Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Indo – Sri Lanka fisheries discussion again Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Former President says a government will be formed alone Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Australias Chris Rogers suffers ear problem Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Turkey to strengthen Syria border Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Nicole Kidman Opens Up Sydney Farm To Vogue Hiru News en 2015-07-21 335 election related complaints Hiru News en 2015-07-21 A systematic indigenous food production programme would be implemented: President Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Seylan Bank re-launches its corporate website to provide exceptional visitor experience and convenience Hiru News en 2015-07-21 29 passengers injured when a bus plunged into a field Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Colombo office of EU election observers opened Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Sajin Vass further remanded Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Investigation of Sri lankan IS member who died in Syria carried out based on his National ID Hiru News en 2015-07-21 3 killed when a small lorry toppled at Seelawathura in Mannar: 10 injured Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Ex-LTTE cadre with 75 cyanide capsules arrested in Tamil Nadu Hiru News en 2015-07-21 EU falls short of migrant redistribution target Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Gold, platinum prices drop to 5 year low with speculation over US interest rate rise Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Younis Khan Wants to Lead Test Side Before Retirement Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Bill Cosbys Lawyer Determined To Get To The Bottom Of Deposition Leak Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Agricultural and livestock sector has collapsed: Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Many development projects in the pipe line: Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Update : PM Wickramasingha states that the peoples future will be decided by the upcoming election Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Ambalangoda gang-rape suspects remanded until 30th Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Turkey massacre suspect identified Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Sir Elton John to sell off luxury Mercedes limo at auction Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Rogers strong chance for Edgbaston Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Education Minister challenges the former President Hiru News en 2015-07-21 Several sectors have collapsed under the current regime Hiru News en 2015-07-22 A permanent solution for the garbage issue within 3 years Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Tight security at R Premadasa stadium in view of Sri lanka, Pakistan match Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Boko Haram militants attack Nigerian army chiefs home Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Mervyn to support UNF Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Former President explains about the 100 day loan burden Hiru News en 2015-07-22 The Bellamy Brothers Release Unconventional Greatest Hits Album Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Court cases to be instituted to those who do not register party offices Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Strike kills senior Al-Qaeda leader in Syria- Pentagon Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Seventh Conference on the Heads of SAARCSTAT Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Update : 65 passengers injured following a bus collision Hiru News en 2015-07-22 New Pharmaceutical Act blocks inspections of substandard cosmetics Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Lankan spices make it big in USA Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Mathews backs misfiring bowling attack Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Madonna to touch PH for the very first time Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Nigel Barker & Family enjoy the hospitality in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Japan Donates a Fire Vehicle to Sri Lanka air force Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Police submit a report to AG on 3 candidates who conducted parades on the final day of nominations Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Laknath Peiris hosts ‘Cityscapes – Bustling Colombo’ at Leo Burnett Hiru News en 2015-07-22 A letter of demand sent to former President Mahinda asking to pay Rs. 5 billion compensation Hiru News en 2015-07-22 The van seized in Mirihana was used for transporting soldiers; Vehicle registration number is disputed; says Army Hiru News en 2015-07-22 No repetition of an armed struggle; JVP assures after launching its election manifesto Hiru News en 2015-07-22 John Kerry to visit Gulf Arab states, vows to push back against Iran Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Sri Lanka scores 256/ 9 wickets; Thirimanna – 90; Dilshan – 50 Hiru News en 2015-07-22 Only a UNP government is able to build the rural economy; says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-23 PM says former President has proposed to reduce government employee’s minimum salary from 32,000 to 25,000 rupees Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Call the central committee for Ministers to resign: SLFP ministers request the President Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Attack on Syria town unprecedented: says UN Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Government to pay Golden Key depositors from tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Pakistan Outclass Sri Lanka to Claim ODI Series Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Jurassic World Takes A Bite Out Of The Avengers To Become Worlds Third Biggest Film Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Printing of postal polling cards completed: 3 special days for distributing polling cards Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Thief means good state leader: a new interpretation by former President Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Scotland Yard to recruit more officers who speak a second language Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Major General Prasanna de Silva questioned for 3 hours Hiru News en 2015-07-23 566,823 qualified for postal voting Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Restraining Order against COPE subcommittee report on Treasury bond issue lifted Hiru News en 2015-07-23 21 hour water cut in several areas Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Elvis Presley Memorabilia To Be Sold On Ebay Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Sri Lanka’s official reserves stood at USD 6.8bn in May 2015 Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Update: Aim is not to build dynasties, but to make every family rich #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-23 What happened at Akurassa? Former President reveals Hiru News en 2015-07-23 UPFA to launch the election manifesto in a novel manner #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-23 General Amnesty declared for Air Force deserters Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Japan to offer Rs. 245 million Grant to the local public sector Hiru News en 2015-07-23 We were aware of Galewela former Principal who became an IS member Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Iran executions see unprecedented spike - Amnesty Hiru News en 2015-07-23 SL T/20 Squad selected Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Pledges are not fulfilled, only fake propaganda #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-23 Cabinet decides to sue the UPFA for not paying 142 million rupees to SLTB Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Update: Janaka Bandara Thennakoon resigns from Ministry portfolio #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Let us create a parliament that meets and discusses peacefully and solves the countries problems #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Development was withheld during the 100 day programme #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Tamil Nadu has no authority to set free the Rajiv Ghandi assassins Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Tense situation at the Kuliyapitiya Divisional council #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-24 A double cab under the guise of army vehicle and 4500 posters of former dep. Minister Weerakumara seized Hiru News en 2015-07-24 A letter from Election Commissioner to IGP #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Supreme Court rejects fundamental rights petition of Sajin Vass Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Sri Lanka Navy rescues four Indian fishermen in deep sea Hiru News en 2015-07-24 JVP leader hands over the Accord of Conscience to Chief Prelates #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Sehwag Says India vs Sri Lanka Test Series Will be a Close Contest Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Tourist arrivals increases by 26.1 percent Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Jurassic World Stars Reteam For Sequel Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Western Province would be developed to a Megapolis; PM Ranil Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Nuwara Eliya High Court sentence 5 persons to death Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Hearing of Matale Mass grave case suspended Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Special commission to investigate Golden Key transactions Hiru News en 2015-07-24 A UPFA Gampaha District candidate who is an Island reconvicted criminal describes his position Hiru News en 2015-07-24 Political arena heats up as General Election nears #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-25 President Obama starts two-day Kenya visit Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Amazon revenue beats Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Wasim Akram hails younis Khan Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Bruce Springsteen Gatecrashes New Jersey Bar With A Two Hour Set Hiru News en 2015-07-25 100 acres destroyed due to fire in the Wasgamuwa reserve Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Vote to create a change in the Country: says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-25 No room for terrorism: an assurance from the Army Commander Hiru News en 2015-07-25 I only say what I can do: a statement from former President #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-25 CSE nets US$ 58.2 m upto May 2015 Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Burundi elections: Pierre Nkurunziza wins third term Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Usain Bolt wins 100m at London 2012 Anniversary Games Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Bellamy Brothers Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Deadly flash floods in Pakistan damage roads and crops Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Student hospitalized after a teacher in Ampara assaults Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Power needed to build a new country - Says Prime Minister in Kandy #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Halted projects will recommence one week after coming into power - Statement from the former President #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Monitoring officers keep tabs on election incentives offered during the Election Period #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-25 President Maithripala Sirisena to attend commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of Independence of Maldives Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Tuition classes and Seminars targeting A/L exam banned; No Model Papers either Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Bar Association to support public if Election laws are violated #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Former President alleges of a programme to dismantle the Agricultural economy #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-25 No room for religious divide; Statement from Prime Minister #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-26 Need laws on the maximum amount that can be spent by a candidate for an election #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-25 Government should announce stance on Geneva Report - Prof. GL Hiru News en 2015-07-26 TNA launches election manifesto in Jaffna; Request for power devolution through Federal system #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-26 New programme to strengthen Agro Economy #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-26 PM assures that good governance will be sustained #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-26 Former President alleges investors have been discouraged by the present government #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-26 Update : Motor vehicle in which assailants came to shoot Tangalle Ukkuwa found at Hungama: Main suspect identified Hiru News en 2015-07-26 16 suspects arrested with election posters from Badulla, Kegalle and Jaffna Hiru News en 2015-07-26 Promotional screens to be shut down after 10PM; Instructions from Elections Commissioner Hiru News en 2015-07-26 UPFA election campaign crippled without state resources: says the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-26 Man kills his neighbour following a dispute over a water well Hiru News en 2015-07-26 Former President reminisces on how he used to travel by air Hiru News en 2015-07-26 UNP manifesto will be accepted by people – says Minister Wijedasa #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-26 President Maithripala Sirisena attends 50th Independence Day of Maldives Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Sri Lanka beat Pakistan by 165 runs in final ODI Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Make the UNP victorious to create a new country: request the PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-27 JVP leader wishes to meet the former President in Parliament #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Somalia blast: Mogadishu hotel rocked by bomb Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Update: 21 injured when a school bus crashed after ignoring signal lights in Colombo Hiru News en 2015-07-27 New Greek bailout talks to begin Monday: EU, IMF Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Willie Nelson show in Costa Mesa wont be rescheduled Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Dont allow to divide the country again that was liberated: says former President #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-27 President calls for increased cooperation between professionals and politicians Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Sri Lanka private sector credit growth expands, Policy rates to be maintained: Central Bank Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Unidentified body found in Diyawanna Oya Hiru News en 2015-07-27 No racism on election stage - UNP makes a request #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Buddhist nuns without national identity card can vote using temporary identity cards Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Aim is to build a palace for every family – says Ranil #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-27 A complaint filed at the Human Rights Commission to implement the cabinet decision taken to hand over the acquired Paanama lands Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Employees of private sector should be given a leave not less than 4 hours to cast their votes Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Water cut in several areas of Panadura and Matara on Wednesday Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Firzan Mulafer of Publicis Sri Lanka has been selected to serve on the jury of Spikes Asia 2015 Hiru News en 2015-07-27 A student arrested for the murder of 3 year old girl in Kilinochchi Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Death of Ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen is a murder; CID informs the Court Hiru News en 2015-07-27 PM says he would take the responsibility of the future of 5.8 million supporters who voted for Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Employees of private sector should be given a leave not less than 4 hrs to