Hiru News en 2015-10-05 It’s government’s responsibility to ensure children’s security - Former President Hiru News en 2015-10-05 The wild life officer who shot a hunter at the Yala Wild Life Park remanded; STF protection for wildlife offices in Katharagama and Yala. Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Landslide warning issued to 3 districts. Hiru News en 2015-10-05 The gigantic ‘Kabaraya’ helped out & released Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Extreme poverty to fall below 10% - World Bank Hiru News en 2015-10-05 South Asia grows strongly Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Simmons disciplinary hearing postponed Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Eliyanthe White reports to the FCID Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Syrian President warns of Mid-East destruction Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Sri Lanka’s growth to increase to 5.6% in 2016 - World Bank Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Update: The brother of Kondaya reveals how he committed the Kotadeniyawa murder Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Argentina 45-16 Tonga Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Foreigner wreaks havoc at Hikkaduwa shore Hiru News en 2015-10-05 President invites for a Constructive dialogue Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Sri Lanka won a victory at Geneva Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Update: Sri Lanka is ready to change its traditional economy; says Prime Minister in Japan Hiru News en 2015-10-05 University cut off marks released Hiru News en 2015-10-05 11 suspects of Ekneligoda murder taken to Girithale Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Lethal Weapon set for TV remake Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Deposit Swiss account cash in Sri lanka; Source of funds would not be questioned.Says Finance Minister to Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Israeli Prime Minister warns of punitive measures as tensions rise Hiru News en 2015-10-05 Defiant Rafael Nadal Says he Will Fight his Way Back to Top Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Japan has a special role to play in the reconciliation process in SL - PM addressing the Japanese Parliament Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Environmental laws are ignored because of commercial objectives - President. Hiru News en 2015-10-06 New Telecommunication Tariff Draft Bill to be Withdrawn Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Facebook plans satellite ‘in 2016 Hiru News en 2015-10-06 India vs South Africa T20 match stopped twice after crowd trouble Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Turkey Re-summons Russian Envoy Hiru News en 2015-10-06 27 hospitalized following wasp attack in Ella Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Jane Fonda honoured for achievement in film Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Number of farmers in Sri Lanka increases by 33% in 13 years Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Gold-thieves arrested after 8 days Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Suspect of Kotadeniyawa murder Saman brought to GENETEC. Hiru News en 2015-10-06 SL’s Sept. Tourist Arrivals up by 36% Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Cairns perjury trial begins in London Hiru News en 2015-10-06 CBL ranked among the Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Elton John performs at Omaha Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Premier requests assistance for a Sri Lanka development summit Hiru News en 2015-10-06 IGP to pay Rs50k to 2 JVP members as government fees Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Estate workers’ wages increased from Rs640 to Rs770 Hiru News en 2015-10-06 President explains the responsibility of teachers and principals for the security of children Hiru News en 2015-10-06 No to International Hybrid Court; A group of opposition MP’s protest in Parliament. Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Statements obtained from 50 people regarding the murder in Kahawatta Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Unusual water seepage from hill Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Janaka Bandara Thennakoon arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Yemeni Prime Minister escapes injury in hotel rocket attack Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Japan is ready to support investment, development and reconciliation of Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Student released from Kotadeniyawa murder allegations writes to the IGP Hiru News en 2015-10-06 A teacher is responsible for grooming a child - President Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Yemeni prime minister escapes injury in hotel rocket attack. Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Shoaib Malik added to squad for England Tests Hiru News en 2015-10-06 Nana Mouskouri tours Melbourne Hiru News en 2015-10-07 3 first places and 5 second places in the year 5 Scholarship Examination. Hiru News en 2015-10-07 President reminds Doctors of their responsibility Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasingha to meet Emperor of Japan today Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Northern Line Restored to Order Hiru News en 2015-10-07 SL/WI Series Press Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Special grant for National Pension Day Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Lankan pilgrims body found in Mecca Hiru News en 2015-10-07 EU offers Turkey aid in migrant plan Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Penalty severe to death sentence Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Students from outstation, obtain first 3 places in the year 5 Scholarship examination. Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Seylan Bank wins award for pioneering Innovation at “Future of Digital Payments Forum 2015” held in GOA by VISA International- India & South Asia Hiru News en 2015-10-07 99X Technology among Sri Lanka’s Most Respected Entities for 2015 Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Affordable Luxury in the Heart of Colombo: newly renovated Renuka City Hotel reopens Hiru News en 2015-10-07 JAT Holdings introduces Crown Paints range Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Rare drawing of Tin Tin in Shanghai sells for $1.2m in HK Hiru News en 2015-10-07 President seeks UN assistance for development projects Hiru News en 2015-10-07 DNA of Kondaya not compatible Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Premier meets Emperor Akihoto of Japan Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Canada 15-17 Romania Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Operation launched by EU to seize migrant smugglers boats Hiru News en 2015-10-07 MS Dhoni down plays boorish crowd behaviour Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Volkswagen to start a recall of cars affected by emissions scandal in January Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Engelbert Humperdinck premieres new song ‘Runaway’ Hiru News en 2015-10-07 UPDATE: Janaka Bandara remanded till 20th Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Former DIG of Vavuniya, back in remand custody Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Austrian President Lauds Peace and Progress in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-07 President Receives First Poppy Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Police raid large scale cannabis plantation Hiru News en 2015-10-07 North Western Provincial Environmental Authority reaffirms that Jiffy Products Sri Lanka’s Kobeigane factory is operating according to stringent standards and the stipulated environmental requirement Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Prices of Japanese vehicles Skyrocket Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Jaffna High Court jails 4 Soldiers Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Government institutions incur a loss of 134 million rupees due to the oil contamination in the Kalani River Hiru News en 2015-10-07 Houthi rebels in Yemen commit to UN peace plan Hiru News en 2015-10-07 A national program to revive the sports sector - President Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Premier returns after a successful official visit to Japan Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Russian missiles hit IS in Syria from Caspian Sea Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Another 2 elephants calves seized Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Part of Southern Expressway closed till risk eased Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Divisional and urban councils owe Rs659 million to Government. Hiru News en 2015-10-08 “My Marriage is going strong” says Tom Jones. Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Holder hopes for swift Simmons resolution Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Tourists caught at trade Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Islamic State used mustard gas against Peshmerga Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Prison officers said to have dealt with ‘Wele Suda’ still in service? Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Guatemala landslide death toll rises to 186 Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Gota questioned again today Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Suspected student complaints against police Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Weaponries found in Avant Garde ship Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Petition filed by DEW Gunasekara against appointing defeated candidates to parliament dismissed Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Permission for a DNA test of Seya’s Father Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Daniel Craig to bank £39m for SPECTRE Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Immediate investigations ordered on the Avant Garde vessel Hiru News en 2015-10-08 Prime Minister explains with regard to Central bank transfers Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Revolution in subsidies including Samurdhi Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Avant Guarde promises Rs910 million Hiru News en 2015-10-09 An increment in Judges’ salaries suggested Hiru News en 2015-10-09 The American Resolution is no Victory-JVP Hiru News en 2015-10-09 2015 records the highest number of vehicle accident deaths in 3 years Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Coordinating unit for investigating fraud and corruption in LG bodies Hiru News en 2015-10-09 New traffic plan to ease congestion Hiru News en 2015-10-09 73 Sri Lankan refugees return home Hiru News en 2015-10-09 UN proposes Libya unity government Hiru News en 2015-10-09 European Union grants SL assistance of Euro 43.7 million Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Body exhumed of the Matara guy who sought death in rushing waters Hiru News en 2015-10-09 China ready to back up Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Syria crisis: Russian Caspian missiles fell in Iran Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Syria crisis: Nato renews pledge amid Russia escalation’ Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Acting IGP – SDIG S M Wickramasinghe Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Hollywood Accused of “White-Washing” Roles Meant For Asians Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Fifa: Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini & Jerome Valcke suspended Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Constitutional Council nominates members to 4 commissions Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Wall of a monastery where Buddhist statues are kept attacked Hiru News en 2015-10-09 China sends special emissary to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Criticism is essential for good governance - President Hiru News en 2015-10-09 IGP issued notice against Court of Appeal Hiru News en 2015-10-09 73 Sri Lankan refugees return from India Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Nobel Peace Prize for Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Pervert stuck with mortar Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Rain expected throughout Friday evening Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Consumer