Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Airbus signs off record IndiGo deal Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Death toll in Syria air strike nears 100: activists say Hiru News en 2015-08-17 13 members of SLFP Central Working Committee removed Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Counting of postal votes begins - bad weather hinders transporting of ballot boxes in Kandy Hiru News en 2015-08-17 Voter turnout in several districts exceed 60% #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 No reports from polling Centres on incidents causing to nullify the vote #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-17 First postal vote result issued #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-18 UNP wins postal votes in Trincomalee Hiru News en 2015-08-18 Mahinda concedes defeat: AFP Hiru News en 2015-08-18 Deadly blast rocks Thailand capital Hiru News en 2015-08-18 A government will be formed Hiru News en 2015-08-18 Final result of Badulla District released Hiru News en 2015-08-18 The most peaceful election in history Hiru News en 2015-08-18 Processions banned for another week Hiru News en 2015-08-18 UNP is leading the Election Hiru News en 2015-08-18 UNP achieved a significant victory as per the released results – says Minister Akila Viraj Hiru News en 2015-08-18 Releasing of Preferential votes begin Hiru News en 2015-08-18 Preferential votes released for Badulla and Matara Hiru News en 2015-08-19 34 former MP’s lose their parliamentary seats Hiru News en 2015-08-18 UPDATE : Final Results with National List: UNP 106 - UPFA 95 - ITAK 16 - JVP 6 - SLMC 1 - EPDP 1 #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-18 UPDATAE: PM Ranil receives highest preferential votes with 500,566 #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-18 Bangkok bomb: CCTV video shows man leave backpack Hiru News en 2015-08-18 Prime Minister Ranil invites to build a new political culture #GenElecSL Hiru News en 2015-08-18 Best election held in the recent history – says PAFFREL Hiru News en 2015-08-19 I am the one who prepares the National list -Wishwa, I’m still the Alliance General Secretary - Susil Hiru News en 2015-08-19 Congratulations from Narendra Modi as well Hiru News en 2015-08-19 Ranil Wickramasingha to take oaths as Prime Minister tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-08-19 Person hangs himself in Mathara Hiru News en 2015-08-19 International support to be obtained to eradicate drug menace - says the President Hiru News en 2015-08-19 Former President Mahinda Rajapakse decides to remain in active politics Hiru News en 2015-08-19 A request from the Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter to the opposition Hiru News en 2015-08-19 Youth dies from drowning Hiru News en 2015-08-19 Prime Minister invites all elected parties to join a government of compromise Hiru News en 2015-08-19 A ceiling should be set for candidates’ campaign cost; Certain candidates have spent 500 thousand Euros; reveals international monitors Hiru News en 2015-08-19 3 Chief Ministers and 4 opposition leaders elected to parliament Hiru News en 2015-08-19 Nearly Rs. 5 million cash bonds confiscated following the election Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Mathews targets victorious sendoff for Sangakkara Hiru News en 2015-08-20 A couple killed by assaulting with sharp weapons in Ambalangoda Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Pixels opens at top of UK box office Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Ban ki moon congratulates the President for holding a peaceful election: Laurels from UK as well to Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Yemen on brink of Famine Hiru News en 2015-08-20 China ready to work with Sri Lanka to elevate strategic cooperation partnership Hiru News en 2015-08-20 A decisive SLFP central working committee meeting today: A group of UPFA MPs meet the President Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Fans Remember Jim Reevess 92nd Bday Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Parents reject their daughter born without hands Hiru News en 2015-08-20 MR rejects opposition leader position- Ready to sit in the back bench- (Audio) - Exclusive Hiru News en 2015-08-20 JVP appoint former Auditor General Mayadunne and Handuneththi as National List MP’s; Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Shashi Weerawansa reports to the FCID Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Lal Kantha resigns Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Husband commits suicide after wife’s decision to go abroad for work Hiru News en 2015-08-20 SLFP CWC has given the President approval for a National government. Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Names of new MPs to be gazetted today. Hiru News en 2015-08-20 TNA would support the government in future endeavours Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Thai police seek Interpol help to track bomb suspect Hiru News en 2015-08-20 India 97 for 2 wickets at lunch against SL Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Treasury releases Rs 17,179 mn to maintain guaranteed price on agro-crops Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Multi-vehicle collision on Southern Expressway Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Leo Burnett successfully completes third Masterclass programme for industry interns Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Person arrested with 424 hard-shelled terrapins Hiru News en 2015-08-20 A & E Lanka features thread screen at CFW ‘Swim’ Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Serendib Flour Mills Silver sponsor of Pro-Food Pro-Pack Exhibition Hiru News en 2015-08-20 7-person committee to decide future activities of SLFP Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Shashi, Ajith Cabraal and Ariyawathi Galappatthi summoned to FCID Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Nelson Mandelas Grandson Accused Of Rape Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Kumar Sangakkara Felicitated by BCCI Hiru News en 2015-08-20 US crude prices fall towards US$40 on global glut Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Body parts of the woman in Ampitiya who died after getting makeup application, sent to Government Analyst Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Nimal, Susil, John and Anura Yapa absent in former President Mahinda’s fellowship Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Update : Reports of 2 SLFP committees inquiring about the National Government submitted to President Hiru News en 2015-08-20 Update : Ranil Wickramasingha sworn in as Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-08-21 UNP national list named: Karu, Malik,Athuraliya thero and M K D S Gunawardana included Hiru News en 2015-08-21 Court case filed demanding payment of Rs 142 million for SLTB buses deployed for Presidential election - 5 persons including former President named as respondents Hiru News en 2015-08-21 Attorney at law Chrishmal Warnasuriya raises opposition to JVP about the way the National list was prepared Hiru News en 2015-08-21 President to propose three national programs to new cabinet Hiru News en 2015-08-21 Update : India bowled out for 393 runs Hiru News en 2015-08-21 North Korea orders troops on war footing after exchanging fire with South Hiru News en 2015-08-21 Hewlett-Packard revenues fall as PC sales slide Hiru News en 2015-08-21 Top 10 Highest Paid Male Actors Make 119% More Than Top 10 Female Actors Hiru News en 2015-08-21 Update: Crossovers between UNP and the SLFP barred Hiru News en 2015-08-21 7 defeated including SB, Vijayamuni, Lakshmna Yapa and Mahinda Samarasingha to enter parliament through the Alliance National list. Hiru News en 2015-08-21 TNA demand for opposition leader position Hiru News en 2015-08-21 Welgama, SM and Pavithra Wanniarachchi removed from UPFA executive committee Hiru News en 2015-08-22 No national list seats for Small Parties of the UPFA: Samasamaja Party also loses representation within Parliament Hiru News en 2015-08-22 UN Secretary General calls Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Foreign Ambassadors praise President on conducting a free and fair election Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Americans overpower gunman in France train Hiru News en 2015-08-22 UNP says an example has been set through the national list Hiru News en 2015-08-22 10 injured after bus falls into precipice Hiru News en 2015-08-22 T.B. Ekanayake also removed from the UPFA Executive Council: 4 have received letters so far Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Putin to be notable absence from Ukraine crisis talks in Berlin Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Asian shares continue global downward trend Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Mishra four-for secures 87-run lead Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Lionsgate in Talks for Q: A Love Story Movie Adaptation Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Change in crude oil at Sapugaskanda oil refinery Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Friendly relations important to both countries: Chinese Premier extends his wishes to the new Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-08-22 More incidents of post-election violence reported from the North and East Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Special meeting of TNA leaders to be held in Trincomalee Hiru News en 2015-08-22 1 person died in motor cycle accident at Kebithi-gollewa Hiru News en 2015-08-22 General Secretary of All Ceylon People’s Congress removed Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Thaksins son doubles reward for Bangkok bomb suspect Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Sri Lanka needs to remove taxes from exports Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Daniel ODonnell And Anthony Ogogo The Latest Contestants To Sign Up For Strictly Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Youth dies during Korean job training Hiru News en 2015-08-22 UNP and SLFP continues talks on dividing ministerial posts Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Susil regrets not appointing essential representatives of coalition parties to the UPFA national list Hiru News en 2015-08-22 Stock of drugs targeting school students seized in Nuwara Eliya Hiru News en 2015-08-22 2.4 million rupees worth foreign currency seized at airport Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Grade 5 scholarship examination today at 2,907 centres island wide Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Plans to dissolve UPFA; MP T B Ekanayaka reveals Hiru News en 2015-08-23 President assures that development will be expedited Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Father and daughter die after drinking King Coconut water given by exorcist Hiru News en 2015-08-23 India 179/3 at lunch on 4th day of 2nd Test against SL Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Will sit in the Opposition; Prasanna Ranathunga Hiru News en 2015-08-23 More than 2,000 people rescued near Libya coast Hiru News en 2015-08-23 7-member gang who attacked a shop in Kurunegala arrested along with a cab Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Koreas to resume conflict crisis talks Hiru News en 2015-08-23 2nd phase of A/L exam to commence tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Chief Prelate of Malwathu Chapter requests to execute the 3rd revolution Hiru News en 2015-08-23 TNA requested to join the National Government Hiru News en 2015-08-23 US Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Biswal to the island Hiru News en 2015-08-23 UNP agrees to the proposals of SLFP on conditions to join a national government Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Airfares to rise despite lower oil prices Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Madonna To Star In Her Own TV Show? Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Sanga Bids Farewell to International Cricket Hiru News en 2015-08-23 7 Students in hospital sits for Grade 5 Scholarship Exam Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Leave aside party policy’s temporarily and join hands to develop the country Hiru News en 2015-08-23 President summons the newly elected SLFP MP’s for a meeting Hiru News en 2015-08-23 NFF to take legal action against Susil Premajantha Hiru News en 2015-08-23 Usain Retains 100m Title Hiru News en 2015-08-23 An agreement was reached between the UPFA prior to the election; says MP Hisbullah Hiru News en 2015-08-24 National government or the Opposition could be chosen as desired: President informs SLFP MPs Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Number of Ministers in the cabinet of the National Government is 50: 33 for UNP and 17 for SLFP Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Opposition leader post, also for SLFP Hiru News en 2015-08-24 3.5 million rupees revenue per day for the Elephant Orphanage Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Quake-hit Nepal opens Everest for autumn season Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Import expenditure up by 13.5% in June Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Mariah Carey is better than Madonna says James Packer Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Update: Gotabhaya Rajapaksa questioned for 6 hours by the Presidential Commission to probe large scale fraud Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Millions Misappropriated Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Three Hasty Minister Appointments Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Sanga Invited to High Commissioner Post Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Water Supply Restricted in Matara Hiru News en 2015-08-24 UPFA National List Robbed? Secretary Replies Hiru News en 2015-08-24 3 including former Deputy Minister Sarana Gunawardena remanded until 26th Hiru News en 2015-08-24 New Policy on Ministerial Portfolios Hiru News en 2015-08-24 Prison Hospitals to be Improved Hiru News en 2015-08-24 TNA appoints 2 defeated candidates for their national list slots Hiru News en 2015-08-24 No legal basis for an international investigation on war crime allegations in Sri Lanka: says Prime Minister to The Hindu Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Shantha Bandara reveals about a confidential document which caused his failure at the Elections Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Kiriella and Gayantha Reappointed Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Swearing in of Cabinet Day after Tomorrow. Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Houthi Rockets Kill 14 Civilians Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Barbra’s Star-Studded Party Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Religious Leaders Assistance Necessary for National Unity and Peace Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Sanga’s Retirement – a Blow Hiru News en 2015-08-25 South and North Korea agree deal to reduce tensions Hiru News en 2015-08-25 JVP leader must resign; says Somawansa Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Headless Corpse Discovered in Naththandiya Hiru News en 2015-08-25 US assistance secretary of state Nisha Biswal arrives in the island Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Tea Export to Iran Resumed Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Madonna’s RH Tour to be Massive Success. Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Lehmann Brushes Away Shane Warne Criticism Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Susil Premajayantha resigns from the UPFA General Secretary position Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Sajin Vass Further Remanded Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Proud of the change achieved by Sri Lanka: US Assistant Secretary of State Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Chinese Money Market Falls Further Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Goni Hits Japan Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Turner Team Up in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Absolute Ayurveda to conduct free consultations on open day Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Monk Jumps into River Hiru News en 2015-08-25 The Court summons Mervin Silva in connection with white vans Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Foreign Minister Assumes Duty Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Update: All Ready for the Initial Randoli Hiru News en 2015-08-25 Premalal Jayasekara remanded again Hiru News en 2015-08-25 UNP is concerned about the opposition’s level of flexibility; Ready for a clear change: SLFP Hiru News en 2015-08-26 The identity of Decapitated Body Revealed Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Biswal Meets President and PM; Discussions with TNA today. Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Proper Criteria Necessary for Naming National List MP’s Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Sri Lanka dates released by ECB Hiru News en 2015-08-26 A group of farmers in queues for 3 days unable to sell paddy Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Gammanpila to file petitions Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Afghan Gas Blast Kills 11 Hiru News en 2015-08-26 ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Hits $27.4 Million Overseas Hiru News en 2015-08-26 US Supports Resettlement in Sampur Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Sarana Gunawardana Re-remanded Hiru News en 2015-08-26 PCB to tightly regulate Asif and Butts return Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Billy Ray Cyrus turns 54! Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Discussions between UNP and SLFP over allocation of ministerial portfolios to continue. Hiru News en 2015-08-26 The Body of the Drowned Monk Recovered Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Saha, Vijay ruled out with injury Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Agreed to form a National Government with the SLFP – says UNP Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Somaweera Files Supreme Court Petition Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Joint cabinet of UNP and SLFP to be sworn in on the 2nd of September Hiru News en 2015-08-26 6 Arrested for Wallapatta Racket Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Update:Virginia TV Journalists Murderer Kills Himself. Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Dinesh Gunawardana to Form an Alliance Government Hiru News en 2015-08-26 Disappointed paddy Famers in queues today as well Hiru News en 2015-08-27 SLFP Central Committee Meets Again Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Ready to accept the post of the Opposition Leader; says Welgama Hiru News en 2015-08-27 18 Horses Arrive at Katunayake Hiru News en 2015-08-27 JAT clinches awards at NASCO 2015 Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Nespray Nutri-Up - Fortified with Vitamins A and D Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Update: No sufficient evidence to file action against Gotabhaya in connection with floating armoury Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Sri Lanka’s Treasury bill yields up across maturities; 12 month yield up 25bps Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Thondaman and Douglas to Support National Government Hiru News en 2015-08-27 15 Ministerial Posts for SLFP Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Clear Change of Ministerial Subjects Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Petitions Against Mahinda, Cabraal and Arjuna Withdrawn. Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Bolt & Gatlin Reach 200m Final Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Oath-taking on 2nd to be postponed? Hiru News en 2015-08-27 A/L Candidates Caught with 12 Mobile Phones Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Five Elephants Taken into Custody Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Blood Samples of Gang Rape Suspects to be Tested Hiru News en 2015-08-27 UPFA contested the Election - How does SLFP support a national government? : Patriotic movement are baffled Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Swearing in of cabinet likely to be postponed; MOU to be revised; 70 SLFP MPs to join national government Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Orders not issued for the continued detention of the suspects - Says Sandhya Ekneligoda Hiru News en 2015-08-27 Opinions Vary Regarding US Support Hiru News en 2015-08-27 New formula to compensate oil price fluctuation Hiru News en 2015-08-28 200 thousand affected by dry weather conditions Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Bolt Beats Gatlin to 200m Gold Hiru News en 2015-08-28 UNP ready for a parliamentary debate about the National Government; Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Sri Lanka should honestly face the past; says the US Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Post of SLFP Opposition Leader - Meeting Today. Hiru News en 2015-08-28 ‘Cormorant Strike VI - 2015’ to Kick off in September 1st Week Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Libya boats capsize carrying hundreds Hiru News en 2015-08-28 One Seventh of the World Using FB in a Day Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Petitions Against Susil and Anura Withdrawn. Hiru News en 2015-08-28 P B for Special Investigation Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Harinda Fonseka Wins Bronze Medal at the World Wadokai Karate Do Tournament Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Allegation against the Bribery commission’s Director General by the commissioners. Hiru News en 2015-08-28 UN Human rights commissioner has no plans to visit Sri lanka before Geneva session Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Water supply restricted in several areas in Colombo and Suburbs Hiru News en 2015-08-28 July tea export earnings decline Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Wasps Attack Estate Workers Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Cinnamon and University of Colombo launch specialized Hospitality & Leisure Management degree Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Leo Burnett celebrates 80 years of creative excellence Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Esteem from JAT to encourage economical plantation Hiru News en 2015-08-28 Update : President empowered to appoint Opposition Leader and Ministerial Portfolios for SLFP: Mahinda, Susil, Anura Yapa absent at meeting Hiru News en 2015-08-28 10 apply for the post of hangmen Hiru News en 2015-08-28 The truth of Geetha Kumarasingha’s dual citizenship revealed Hiru News en 2015-08-28 President emphasizes on national policy for construction sector Hiru News en 2015-08-29 Another issue for farmers who couldnt sell their paddy Hiru News en 2015-08-29 Final Randoli Perahera in Kandy today: 3000 Police Officers on duty Hiru News en 2015-08-29 Cannot be satisfied with a domestic investigation: International inquiry a must: says TNA Hiru News en 2015-08-29 UN warns of crisis of solidarity over migrant deaths Hiru News en 2015-08-29 Sun shines directly above Sri Lanka till the 7th of September Hiru News en 2015-08-29 Tamilnadu opposes US for supporting a domestic