cast their votes - Election Commissioner Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Unite to eradicate drug menace, President appeals to South Asian leaders Hiru News en 2015-07-27 I do not make pledges that cannot be fulfilled; says Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Minority government granted many relief to the public; Minister Gayantha Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Barack Obama in Ethiopia on Africa tour to boost security Hiru News en 2015-07-27 SA to play four Tests on 72-day India tour Hiru News en 2015-07-27 Update : Indias former president, Dr. Abdul Kalam dies Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Sri Lankan IS terrorists wife and 5 children flee the country Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Update : 19 paged Notice given to the former Chief JMO ordering to produce final post-mortem report of Ruggerite Thaajudeen Hiru News en 2015-07-28 A special discussion by Election Commissioner with regard to allocating TV and Radio time for political parties Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Mitchell Starc Mocks At England Amidst Pitch Row Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Sepp Blatter deserves Nobel Prize, says Vladimir Putin Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Ant-Man Beats Southpaw And Pixels To Stay On Top Of US Box Office Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Govt employees inconvenienced by financial crimes investigations: Mahinda #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-28 1 million jobs will be created: says PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-28 UPFA election manifesto presented to the President #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Sri Lankan refugee sentenced to 20 years jail for stabbing Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Nato set for emergency Syria talks Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Dushmantha Chameera likely to miss first Test against India Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Sri Lanka sells USD165.25mn of one and two year development bonds Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Monster Hunt Sets New Box Office Record In China Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Barrel containing explosives found near Katunayake Air Force camp, suspected to be on board the light aircraft shot down by army Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Update: UPFA launches election manifesto under the theme ‘Guarantee for the future’ #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Patrolling along State coast to be intensified to curb Indo - Sri Lanka gold rackets Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Update : PM signs an MOU with 110 organizations to safeguard the victory of January 8th #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Utilizing SLTB workers or property for election campaigns prohibited #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Sri Lankan female student who was studying in India reported missing Hiru News en 2015-07-28 Membership of 5 SLFPers including Rajitha, Nawinna, M.K.D.S and Arjuna cancelled Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Egypt furniture factory fire kills at least 25 people Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Clive Rice dies aged 66 Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Play recreates Elvis meeting with Beatles Hiru News en 2015-07-29 An environment where people can live freely will be created: President says In Kilinochchi Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Update : National hospital strike continues Hiru News en 2015-07-29 A stock of tortoises and crabs packed alive in 7 boxes and prepared to be taken to Malaysia apprehended at the air port Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Election Commissioner ready to provide security to more candidates if necessary #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Maththala airport will be used to win the international market in the fishing industry: says Ranil #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-29 I dont crave for power: says Mahinda #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-29 EMP is principal sponsor for Construct Exhibition 2015 Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Update : 3 special police hot lines for providing information about the womans body found in a travelling bag at Petta Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Hiru and Hiru wins both top awards at the “” 2015 Hiru News en 2015-07-29 There is a risk of losing Free Health Service: says Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Obama warns on Africa leaders refusing to step down Hiru News en 2015-07-29 SL businesses urged to practice good governance: IFAC President Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Pakistan moves to 8th in ODI Rankings Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Forensic Paint Analysis to be conducted to trace Ukkuwas assassins Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Buried Next To Her Mother Hiru News en 2015-07-29 PRIMA SUNRISE BREAD sponsors “Regional Junior Open Golf Cship in Nuwara Eliya and Kandy” Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Women In Management and Coca-Cola Celebrate Remarkable Women Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Convening of the SLFP Central Working Committee banned until 7th of August without its Chairmans consent Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Aim is to establish an economy that provides a means of income to people: says PM Hiru News en 2015-07-29 1 killed, 4 injured in three-wheeler accident in Erawur Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Restraining order issued against Open University protest march Hiru News en 2015-07-29 North Central PC House Leader Ananda Sarath-kumara remanded again Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Open University students march from Nawala to Colombo disregarding court order Hiru News en 2015-07-29 UNP rejects TNA federal demand Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Mathara High Court sentences 6 found guilty of man slaughter to death Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Sri Lanka Seek Revival in T20I Series vs Pakistan Hiru News en 2015-07-29 UNP has put forward its plan to build a new country; PM Ranil Hiru News en 2015-07-29 Youth feel the change after 180 days; says Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Foreign investors returning after 10 years- PM Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Update: Group that assaulted police at Seeduwa Highway entry point were prepared for a theft Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Distribution of polling cards from today #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Mastermind of Sri Lanka team attack in Lahore killed Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Wreckage to be tested for MH 370 link Hiru News en 2015-07-30 James Anderson burst helps England take charge Hiru News en 2015-07-30 At US$90 million, Garth Brooks tops Forbes big earning country acts Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Update: Shantha Bandara resigns from his ministerial portfolio #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-30 A government will be established sans the concept of National Government - MR #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Arrested Yatinuwara PS Chairman produced before the courts Hiru News en 2015-07-30 6 UPFA members arrested for abducting Sagala Ratnayake’s supporter who was pasting posters in Akuressa #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Close Betting centers and liquor shops until the end of election #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-30 BOI signs an investment agreement to build tallest building in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-07-30 GCE O/L Re-correction results released Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Northern PC Chief Minister decides to remain impartial during the election Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Crowd Sourcing – First time in the world by a bank from Seylan Bank PLC Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Railway strike with effect from midnight today Hiru News en 