authorities demand details of sub-standard food trafficking Hiru News en 2015-10-09 22 new houses for estate workers Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Fifa president appeals against 90-day ban Hiru News en 2015-10-09 SL ranked sixth place in Global Impunity Index 2015 Hiru News en 2015-10-09 The Compensation Lawsuit of the acid attack incident on the 27th Hiru News en 2015-10-09 Lukewarm attitude by the Environmental Authority regarding the water pollution incident of Kalani River Hiru News en 2015-10-09 A petition to Supreme Court against the attempt to increase the number of Taverns in Colombo Hiru News en 2015-10-09 A scuffle among top officials of the Central Bank; a revelation by Lal Kantha Hiru News en 2015-10-09 New members appointed to 4 independent commissions including Bribery and corruption Hiru News en 2015-10-10 A special discussion at Asgiri Viharaya to reach a final decision on a Bhikku Summit Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Suspect who killed paramour and set fire to the house arrested at a bar Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Proposals to appoint an All Party Committee to address fishermens issue Hiru News en 2015-10-10 World Bank says aid to Sri Lanka will be increased Hiru News en 2015-10-10 North Korea to hold huge parades for 70th anniversary Hiru News en 2015-10-10 W Indies 127/6 Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Inflation in Colombo Share Market Hiru News en 2015-10-10 The JVP receives special treatment in 2005- Lalkantha Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Traffic Plan Rehearsals in Colombo today and tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-10-10 China to support SL Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Mother & Granny arrested over baby’s death Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Fire breaks at rubber factory Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Traffic Plan Rehearsals in Colombo today and tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-10-10 More attacks on Migrants in German Hiru News en 2015-10-10 19 more Indian fishermen arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Russia ready for discussions - Pentagon Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Israeli-Palestinian violence: Gaza rocket lands in Israel Hiru News en 2015-10-10 2 Constables hospitalized Hiru News en 2015-10-10 6 Nations join hands to eradicate Indonesian fires Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Update: 8 year old daughter accidently killed after knocked down by Father’s vehicle; Father also in hospital due to shock. Hiru News en 2015-10-10 75,000 Metric Tonnes of rice imported by previous government during Presidential Polls still at Sathosa Stores; 20,000 Tonnes still at harbour Hiru News en 2015-10-10 European Union pleased with Sri Lanka over opposing death sentence Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Ban Indian bottom trawling which harm Sri Lanka’s aquatic resources; request from TNA MP Sumanthiran Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Herath to take retirement call after 2016 World T20 Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Police raided illegal brewery in Seru-Keley teak reserve Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Development banks & World Bank pledges extra 15b$ per year by 2020 to fight climate change. Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Self-started Three-wheeler Plunges into the nearby river Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Special Traffic-Plan around Piliyandala Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Barber Street Hindu Temples Procession halted due to insecurity Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Douglas demands President to de-militarize public own lands in North Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Special Traffic-Plan to Matale due to Historical Aluwihare Temples Perahera Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Army Commander pledges to protect the freedom won at the 66th anniversary of Sri Lanka army Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Transfers were given to employees to gain wider and broader experience Hiru News en 2015-10-10 A final agreement reached between the government and the Chief Prelates to amend the Vihara Devalagam act. Hiru News en 2015-10-10 SLBAs opinion on Geneva Human Rights Council Session on 31st Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Ankara explosion: Blasts hit rally in Turkish capital Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Singaporean High Commissioner to Sri Lanka visits Chamber Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Chinese special envoy optimistic about Chinese funded projects Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Internal Airports to be upgraded to facilitate Civilians & Tourists Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Sri Lanka Thrash Philippines Hiru News en 2015-10-10 Abba Takes a Chance on Experiential Entertainment With Music Party Hiru News en 2015-10-11 A report to be submitted to the Defence Ministry tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-10-11 A prison guard arrested for collecting ransom under the guise of a CID officer Hiru News en 2015-10-11 8 Sri Lankans who engaged in a fast in Tamil Nadu arrested for attempting to commit suicide Hiru News en 2015-10-11 Expectations of the public are not fulfilled; Will the corrupt be cleared? Hiru News en 2015-10-11 Ankara explosions leave almost 100 dead Hiru News en 2015-10-11 Syria regime advances with Russian air support Hiru News en 2015-10-11 An unidentified female body in a paddy field in Maharagama Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Actress Manorama dies Hiru News en 2015-10-11 Development banks pledge US$15b in new climate funds Hiru News en 2015-10-11 Sania Mirza-Martina Hingis Clinch China Open to Win 8th Doubles Title in 2015 Hiru News en 2015-10-11 UPDATE: World Bank and IMF assistance to SL unconditionally Hiru News en 2015-10-11 Update: Former Eastern Province Chief Minister Pillayan arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-11 A TNA meeting in Paris attacked by the Diaspora Hiru News en 2015-10-11 A new Environmental Impact Assessment report due next week on Colombo Port City Project Hiru News en 2015-10-11 Post mortem of the 9 year old believed to have committed suicide by hanging in Anguruwathota, to be held tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-10-12 GCE A/L practical examinations to commence Hiru News en 2015-10-11 Forest cover of Sri Lanka will be increased to 32 percent within 3 years; says President Hiru News en 2015-10-12 India protests after maids arm cut off in Saudi Arabia Hiru News en 2015-10-11 It is wrong to accuse the Attorney General regarding the Avant Gaurd case; Additional Solicitor General makes a clarification Hiru News en 2015-10-11 North Korea ready for any war waged by the US Hiru News en 2015-10-11 Chris Gayle, Mohammad Amir Among 200 Foreign Players Interested in Bangladesh Premier League Hiru News en 2015-10-11 Standard Chartered to cut 1,000 senior jobs Hiru News en 2015-10-12 What Yureni says about her brand new car – Photos Hiru News en 2015-10-12 SLTB owes 10 billion rupees to EPF and ETF Hiru News en 2015-10-12 SL clinches third position at Asian Rugby 7s championship Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Syria conflict: Putin defends Russias air strikes Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Pillayan detained and grilled over Jospeh Pararajasingham’s murder Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Heavy Traffic in Colombo Due to New Traffic Plan Hiru News en 2015-10-12 A sergeant who was under a DIG in connection with treasure excavation incident gone missing for 2 months Hiru News en 2015-10-12 A new pipe line from Colombo Port to Kolonnawa for transporting crude oil Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Woman Harassed at Saudi speaks to HIRU Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Police Department to recruit 1000 Tamil Youth Hiru News en 2015-10-12 ODDLY wins Gold for Best Marketing Website in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-12 South Africa beat India by 5 runs in 1st ODI Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Warrant issued to arrest BBS Gnanasara Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Water cut for 24 hours in several areas Hiru News en 2015-10-12 A suspect arrested with 3 locally manufactured guns in Kandy Hiru News en 2015-10-12 A Rtd. soldier fulfills the vows made to deity Ayyanayaka to assure Premier Ranil and the UNP’s victory Hiru News en 2015-10-12 OPPO Smartphones Continue Growth in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-12 RAF helicopter crash: Five Nato staff die in Afghanistan Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Update: A letter to President from Prisoners on hunger strike Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Prabhudeva wants to make ‘Ramayana’ Hiru News en 2015-10-12 A/L students of Bosco College outside till 10 Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Ex-Puttalam Local Council Deputy Chairman dies on a Road Accident Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Another Boy found dead Mysteriously at Anguruwathota Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Police to re-investigate on Seya’s Murder Suspects Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Dispute over Maharagama Woman’s Post-mortem Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Update: Baton charge on protestors who blocked Colombo – Katharagama road Hiru News en 2015-10-12 We are facing a severe threat – President Hiru News en 2015-10-12 A proposal to the government by the Joint Opposition Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Sanga joins hands with Premier League of Bangladesh Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Navy investigation report on Avant Gaurd vessel submitted to Defence Ministry Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Queues as Bihar goes to polls in crucial election Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Delhi joins Sri Lanka probe into ‘sexual favours’ for houses Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Sri Lanka vehicle registrations hit another high in September Hiru News en 2015-10-12 President Obama fields questions on 2016 front-runners, Biden Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Donald Trump won’t be next President says Barack Obama. Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Coconut harvest in jeopardy – Chilaw Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Special license for bus drivers Hiru News en 2015-10-12 70% Election representatives according to division method? Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Husband flaunting wifes severed head! Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Turkey blames Islamic State for Ankara bombings Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Eva Wanasundara swears in as Acting Chief Justice Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Paul McCartney Conjures Up the Ghost of Michael Jackson with New Say, Say, Say Remix Hiru News en 2015-10-12 CIC’s 45-year old stationery brand CIAL launches its new logo at the Colombo International Book Fair 2015 Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Fishing Vessels on fire Hiru News en 2015-10-12 The Siyam case over Hiru News en 2015-10-12 Government allocates more funds to uplift free Health and Education sectors; President Hiru News en 2015-10-13 President says that the world’s doors will be opened to the children of this country through educational reforms Hiru News en 2015-10-13 A judge reveals the reality with regard to child abuse Hiru News en 2015-10-13 334 old letters hidden by a postman in an almirah of a temple recovered Hiru News en 2015-10-13 40,3000 year old graves in Dambulla - Ibbankatuwa; Human ash and jewelry among them Hiru News en 2015-10-13 The countries selected for the final round of Rugby World Cup Hiru News en 2015-10-13 LEGO Day event a huge success Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Nearly 800 million people suffering from hunger worldwide: report Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Stop the taking over of tame elephants to wildlife custody Hiru News en 2015-10-13 U.S.