mechanism in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-08-29 Prime Minister commences gathering views from various groups on a new Constitution Hiru News en 2015-08-29 11,000 Metric Tonnes of Paddy destroyed in Polonnaruwa Hiru News en 2015-08-29 The final Randoli Perahera of the historic Esala festival tonight Hiru News en 2015-08-29 Thai police say suspect in Bangkok bombing arrested Hiru News en 2015-08-29 Checking at Omanthai check point stopped Hiru News en 2015-08-29 Importation and local production of Asbestos will be completely banned from first of January 2018. Hiru News en 2015-08-29 An alternative front from the Alliance apart from the SLFP Hiru News en 2015-08-29 Pujaras fighting ton holds India together Hiru News en 2015-08-30 TNA says they deserve Opposition Leaders post as per Parliamentary traditions Hiru News en 2015-08-30 Documents regarding misappropriation of Rs. 13.2 million of state funds at former President’s Negombo meeting, to AG Hiru News en 2015-08-30 3 killed as lorry topples in Bulathsinhala Hiru News en 2015-08-30 Turkey joins air strikes against Islamic State for the first time Hiru News en 2015-08-30 Day Procession of Kandy Esala Perahera to parade streets this afternoon Hiru News en 2015-08-30 Foreign Affairs Ministry expects UN Human Rights Council to approve Sri Lanka’s domestic mechanism Hiru News en 2015-08-30 2 suspects arrested in connection with Nittambuwa bogus stamps incident Hiru News en 2015-08-30 Invitation from President to UPFA party leaders Hiru News en 2015-08-30 Suspect arrested for hunting deer in Wilpattu remanded Hiru News en 2015-08-30 Communist party of UPFA decides to sit in the Opposition independently Hiru News en 2015-08-30 Wild Elephants in Polonnaruwa invade villages due to drought Hiru News en 2015-08-30 10 fishermen from Galle rescued after being stranded in sea for 8 days Hiru News en 2015-08-30 All measures taken with parliamentary consent - PM Hiru News en 2015-08-30 Man hacked to death inside three-wheeler at Opanayake Hiru News en 2015-08-30 President Maithripala pays homage to Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic Hiru News en 2015-08-30 India vs Sri Lanka 3rd Test, Highlights Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Rice Price cannot Rise Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Fire at Alkhobar Kills 11 Hiru News en 2015-08-31 A Revelation from Karuna Amman Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Kandy Esala Perahera Completed - President Receives Sannasa Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Colouring of Sweets to be Inspected Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Third Term Begins Today Hiru News en 2015-08-31 President and UPFA Leaders to Meet Today. Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Two Arrested for 10 Million Theft Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Fake Money Found in Valaichchenai Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Obama Renames Continents Highest Peak Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Opposition to Appoint Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Elephant Calf Seized from Hikkaduwa Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Seating Indefinite Till Speakers Appointment. Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Douglas and Sangaree to Support What TNA Rejected. Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Seems No Sri Lankan Affected by Saudi Fire; Special Contact Hiru News en 2015-08-31 5,250 kg of Substandard Tea Arrested Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Update: Petition against UPFA National List Allocations Postponed Hiru News en 2015-08-31 SEYLAN COLOMBO MOTOR SHOW Hiru News en 2015-08-31 How to work in a National Government? - UNP and SLFP talk with President Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Kelani River Banks to be Specially Inspected Hiru News en 2015-08-31 Who’ll be Opposition Leader? Likely to Appoint Unexpected Member Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Update: Speaker Karu Jayasuriya – Mahinda seated 2nd in the first row of the opposition. Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Kerala Ganja and Foreign Currency Apprehended. Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Defence Seminar Begins Today Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Maththala Airport – a Paddy Store from Today! Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Interest Rates Unchanged Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Fire at Rathmalana-Belekkade Junction Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Elephant plays havoc in Mattala Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Parliament objects Gammanpila’s statement Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Decentralised budget for MPs increased Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Ban on full-face helmets extended Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Government policy planning would be based on Maithree Administration and election manifestos of main political parties Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Virat Kohli Lauds Young Team India Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Leonardo Dicaprio Suing Second French Magazine Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Migrant crisis: Hungary rail station move sparks protests Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Letter with signatures of 56 UPFA MPs sent to President, requesting to appoint Welgama as Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2015-09-01 PM is ready for several reforms including a new constitution Hiru News en 2015-09-01 International investigation is compulsory on alleged war crimes; Northern provincial council passes a resolution Hiru News en 2015-09-01 Sarath Fonseka criticizes Deputy Attorney General Hiru News en 2015-09-02 64th Anniversary of SLFP in Polonnaruwa Today. Hiru News en 2015-09-02 “What Karuna says is false” - Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Opposition leader position to TNA; request Purawasi Bala as well Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Sharp Inflation in US Murder Rate Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Fall in Colombo Share Market Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Ishant, Chandimal handed one-match bans Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Dearth of employees for follow up- Watch Video Hiru News en 2015-09-02 New Cabinet ministers to be sworn in on the 4th Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Complaints on Internet based child abuse Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Fire at forest reserve under control Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Angelo Mathews comes down hard on batsmen. Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Batting order will be changed – Mathews Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Paddy being stored at Mattala Air Port amidst special police protection Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Prime Minister’s Tour to India Due This Month Hiru News en 2015-09-02 President hold talks with former Afghanistan President Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Update: An acid attack on a divorced couple Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Tharindu Kaushal reported for suspect action Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Journey is slow but never take a step back - President Hiru News en 2015-09-02 S-lon join hands with the Foxhill Green reforestation initiative Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Get Life. Live Life Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Nestlé Lanka PLC receives token of appreciation from President of Sri Lanka‏‎ Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Premier pays surprise visit to Bribery Commission Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Millions strike in India over anti-labour reforms Hiru News en 2015-09-02 Zac Efron DJ film We Are Your Friends flops at US box office Hiru News en 2015-09-03 NG Minister Portfolios Rise up to 93 Hiru News en 2015-09-03 Government purchases 7 million kg of paddy Hiru News en 2015-09-03 Sarath Mayadunne Resigns Hiru News en 2015-09-03 TNA’s Sampanthan appointed Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2015-09-03 Commission questions former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and others for over 4 hours Hiru News en 2015-09-03 Paddy Stored only in Cargo Terminal – PM Hiru News en 2015-09-03 Parliament heats up with Vimal’s statement Hiru News en 2015-09-03 International Investigation Required – TNA Hiru News en 2015-09-03 Premier Moves Resolution to Extend Ministerial Portfolios Hiru News en 2015-09-03 Anura to be Chief Opposition Whip Hiru News en 2015-09-03 European Union’s Report on the Election Due 16th October Hiru News en 2015-09-03 2 suspects arrested with cigarette stock Hiru News en 2015-09-03 93 Ministerial Portfolios in National Government; Opposition Objects Hiru News en 2015-09-03 How did Sambanthan and Anura Kumara receive positions? Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Wing part of Flight MH370 found Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Bimal in place of Mayadunne Hiru News en 2015-09-04 “The country will never be divided. We are against division.” - Sampanthan Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Cabinet to be Sworn in Today Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Group including Mahinda were absent Hiru News en 2015-09-04 The List of New Cabinet Sworn in Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Britain opens door to thousands more Syrians Hiru News en 2015-09-04 42 Ministers of National Government Swore-in Today Hiru News en 2015-09-04 11 Ministerial Posts & 15 Cabinet Portfolios to SLFP Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Visit of UAE Foreign Minister to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Update : Retired Major General accepts false evidence was given before Presidential Commission Investigating Serious Frauds Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Heads of public institutions to be appointed by a committee represented by the President and the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-09-04 New Ministries for Mega polis, liquid gas, Digital infrastructure ,housing for upcountry and National Dialogue Hiru News en 2015-09-04 42 cabinet Ministers take oaths; 11 from SLFP; 31 from UNP; S B and Mahinda Samarasingha receive portfolios despite election defeat Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Islamic State blows up Palmyra funerary towers Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Paul Mccartney, Jon Bon Jovi And Fergie Team Up For Charity Single Hiru News en 2015-09-04 Ishant Sharmas Coach Blames Kohli, Shastri for his Aggression Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Person shot dead in Sella Katharagama – another injured Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Part of Kudawella harbor sinks in Hiru News en 2015-09-05 New Transport Minister Nimal Siripala solved SLTB salary issue soon after assuming duties Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Austria to let refugees in from Hungary Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Work in unity: President tells SLFP Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Saudi king meets Obama amid concerns over Iran deal Hiru News en 2015-09-05 US economy adds 173,000 jobs in August Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Authors unite to raise funds for Syrian refugees Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Italian GP: Drivers told to keep worries over Pirelli