2015-07-30 JVP Puttalam team leader who was arrested for breaching election law, released on bail Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Government which cooperates with the Executive should be established : says the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-07-30 Bribery commission to be revised after 18th of August: Prime Minister guarantees to the cabinet Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Update: Open verdict on female body found in bag in Pettah: Final rights to be conducted with governments contribution Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Official term of 65 more local government institutions end from today Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Prime Minister explains how the international market will be conquered #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Former President speaks of guaranteed prices for local farmers #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Inflation hits lowest figure in 20 years in July Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Taliban pick new leader Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Update: Prime Minister instructs IGP to arrest those behind the shooting at UNP supporters in Kotahena #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Australia says confident MH370 search is in the right area Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Samsung to focus on premium TVs, chips Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Star Trek And Superman Costumes To Be Auctioned Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Malinga delivers harsh self-assessment Hiru News en 2015-07-31 UPFA’s hoot heard again at Moneragala rally #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-31 4 killed and 8 injured in 3 motor accidents occurred early morning Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Open University students conclude their 227 days Satyagraha campaign Hiru News en 2015-07-31 A UPFA government will offer promotions to government servants – former President #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Prime Ministerial candidate not included in UPFA manifesto -PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-31 UNP charges Rajapakse faction for the shooting at its supporters; The Clash is between 2 factions of the UNP; says the Alliance Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Lasith Malinga admits his fault Hiru News en 2015-07-31 Vote for the UNP to create a bright future and to consolidate national peace -PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-31 President unveils fully renovated Abhayagiri Stupa Hiru News en 2015-07-31 United the country and implemented development projects – MR #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-07-31 US spied on Japan government and companies - WikiLeaks Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Update : Small lorry carrying pilgrims to Kataragama topples into a canal at Sevanagala - 3 women killed, 14 injured Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Uncle who killed niece commits suicide in Tissamaharama Hiru News en 2015-08-01 One week operation in search of food and tablets which intoxicate students Hiru News en 2015-08-01 England complete easy win to lead Ashes 2-1 Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Part number confirms plane debris was from Boeing 777 Hiru News en 2015-08-01 SL gearing up to prevent further losses against Pakistan in the 2nd T20 Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Private residence of Former Minister C B Ratnayake destroyed in a fire Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Will recommence development work: MR #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Only UNP could build a new country: PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Update: Water supply restored after several areas experienced a sudden interruption this morning Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Bin Laden family on Black-bushe Airport crash plane Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Airport customs arrest a person with 12 million rupees worth gold biscuits Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Workers of Jaya Container Terminal on strike demanding Incentive allowance Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Wikileaks releases documents reportedly showing US spied on Japan for years Hiru News en 2015-08-01 EU lifts sanctions on two Iranian oil producers Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Rose Garden singer Lynn Anderson dies, aged 67 Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Update : Owner of the motor vehicle, driven by the suspects who shot at UNP supporters in Kotahena, identified Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Established good governance in 100 days -PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Person dies in motor cycle accident at Eluwankulama Hiru News en 2015-08-01 Political party supporter killed, 4 injured after being run over by a van driven by a Chief Police Inspector #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-01 314 arrested for violating the election law #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-02 Election related clashes in Galewala leave 4 injured #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-02 Postal voting to commence tomorrow #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-02 3 drown; twins among them Hiru News en 2015-08-02 New government will promote Agri Exports - PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-02 India and Myanmar monsoon rains leave dozens dead Hiru News en 2015-08-02 Strike by Ports Authority employees called off Hiru News en 2015-08-02 4 organisers including the leader of the Kegalle district representing Fonseka’s party and 4 candidates join the UNP Hiru News en 2015-08-02 Gun shots fired at the house of a Police inspector attached to the Bribery Commission Hiru News en 2015-08-02 Update : Provincial council Minister Pramitha Bandara released on bail Hiru News en 2015-08-02 Legal action against former President Mahinda Rajapakse for not paying the fees of buses obtained from the SLTB Hiru News en 2015-08-02 Dilan Perera must be summoned to the CID for questioning; says Min Amarathunga Hiru News en 2015-08-03 MH370: Malaysia urges debris vigilance after wing part found Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Hand-written note from John Lennon and Yoko Ono to be auctioned Hiru News en 2015-08-03 India/SL tour Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Former MP Lakshman Wasantha Perera remanded for allegedly assaulting a UNP supporter Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Postal voting for the 2015 general election will commence today Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Police security for the Dehiwala cemetery where Ruggerite Wasim Thajudeens body was buried Hiru News en 2015-08-03 6 killed in 2 motor vehicle accidents in Eheliyagoda and Kuliyapitiya Hiru News en 2015-08-03 I will accept the future of all those who vote for the UNP devoid of party differences: says Premier Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Another victim of Kotahena shooting incident dies Hiru News en 2015-08-03 People of the country are enjoying the freedom: says Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Postal voting is peaceful; says monitoring organisations #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-03 SLFP is divided by Mahinda Rajapakse; says UNP Hiru News en 2015-08-03 UNP mechanism has crippled; a statement from the Alliance Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Nigeria Army rescues 178 people from Boko Haram Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Sangakkara lashes hundred in Surrey win Hiru News en 2015-08-03 A national agricultural marketing authority would be set up; says PM Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Prime Minister inaugurates construction of Colombo Kandy Expressway Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Tea export revenue declines in first half Hiru News en 2015-08-03 The cast of the new Fantastic 4 movie have admitted theyve yet to see the finished film Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Thomian Walkathon 2015 Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Sepp