-Made Weaponry Is Turning Syrian Conflict Into Proxy War With Russia Hiru News en 2015-10-13 MH17 Ukraine disaster: Dutch to report on cause Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Two contradictory reports on the Kotadeniyawa Seya’s Murder incident Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Learn Good Qualities from Sachin and Murali Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Who are these who launder money from the lorry drivers? Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Rs. 9.3 million worth Wallapatta seized at BIA Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Fears about the Hybrid Court were instilled to obtain political benefits Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Growth in the Colombo stock exchange Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Inter-National School Championship to Western Province Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Sri Lanka clinch two gold medals in Pune Hiru News en 2015-10-13 A person arrested with a stock of illegally imported cigarettes Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Sub-Inspector and Sergeant interdicted Hiru News en 2015-10-13 India, US, Japan to take part in naval exercise in Bay of Bengal Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Hollywood style robbery at Dambulla bank Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Landslide kills 17 in Myanmar Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Update: Court’s recalled the arrest of BBS Gnanasara thera Hiru News en 2015-10-13 You Wont Believe What Sidharth Malhotra Is Doing In New Zealand Hiru News en 2015-10-13 SL take on West Indies tomorrow. Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Stevie Wonder Agrees To Pay $25K a Month in Child Support to Former Wife Hiru News en 2015-10-13 The arrested Avant Garde vessel to police custody today Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Person protesting in Maharagama Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Special National Level Council for Trade Unions Hiru News en 2015-10-13 England vs Pakistan first test match begins today Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Chinese Plenipotentiary meeting MR: Against traditional Chinese diplomatic procedures Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Vehicle Registration rises in September Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Pillayan further detained for questioning Hiru News en 2015-10-13 24 Indian fishermen arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-13 The Strike of Tamil detainees continued Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Committee to investigate parliament member killings Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Interim injunction against the ban on‘Full-Face helmets Extended Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Protest done while bathing Hiru News en 2015-10-13 A vehicle theft at Mathugama misfires Hiru News en 2015-10-13 A Provincial Council laborer in Anamaduwa battered Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Heinous act of a daughter: Entrapped her father in a dog kennel for several years Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Another mysterious expiry reported Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Indian Ocean Region’s Senior Drug Enforcement Officials meet in Colombo Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Gen. Janaka Perera’s Case Postponed to 4th November Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Internet or Online Marketing Trends still relevant and needs to be practiced to create online visibility Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Ex-Minister Velayudam Passes Away Hiru News en 2015-10-13 MH17 crashed as a result of a Buk missile Hiru News en 2015-10-13 14 out of 24 applicants for hangman post were present at the interview Hiru News en 2015-10-13 A report on terrorist suspects engaged in a hunger strike submitted by Prisons commissioner Hiru News en 2015-10-13 816 weapons and 200 thousand rounds found in Avant Gaurd vessel Hiru News en 2015-10-13 The arrest warrant issued Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thera recalled Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Shells hit Russian embassy compound in Syria Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Shoaib century anchors Pakistans day Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Irelands Paul OConnell ruled out Hiru News en 2015-10-13 Playboy to stop nudity Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Landslide risk in Nuwara-eliya, Kegalle and Badulla Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Commence investigations on Karuna and Douglas too; TNA says while taking up Pilleyan’s issue Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Fire in line rooms in Agarapatha: 7 houses damaged Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Update : Avant Garde vessel handed over to Police anchored in Galle harbour Hiru News en 2015-10-14 TNA expects a speedy response from the government over prisoners issue Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Special Traffic Plan to Rajagiriya suspended Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Update : Sri Lanka to Bat first Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Colombo stock market Slumps Hiru News en 2015-10-14 More funds to uplift indigenous medicine – Rajitha Senarathna Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Ministry building complex to be acquired to the parliament Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Higher percentage of students excel at the Grade 5 scholarship Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Death Sentence to Drug Kingpin Wele Suda Hiru News en 2015-10-14 DNA reports of Seya’s father and Saman to be produced today at the courts Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Another Mysterious death at Kahawatta Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Underworld Boss Wellampitiya Chandra Shot-Dead Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Three under aged Fishermen arrested at Thalaimannar Sea Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Lotus Road closed due to Equal Rights Movements protest Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Hike in Motor Vehicle price due to the increase of tax rates Hiru News en 2015-10-14 DNA report of the elder brother of Kondaya matches with Seya Sedewmi’s DNA report Hiru News en 2015-10-14 CID allowed to detain Pillayan for 21 days for questioning Hiru News en 2015-10-14 A police team boards the Avant Gaurd vessel Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Draft bill proposing to increase private sector salaries to be presented to Cabinet today Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Four Ex-Army Commanders at FCID Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Three police groups launch investigations on heist at Dambulla Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Rare species of organisms around Maha weli river- Kandy are on the brink of extinction Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Karunaratne ton steers Sri Lanka on dominant day Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Six Tamil detainees hospitalized after engaging in a hunger strike for 3 days Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Vele Suda breaks silence before the judgment Hiru News en 2015-10-14 Police identifies the 47-year old person shot dead at Gothami Road Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Investigations with regard to Avant Guard armory vessel handed over to CID Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Update: Mahinda, Keheliya and Susil at Special Presidential Commission Hiru News en 2015-10-15 An appeal from Wele Suda against the death sentence Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Tenure of office of 23 local government bodies including Colombo Municipal Council extended Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Stern action will be taken against wrongdoers: President Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Warnings issued to five districts of landslide threat due to the prevailing weather Hiru News en 2015-10-15 ISIS calls on ‘Islamic youth’ to ignite holy war against Russians & Americans Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Meryl Streep to chair 2016 Berlin Film Festival jury Hiru News en 2015-10-15 India v South Africa, 2nd ODI as it happened: Dhoni stars in Indias 22-run win to level series 1-1 Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Untimely Death of youths while returning from a party Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Solutions to the residents of Bandagiriya, Will it be another Rathupaswala? Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Major fire hits in Wellawatte Building Hiru News en 2015-10-15 2nd Day of the 1st Test Match between SL and Windies Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Update : Mahinda Protests : Hearings at Presidential Commission Suspended Hiru News en 2015-10-15 SL Navy arrests nine more Indian fishermen at Point Pedro Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Anura Kumara left for Beijing Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Dhanuna Thilakarathne Acquitted from HICORP Case Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Another Test Century from Dinesh Chandimal Hiru News en 2015-10-15 The current national government is incompetent - Tilvin Silva Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Begging banned from November 1st on trains Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Two persons nabbed with 36 Counterfeit notes Hiru News en 2015-10-15 It is unfair to criticize Dhoni, says Lara Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Early Solution for Tamil Detainees Issue - Wijedasa Rajapakse Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Anuradhapura Cancer Hospital lacks basic facilities Hiru News en 2015-10-15 EU to meet over Turkey migrant deal Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Ministry requests Rs 1 bn to buy tea from auctions Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Bradley Cooper applauds Lawrences attack on Hollywood pay gap Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Alternative to be considered for the banned asbestos Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Investigation on LTTE atrocities to begin? Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Premier Wickramasinghe Leaves for Singapore Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Disappeared Woman’s Body Found Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Myanmar signs peace deal with armed rebel groups Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Tamil detainees will be produced in courts at earliest, says Rajitha Senarathna Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Dance bars to reopen in Maharashtra as SC puts ban on hold, Fadnavis says will abide Hiru News en 2015-10-15 SLCERT receives over 2000 complaints Hiru News en 2015-10-15 A Huge Python and its young rescued Hiru News en 2015-10-15 War brews in Sea between US and China Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Fuel contaminates the coast at Kudawella- Tangalle Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Three customs officers were arrested while allegedly taking a bribe of Rs. 125 million Hiru News en 2015-10-15 UPFA MP Nishantha Perera Remanded Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Two petitions filed challenging the criterion of admitting students to Year -1 Hiru News en 2015-10-15 Former President Mahinda summoned again to the Presidential Commission on Massive Fraud and Corruption tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Shah Rukh Khan given honorary doctorate by University of Edinburgh Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Update : PRECIFAC Rejects Mahinda Rajapaksas Objection Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Every possible step will be taken to overcome the challengers in the Health Sector -President Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Landslide risk in 4 districts: heavy rains today as well Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Sri Lankan forces Peace Keeping operations increased Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Tom Jones criticizes “The Voice” again! Hiru News en 2015-10-16 3rd Day of SL vs Windies 1st Test Match is today Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Oscar Pistorius to be moved to house arrest Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Stock market slumps down Hiru News en 2015-10-16 US to extend Afghan troop presence Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Pakistan v England: Alastair Cook hits 168 not out in first Test Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Antagonism faced by an Indian national Hiru News en 2015-10-16 An Unidentified Ailment: Father who contained to Wheelchair for 10 years Hiru News en 2015-10-16 This is the ideal era for art and literature – K.D. Lalkantha Hiru News en 2015-10-16 A man goes missing drowned in the swamp Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Prison Inmates Hunger Strike Spill over to other prisons Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Unfortunate death to a school student Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Another Suspect with Counterfeit Currency Arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Police crackdown on illegal brews, Woman Caught With 900 Drams of Kasippu Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Chaos at the Higurakgoda fare Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Man Hangs Himself in Hambanthota Hospital Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Update : Commission of Inquiry on Massive fraud and Corruption rejects objections by Former President Mahinda Rajapaksas faction - Commission to continue its mandate Hiru News en 2015-10-16 68th Independence Celebration to be held in the Evening Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Dinesh Gunawardena Cries Foul-play In Debate on GENEVA Resolution Hiru News en 2015-10-16 IGP and Director of the CID to court in connection with the Eknaligoda case Hiru News en 2015-10-16 EU approves Turkey action plan Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Sri Lanka sells USD330mn of one, three and five year development bonds Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Death of the Chilaw hospital lady doctor due to allergy Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Rape film banned in India gets Meryl Streeps backing for Oscar Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Security Council to discuss Israeli-Palestinian unrest Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Alleged assault on police; Ex-Dy. Min. Sarath Kumara appears before Negombo court Hiru News en 2015-10-16 A mother in Mathale sentenced to death Hiru News en 2015-10-16 “Balaya Political Discourse” What happened in 2005? Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Teen sex workers rescued by FBI in pan-US operation Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Rs. 125m bribe: Customs officers remanded until Oct. 30 Hiru News en 2015-10-16 11 students hospitalized due to food poisoning in Balangoda Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Teslas Autopilot Drifts toward Driverless Cars Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Mahinda Rajapakse likely to go to Appeal Court against the Special Presidential Commission on Massive Fraud and Corruption Hiru News en 2015-10-16 Herath masterclass leaves West Indies reeling Hiru News en 2015-10-17 A child dies caught in a current wave in Atabaghe Gampola Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Foreign powers given a license to intervene in Sri Lankas matters: says MP Wasudewa Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Seek views of Trade Unions when giving out transfers and promotions in state service: Prime Minister instructs Ministers Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Male population decreases: 100 women for 93 men Hiru News en 2015-10-17 8 Districts face landslide threat: Heavy showers in several provinces Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Need to go beyond 13th Amendment: MP Jayampathi Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Update : West Indies vs Sri lanka 4th day commences today Hiru News en 2015-10-17 G-24 Chairmanship to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Dilemma in the tax collection process Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Hungary closes border with Croatia Hiru News en 2015-10-17 2 Killed in road accidents in Grandpass and Mahara Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Road accidents kill over 2,200 in first nine months Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Pentatonix gets airplay Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Health Minister takes steps to issue patent rights to indigenous formulas Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Body floats in Pingaa Oya in Katugastota Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Philippines on alert as Typhoon Koppu nears Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Tamil detainees fast suspended after 6 days Hiru News en 2015-10-17 CID commences investigations in to Avant Garde Vessel brought to Galle harbour Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Residents of Minipe block Mahiyanganaya - Randenigala Road due to threat from Wild Elephants Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Next year will see a new constitution along with solutions to problems in the North and East: Government Hiru News en 2015-10-17 New Curbs on Oil and Gas Exploration in Arctic Waters Announced by US Government Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Rangana Herath Grabs Ten as Sri Lanka cruises to victory. Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Europe and Russia mission to assess Moon settlement Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross songs included in Michelle Obama’s Spotify play-list Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Political Parties should ensure transparency of National Lists during elections Hiru News en 2015-10-17 TNA to join Fast if solution not received before 07th Hiru News en 2015-10-17 4 fold increase for education through next budget Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Showers exceeding 100 mm expected in several areas tonight; landslide warning for 7 districts still in place Hiru News en 2015-10-17 National Freedom Front alleges attempts are made to release Terrorists charged with serious crimes Hiru News en 2015-10-17 Investigations in to the Avant Garde Vessel to continue tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-10-18 A child who was to be ordained dies after falling into a well Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Rumours spread to the effect that there are no funds for development are false Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Landslide risk in 8 districts; heavy showers to continue Hiru News en 2015-10-18 23 arrested for disposing garbage and waste material to Kalani River and Bolgoda Lake Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Super Typhoon Koppu Makes Landfall in the Philippines Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Rugby World Cup 2015: All Blacks destroy France in quarter-final Hiru News en 2015-10-18 A person arrested with a 5000 rupees counterfeit note Hiru News en 2015-10-18 UPDATE: Former LTTE womens wing leader Thamilini dies Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Egypt due to vote in parliamentary elections Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Former President Mahinda Rajapakse reveals of an attempt to put him down mentally. Hiru News en 2015-10-18 13 Navy sailors injured following a motor accident in Mora-wawa Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Fisheries Minister orders to cut the nets of Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lanka’s waters Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Five applicants for Sri Lanka head coach job Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Government plans to set up export zone in Trincomalee with Korean investment Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Police in search of a suspect who intimidated a mother and daughter in Kahawaththa - Kotakethana area Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Heavy showers during next week;Nilwala River overflows; Buththala town inundated Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Asgiri Chief Prelate reveals about a high ranking army officer who deprives religious rights Hiru News en 2015-10-18 Finance minister insights on the budget Hiru News en 2015-10-19 3 armory containers of the Avant Garde vessel sealed Hiru News en 2015-10-19 The road leading to Kondaya’s village demolished Hiru News en 2015-10-19 The tourist industry should be developed while protecting the environment: Says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Land slide warning in 10 districts: Nilwala and Ging rivers overflow Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Niel Young performs in California Inglewood Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Syria conflict: Air strikes kill 40 IS militants Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Australia wins thrilling quarter-final against Scotland Hiru News en 2015-10-19 14 persons who provoked mutiny inside a mosque arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Deewani Deepika is Fascinating in New Bajirao Mastani Song Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Typhoon Koppu: Three dead, 23,000 flee as massive typhoon pummels Philippines Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Two month old infant chokes to death Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Lightning kills two fishermen in Eravur Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Seya’s Murder Suspect: Kondaya released Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Minister wants paddy removed from Mattala Airport Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Wimal accuses JVP of executing a Contract Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Water recedes from inundated low lands of Galle and Matara Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Man shot and hospitalized in Chilaw Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Man arrested at Bandarawela Courts Jailed Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Brawl at Hospital - Visitors are under the influence of liquor Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Disabled man pleads for his wifes return to Sri Lanka - [Images] Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Update: UPFA Western Provincial councillor Upali Kodikara arrested for obstructing police duty Hiru News en 2015-10-19 No surcharge would be paid for storing paddy at Mattala, states Paddy Marketing Board Hiru News en 2015-10-19 A 28-year old female teacher abducted in Urubokka Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Appeals Court permits to name the Army Commander and the Head of the Intelligence Unit as respondents in the Eknaligoda case Hiru News en 2015-10-19 President lauds Sri Lanka Airforces contribution for National Security Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Man who threatened Mervin Silva identified Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Simply by instigating the public the water reserves cannot be protected Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Marlon Samuels Reported For Suspect Action during Test against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Al-Qaeda Cell Leader Killed in Airstrike in Syria, Pentagon Says Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Fish prices slashed Hiru News en 2015-10-19 India losses the third Test match against the South Africans Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Over 25 kg of Kerala ganja seized in Mulankavil Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Seven hikers killed in Indonesia as forest fire tears through Mount Lawu on Java Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Woman chained her father to a kennel re-remanded Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Maldives woman wins reprieve from death by stoning Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Four French tourists in jumbo mishap Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Tensions rise as migrant path blocked Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Land slide risk still remains in 10 districts; heavy showers to continue Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Minister S B says former President Rajapakse should quit active politics for SLFP to win local government polls Hiru News