tyres private Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Ministers appointed based on personal goodwill: alleges JVP Hiru News en 2015-09-05 150 factories releasing waste to Kelani River to be inspected Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Protest in Tamil Nadu against the arrest of Indian Fishermen Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Premier meets with South African President Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Key lawmaker opposes Iran nuclear deal in blow to Obama Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Angelo Mathews signs PSL contract Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Elvis Presley heirs sue Danish Graceland Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Vigneshwaran requests US for an International probe on Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-09-05 An alternate Opposition - 5 Parties commence discussions Hiru News en 2015-09-05 Mawei Senadhiraja to be Opposition Leader in the absence of Sambanthan Hiru News en 2015-09-05 President assures commitment towards safeguarding free health service Hiru News en 2015-09-06 6 persons attempting to go to Europe illegally apprehended at the Katunayaka airport Hiru News en 2015-09-06 UPDATE: Don’t underestimate the enemy: says the President; President and I are drivers who do not fall asleep: says Premier Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Providing the opposition leader post to Sambandan is a positive move towards achieving reconciliation Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Yala National park closed for a moth from today Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Britain to take 15,000 Syrian refugees Hiru News en 2015-09-06 G20 vows to boost fragile growth, nudges China on currency Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Steve Smith defends obstructing the field dismissal Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Steven Spielbergs DreamWorks Studios to split from Disney Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Local fuel price likely to decrease in the near future Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to visit India on September 14th Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Stakeholders of rainbow revolution rewarded with parliamentary positions Hiru News en 2015-09-06 US concern over Russia military buildup in Syria Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Pakistan Cricket Board Keen to Rope In Wasim Akram as T20 League Ambassador Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Woman dies after falling into Maussakale reservoir Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Hornets attack a group of pilgrims in Polonnaruwa Hiru News en 2015-09-06 2 month old infant suffocates to death after elder brother rolls over in sleep Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Clash of opinions within TNA Hiru News en 2015-09-06 500 metric tons of paddy stored at Mattala airport Hiru News en 2015-09-06 Shane Watson Retires From Test Cricket With Immediate Effect Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Massive Forest Destruction exposed Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Bees in Peril Hiru News en 2015-09-07 5 Cabinet and 45 State and Deputy Ministers to be Sworn in Tomorrow. Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Student commits suicide over father’s advice Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Austria to end emergency migrant measures Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Elvis Presley Enterprises - plans for entertainment complex Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Premier visits Kelaniya Temple Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Chandrika reveals how common opposition’s communication was carried out Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Jelly fish population rises in Trincomalee and Batticaloa Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Warner highly unlikely for Bangladesh Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Bodhgaya named Spiritual Capital of India Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Unauthorized Construction Disrupts Kandy Hospital Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Rain to continue today Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Dayasiri Assumes Duties Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Vaas Gunawardana suddenly hospitalized Hiru News en 2015-09-07 What SB laughingly said Hiru News en 2015-09-07 New appointments for Bribery Commission; 7 members for Constitutional Council Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Child battered for scoring less Hiru News en 2015-09-07 9-year-old dies while plugging toy motor Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Update: New Western Provincial Chief Minister to be named prior to tomorrows session; 6 contest the position Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Update: Avant Garde floating arsenal case terminates ; travel ban on Chairman lifted Hiru News en 2015-09-07 5 More Ministers Assume Duties. Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Election to appoint Chief Custodian of Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Assassination Case of Janaka Transferred to Special High Court Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Gota Seeks Refuge in God Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Dematagoda Chaminda who is in remand, mastermind behind the Bloemendal shooting ; all 16 suspects arrested Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Things go wrong for two CID officers who abandoned orders Hiru News en 2015-09-07 Mahinda Rajapaksa also qualified for Kurunegala Development Committee Chair ; the new mechanism to Cabinet Hiru News en 2015-09-08 Meteor Explodes Over Bangkok Hiru News en 2015-09-08 Thajudeen’s Mobile Phone Recovered Hiru News en 2015-09-08 National Government for sharing out ministerial posts? Hiru News en 2015-09-09 Journalist Dies of Elephant Attack Hiru News en 2015-09-08 Update: Western & North Western Ministers Swear-in Hiru News en 2015-09-08 Sampanthan’s Important Statement about International Investigation Hiru News en 2015-09-08 Person Shot While Asleep Hiru News en 2015-09-08 Dayasiri talks of resigning no sooner than assuming duties Hiru News en 2015-09-08 Ministers Who Assumed Duty Today Hiru News en 2015-09-08 Update: The NDF Opposes Sampanthan’s Statement Hiru News en 2015-09-08 Four Contestants Removed from the Election at Temple of the Tooth Hiru News en 2015-09-08 UPDATE: Nilanga Dela once more the Chief Custodian Hiru News en 2015-09-08 High Court overrules the Magistrate Court order that sentenced a school girl to 250 days in prison Hiru News en 2015-09-08 TNA crisis aggravates Hiru News en 2015-09-08 705 counterfeit law books taken into Police custody Hiru News en 2015-09-09 44 new Ministry Secretaries appointed Hiru News en 2015-09-09 Father stabs to death his 8 year old son Hiru News en 2015-09-09 TNA to walk for global inquiry Hiru News en 2015-09-09 Party leaders’ meeting tomorrow; Parliament to be convened early Hiru News en 2015-09-09 Remaining Ministers to take oaths today on two occasions Hiru News en 2015-09-09 Cases filed based on evidence, not on rumors Hiru News en 2015-09-09 The European Union Assembles - Serious Decision to be Made Hiru News en 2015-09-09 Joseph Michale’s son remanded till 14th Hiru News en 2015-09-09 British Airways plane catches fire Hiru News en 2015-09-09 3 out of the 43 State and Deputy Ministers absent Hiru News en 2015-09-09 Bluetooth and hands-free prohibited on street Hiru News en 2015-09-09 Nimal Siripala and Mahinda Amaraweera talk about Resigning Hiru News en 2015-09-09 UNP- 33 cabinet, 11 state and 11 deputy - SLFP 13 cabinet, 08 state and 13 deputy Hiru News en 2015-09-09 6 members have been appointed to the constitutional council, Dinesh objects the appointment of 2 cabinet Ministers Hiru News en 2015-09-09 Import duty on Sugar and potato increased; no change in control price Hiru News en 2015-09-10 Inaugural Meeting of Constitutional Council Today Hiru News en 2015-09-10 Mahinda Rajapakse followers who accepted state and deputy ministry portfolios express their views. Hiru News en 2015-09-10 50 locations that produced ancient iron and clay found Hiru News en 2015-09-10 6 Persons Arrested for Assaulting Retired Navy Officer Hiru News en 2015-09-10 TNA Walk for Global Inquiry Hiru News en 2015-09-10 Strong Gales Expected in Mannar-Kankasanthurei Coast Hiru News en 2015-09-10 The National Dengue Eradication Week to Commence from Today Hiru News en 2015-09-10 The Queen’s New Record (Photos) Hiru News en 2015-09-10 UPDATE: Witness in Thajudeen case influenced Hiru News en 2015-09-10 Subject Scopes of Minsters Changed Hiru News en 2015-09-10 Cab rolls into front yard Hiru News en 2015-09-10 UPDATE: Minuwangoda PSD Jeep Accident CCTV Video released Hiru News en 2015-09-10 3 mysterious deaths at Galpotte in Udugampola, Gampaha Hiru News en 2015-09-10 YOUR WEBSITE IS IT CURRENT AND RELEVANT TO YOUR AUDIENCE AND TO MEET BUSINESS GOALS Hiru News en 2015-09-10 Constitutional Council convenes; A.T. Ariyaratne, Raadhika Kumaraswami and Shibly Azeez nominated as civil representatives Hiru News en 2015-09-10 Democracy includes safeguarding vital institutions including Parliament and the Judiciary Hiru News en 2015-09-10 Chandrika maintained an oppressive rule; A 4 page statement of criticism from Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-09-10 TNA protest march commence from Kilinochchi Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Petition to SC against excessive number of cabinet Ministers Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Speedy relief to those displaced due to Uma Oya project. Hiru News en 2015-09-11 NFF request for a debate on CEPA Hiru News en 2015-09-11 2292 Houses in Colombo Examined For Dengue Hiru News en 2015-09-11 3 Die at Galnewa motor bike accident Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Rain Blocks Roads in Colombo Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Person shot to death in Embilipitiya Hiru News en 2015-09-11 SEYLAN BANK OFFERS ATTRACTIVE GIFTS FOR FOREIGN REMITTANCES Hiru News en 2015-09-11 SLASSCOM appoints Mano Sekaram as Chairman Hiru News en 2015-09-11 9/11 Pentagon Attack 14th Anniversary 2015 Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Sampanthan Cannot Implement Federal Agenda - Government Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Vehicle Prices Rise upto 500,000 Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Nimal to join the CC? Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Mangala to Attend UNHRC Session Hiru News en 2015-09-11 No Request Yet for Post of Coach Hiru News en 2015-09-11 10 lost their lives due to reckless driving Hiru News en 2015-09-11 A Few Ministers Assume Duty Today Hiru News en 2015-09-11 A request not to tour in Lumbini Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Lawsuit against Shashi Weerawansa postponed Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Body discovered near Kurunegala Hospital Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Lipton Ceylonta Turns a New Leaf Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Seven young professionals to represent Sri Lanka at Spikes Asia 2015 Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Expert international hair stylist Suppasan now consulting at Ramani Fernando Salons Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Ussapitiya Rivisanda Maha Vidyalaya emerged winners at the 2nd S-lon Diyasara Student Circle Programme Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Mobitel opens its state-of-the-art Customer Care Centre in Batticaloa Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Information on 16 murder incidents including Lakshman Kadirgamar to be released Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Final Notice to Athauda Seneviratne Hiru News en 2015-09-11 Japan to establish offshore commercial bank branches in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-09-12 2 killed and 1 critical as motorbike collides against lorry Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Police, Bribery & State Service Foremost in Establishing New Commissions Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Update : Mecca crane collapse: Saudi inquiry into Grand Mosque disaster Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Deflation in Stock Market Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Mahaweli Sports-meet to Commence Today Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Archaeological Proof Likely to Change the Course of History Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Government to complete paddy purchase within 10 days Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Sri Pada is located in Sabaragamuwa or Central Province? Teachers who dependent on Internet get it wrong Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Solution for the problem of lack of canteens Hiru News en 2015-09-12 No Sri Lankans affected in the Mecca incident Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Update: Vital information regarding the Kotadeniyaya Childs murder unearthed Hiru News en 2015-09-12 No intervention of Army in to Ekneligoda case Hiru News en 2015-09-12 German finance minister Schaeuble warns of market bubble Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Justin Gatlin crowned Diamond League 100m champion Hiru News en 2015-09-12 The Jackson 5 score UK number one Hiru News en 2015-09-12 TNAs Sumanthiran to Geneva - Indian reports say, request made to support an international probe Hiru News en 2015-09-12 30 to 35 MPs expected to sit in the opposition ranks - says UPFA MP Ranjith Zoysa Hiru News en 2015-09-12 7 injured following clash in Keselwatta Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Maldivian arrested attempting to smuggle out foreign currency Hiru News en 2015-09-12 PAP records landslide win in Singapore election Hiru News en 2015-09-12 UN HRC report handed over to the government Hiru News en 2015-09-12 University students Leadership Training Programme abolished Hiru News en 2015-09-12 32 SLFP MP’s write to President rejecting the national government Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Nothing wrong in appoint defeated candidates to parliament through national list Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Warner ruled out of Bangladesh tour Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Japan shows interest in investing in SL Hiru News en 2015-09-12 Peter Andre channels Frank Sinatra as he announces new swing album Hiru News en 2015-09-13 FM to discuss the report on Sri lanka with UNHRC commissioner today Hiru News en 2015-09-13 Tense situation at SLFP, Kandy District local government representative meeting Hiru News en 2015-09-13 Jampata Street shooting which killed a woman is a clash between 2 underworld gangs Hiru News en 2015-09-13 TNA to meet the Global Tamil Forum in Geneva. Hiru News en 2015-09-13 A suspect arrested with 10 locally manufactured guns in Nawagaththegama Hiru News en 2015-09-13 Eurozone downplays Greece vote dangers Hiru News en 2015-09-13 20mil sexual stimulant pills sold annually Hiru News en 2015-09-13 Those who won have no government; those who lost have no opposition Hiru News en 2015-09-13 Defence secretary reveals about Economic Terrorism Hiru News en 2015-09-13 Lanka earns more from fruit and veggie exports Hiru News en 2015-09-13 Whitney Houston To Become Hologram In 2016 Hiru News en 2015-09-13 A complaint against the Election of Diyawadana Nilame Hiru News en 2015-09-13 CEPA agreement will not be signed during Prime Ministers tour to India; Says International Trade Minister Malik Samarawickrama Hiru News en 2015-09-13 China economy: New signs of economic slowdown Hiru News en 2015-09-14 PM Leaves for India on a 2 day Official Visit Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Mahaweli B zone wins Championship of 29th Mahaweli Games Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Charging equipment for electric vehicles in all fuel stations Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Update: UNHRC Session Commences Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Update: FCID questions Gotabaya for 4 hours while Namal Rajapakse questioned for 6 hours Hiru News en 2015-09-14 151st Birth Anniversary of Sir Anagarika Dharmapala Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Huge damage caused by high speed jeep Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Sudden Fire at Sambodhi Vihara Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Indika Gunawardana passes away Hiru News en 2015-09-14 “I want to attend the Geneva summit; if not I’ll resign” - Sasidharan Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Ministers of Western and North Western Provincial Councils sworn in. Hiru News en 2015-09-14 All arrangements in place to welcome PM Ranil Wickramasinghe in India Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Update: It is revealed that the murdered girl of Kotadeniyawa was sexually abused Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Sakvithi Indicted. Hiru News en 2015-09-14 A Rise in Global Temperature Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Unofficial discussions with regard to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Blunt weapon used in Udugampola triple murder Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Australia PM Tony Abbott unseated by Malcolm Turnbull Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Jurassic World Is Summers Most Mistake-ridden Release Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Australia to deploy troops in migrant crisis Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Steve Waugh Believes Steven Smiths Appetite for Runs Similar To Sachin Tendulkar Hiru News en 2015-09-14 Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasingha arrives in India Hiru News en 2015-09-15 Update: New leadership in Sri lanka treat all communities equally Hiru News en 2015-09-15 UPDATE: Police suspects the murder has been committed by a person known to the family. Hiru News en 2015-09-15 Australian PM Tony Abbott ousted by Malcolm Turnbull Hiru News en 2015-09-15 Chamara Dasanayake – new Chief Minister of Uva Hiru News en 2015-09-15 Attorney on hunger strike Hiru News en 2015-09-15 Army Brigadier of Rathupaswala incident returns to SL Hiru News en 2015-09-15 Roshan Mahanama Resigns Hiru News en 2015-09-15 A mother and 2 children killed in a three wheeler accident in Induruwa. Hiru News en 2015-09-15 Domestic investigation cannot be trusted; 62 human rights activists write to Geneva. Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Nuwan Zoysa appointed to the National Fast Bowling Coaching Department Hiru News en 2015-09-16 UPDATE: Case material of murdered Seya sent for DNA test Hiru News en 2015-09-16 A 24 year old youth killed in Rathgama Hiru News en 2015-09-16 UNHRC chief recommends a hybrid special court in Sri Lanka with international judges Hiru News en 2015-09-16 SLFP MP’s sitting in the Opposition to have limitations on their comments Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Lalith Weerathunga, P B and Keheliya summoned to the Commission for Probing Serious Frauds and Corruption Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Premier to meet Indian President today Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Thundershowers in many provinces Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Two arrested for the possession of explosives Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Accidents in Veyangoda and Mullaitivu kill two Hiru News en 2015-09-16 24-Hour Hotline to Report Child Abuse Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Special Statement by Mangala Hiru News en 2015-09-16 15-year-old arrested for attempted assault on his Excellency the Pope Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Tree Branch Collapses onto Car Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Keheliya, P B and Lalith Weerathunga questioned Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Prime Minister returns after a successful tour of India Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Politicians failed to protect environment - President Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Brad Pitts pricey £250,000 motorbike purchase Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Mahela Jayawardene a brilliant appointment for England - Ian Bell Hiru News en 2015-09-16 Syrian President vows not to quit under pressure Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Stonework Kills Student Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Neighbouring youth questioned over Seya’s murder Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Sri Lanka’s reply to UNHRC commissioner Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Special Hybrid Court is only a proposal - Eran Wickramarathna Hiru News en 2015-09-17 “Must work together to eradicate kidney disease” - President Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Sea turns rough, fishermen advised to be vigilant Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Fallen tree removed Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Military Investigations on Rathupaswala incident continued Hiru News en 2015-09-17 The Kaduwela-Kadawatha Highway Opened – Latest Fares Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Update :Gotabaya reports to the Presidential Commission of inquiry for the 3rd time Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Police officer providing security at Seya’s protest dies suddenly Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Different symbol to be used at coming elections - Vasu Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Financial Minister reveals why full-leasing was removed Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Why SL lost a gold medal Hiru News en 2015-09-17 ‘We are happy about the proposition’-Vigneshwaran | ‘It’s blunt disparagement’ – Professor Dayan Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Sub-Committee to Purchase Yala Paddy Hiru News en 2015-09-17 UPFA Ministers seated in the Opposition deny committee Chairmanship Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Police in search of the DIG who abated treasure hunters Hiru News en 2015-09-17 A proposal of reforms by JVP to President and Premier Hiru News en 2015-09-17 UK welcomes UN High Commissioner for Human Rights report on Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Anonymous phone calls requesting ransoms Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Domestic Mechanism in 18 months – Foreign Minister Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Prince Harry reunites with Cressida Bonas Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Europe Migrant influx intensifies Hiru News en 2015-09-17 Away tours made India a tighter unit - Vijay Hiru News en 2015-09-17 National Government Ministers pledge to safeguard collective responsibility; Code of Ethics for Ministers Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Rugby World Cup kicks off tonight Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Ranjan - censures Chairperson of Child Protection Authority Hiru News en 2015-09-18 An A330 flies to Mattala suddenly Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Giving Prominence to Heritage – A National Policy Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Geneva report does not mention war crimes - PM Hiru News en 2015-09-18 UNP Western Provincial Councillor Senaka Damayantha wanted over an assault case Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Update : The man who pushed his wife and child to sea, keeps mum at the Police Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Reorganization of Netball Squad begins Hiru News en 2015-09-18 The L.L.R.C. didn’t work out – Vasu Hiru News en 2015-09-18 EDULINK Facilitates Accessible, Highly Recognised British Degrees with Compelling Scholarships on Offer Hiru News en 2015-09-18 “Sri Lanka’s response is encouraging” - Ban Ki Moon. Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Death Penalty certain if obtained Parliament approval – President Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Gotabaya reports to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry today as well Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Next budget to allocate 6% for Education - Premier Hiru News en 2015-09-18 HIRU correspondent threatened by MP Sanath Nishantha Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Namal’s response to MP Mangala Hiru News en 2015-09-18 CEPA was not discussed; reiterate President and PM Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Blue Mountain Group Sri Lanka supports medical professionals Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Colombo Fashion Week Resort moves to Galle this season Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Leo Burnett wins the coveted Spike for Effectiveness and 2 Silver Spikes at Spikes Asia Hiru News en 2015-09-18 JAT presents Wood International Expo concludes on a high note Hiru News en 2015-09-18 The Hirdaramani Group’s IT arm, H ONE launches 360-degree sales visibility solution Hiru News en 2015-09-18 New Sri Lankan Envoy Presents Credentials in Canada Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Blue Mountain forges partnership with global P&T Group to revolutionize the local real estate industry Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Special treatment by prison officials for international narcotic king pin Mohamend Siddik Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Waqar Younis Confident of Pakistan Beating England in Upcoming Test Series Hiru News en 2015-09-18 Star Trek Beyond delayed by 2 weeks Hiru News en 2015-09-19 We hope to increase economic growth from 6% to 10% - President Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Update:The 2 suspects arrested - My son is innocent – says the mother of the 17 year old Hiru News en 2015-09-19 A confession from the man who pushed his wife and daughter to sea Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Gold FM Celebrates 17th Anniversary Hiru News en 2015-09-19 SLFP Committee to Study UNHRC Report Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Why Child Abuse? - Survey Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Volkswagen to recall 500,000 pollution-hiding cars in US Hiru News en 2015-09-19 US and Russian defence ministers hold talks Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Rugby World Cup 2015: England 35-11 Fiji Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Tintin adventure in operatic makeover Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Will put immediate end to political interference on Police - Thilak Marapana Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Jasmines to Singapore Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Things go wrong for Prison officials who helped Siddeek Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Wimal Weerawansa wants a parliament debate regarding the Geneva report Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Forthcoming local government election according to the electoral system: Minister Faiszer Musthapha Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Gallows is not the solution to curb crimes: says Human rights activists and intellectuals Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Deadly air raids against IS in Palmyra Hiru News en 2015-09-19 US moves to ease Cuban trade embargo and open businesses Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Sri Lanka the worst fielding side in Asia - Jayaratne Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Cambodian PM backs Angelina Jolies Khmer Rouge film Hiru News en 2015-09-19 President to visit the US Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Water levels of Kalu, Nilwala and Ging Rivers expected to increase following incessant showers Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Baby sent under the belly of a tusker to do away with bad planets trampled to death Hiru News en 2015-09-19 3 prison officials, who provided special facilities to Mohamed Siddik, interdicted following the revelation made by HIRU. Hiru News en 2015-09-19 President inaugurates national coastal cleaning program Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Republicans round on Donald Trump in Obama Muslim row Hiru News en 2015-09-19 Call to increase bilateral trade with Indonesia Hiru News en 2015-09-19 The Band Perry to help Dolly Partons Imagination Library Hiru News en 2015-09-19 PSL should be played in Pakistan - Afridi Hiru News en 2015-09-20 DIG U K Dissanayaka arrested over charges of having supported treasure hunting in Vavunia Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Flood risks near Kalu, Nilawala and Ging Rivers subside Hiru News en 2015-09-20 US says the new government is on the correct path Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Constitutional Council to reconvene Hiru News en 2015-09-20 A national policy to face Geneva challenge - Minister Patali Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Austria sees fresh influx of migrants Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Japan stuns South Africa in Rugby World Cup Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Prices of imported goods likely to increase as Rupee value decreases Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Sri Lanka prepares to get ban on fisheries products to EU lifted Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Equipment for manufacturing weapons found from Lunugal-lena in Balangoda Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Elephant and Tusker fight results in the death of the Elephant Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Laptop of student suspected to have killed Seya, sent to Colombo University for inspection Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Ready to stand before a domestic court; says Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Nimal Siripala questions estimate for rail track Hiru News en 2015-09-20 Price of goods will not rise simply because Rupee has devalued; says Central Bank Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Parapet wall kills 5-year-old Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Petition to President and PM Hiru News en 2015-09-21 DNA test on the 2 suspects of the Kotadeniyawa murder Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Divi Naguma becomes Samurdhi Hiru News en 2015-09-21 SLFP MPs meet President today Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Another Refugee Boat Capsizes Hiru News en 2015-09-21 B-onion farmers of Dambulla request Rs100 for a kilo Hiru News en 2015-09-21 New Zealand beat Pumas 26 - 16 Hiru News en 2015-09-21 BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya dies. Hiru News en 2015-09-21 SL’s economy grows 6.7% in 2Q Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Pope meets Castro Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Shop in Tangalle raided for selling pornography Hiru News en 2015-09-21 ‘Im no bragger - Dayasiri Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Stupid Bridge Turns out Good – thanks to Hiru Hiru News en 2015-09-21 A Singular Bo Tree Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Services along the Northern Line restored to order Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Sell it the Right Way! The importance of Cross selling and Up-selling for Banks and Non Bank financial institutions. Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Wife of Rohana Wijeweera, Chithrangani breaks silence. Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Left wing blames UPFA leadership for unfair treatment Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Constitutional Council meets Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Hybrid Court will not be allowed here - Gammanpila Hiru News en 2015-09-21 20 JVP proposals sent to President & PM Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Death Trap Kills Giant Leopard Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Richards backs Holder as Test captain Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Thousands of migrants arrive in Austria with EU talks due Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Philosophy of Anagarika Dharmapala should be promoted in the country; President Hiru News en 2015-09-21 India to begin talks with Sri Lanka on 5.19 billion dollar road project linking the two countries Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Sama samaja party Secretary Thissa Vitharana also goes to court for denial of an MP slot Hiru News en 2015-09-21 Appointment of members to Independent commissions including bribery commission before October 15th Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Hungary PM Orban: Europe borders threatened by migrants Hiru News en 2015-09-22 The Beatles first record contract sells for $75,000 Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Richardson takes Mahanamas place Hiru News en 2015-09-22 70% dengue carriers in construction sites! Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Local government election impossible on divisional basis Hiru News en 2015-09-22 5 UPFA members for the meeting Hiru News en 2015-09-22 “International laws are unnecessary”-SL Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Python & Cobra locked in death duel Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Purview of Cabinet Gazetted Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Grand scale vehicle smuggle disclosed Hiru News en 2015-09-22 30 for UPFA & 40 for UNP Hiru News en 2015-09-22 4 trekkers missing in Knuckles Mountain. Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Civil members of Constitutional Council to Parliament today Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Every necessary action will be taken to eradicate drug menace - President Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Foreign Minister of Germany arrives in SL Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) launched its innovative Salary Plus Savings Account Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Gazette Notification Released Hiru News en 2015-09-22 3 MPs swear in before the Speaker Hiru News en 2015-09-22 All Muslim schools closed this 25th Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Special Cabinet Sub Committee for Children Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Reconciliation only through a local mechanism; says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Permission for Wijeweera’s family to stay in Welisara camp for another 6 months. Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Summon the attorney General before Parliament; a request from JVP Hiru News en 2015-09-22 A special cabinet subcommittee to take stern action against the perpetrators who commit violence on women and children Hiru News en 2015-09-22 Former President Mahinda Rajapakse requests the government not to accept the Geneva report Hiru News en 2015-09-23 President leaves for New York Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Presidential Commission Investigating Large Scale Corruption and Fraud to visit former President’s Mirihana house. Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Fine on buses increased from Rs10k to 100k Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Rise in Colombo Share Market Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Update: Investigation on the death of the young woman who died in hospital Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Wigneswaran’s belief Hiru News en 2015-09-23 President instructs Finance Minister to regularize paddy purchase further Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Seating in Parliament - Mahinda and Sambandan in adjoining seats Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Cute Apple Car on its Way Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Lifetime cricket ban on cricketer for violent behavior Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Two in duty till President’s return Hiru News en 2015-09-23 ‘Samayan’ shot at Kaduwela Court Complex Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Upcountry Line restored to order Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Suspects including former DIG of Vavunia re-remanded Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Sajin Vaas granted bail after 4 months in remand Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Officers of the Special presidential commission of inquiry visit the residence of former president Rajapakse Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Parliamentarians advised to limit their delegation during foreign visits Hiru News en 2015-09-23 SLFP and UPFA MP’s who walked away in protest of Prime Ministers statement and financial regulations stage a protest at Parliament entrance Hiru News en 2015-09-23 ‘Samayan’ shot at Kaduwela Court Complex Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Another suspect of the Kotadeniyawa murder arrested in Bemmulla Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Cinnamon Life, Game Changer and flagship of Colombo is launched Hiru News en 2015-09-23 CIM Future Marketers Conference on September 26th Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Bangladesh police defend search efforts Hiru News en 2015-09-23 Happy Birthday ruled out of copyright Hiru News en 2015-09-23 EU leaders to meet amid quota tension Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Seya’s Murderer Confesses Hiru News en 2015-09-24 “Party should pay for election ads!”– former President Hiru News en 2015-09-24 How did a person enter the Kaduwela court premises with a firearm: An investigation by police Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Who imports ethanol: Ravi reveals in Parliament Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Women and children detained by Boko Haram terrorists rescued Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Muslims celebrate Hajj today Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Lorry topples killing one Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Water supply suspended for 8hrs Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Joseph Stalin accuses police for unjust treatment of boy Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra makes rare leap to American TV Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Vehicle belonging to Presidential secretariat emerges from Jalthara Hiru News en 2015-09-24 President arrives in New York Hiru News en 2015-09-24 1billion GBP allocated to solve refugee crisis Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Surgery on “ Samayan” who was shot Hiru News en 2015-09-24 I demand justice by my son – mother of arrested boy Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Another century form Sanga Hiru News en 2015-09-24 UNP & SLFP trade unions in tug of war over lay off. Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Minister of Education assures equal opportunities Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Update: No Sri Lankans injured or killed due to the stampede in Mecca Hiru News en 2015-09-24 A school girl who consumed sweet meat prepared for Hajj dies in hospital Hiru News en 2015-09-24 2 caught with 35kg of cannabis Hiru News en 2015-09-24 15 Muslim devotees die at Yemen Hiru News en 2015-09-24 The mother of the student who was arrested for Seya Sadewmi murder, demands compensation from police Hiru News en 2015-09-24 2 former hangmen ready to return for duty Hiru News en 2015-09-24 Hybrid mechanism was first introduced by Mahinda Rajapakse Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Tuk-tuk collides with bus killing four Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Lightning kills three Hiru News en 2015-09-25 US draft resolution supporting SL tabled at UNHRC Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Seya’s murder suspect arrives at Negombo hospital Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Thread Works Private Limited awarded at Business Star Awards 2015 Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Hajj stampede: Saudi king orders safety review Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Stress on SL removed; Ready to bear resolution’s universality - Premier. Hiru News en 2015-09-25 The best opportunity for social reform has dawned - Anura Hiru News en 2015-09-25 President Sirisena to meet Swiss and South African Presidents Hiru News en 2015-09-25 The UNHR project is a political and economic process Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Toddler falls into canal Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Pietersen: Strauss was right to drop me Hiru News en 2015-09-25 You could be the one Olivia Newton-John wants as her first tribute artist Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Obama to meet Putin Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Elephant attacks car Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Update: Underworld gangster who shot ‘samayan’ handed over to Nawagamuwa police Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Law Ministry driver Antics Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Co-sponsoring US resolution, SL paved way for cooperation- John Kerry. Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Update : Suspect arrested over the killing of 10 year old boy in Panagoda Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Seya’s murder suspect arrives at the Negombo hospital Hiru News en 2015-09-25 Update : 7 bodies recovered following the Land slide in Ramboda : 44 displaced families take shelter in a school Hiru News en 2015-09-25 5 suspects connected to an International drug syndicate arrested along with Rs 25 million worth drugs at Wattala Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Sri Lanka elated with the path-breaking success at the UNHRC Hiru News en 2015-09-26 President to meet with UN Secretary General, Commonwealth Secretary General and Pakistan’s PM Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Argentina 54-9 Georgia Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Sepp Blatter faces Swiss criminal investigation Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Obama and Xi Jingping agree on climate but clash on rights Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Sam Smith Bond song splits opinion Hiru News en 2015-09-26 A thousand drug pills arrested Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Firearms and bullets recovered from a house in Ambalangoda Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Rainy weather islandwide Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Technical failure in the Kandy intercity train Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Indian Premier Modi pledges full support to SL in its quest for justice: UN Secretary General request India to support the democratic transition Hiru News en 2015-09-26 UK welcomes Sri Lankas cooperation on draft resolution Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Volkswagen models sale halted in Switzerland Hiru News en 2015-09-26 World leaders pledge to end poverty in 15 years Hiru News en 2015-09-26 England v Wales: Rivals set for Rugby World Cup crunch match Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Furious 7 Breaks Home Entertainment Records Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Heavy showers in several areas tonight; MET Department warns of lightening Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Mother and Son die after tangling in unauthorized power line in Galaha Hiru News en 2015-09-26 Chief suspect of killing of Seya, Dunesh Priyashantha remanded till the 5th Hiru News en 2015-09-27 Landslide risk in 7 districts; heavy showers expected during the next 2 days Hiru News en 2015-09-27 Historic artillery gun found from the grounds of the previous Army Headquarters at Galle Face Hiru News en 2015-09-27 President meets with UN Secretary General; discussions held on Sri Lanka’s future Hiru News en 2015-09-27 5.5 Million stolen from Private Bank along Dharmapala Mawatha Hiru News en 2015-09-27 Wales stun England Hiru News en 2015-09-27 Reasons behind the killing of 10 year old boy in Panagoda revealed Hiru News en 2015-09-27 China pledges 2 billion Dollars for developing world Hiru News en 2015-09-27 The body of a missing person for 8 days found at a cemetery in Mihinthale Hiru News en 2015-09-27 The suspect of the Panaagoda murder case remanded until the 7th of next month Hiru News en 2015-09-27 Truth Commission within local mechanism to solve issues Hiru News en 2015-09-27 Nilwala, Kalu and Ging rivers reach spill level Hiru News en 2015-09-27 President Sirisena to address the UN Summit on Sustainable Development today Hiru News en 2015-09-27 Australia to Seek Bangladesh Tour Security Assurances Hiru News en 2015-09-27 France launches Syria anti-IS strikes Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Update: Islandwide Power Breakdown reported Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Electricity failure island wide; orders to investigate reason Hiru News en 2015-09-28 SL determined to achieve Sustainable Development Goals - President Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Sajin Vaas turns state witness Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Heavy rain in many areas this afternoon Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Residents set fire to Bundala electric fence Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Syria conflict: Russia wants co-ordination against IS Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Assault kills one - Chilaw Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Abandoned fuel tanks in use again Hiru News en 2015-09-28 VW staff, supplier warned of emissions test cheating years ago: reports Hiru News en 2015-09-28 What Mahinda says about US Resolution Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Another colossal environmental hazard Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Unauthorized liquor selling centre raided Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Maldives President Escapes Unhurt from Speedboat Blast Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Mother & son die in embrace Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Student suspect further remanded till 2nd ;assault probed Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Two persons involved in various crimes arrested Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Protest requesting teachers Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Three children hospitalized due to food poisoning Hiru News en 2015-09-28 New budget due this November Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Update: Minimum demand for power reported last might Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Court Order issued on Geetha Kumarasingha Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Government decision to support US resolution cannot be approved - SSP Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Ging River still at spill level Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Regulation of International Schools coming soon Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Baby Elephant rescued Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Freedom and peace will be established through new Constitution – President Hiru News en 2015-09-28 A move to ban private tuition during school hours Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Main suspect of Kotadeniyawa murder Kondaya subjected to a DNA test Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Another woman murdered at Kotakethana - Kahawaththa Hiru News en 2015-09-28 A person shot at Ambagahawaththa in Minuwangoda Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Cinnamon Future of Tourism Summit 2015 Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Notices issued on Geetha Kumarasinga over dual citizenship Hiru News en 2015-09-28 A new constitution would be introduced in the near future to strengthen freedom and democracy; President Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Maiden budget on the 20th of November; Finance Minister Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Taliban attack key Afghan City Hiru News en 2015-09-28 Skateboarding & surfing among possible Tokyo 2020 sports Hiru News en 2015-09-29 Investigations on the killing of Kotakethana woman to CID. Hiru News en 2015-09-29 SL’s continuous support for UN Peace Keeping Forces - President Hiru News en 2015-09-29 Vijitha Herath should resign from CC - Gammanpila Hiru News en 2015-09-29 Foreign judges in SL should conform to SL’s laws - Premier Hiru News en 2015-09-29 Kaushals offbreak legal, doosra not so Hiru News en 2015-09-29 Water levels of Kalu, Nilawala and Ging rivers further increased Hiru News en 2015-09-29 3 member committee to explain government stance on Geneva resolution Hiru News en 2015-09-29 A proposal to increase tax on food items made of Sugar, Edible oil and salt Hiru News en 2015-09-29 The Lanka Teachers Association makes a revelation Hiru News en 2015-09-29 Afghan forces fight to retake Kunduz from Taliban Hiru News en 2015-09-29 Paul Walkers daughter sues Porsche Hiru News en 2015-09-30 Body parts of Kotakethana woman sent to Colombo to look for signs of molestation Hiru News en 2015-09-30 18, 479 affected in Galle and Mathara due to inclement weather Hiru News en 2015-09-30 President addresses the UN General Assembly today. Hiru News en 2015-09-30 Resolution about Sri Lanka discussed at UNHCR today. Hiru News en 2015-09-30 Media was suppressed during past decade - PM Hiru News en 2015-09-30 Susil Premajayantha says he has no connection to Mahinda Rajapakasa’s propaganda campaign during the previous Presidential election Hiru News en 2015-09-30 2 suspects who aided and abetted the assassination attempt on former President Chandrika jailed for 300 and 290 years respectively Hiru News en 2015-09-30 Ranil, Chandrika, Mahinda and Sambandan with Election commissioner at the department’s 60th anniversary Hiru News en 2015-09-30 Fashion Bug uplifts Ragama Hospital through its CSR initiatives Hiru News en 2015-09-30 DNA test report of the student arrested for Kotadeniyawa girl’s murder submitted to court Hiru News en 2015-09-30 Trade deficit down in July Hiru News en 2015-09-30 Angelinas Cancer Prevention Surgery Increases Awareness Hiru News en 2015-09-30 Debate on Sri Lanka commences in Geneva Hiru News en 2015-09-30 New Electoral system before end of this year; says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-10-01 Human Rights report on Sri Lanka taken up for debate; Support from 29 countries. Hiru News en 2015-10-01 3 year old girl missing from Karuwalagaswawa recovered from Thabbowa reservation. Hiru News en 2015-10-01 Sustainable development should be founded on self-discipline and social justice - President Hiru News en 2015-10-01 World Children’s And Elders Day today Hiru News en 2015-10-01 Student and the father of one who were accused of Kotadeniyawa murder released Hiru News en 2015-10-01 Dolly Parton decided to create “Children’s Album. Hiru News en 2015-10-01 ICC Champions Trophy 2017: West Indies out, Pakistan in Hiru News en 2015-10-01 The child found from Thabbowa is safe Hiru News en 2015-10-01 US resolution on Sri lanka adopted without a vote Hiru News en 2015-10-01 US and Russia to hold talks on Syria air strikes Hiru News en 2015-10-01 Wasim Akram Urges Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Revive Indo-Pak Cricket Ties Hiru News en 2015-10-01 Afghan forces claim control of Kunduz city Hiru News en 2015-10-01 A move to ban sending blood samples obtained by Government Hospitals to private labs for testing Hiru News en 2015-10-01 Prime Minister hopeful of regaining GSP plus Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Nine killed in college shooting in Oregon Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Rugby World Cup 2015: Wales 23-13 Fiji Hiru News en 2015-10-02 US says Russian air strikes against militants in Syria indiscriminate Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Beatles recording found in drawer after 50 years Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Student and the father of one referred to medical tests after release Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Southern Expressway closed from Kokmaduwa- due to landslide risk Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Speedy relief to the displaced – Premier Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Not a betrayal but an honorable victory Hiru News en 2015-10-02 The missing 10k Hiru News en 2015-10-02 US plane crashes at Afghan airport Hiru News en 2015-10-02 New method to donate eyes, kidneys and livers Hiru News en 2015-10-02 4 Treasure hunters arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-02 West Indies team arrives in SL Hiru News en 2015-10-02 International drug kingpin Siddik re-remanded Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Specialist Doctors continue strike Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Ex-President re-summoned by Commission of Inquiry into Serious Fraud. Hiru News en 2015-10-02 US 2017 Green Card lottery begins Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Special device for kids to contact parents and police in emergency Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Vin Diesel keen for Rob Cohens return to Fast & Furious Franchise Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Malaysia to accept 3,000 Syrian refugees Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Australia overly sensitive to cancel their tour of Bangladesh Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Govt to buy tea direct from auctions Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Train accident kills Year 3 student of Richmond College Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Man Buys Domain Name For $12 Hiru News en 2015-10-02 President returns after participating in the 70th UN General Assembly in New York Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Sri Lankan girl beats Tasmania in Squash Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Closed part of Southern Expressway re-opened Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Another tragedy from Kahawatta Hiru News en 2015-10-02 The beggars wound has been healed by removing Sri Lanka from the Geneva agenda; Says PM Hiru News en 2015-10-02 Vehicle leasing loan facility increased from 70% to 90% Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Prime Minister leaves for Japan on an official visit Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Wildlife opens fire at hunters in Yala: One killed Hiru News en 2015-10-03 US says Russia air strikes strengthen IS Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Sambanthan hopeful of solutions for issues faced by Tamils Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Multi Party, Multi Religious Summit for Reconciliation; Mechanism only domestic - President Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Who to endorse banknotes? Hiru News en 2015-10-03 An Exhibition of the Sacred Tooth Relic Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Bar Association requests unpoliticized officers Hiru News en 2015-10-03 ‘Quantico’ Star Priyanka Chopra on New ABC Show Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Ravinath is right – says the Foreign Ministry Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Rugby World Cup 2015: New Zealand 43-10 Georgia Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Obama Urges Public to Become Single Issue Voters on Gun Control Reform Hiru News en 2015-10-03 2 rounds of discussions between visiting SL Prime Minister and Japanese Premier Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Prices of cigarettes and alcohol increased Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Another suspect in connection with Seya Sedewmi’s murder arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Russia launches 18 attacks in Syria in last 24 hours Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Lanka up five ranks in Global Competitiveness Report Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Tharindu Kaushal backed to get doosra cleared Hiru News en 2015-10-03 Dolly Parton musical set to be a big hit in Doncaster this weekend Hiru News en 2015-10-03 A child dies after a tree falls on top of the house Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Southern expressway closed from Imaduwa and Kokmaduwa due to landslide risk Hiru News en 2015-10-04 50 Million Rupees worth heroin seized at Airport Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Prime Minister meets with Japanese Counterpart Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Police says suspect arrested yesterday over Seya’s killing was the brother of the Chief Suspect Hiru News en 2015-10-04 UN says Afghan bombing at camp by US possibly criminal Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Husband complaints his wife died due to negligence of Karapitiya Doctors Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Kokmaduwa to Imaduwa intersection on Southern Expressway reopened Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Join to strengthen good governance and democracy; PM requests the world in Japan Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Do not fear the Geneva resolution - Sambanthan Hiru News en 2015-10-04 IGP calls for an interim report over the alleged assault on 17 year old student and Father of one who were arrested over Seyas killing Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Rains and heavy winds tomorrow; Southern expressway between Kokmaduwa and Imaduwa closed again Hiru News en 2015-10-04 A revelation from Former President Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Prime Ministers of Sri Lanka and Japan reach agreement on strengthening ties Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Court allows CID to inspect Girithale Camp over Ekneligoda disappearance Hiru News en 2015-10-04 France floods: Several dead on Riviera after storms Hiru News en 2015-10-04 Shaminda Eranga suffers another injury Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Premier addresses Japanese Parliament today. Hiru News en 2015-10-05 University admission cut-off marks to be released today; grade 5 scholarship results this week.