Blatter Gives up International Olympic Committee Seat Hiru News en 2015-08-03 More than 100 killed in Indian floods Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Leaked IAAF doping files: IOC will act with zero tolerance Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Chief incumbent of a temple in Madirigiriya commits suicide by hanging Hiru News en 2015-08-03 National accord of 61 organisations presented to former President #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Number of party representatives to enter counting centres increased #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-03 Former MP Thilanga Sumathipala should be questioned by the CID regarding the Kotahena shooting incident: Says Minister Ravi Karunanayake #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-04 First-class cricket was a lot tougher when I started Hiru News en 2015-08-04 A/L examination commences today : 309,069 candidates sit for the examination Hiru News en 2015-08-04 A fake Indian currency racket carried out in Sri Lanka unearthed Hiru News en 2015-08-04 8 arrested for violating election laws in Poonarin and Kurunegala #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Islamic State crisis: UK to extend air strikes over Iraq Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Elvis Presley last album Today reissued Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Sri Lankan shares end steady near 6-month high Hiru News en 2015-08-04 11 Dead After 50-Year-Old Building Collapses in Thane Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Sri Lanka Central bank announced that it plans to sell 100 million dollars worth of development bonds to foreign and local investors Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Lionel Richie loves taking Autographs of other celebrities Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Rafael Nadal Rises to Ninth, Novak Djokovic Maintains Top Spot in ATP Rankings Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Sajin Vass further remanded Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Aishwarya Rai turns ramp scorcher for Manish Malhotra at AICW 2015 Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Bottles of poison from the opposition to the Government Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Reforms necessary for growth of exports; says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Indo - Sri Lanka land route likely to be accelerated Hiru News en 2015-08-04 UNF election manifesto presented to the Chief Prelate of the Malwatu Sector Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Golden Key case in which 9000 depositors lost Rs. 26,000 million concludes Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Celebrated international swimwear designers to showcase at CFW Swim 2016 Hiru News en 2015-08-04 New Taliban leader facing tension as top official quits Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Sikandar Raza Slams Hundred To Hand Zimbabwe Hope Against New Zealand Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Attorney Generals Department prepares to seek court approval to exhume the body of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen who died mysteriously Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Summons on Minister Rishard Badiudeen with regard to Wilpattu forest vandalism Hiru News en 2015-08-04 Necessary legislations will be introduced for economic reforms - Says PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Jayawardene to join England as consultant Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Search operations in search of a suspect who fled after throttling a police officer Hiru News en 2015-08-05 The 2nd phase of postal voting begins today #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-05 38 mortar shells found in an island in Jaffna Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Update : Foreign employment bureau to investigate Saudi advertisement to auction Sri Lankan house maid Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Unity of the country is important when taking it forward: says President Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Floods kill at least 178 people across India: Passenger Trains Derail in Madhya Pradesh Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Alan Jackson Album becomes Number 1 Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Vote for the UNP considering the future: PM Ranil request the UPFA supporters #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Nayef Street saga: Woman jumps from 3rd floor to escape attack Hiru News en 2015-08-05 the murder was committed over a personal feud Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Sri Lanka sells Rs25.7bn in 06 and 10 year treasury bonds Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Lasith Malinga a Thorough Gentleman, a World-Class Fast Bowler: Sachin Tendulkar Hiru News en 2015-08-05 TNA says it wont accept ministry portfolios of a new government Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Alliance supporters obstruct the duties of an assistant election Commissioner Hiru News en 2015-08-05 SLTB sue the former President, Anura Yapa and Susil Premajayanth Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Court decision with regard to exhumation of the body of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen to be given tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Suspect who murdered a woman, packed the body in a traveling bag and left at Bastian Mawatha bus terminal arrested Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Person stabbed to death with sharp objects in Kotahena Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Former Eastern PC Chief Minister Najib arrested Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Country before party; Let’s safeguard January 8th victory - CBK #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Non-violence concept of Gandhi should be adopted in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Take police under the purview of the President; a request from the alliance Hiru News en 2015-08-05 Morne van Wyk recalled to limited-overs squads Hiru News en 2015-08-06 MH370: Reunion debris is from missing Malaysia flight Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Wasim Akram survives gun attack in Karachi Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Angelo Mathews Wants to Give Kumar Sangakkara Fitting Farewell Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Reba McEntire Splits From Husband Of 26 Years Narvel Blackstock Hiru News en 2015-08-06 It is an offence to display party symbol and Preferential number on the body : Offenders can be arrested: says Police #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-06 President says that at the upcoming election he expects a government that is able to take forward the January 8th victory Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Operations in search of vendors who packet food items and sell at higher prices Hiru News en 2015-08-06 2 brothers arrested over Kotahena killing Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Court permits CID to exhume the body of rugerrite Wasim Thajudeen on the 10th, who died mysteriously Hiru News en 2015-08-06 2 Candidates arrested for allegedly obstructing the duty of Assistant Election Commissioner at Kaththankudi Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Angelo to miss first Test Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Elvis Presley Classics Get Orchestration on If I Can Dream Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Efforts on to End Indo – Lanka Fishermen Issue Hiru News en 2015-08-06 No room for underworld activities: says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Navy lieutenant arrested for obstructing the duty of a policeman in Maharagama Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Former Deputy Minister Lakshman Wasantha Perera released on personal bail Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Suspect arrested in Kantale with nearly 15,000 illegal leaflets Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Certain faction was silenced following a phone call after Mirihana white van incident – says cabinet spokesman Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Notices issued on 29 Sabaragamuwa