en 2015-10-19 Geneva resolution has allowed foreign elements to interfere in internal affairs; Charges joint opposition at Colombo Peoples summit Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Oscar Pistorius released from prison under house arrest Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Van Morrison to perform at LA Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Individual Brilliance Led Us To Victory - Angelo Mathews Hiru News en 2015-10-20 JVP asks for Chairmanship of COPE Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Respect for virtue is a heritage of ours not found in physical development: Says President Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Facebook offences under criminal law Hiru News en 2015-10-20 A mother was bitten by a snake while she was in the hospital to treat her infant Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Landslide risk in 9 districts Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Geneva Proposals : We denied, they accepted – Dinesh Gunawardana Hiru News en 2015-10-20 No Place for Beggars and Cattle in Colombo - Champika Ranawaka Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Teacher cuts off a student’s shirt sleeve in Meerigama School Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Mathews cleans up at SLC Awards Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Indo-Lankan Fishermen’s Team Seeks Meeting with Jayalalithaa Hiru News en 2015-10-20 The treasury bonds proposal to be discussed today at the parliament Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Private Bus strike on 120 bus route Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Three killed in a deadly crash Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Two killed in wild elephant attack Hiru News en 2015-10-20 School Kid Hangs Himself in Nuwaraeliya Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Footage showing Simone Joseph screaming racial abuse at a pregnant Muslim woman went viral Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Canadas Trudeau topples PM Harper in stunning election Victory Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Man shot dead in Moragahahena-Amupitiya Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Another tragedy from Akmeemana Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Anandasangarees Son Elected To Canadian Parliament Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Sajin De Vass Gunawardana permitted To Travel Abroad Hiru News en 2015-10-20 People SHOULD NOT sling mud at others DOWNFALL says Suleka Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Very Peculiar Snake Caught from Rideegama Hiru News en 2015-10-20 MR’s media secretary Rohan Waliwita gives a statement to police Hiru News en 2015-10-20 A draft bill proposal to raise Treasury bill ceiling by 400 billion rupees to Parliament today Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Ruling Party Convened Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Small scale tea estate owners at loss due to decline prices Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Sir Garfield Sobers to visit SL today Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Magistrate orders Kondaya’s release Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Kokmaduwa- Imaduwa segment re-opened Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Udalagama and Paranagama commission report along with UNHRC report tabled in Parliament Hiru News en 2015-10-20 President directs IGP to probe disappearance of Vavuniya cop Hiru News en 2015-10-20 5 Sri Lankans reach Tamil Nadu using high-speed boat Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Urubokka Kidnapper apprehended at Ambilipitiya Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Anchor launches liquid milk sourced from Sri Lankan dairy farmers Hiru News en 2015-10-20 “Seylan Thilina Sayura” rewards the migrant employees and expats with high interest rates for NRFC/RFC Fixed Deposits Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Watch New Way of ISIS Killings: ISIS find a Sick New Method to Kill Prisoners Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Notice issued on the Justice Minister. Hiru News en 2015-10-20 G L Peris writes to 12 religious leaders Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Rohana Wijeweera’s wife challengers Tylwin Silva for a face to face debate Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Stern action against those who harm the environment Hiru News en 2015-10-20 Korean families divided by war reunite in the North Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Parliament approves increase of Treasury bill loans by 400 billion rupees Hiru News en 2015-10-21 “We should defend our Tri-Forces decorum: President Sirisena Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Lawyers to file Fundamental Rights case against CID Hiru News en 2015-10-21 T B Weerasuriya appointed as the New Chairman of Bribery Commission : D Dissanayaka appointed as the new chairman of government services commission Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Land slide risk in 10 districts due to incessant showers Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Canada to withdraw fighter jets from Syria and Iraq strikes Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Jadeja returns for South Africa Tests Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Basic salary increment of the government sector to be in accordance Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Neil Young Launches Conservation - Themed Website Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Virender Sehwag retires from international cricket Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Puravesi Balaya wants Police to investigate Ex-regimes Corruptions Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Ananda Sangaree requests a thorough investigation Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Business in Homagama fare halted Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Man jumps on to moving train in Kandana Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Wele Suda’s sister arrested with Heroin Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Alleged molest of primary students: Anuradhapura Private Tutor arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Why less taxes for gambling and betting business? Bandula questions tax anomalies Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Kondaya bailed out Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Lankan born Khamshajiny to become Dy. Mayor of Oslo in Norway Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Exclusive: Tumhe apna banane ki... song picturized on Zareen Khan in Hate Story 3 Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Body of 9-year-old missing boy recovered Hiru News en 2015-10-21 TN Fishermen violated the Maritime-Border of Sri Lanka – Tamil Nadu BJP Leader Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Rangana Herath named as vice-Captain for the 2nd Test Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Police Commission is also appointed: Professor Siri Hettige appointed as Chairmen Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Action to be taken against several diplomatic officials of the foreign Ministry Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Darusman report is challenged by Paranagama report Hiru News en 2015-10-21 US and Russia sign deal to avoid Syria air incidents Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Finance policy to be stabilized Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Injury-free Prasad eases into SL pace spearhead role Hiru News en 2015-10-21 3 year-old child died falling into a well in Norwood Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Asgiri chief-Prelate displeased over governments plan of settlement of due salary to the disabled soldiers Hiru News en 2015-10-21 HIV positive auto driver infects 300 women Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Parliament tensed over MP Bandulas Mispronunciation of Ravi Karunanayakes name Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Police Legal Divisions Acting Director removed Hiru News en 2015-10-22 9 School students arrested at Talawakele Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Three persons get death sentence over murder in 2008 Hiru News en 2015-10-21 No one to bail out Kondaya Hiru News en 2015-10-22 All party conference inquiring political party views about Geneva resolutions today Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Anura Kumara Calls For Parliamentary Debate on Avant-Garde Hiru News en 2015-10-21 Syrian leader makes a surprise visit to Moscow Hiru News en 2015-10-22 6 lakhs metric tons of rice imported Hiru News en 2015-10-22 P.Chidambram and C.V.Wigneswaran meets Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Crater formed on the Hatton main road Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Govt. denies AG Interference in Avant Garde Case Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Contents of the Maxwell Paranagama report Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Mahinda and Chandrika meet at a funeral house Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Japanese governments support towards a local mechanism Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Dr. Deepika Udugama appointed as new Human Rights commission chairperson Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Anura Widhanagamagey arrives at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Parliament debate on Geneva begins today Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Lifebuoy celebrates 8th annual Global Handwashing Day in Matara Hiru News en 2015-10-22 How to win the 2nd Test match against Windies: SL Captain explains Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Sri Lanka Vs Windies 2nd Test begins today Hiru News en 2015-10-22 United opposition to attend all Party Conference on Geneva Resolution Hiru News en 2015-10-22 US Criticizes Red-carpet Treatment of Assad in Moscow Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Bad weather causing havoc again: Vegetable plantations spoiled Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Joe Biden rules out White House 2016 run Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Elton John to perform at West-point Exeter Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Sugar Cane Blaze kills the owner Hiru News en 2015-10-22 NBRO issues landslide early warning for 8 districts Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Brothel raided in Maharagama Hiru News en 2015-10-22 24/7 Foreign Earning Hands Information Center at Airport Hiru News en 2015-10-22 10 Endrathukulla film review: Strictly for Vikram fans! Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Channa-Upuli arrives at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2015-10-22 A KKS Navy soldier on leave commits a heinous act to a school student Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Top 10 Highest Paid Bollywood Actor 2015-16 Hiru News en 2015-10-22 New species of giant tortoise discovered in Galapagos Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Shahrukh Khan –Kajol 20 year old love story to glare of publicity Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Chamara Dassanayake sworn-in as Uva CM Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Get Ready! SUN FM PROUDLY presents SEAN PAUL Live in Concert in Colombo Hiru News en 2015-10-22 No report under Desmond Silvas name: A theft has been committed; says Prime Minister in Parliament Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Cabinet amends Budget 2016 Parliamentary Program Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Justice should be meted out without delay: Says Colombo Additional magistrate during Thajudeens case Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Teacher-Principal Trade Union files complaint at SLHRC over salary arrears Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Growth in the industrial field Hiru News en 2015-10-22 The joint opposition including Dinesh and Wimal to participate in the all party conference Hiru News en 2015-10-22 EU calls mini-summit on refugee crisis as Slovenia tightens border Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Nothing detrimental in Geneva Report to the Country Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Six injured in head-on collision at Anuradhapura Hiru News en 2015-10-23 What is the fate of Kondaya? Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Parliament approves U.S resolution on domestic mechanism Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Upali Kodikara released on bail Hiru News en 2015-10-22 New Delhi goes car-free for a day to combat chronic air pollution Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Eatsa, a Futuristic Restaurant Where Robot Cubbies Serve Quinoa Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Achchuveli OIC arrests man for offering bribe Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Sweden sword attack: One killed and four students injured in attack on school Hiru News en 2015-10-22 A mother who abandoned 2 children including a disabled child arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-22 MP Dinesh Gunawardana takes the mace demanding a speech for Wimal Weerawanse Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Debutant Warrican takes four, Sri Lanka out for 200 Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Xi hails golden era for China, UK ties Hiru News en 2015-10-22 Paranagama report more serious that Geneva report; Says Cabinet spokesmen Minister Rajitha Senarathna Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Vanuatu court sentences 14 MPs to jail for corruption Hiru News en 2015-10-23 4 killed and 4 more critically injured in 2 vehicular accidents in Mathara and Puthlam Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Provide the parties views about Geneva resolutions within 2 weeks Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Two New Members appointed to Police Commission Hiru News en 2015-10-23 India should stop treating Sri Lanka as a friendly country; Karunanidhi request Modi Governmnet Hiru News en 2015-10-23 A person from Marawila sets his house on fire Hiru News en 2015-10-23 A woman stabbed to death in Matara- Morawaka Hiru News en 2015-10-23 SL vs. Windies 2nd Test, 2nd Day begins today Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Avant Garde incident raises queries to the public Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Police Officer assaults Bingiriya Provincial Councilor Hiru News en 2015-10-23 India Level Series Against South Africa, Virat Kohli Scores Ton Hiru News en 2015-10-23 2016 Budget on 23rd October Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Barack Obama, Nawaz Sharif call for sustained, resilient Indo-Pak talks Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Wimal allowed to go abroad with PM’s intervention Hiru News en 2015-10-23 A former Miss Austria winner has died after falling off a mountain while jogging Hiru News en 2015-10-23 We will be forced to form a separate Tamil State- Mavai Senathirajah Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Sarath Amunugama takes oaths as Minister of Special Duties Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Exports earnings dip 19.5% to US$ 799 million in August Hiru News en 2015-10-23 S-lon stall wins the Grand Award at Construct Exhibition 2015 Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Chinas president Xi Jinping in Manchester as part of UK visit Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Zone24x7 emerges overall winner at NBQSA 2015 Hiru News en 2015-10-23 I have no confidence in the judiciary system of SL – Anura Kumara Hiru News en 2015-10-23 General Secretary of Pillayans party also arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Balaya Discourse Analysis - Geneva Proposals and its Impact on Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-23 A woman from Polpithigama who was harassed by the job agency in Kuwait returns to the island Hiru News en 2015-10-23 All party committee: Ananda Sangaree not included Hiru News en 2015-10-23 UN Political Affairs Envoy meets Foreign Min. Mangala Samaraweera Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Thor and Prometheus sequels to be filmed in Australia Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Kondayas mother signs for bail Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Vavuniya DIG U.K. Dissanayake further remanded Hiru News en 2015-10-23 More than 40 pensioners killed in French bus crash Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Budgetary allocation for education increased by 4 fold Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Update: Wimal released on bail - The truth behind the passport fiasco revealed. Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Human Rights Watch accuses Sri Lanka police of routine torture Hiru News en 2015-10-23 UPDATE: Kondaya bailed out by his mother. Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Indian protests after Dalit children burnt alive in caste attack Hiru News en 2015-10-23 The “Vaseline Beautiful Escape” Inspires Sri Lankan Girls to Live Life to the Fullest Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Samsung opens new office in Colombo Hiru News en 2015-10-23 ATL Life celebrates World Children’s Day Hiru News en 2015-10-23 Industrial Clothings emerges Best Innovative Exporter at NCE Awards 2015 Hiru News en 2015-10-23 JVP reveals an attempt by Indian Intelligence RAW to destabilize Jaffna Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Peradeniya University makes new discovery against Snake venom Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Kondaya reveals of his lover Hiru News en 2015-10-24 33 injured in bus accident in Dambulla Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Dont be discouraged by criticism: President tells Police Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Sri Lanka tightens grip on WI on Day 02 Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Hurricane Patricia makes landfall in Mexico Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Udalagama, Paranagama Reports serious than Geneva Report: Min. Mangala Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Showers expected in few areas Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Priyanka Chopra signs with WME Hiru News en 2015-10-24 West Indies require another 224 runs with 9 wickets remaining Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Pakistan unrest: Suicide bomber kills Shia marchers in Jacobabad Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Maldives Vice-President Adeeb arrested over bomb plot Hiru News en 2015-10-24 A female body recovered from an abandoned house in Puttalam Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Grand Mother and Grand Daughter of the same family killed following a vehicular accident in Mihinthale Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Agricultural Ministry seals the Peliyagoda private Fertilizer godown Hiru News en 2015-10-24 Several high ranking military officials who were sent on compulsory leave due to political vengeance to be reinstated Hiru News en 2015-10-24 20,000 post cards to President, PM and the Opposition Leader from Northern Fishermen. Hiru News en 2015-10-25 UPDATE: A mask and gloves used for the murder of a night club owner in Anuradhapura recovered Hiru News en 2015-10-25 4 suspects wanted for a murder case in Mathara arrested along with a firearm Hiru News en 2015-10-25 6 sluice gates of the Veheragala reservoir opened Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Sri Lanka makes compensation plea in UN climate pledge Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Hurricane Patricia dissipates in Mexico; flooding, mudslide concerns remain Hiru News en 2015-10-25 South Africa 18-20 New Zealand Hiru News en 2015-10-25 2 sluice gates of the Rajanganaya reservoir opened Hiru News en 2015-10-25 UNP central provincial councillor Thissa Bandara arrested over an assault incident Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Update: Former President says the nation is facing a dangerous situation following Independence Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Persistent rain wipes out fourth day Hiru News en 2015-10-25 A person shot dead near Aluthgama - Kande Viharaya area Hiru News en 2015-10-25 US and Saudi urge international push on Syria Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Increase in liquor licences last year Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Janet Jackson Postpones U.s Tour Dates Hiru News en 2015-10-25 World Twenty20 2016: Pakistan threaten boycott Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Audi to keep hiring despite parent VWs crisis Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Police recovers 150 grams of heroin from Wele Sudas sisters vehicle Hiru News en 2015-10-25 A special Presidential task force to protect the children Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Heavy rain falls more than 100 mili meters due to atmospheric disturbances Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Peculiar act of a youth who sneaked into a house Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Florida holds hunt to kill 320 bears Hiru News en 2015-10-25 Nasdaq may see record with Apple earnings Hiru News en 2015-10-26 SA beats India 214 runs Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Australia make fourth Rugby World Cup final Hiru News en 2015-10-26 President says a convention will be held with regard to Buddhist Philosophy Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Suspects in the killing of the Anuradhapura night club owner identified Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Government Could Prevent 48 Names Being Published In OISL Report: Dr. Rajitha Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Rs. 15 mil wasnt obtained: Only Rs. 6.8 mill was obtained: A Communique from Channa-Upuli Hiru News en 2015-10-26 5 arrested for printing counterfeit currency notes Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Dalada Maligawa Pickpocketer woman arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Colombo Stock Exchange promotes the Sri Lankan Capital Market in Europe Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Migrant crisis: Thousands of new reception places agreed Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Syria conflict: FSA rebels reject Russia military help Hiru News en 2015-10-26 How Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra almost opened a Las Vegas hotel Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Red Rain in Hambanthota Hiru News en 2015-10-26 National Discourse Centers to be Established in all Districts Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Update: Wele Sudas sister remanded until November 9th Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Conductor assaulted: Matara-Colombo bus strike Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Gammanpila explains American Agenda in SL Hiru News en 2015-10-26 President to visit Thailand Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Karunanidhi, Ramadoss push for foreign probe on Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Two persons die in two accidents Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Update: Karuna Amman demands to merge the North and the East and fully implement the 13th amendment Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Medicine Store in Puttalam Hospital is vulnerable: Patients’ lives at risk Hiru News en 2015-10-26 An unknown village of Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Child plunges to death from 15th floor Hiru News en 2015-10-26 The bi-annual ‘OneWorld Cockpit Crew Coalition’ World Conference ends on a high note Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Update: The master mind behind the murder of Karate Wasantha is a deserter of Army Special Forces unit Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Defence Ministry’s attention to provide 35 new MP’s with pistols Hiru News en 2015-10-26 An agreement between the Tamil party Alliance Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Do not label as racists; Pivithuru Hela Urumaya requests the government Hiru News en 2015-10-26 India requests Sri Lanka to free their fishermen in view of the Deepawali festival Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Herath and Siriwardana seal 2-0 series win Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Appeal to reduce Pass marks to be considered by the education ministry Hiru News en 2015-10-26 120 injured in Hong Kong ferry crash Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Earthquake of 7.7 magnitude strikes south Asia Hiru News en 2015-10-26 A racket