PC councillors of pro-government and opposition to appear before court Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Scheme is underway against UNP District leaders #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-06 UN Spokesman elaborates on UN provisions to support reconciliation and peace in SL Hiru News en 2015-08-06 A scheme to impose tax on fertilizer and water – says former President Mahinda Rajapaksa #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-06 Prime Minister says he would establish a multi-party democratic parliament in accordance with Lichchavi system Hiru News en 2015-08-06 In Mulleriyawa Shooting incident – I was shot first : says R. Duminda Silva Hiru News en 2015-08-07 Stuart Broad reflects on the best day of his career Hiru News en 2015-08-07 Official vehicles of 3 Sabaragamuwa Provincial councillors apprehended #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-07 Bill Cosby ordered to give deposition Hiru News en 2015-08-07 At least eight dead in Afghanistan Kabul blast Hiru News en 2015-08-07 An efficient Defence Minister for the country after August 17th: says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-08-07 A country where one could live without fear and suspicion was created: MR #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-07 An American with Indian origin appointed as Ambassador to Sri lanka Hiru News en 2015-08-07 UNP and the UPFA are not two parties but one: JVP #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-07 188 Official polling cards found from a Salon in Uvaparanagama Hiru News en 2015-08-07 Colombo Remand prison superintendent transferred Hiru News en 2015-08-07 Restraining order preventing SLFP, from convening its Central working Committee meeting extended till August 24th Hiru News en 2015-08-07 7 children escaped from a children’s home in Bandaragama taken in to police custody Hiru News en 2015-08-07 A school girl in Vavuniya commits suicide after her principal rejects to release her advance level admission Hiru News en 2015-08-07 France expands MH370 Reunion search Hiru News en 2015-08-07 Tea production dips in June Hiru News en 2015-08-07 Mohinder Amarnath Could be India Crickets Next Chief Selector Hiru News en 2015-08-07 Problems cannot be solved by inciting racism; says Prime Minister #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-07 No plan to sell water resources; a clarification from water supply ministry Hiru News en 2015-08-07 512 arrested for violating election laws; 2 murders and 36 assault cases reported Hiru News en 2015-08-07 Take a correct decision; says President to voters Hiru News en 2015-08-07 Police Probe Firing on Wasim Akrams Car Hiru News en 2015-08-08 New laws at Private Hospitals Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Expedite devolution of power in Sri Lanka: Jayalalithaa requests Modi Hiru News en 2015-08-08 President removes Postal Secretary following recommendation from Elections Commissioner #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-08 I am safeguarding election laws not out of anger: says Commissioner #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-08 US cinema gunman spared death sentence Hiru News en 2015-08-08 I appointed MR amidst much Opposition back then: Former President CBK #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Van taken in to Custody in Ragama with election Posters: 177 raids conducted by Police #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Only a UNP government could solve problems faced by people: PM Ranil #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Today is the last day of Postal Voting: Elections Departments requests Postal Voters to arrive at District Secretariats before 4PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Jayalalitha writes to Prime Minister Modi requesting to reclaim Kachchatheevu island Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Concessionary loans for the Tea Industry #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-08 The vehicle, in which the assailants who shot Minister Ravi Karunanayaka’s supporters in Kotahena arrived, identified Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Legal action against motorist who violates speed limits on 72 main roads from August 11th Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Police commence operations to arrest underworld gang members Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Australia skipper Michael Clarke to retire Hiru News en 2015-08-08 More than 40 killed, in Fridays Afghan academy attack. Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Dolly Parton biopic to film in Atlanta, needs young extras Hiru News en 2015-08-08 Sri Lanka Squad for India Test Series Hiru News en 2015-08-08 An act will be introduced to safeguard women’s rights - PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-08 The government does not have a solution to the increasing cost of living #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Fire at Garment factory in Ratmalana causes severe damages Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Changes as well sacrifices also needed for a better future; President Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Anuruddha Padeniya’s team wins GMOA election Hiru News en 2015-08-09 20 Million Rupees worth Kerala Ganja seized from Welwetithurai Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Singapore marks 50 years since independence Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Woman commits suicide by jumping before a moving train Hiru News en 2015-08-09 11th August declared as additional day for postal voting #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Lovers aged 18 and 15 commit suicide by hanging in the same room Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Special court to expedite examining crimes relating to sexual abuse #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Sri Lanka is open to all investors- MR #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Joe Root clinches No.1 in ICC World Test ranking Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Person dies, when police tried to arrest a woman: Residents’ protest against police causing tense situation in Grandpass Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Misbah-ul-Haq Believes Indo-Pak Cricketing Ties Should Not Depend on Politics Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Fire in Madugaspitiya forest reserve under control Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Child dies from drowning while bathing in Bowatenna tank in Matale Hiru News en 2015-08-09 The funeral of the girl, who committed suicide for not receiving A/L application, held today Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Chinas inflation rate rises to 1.6% in July, missing a government target Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi moves to tackle corruption Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Laundry bill of Rs. 632,000 for 3 months arrive at Temple Trees Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Economic Centre for each cluster village; Administration by civil committee void of politicians: says PM Hiru News en 2015-08-09 Underworld returned – Investors left: statement from former President at a media briefing in Colombo Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Update : A group attacks 2 policemen at Midigama in Waligama with sharp weapons: One officer taken to Colombo with severe injuries 2 suspects arrested Hiru News en 2015-08-10 PKK leader: Turkey is protecting IS by attacking Kurds Hiru News en 2015-08-10 US economy adds 215,000 jobs in July Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Nick Gordon Accused Of Giving Bobbi Kristina Brown A Toxic Cocktail In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Misbah-ul-Haq Believes Indo-Pak Cricketing Ties Should Not Depend on Politics Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Update : Thajudeens death cannot be declared a murder yet: Says the Police Hiru News en 2015-08-10 A challenge to former President from Minister Patali #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-10 A prosperous era for women after August 17th : says PM Ranil #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-10 STF deployed for the security of Presidents security division Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Women faced many issues during the period of good governance: says Mahinda #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-10 The high court rejects bail application of Sajin Vaas Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Brazil inflation rate hits 12-year high Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Ten South African Players Hospitalised in Chennai Due to Food Poisoning Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Myanmar flooding affects one million Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Police initiate investigations in search of Midigama suspects Hiru News en 2015-08-10 93 thousand farmers hit by kidney decease due to substandard fertiliser; charges UNP Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Alliance is doubtful about the promised new country by the UNP Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Stock of posters and 33 school bags concealed in a house in Hungama seized Hiru News en 2015-08-10 3 persons arrested for illegally transporting timber in Kilinochchi Hiru News en 2015-08-10 70,000 police officers deployed on election duty - STF and Riot Police will also assist #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-10 State vehicles being used by parliamentarians to be seized on the road #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Former security forces member and a rehabilitated LTTE member arrested in connection with the disappearance of journalist Eknaligoda Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Build a country which would ascertain the Sri Lankan identity despite race or creed: Says PM Hiru News en 2015-08-10 Deadly violence in Istanbul and Sirnak Hiru News en 2015-08-10 India vs Sri Lanka: The Ranking Game for Virat Kohli and his Team Hiru News en 2015-08-11 All Indian fishermen released from Sri Lankan custody Hiru News en 2015-08-11 State celebrations barred for politicians till end of elections Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Lets consolidate good governance on August 17th : A statement from Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-11 A country was developed while facing crisis: says former President Mahinda Rajapakse Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Vijay ruled out of first Test Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Car bombs kill nearly 50 in two bomb blasts in Iraq Hiru News en 2015-08-11 SC informs the AG to submit to court the security assessment report with regard to former Presidents security Hiru News en 2015-08-11 2 suspects arrested over Eknaligodas disappearance Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Police have arrested 484 persons for violating election laws Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Major General Prasanna Silva removed from the post of Commander Regiment head; Brigadier Ralph Nugera appointed as the new head Hiru News en 2015-08-11 One person killed during a clash in Panadura Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Afghan leader slams Pakistan over Kabul attacks Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Google to become a subsidiary of Alphabet under major restructuring plan Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Legal action to be taken against Government servants who skip election duty despite Election Commissioners instructions Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Speed limit cases to be filed on 72 main roads Hiru News en 2015-08-11 New education act will be introduced; say PM Ranil #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-11 UPFA election campaign in Kurunegala has collapsed; says Min AkIla #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Sajin Vaas remanded again Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Summons issued to 11 Medical students to appear before court for breaching election law and obstructing traffic Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Suspect arrested for hunting a deer Hiru News en 2015-08-11 The missing domestic aide of C.B. Ratnayake, returns to official residence and commits suicide Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Summoning of Election Candidates to the FCID withheld #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Release of results of 2 A/L students to be suspended Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Financial grants to be provided for underprivileged schools under the new regime – PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Former President Chandrikas choice is an animal instead of betel leaf or hand symbols #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-11 Factory owners agree to increase wages of garment workers in conjunction with GSP Plus - Says Minister Harsha de Silva Hiru News en 2015-08-12 MH17: Russian missile parts at Ukraine crash site Hiru News en 2015-08-12 SL take on India in first Test today Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Elivs book to be published by private nurse Hiru News en 2015-08-12 It is revealed that the driver committed suicide when there was no one at the official residence of C. B. Rathnayake - Post mortem to be held today Hiru News en 2015-08-12 South Asian election observers arrive in the country to monitor the General Election #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Prices of essential goods will be reduced: a guarantee from Former President Hiru News en 2015-08-12 PM Ranil Wickremesinghe explains what government should be elected on August 17th #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-12 8 line rooms destroyed due to fire in Galekale - Ududumbara Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Wild Elephant arrives at Appawala. Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Hillary Clinton to hand over email server to the FBI Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Economy to grow at 7% this year: Ravi K Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Supporters of 2 Vanni district Candidates clash #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Elton John wraps up three days of music at Outside Lands Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese team up for The Devil in the White City Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Bail rejected for North Central provincial council house leader Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Election Commissioner requests to stop door to door campaigning after 7 pm #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Central Bank Governor and his son in law are ordered to appear before court Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Special bus service for those visiting hometowns for General Election Hiru News en 2015-08-12 A preparation to distribute a bogus report similar to the UNHRC report on Sri Lanka; a revelation by the UNP Hiru News en 2015-08-12 An exorcist beaten to death by villagers while performing a ritual in a cemetery Hiru News en 2015-08-12 82 fake ballot papers seized in Ampara Hiru News en 2015-08-12 JVP election manifesto ‘Accord of Conscience’ handed over to the Archbishop of Colombo Hiru News en 2015-08-12 India tailing by 55 runs at the end of opening day of First Test against SL Hiru News en 2015-08-12 Aim is to elect a new parliament to support Good Governance: says Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Two farmers killed by assaulting with a sharp weapon (Photos) Hiru News en 2015-08-13 If necessary even a candidate could be summoned to the FCID Hiru News en 2015-08-13 China blasts: Casualties as Tianjin warehouse blows up Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Virat Kohli Missed a Trick in Galle Test, Says Sunil Gavaskar Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Arnold Schwarzeneggers son Patrick Schwarzenegger to star in new movie North Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Doubt about a meteoroid that fell in Aralaganwila - Pollonnaruwa cleared Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Water refinery centers in vavuniya closed: drinking water crisis for 50 thousand Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Prime Minister says UNP will win the election with a comfortable majority #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Court rejects the request made by Premalal Jayasekara who is currently in remand, to cast his vote Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Egypt heatwave leaves 61 people dead Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Sri Lanka should export or should be ready to perish: Harsha De Silva Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Billy Joel And Wife Alexis Roderick Welcome Baby Girl Hiru News en 2015-08-13 A body recovered from a 2 storied building in Buorupana - Rathmalana Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Dont play with the underworld: says Former President #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Two people die in two motor accidents Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Protest in Vavuniya demanding for drinking water continues today Hiru News en 2015-08-13 President Maithripala sends an urgent letter to Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Nestlé Lanka delivers another strong quarter Hiru News en 2015-08-13 No agreement with any faction on Federal system - Reiterates Prime Minister Ranil Hiru News en 2015-08-13 The judiciary cannot take political sides Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Case against Malaka Silva postponed till February 18th Hiru News en 2015-08-13 Promises stated in election manifesto will be met just as when ending terrorism – says former President Rajapaksa Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Propaganda activities in view of the General Election will end at mid night today Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Another 10 kilos of Kerala Ganja found in Valvettithurai Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Alliance’s defeat cannot be prevented; says Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasingha Hiru News en 2015-08-14 The agriculture sector is destroyed through foreign concepts : a statement from Former President #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-14 IS suspected of chemical arms attack on Kurds in Iraq Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Madonna and Guy Ritchie united again for son Roccos 15th birthday Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Sourav Ganguly Says He Sees Diego Maradona in Virat Kohli Hiru News en 2015-08-14 A special meeting of UPFA leaders today Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Agreement signed for 26.5 million dollars Volkswagen assembly plant in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Kerry to raise US flag at reopened embassy in Cuba Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Mahinda Rajapaksa replies to President Maithripla Sirisena’s letter Hiru News en 2015-08-15 Hiru once again crowned as the most popular website in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Spinners take India closer to win Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Carrie Underwood Is Best-selling Country Artist Of Digital Era Hiru News en 2015-08-14 One party entitled to one rally until 12 midnight today #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-14 4th victim of Bategala - Navagamuwa clash dies Hiru News en 2015-08-14 People demand Mahinda as their future PM: Former Speaker Chamal #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Alliance collapsed further after the Presidents letter; a statement from the UNP Hiru News en 2015-08-15 Anura and Susil lose their party secretary positions until the 28th Hiru News en 2015-08-14 The Unilever Beauty Council Inspires Sri Lankan Women to Discover their Beautiful Best Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Lawsuits filed against 13 vendors in Chilaw for selling food unsuitable for human consumption Hiru News en 2015-08-14 Full letters issued regarding the removal of Susil Premajayantha and Anura Yapa; New Appointment Letters issued to Duminda & Vishwa Hiru News en 2015-08-15 Election complaints via SMS directly to the Commissioner #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-15 Party membership of Susil and Anura Yapa suspended; UPFA election operations unit also removed from SLFP premises Hiru News en 2015-08-15 85 Million Rupees worth Cocaine seized at Airport Hiru News en 2015-08-15 Herath Sends India From Hero to Zero as Sri Lanka Script Sensational Win Hiru News en 2015-08-15 3 people injured following an accident in Chilaw Hiru News en 2015-08-15 Free entry on Expressways on August 17th Hiru News en 2015-08-15 2 youth who went to bathe in the Mawussa-kale reservoir drowns Hiru News en 2015-08-15 Six LTTE carders arrested in Kolkata Hiru News en 2015-08-15 Tri Forces ready to assist election duties at any given time; a statement from Military spokesperson Hiru News en 2015-08-16 Update: All preparations set for the General Election #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-16 Election a national event, let us all celebrate it: Elections Commissioner Hiru News en 2015-08-16 6 injured as petrol bomb hurled at gambling centre in Rambukkana Hiru News en 2015-08-16 President says no agreement would be signed which would harm the local market Hiru News en 2015-08-16 22 arrested for breaching law during post-election propaganda season #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-16 5 murders occur in separate areas Hiru News en 2015-08-16 86 houses damaged, hundreds affected due to strong winds: Hail in Galkiriyagama Hiru News en 2015-08-16 North Korea threatens to attack US Hiru News en 2015-08-16 Murray to face Djokovic in final Hiru News en 2015-08-16 Candlelight vigil held at Graceland for Elvis Hiru News en 2015-08-16 Yuan move has global impact from SA to US Hiru News en 2015-08-16 16 injured in bus accident at Marakolliya in Tangalle Hiru News en 2015-08-16 Update: Indonesia passenger plane wreckage found in remote Papua Hiru News en 2015-08-16 3 police officers on election duty injured after police jeep falls into precipice Hiru News en 2015-08-16 ARE YOU A REGISTERED VOTER? Find out! #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-16 First election result to be released after midnight: says the Election Commissioner Hiru News en 2015-08-16 Chinese tourists advised to be cautious in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-08-17 A father and 3 daughters who attempted commit suicide by jumping from the Ravana falls rescued Hiru News en 2015-08-16 Rangana Herath Says he Takes Being Dropped in his Stride Hiru News en 2015-08-16 President Barack Obama Shares What He Likes To Listen To On Spotify Hiru News en 2015-08-17 30,000 observes for election duty #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Update: Overall voter turnout exceed 60% by 3PM #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 63 thousand police officers for security; STF and civil defense force also on duty #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Go to the polling station as early as possible #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Great leap for apparel exports Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Dhananjaya, Vandersay in SL A squad for NZ tour Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Liquor shops closed tomorrow and day after #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Voting taking place peacefully island wide #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Angelo overtakes Sanga in ICC Test Rankings Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Update: Counting of votes begins #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 22 election related incidents reported since the commencement of voting : Paffrel #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 2 brothers of a candidate arrested while distributing propaganda cards near a polling centre in Rabukkana Hiru News en 2015-08-17 3 persons including former Puttalam PS Opposition Leader arrested for distributing leaflets in Mundalama Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Counting of votes begins #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Court orders to paste restraining order papers on the doors of Susil and Anura Yapa’s houses Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Most peaceful election in the recent past: say election monitors #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Dhawan ruled out of Sri Lanka tour Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Furious 7 Cast Honours Paul Walker With Four Wins At Teen Choice Awards