of money laundering from businessman who violate the law exposed Hiru News en 2015-10-26 A Child protection week from 2nd November begins Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Dog attacks a Monkey in Matara Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Dunesh Priyashantha alias Kondaya Complains to the Police Commission Hiru News en 2015-10-26 Two tonnes of drugs seized at Beirut airport Hiru News en 2015-10-27 UN ready to move ahead with Sri Lanka towards a common objective Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Presidential Commission Investigating Massive Frauds to visit Avant Garde Vessel tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-10-27 3 Ill Maha Heroes Commemorations from JVP, Somawansha and Frontliners Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Woman who stabbed her Uncle and robbed the Aunt arrested in Hatton Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Local government acts to be changed; says Minister Faizer Mustafa Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Table the Desmond Silva Report; Udaya Gammanpila Hiru News en 2015-10-27 We should handover our ancient pride to future generations; President Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Today is Wap Full Moon Poya Day Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Government committed to safeguard education; Minister Sagala Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Afghanistan-Pakistan quake: Rescue efforts expanded Hiru News en 2015-10-27 George Michael Reported To Be Earning Millions While In Rehab Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Franz Beckenbauer admits mistake in 2006 World Cup bid Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Remaining Suspects of the killing of Karate Wasantha to be arrested within next 48 hours Hiru News en 2015-10-27 No common amnesty for Tamil detainees including LTTE suspects: government to consider offering bail soon Hiru News en 2015-10-27 38 Indian fishermen arrested; 29 Sri Lankan fishermen in Indian custody Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Unidentified space object to crash in seas off Sri Lanka on November 13 Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Greece says EU aid means it can shelter 20,000 more migrants Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Korean company eyes US$ 5 bn project in SL Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Wahab Riaz Charged With Ball Tampering By British Media Hiru News en 2015-10-27 New York Police Union Calls For Boycott Of Quentin Tarantinos Films Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Chhota Rajan arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Special Security Plan in Hatton in view of Deepawali Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Amit Mishra arrested after three hours of quizzing, let out on bail Hiru News en 2015-10-27 A stick is removed from a student’s chest in a surgery performed at the Colombo National Hospital Hiru News en 2015-10-27 6 more suspects of the murder of Karate Wasantha arrested - 6 out of the 8 suspects arrested yesterday are remanded Hiru News en 2015-10-27 Special school committees to be set up in order to save students from narcotic menace Hiru News en 2015-10-27 More attention should be paid to Children; Former President Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-10-27 El-Nino to hit Sri Lanka at the end of this year Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Avant garde vessel to be inspected by officials of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into serious fraud Hiru News en 2015-10-28 The stick that pierced the chest of the Student in Bulathsinhala removed after a 6 hour surgery Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Several sluice gates of the Upper Kothmale reservoir opened; Heavy showers today as well Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Former Minister Meryvn Silva collects signatures Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Sangakkara signs up for Pakistan Super League Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Priyasad Dep appointed as the acting chief justice Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Wimal Weerawansa’s passport returned on a 100 thousand rupee cash bond Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Syria conflict: Iran to be invited to key talks, US says Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Finnish exports to SL up 140 % Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Sir Elton John releases single ‘Look Up’ Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Police raid a cannabis plantation at Koslanda Hiru News en 2015-10-28 The CCTV record reveals a motorcycle parked at Delgoda being stolen Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Dengue breeding ground found at the Madiwala housing complex for MP’s A complaint to the speaker as well Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Former Civil aviation Min. Priyankara Jayarathna summoned before the massive fraud and corruption commission Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Afghanistan-Pakistan quake: Cold puts homeless at risk Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Bangladesh to sign a FTA with Sri Lanka soon - Commerce Minister Hiru News en 2015-10-28 6 more suspects of Karate Wasantha murder arrested. Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Local government polls will be held as scheduled in March. Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Officers of Commission Investigating Massive fraud and corruption inspect Avant Gaurd vessel Hiru News en 2015-10-28 Front line party set fire to an effigy of Barack Obama Hiru News en 2015-10-28 12 miners killed after gold mine collapsed in Indonesia Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Seylan Bank PAT surges to Rs 2.7 billion, a 21% growth over last year Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Capt. Suren Ratwatte appointed as CEO of Mihin Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-29 EDULINK Provides a Unique Higher Education Experience through a Multitude of Quality Assurance Factors Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Sri Lanka – Indonesia Business Council holds it’s 22nd Annual General Meeting Hiru News en 2015-10-29 DFCC Bank & SYNAPSYS launch ground-breaking “Supplier Settlement System”with convenience of‘V Cash Card’ Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Rights of free education with no anomalies to all children: President Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Mahinda Rajapakse to the Presidential commission of inquiry Hiru News en 2015-10-29 It is 1 year today since the Meeriyabadda – Koslanda land slide, 74 families still at displaced camps Hiru News en 2015-10-29 PRECIFAC summons Upeksha Swarnamalee (Paba) and Bandula Wijeweera Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Police commission meets for the second time Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Mastermind in connection with A’pura Night Club owner’s Murder arrested Hiru News en 2015-10-29 West Indies Vs Sri lanka 1st Test match to be commenced on November 1st Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Migrant crisis: Austria plans Slovenia border fence Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Love failure campus student commits suicide and records it on laptop Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Sri Lanka advances 6 steps among the business friendly countries Hiru News en 2015-10-29 New SL coach likely after board elections Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Elton John buys 10 bedroom mansion with 10 bathrooms for only $34m Hiru News en 2015-10-29 National dentistry building will be opened for public next year Hiru News en 2015-10-29 17 persons arrested in connection with disposing garbage into Kelany River and Hamilton stream Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Kumar Sangakkara Celebrates Birthday in a different way Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Update : Monk Protests opposite Dalada Maligawa Hiru News en 2015-10-29 MR, Keheliya and Upeksha arrived at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Nepal elects first female President Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Watch the Terrifying Trailer for “The Boy” 2016 Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Trillion lead manages Sri Lankas first Green Asset Backed Securitization Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Rajinikanth receives rousing welcome in Malaysia as he arrives for Kabali shoot Hiru News en 2015-10-29 90% leasing facility for Motor Vehicles effective from today Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Sri Lankas sovereign bond issue oversubscribed by 2.2 times: Central Bank Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Bangladesh to host third straight Asia Cup Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Olivia Newton-John: Aussie Burger at Hard Rock Cafe for Pinktober: Legends tribute artist Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Sri Lanka to free 120 Indian fishermen Hiru News en 2015-10-29 CBK and Kadirgamar had underground bunkers: reveals GOTA Hiru News en 2015-10-29 EU technical team to visit Colombo to review SLs fishing Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Etisalat Lanka celebrates International Childrens Day 2015 Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Move to Ban Crackers This Diwali Turned Down by Supreme Court Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Arrest of Weerawansa is improper - states Gammanpila Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Investigate the truth from 1983, demands Somawansa Amarasinghe Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Simplify Provincial Council Polls – Dr. Wickramabahu Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapakse safe Hiru News en 2015-10-29 A lorry transporting unlicensed cattle seized Hiru News en 2015-10-29 SLTA complaints to Human Rights Commission Hiru News en 2015-10-29 A protest opposite the Kalpitiya District secretariat office Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Former Sri Lankan Chairman Nishantha Wickramasinghe Informs He Is Abroad Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Update: Main suspect of Karate Wasantha murder banned to travel abroad Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Update: Police fire tear gas, water cannons and batton charge HNDA students. 39 arrested; 7 hospitalised Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Sri Lanka joins the Open Government Partnership Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Sri Lankan tourists hurt as tour bus plunges into ditch in Thailand Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Girl commits suicide after classmate posts obscene messages on Facebook Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Tamil actor Viveks son Prasanna Kumar passes away Hiru News en 2015-10-29 China ends one-child policy Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Wimal Weerawansa to file a human rights petition against CID Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Dhoni Should be India Captain Until Next World Cup: Virender Sehwag Hiru News en 2015-10-29 Former President Mahinda questioned for 7 hours by massive fraud and corruption commission Hiru News en 2015-10-30 What happened Exactly a year before at Meeriyabeddawatta? Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Bangladesh to host Asia Cup 2016 Hiru News en 2015-10-30 President pledges to give leadership for the SLFP’s victory at the forthcoming local government election Hiru News en 2015-10-30 39 Students arrested at HNDA Protest to be produced before Court Today Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Police prepares to go to Supreme Court against Kondaya’s lawyers Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Twenty Firearms of the Avant Garde vessel disappeared Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Government in a financial dilemma - joint opposition Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Kidney disease spreads to Hambantota-Sajith Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Myanmar election: Opposition rally attacked with swords Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi to open office in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Accident spree takes another life Hiru News en 2015-10-30 US jets intercept Russian warplanes off Korean peninsula Hiru News en 2015-10-30 PM orders to submit a report on HNDA students protest Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Two absconding criminals arrested in Ekala Hiru News en 2015-10-30 In defeat for Beijing, Hague court to hear South China Sea dispute Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Wild elephant kills a beggar woman in Sigiriya Hiru News en 2015-10-30 MR at Presidential Commission again Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Udawalawa reservoir sluice gates opened Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Old Anandian Yasas Abeywickrama elected to global ICT body Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Balaya Discourse Analysis: Should the terrorist prevention act be abolished? Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Bulathsinhala Wooden stick pierced student passes away at CNH Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Deutsche Bank to cut 15,000 jobs Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Public Condemns Police assault on HNDA Students Hiru News en 2015-10-30 The police assault on HNDA students condemned by many quarters of society.Human Rights commission initiates an investigation Hiru News en 2015-10-30 2 more suspects of Karate Wasantha murder arrested; 25 suspects already in custody Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Update: TNA criticizes Tamil community for keeping mum when LTTE ousted Muslims from Jaffna Hiru News en 2015-10-30 What India is buying to Guard against Chinese Missile Attacks? Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Three new players from Sri Lanka against Windies Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Huge Spooky Asteroid to Fly By Earth on Halloween Hiru News en 2015-10-30 The missing body of the fisherman who fell off a cliff has been found Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Foreign employment Bureau will not sign employment contracts from tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Man who cut off a girls hair further remanded Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Karan Singh Grover and Daisy Shah Get Intimate in New Hate Story 3 Song Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Hints of all teacher training centers been started within a year Hiru News en 2015-10-30 The mansion tax is now in force Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Sri Lanka Insurance Call to Donate fund launched in aid of raising funds for the National Cancer Institute Hiru News en 2015-10-30 The naval officer arrested in connection with Karate Wasantha’s murder reveals vital information about SF Lokka Hiru News en 2015-10-30 Major powers hold key Syria talks Hiru News en 2015-10-30 2015 IPL Contributed Rs 11.5 Billion to Indias GDP Hiru News en 2015-10-31 South Africa beat Argentina to finish third at Rugby World Cup Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Focus on present and the future rather than boasting about the past: says President Hiru News en 2015-10-31 A vessel containing fertilizer with substandard packing found at Colombo port Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Cabinet to focus its attention on Meeryabadda after one year Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Kala Wawa and Rajanganaya spill over : Nachchaduwa and Basawakulama reach spill level Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Obama to send special forces to fight IS Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Bond is shaken and stirred by fate of migrants Hiru News en 2015-11-02 A 12 year old girl commits suicide by hanging inside the house in Wallawaya Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Police Commission initiates an investigation regarding the assault on HNDA students Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Russian airliner goes missing Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Presidential commission of inquiry into massive fraud and corruption commission receive 1157 complaints Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Update: No survivors in Sinai airline crash Hiru News en 2015-10-31 New Zealand v Australia: All Blacks aim for World Cup history Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Tenders called to sell 250,000 metric tonnes of excess paddy Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Russia warns US of proxy war risk Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Sabaragamuwa University Students stage protest Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Australias final tactics leaked Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Adeles Hello tops UK singles chart Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Malaysia deports Maldives boat blast suspect Hiru News en 2015-10-31 3 arrested over the killing of 12 year old boy in Matara Hiru News en 2015-10-31 Philippines market fire kills 15 traders in Zamboanga Hiru News en 2015-10-31 New Zealand win World Cup final Hiru News en 2015-11-01 President to Thailand today Hiru News en 2015-11-01 Government’s daily expense on a prisoner found to be Rs. 500 Hiru News en 2015-11-01 No more begging in Trains from today Hiru News en 2015-11-01 Air France, Lufthansa stop flights over Sinai after Russia crash Hiru News en 2015-11-01 All Blacks become Rugby World Champions Hiru News en 2015-11-01 SL to take on WI in 1st ODI today Hiru News en 2015-11-01 FBI Finds No Evidence of Bomb in Blast on Boat Carrying Maldives President Hiru News en 2015-11-01 More than 100 migrants found in Bulgarian refrigerated truck Hiru News en 2015-11-01 6 more Indian fishermen arrested Hiru News en 2015-11-01 IMF is mistaken, SL will record a higher economic growth – Finance Minister Ravi Hiru News en 2015-11-01 Is the attack on students a signal to the people? JVP questions government Hiru News en 2015-11-01 Licences issued permitting pesticides including Gly-Phosate cancelled Hiru News en 2015-11-01 Safety record in spotlight after Russia plane crash Hiru News en 2015-11-01 A displaced group in Meeriyabadda stage a protest in Bandarawela Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Popular Hotel in Somalia Is Bombed by Militants Hiru News en 2015-11-02 President condoles on Russian plane crash in Egypt Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Bihar elections: With 58% turnout, BJP feels it has moved ahead in race Hiru News en 2015-11-01 A security vehicle of former President collides with a motorbike in Elpitiya; One in critical condition Hiru News en 2015-11-01 Minister in charge of police must resign; says JVP Hiru News en 2015-11-01 Thailand warmly welcomes President Maithripala Sirisena Hiru News en 2015-11-01 Egypt rescuers widen search for Russian plane crash victims Hiru News en 2015-11-01 Rain halts play after Lakmal triple-strike Hiru News en 2015-11-01 China manufacturing shrinks for third month in a row Hiru News en 2015-11-01 SF Lokka arrested in Chilaw Hiru News en 2015-11-02 SL beat WI in 1st ODI Hiru News en 2015-11-02 2 DIGs summoned to the police commission to inquire about assault on students Hiru News en 2015-11-02 President invites Sri Lankan intellectuals in Thailand to return to Motherland Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Sri Lankan Flight Diverted to Mattala Hiru News en 2015-11-02 100 million dollar annual loss as a result of unloading fuel at Kolonnawa Hiru News en 2015-11-02 SF Reveals about MRs Underground Bunker Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Real estate, port and logistics to see investment boom Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Tom Jones pay tribute to King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Sinai plane crash: Russian airliner broke up in mid-air Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Police arrests Absconded SF LOKKA Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Shah Rukh Khan on His 50th Birthday! Hiru News en 2015-11-02 IGP Pujith and DIG Mathurata at Police Commission Hiru News en 2015-11-02 12 Sluice gates opened at Rajanganaya – Kala oya under threat Hiru News en 2015-11-02 The second teaser of Shah Rukh Khan’s next film, Fan released on the eve of his Birthday Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Turkey election: Ruling AKP regains majority Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Mahiyangana Rajamaha temple have been robbed of 8 lakhs Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Sonny Bill Williams given new Rugby World Cup medal after he gave his to fan Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Suspect in Maldives Boat Blast Arrested In Sri Lanka with a Girl Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Kondayas brother Saman Jayalath further remanded Hiru News en 2015-11-02 This Stray Dog Found A Newborn Baby On the Street, What The Dog Did Was SHOCKING! Hiru News en 2015-11-02 ISIS Seizes City of Mheen in Central Syria Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Rs.17 Billon auction of treasury bills Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Karapitiya hospital staff’s body found in a drain Hiru News en 2015-11-02 JVP Supremo Anura Kumara in hospital Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Sinai crash: first bodies arrive in Russia as officials say plane broke up in air Hiru News en 2015-11-02 I think I am number one: Cristiano Ronald Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Update: Prime Minister also appoints a committee to investigate police attack on HNDA students Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Former MP’s given one more month to hand over their official residences Hiru News en 2015-11-02 President begins bilateral discussions with Thai Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-11-02 New Zealands Dan Carter named World Rugby player of year Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Australia drops Knight and dame titles Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Police permitted to detain and question the main suspect of Karate Wasantha murder, SF Lokka Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Houses for Meeriyabadda victims by next January Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Woman who entrapped her father in a kennel granted bail Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Russian Egypt crash airline blames external factors Hiru News en 2015-11-02 Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayaka states that the tax system should be revamped Hiru News en 2015-11-03 75 persons including Prez. and PM issued notices with regard to a tender Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Divi Naguma also linked to kidney disease; A revelation from Minister Champika Ranawaka Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Educational reforms within a month Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Warne, Tendulkar land in New York for All Stars matches Hiru News en 2015-11-03 It is the police that entice the people to crimes; Charges from a mother of a youth alleged to have been subjected to a police assault Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Russia warplanes bomb IS positions in Palmyra Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Sinai plane crash: External influence caused crash Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Srinivasan likely to lose ICC chairmanship Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Olivia Newton-John films video with impersonators while she searches for one Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Man struck by lightning in Kegalle Hiru News en 2015-11-03 China launches homemade C-919 jet Hiru News en 2015-11-03 1st ODI, Post Match Press Conference: TM Dilshan Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Heart stopping moment three-year-old boy is run over by a 4X4 as he plays in a car park - and SURVIVES Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Yet another Deadly accident at Horana – CCTV Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Deepika Padukone says she is now ready to work in Hollywood Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Nigerias Boko Haram reveals rocket-making factory Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Another Two Shot dead in Elpitiya Hiru News en 2015-11-03 2,000 Facebook Complaints within 9 months Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Child abuse suspect priest remanded until Nov. 13