Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Instant justice: Watch as fleeing shoplifter on the run shatters glass door with her HEAD Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Janaka Bandara Tennakoon re-remanded Hiru News en 2015-11-03 IUSF protest: Police obtains two enjoining orders to stop Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Windies skipper banned for go-slow Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Six People Charged For Nadarajah Raviraj Murder Case Hiru News en 2015-11-03 James Taylor puts England in good position Hiru News en 2015-11-03 SL willing to have joint patrolling with India Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Update: Three army soldiers electrocuted Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Tense situation in parliament Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Heavy Traffic At Nugegoda Due To IUSF Protest March Hiru News en 2015-11-03 New Zealand Take Aim at 30-Year Drought Against Untested Aussies Hiru News en 2015-11-03 New Star Trek TV series to premiere in 2017 Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Porn Bust: Police Raid Computer Shop, Seize 118 Videos Hiru News en 2015-11-03 IS Sinai jet claims propaganda Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Sri Lanka taxes to go online Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Pakistan Shaheen Air plane crash landing injures 10 Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Inter University Students Federation to Colombo in a protest march Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Eron Ranasingha alias SF Lokka remanded till November 9th Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Wimal Weerawansa writes to the President Hiru News en 2015-11-03 Protest in Parliament against police attack on HNDA students Hiru News en 2015-11-04 A successful surgery carried out in Peradeniya for removing 2 iron rods from a body Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Government gets ready to slash public service salary and pension; Accusations from Lal Kantha Hiru News en 2015-11-04 No proper reply from higher education authorities; Says University Students Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Police remembers Lalith and Kugan after 4 years Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Venerable Maduluwave Sobitha Thera rushed to a Singapore hospital Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Licensed Police Gangster hinders Journalists Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Constitutional Committee to meet today Hiru News en 2015-11-04 A prefect severely beats a student Hiru News en 2015-11-04 A father protests against his sons school admission being rejected Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Three identity cards issued to a single person within 11 months Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Sinai crash: Russia plane flight recorders to be examined Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Ban on badminton lifted Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Samuels to lead West Indies - Chandimal returns for Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-11-04 South African national taken into custody in Tangalle Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Sluice gates at Inginimitiyawa water reserve to be opened Hiru News en 2015-11-04 A protest staged at Hiniduma requesting to repair a road Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Former navy commander to report to PRECIFAC today Hiru News en 2015-11-04 A man sits opposite foreign employment Bureau pleading to bring back his wife Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Police Arrest a thief utilizing GPS Technology with the Help of a Chinese Couple Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Mother attempts to kill her child by pushing him to the train Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Shoib Malik retires from Test Cricket Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Jaffna lawyers tell Justice Minister to expedite releasing Tamil prisoners Hiru News en 2015-11-04 David Cameron warned against Syria vote by Commons committee Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Police apprehend a teenager with an axe in his possession Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Magistrate allows CID to detain Pillayan till Dec 10 Hiru News en 2015-11-04 SLTA marks 100th anniversary, gears up for international stage Hiru News en 2015-11-04 32 more MP’s appointed to COPE, state accounts and public enterprises committees Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Is it Sri lanka police or Mahinda Rajapaksa’s police; Questions Puravasi Balaya Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Nepal bus crash kills 30 people Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Government does not take up the responsibility of the assault on HNDA students Hiru News en 2015-11-04 CID extends detention order on Pillayan till December 10th Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Separate Court to deal LTTE suspects Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Taiwan and China to hold historic summit in Singapore Hiru News en 2015-11-04 The airport has handled 90 lakhs passengers Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Todays pitch favorable for bowlers Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Windies to bat first against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Update: Kumar Gunarathnam Remanded until November 18 Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Russian cargo plane crashes shortly after take-off in South Sudan killing 40 people – just days after Metrojet disaster in Egypt Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Mother arrested for selling 29-day-old infant for Rs.20 thousand Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Update: 17 year old student who was relased from Kotadeniyawa murder demands 10M rupees as compensation from police Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Maldives declares 30-day state of emergency Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Police boarded the Avant Gaurd vessel to make an impression; Says Minister of Law and order Hiru News en 2015-11-04 Higher Education Minister is lying, charge HNDA students after meeting with the committee appointed by the Minister Hiru News en 2015-11-05 SL beats WI by 8 wickets Hiru News en 2015-11-05 A Mother Commits Suicide Due to Unbearable Torture Hiru News en 2015-11-05 A police officer nabbed while taking a 1 million rupee bribe Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Neil Diamond Rocks Adelaide Australia Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Sinai plane crash: Bomb may have downed airliner, US and UK say Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Deadly Squirrel claims three Army Soldiers Lives Hiru News en 2015-11-05 President meets Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand Hiru News en 2015-11-05 PM to make Statement on Economic Policies today Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Former President reveals the common enemy Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Coordinating Unit to curb Financial Scams in Provincial Councils Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Another Sri Lankan woman commits suicide at Kuwait Hiru News en 2015-11-05 20 hospitalized after bus topples in Ampara Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Motorcyclist shot dead in Seeduwa Muthuwadiya Bridge Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Maldives arrests Sri Lankan sniper after weapons bust Hiru News en 2015-11-05 PC member Anura Widanagamage summoned to PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Jewellery Shop Robbery captured by security camera in Hanwella -CCTV Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Soma Edirisinghe Passes Away Hiru News en 2015-11-05 India bat, Rohit and Morkel miss out Hiru News en 2015-11-05 One arrested with a foreign made live pressure bomb in Puttalam Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Wimal to join Somawansa at the elections Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Watch: Ranbir, Deepikas Publicity Ka Tamasha! Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Cabinet paper to Elevate HNDA to Degree Status Tabled Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal faces disciplinary action for criticising ICC Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Thousands of people protest the government for a 2nd night in Romania Hiru News en 2015-11-05 A dissected Lower body part of a woman found from an atoll in Kalpitiya Hiru News en 2015-11-05 USA-Lanka bilateral Economic ties to be boosted Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Man hurls footwear at former national security adviser Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Cop urinates on another Cops face Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Heavy Traffic from Borella to Maradana Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Attack on private bus driver triggers bus strike in Aluthgama Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Badree out of Sri Lanka T20s with dengue fever Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Maldives faces international pressure to lift emergency Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Two more remanded in connection with Karate Wasantha’s murder Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Possible Bomb Fear: British shutdown Sharm el-Sheikh flights, affects 20,000 citizens Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Update: The Prime Minister ready to take even unpopular decisions for the betterment of the country Hiru News en 2015-11-05 A complaint against Doughlas Devananda Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Daniel Carter named World Rugby Player of the Year 2015 Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Actor and socialite Prabhu Lakshman dies of heart attack Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Lanka Tiles celebrates the 1st anniversary of its Tilers’ Club Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Hameedia hosts opening event for the International Film Festival of Colombo Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Hirdaramani’s H ONE wins Microsoft’s Top Cloud Partner award for the third consecutive year Hiru News en 2015-11-05 A group of joint opposition including Dinesh Gunawardana walk out from Parliament chambers Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Give Kumar Gunarathnam 5 passports Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Wimal Weerawansa asks JVP to hand over the position of Chief Opposition Whip to a child Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Russia Urges caution on jet crash cause Hiru News en 2015-11-05 Eagles Postpone Kennedy Center Honor Until 2016 Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Legal action against Gammanpila of the Joint Opposition Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Pressure on Minister Thilak Marapana who had appeared on behalf of Avant Gaurd to resign Hiru News en 2015-11-06 110 Ex-LTTE carders to be set free - Sambandan Hiru News en 2015-11-06 2 who travelled in a 3 wheeler killed in an accident in Ehaliyagoda : Another 2 in critical condition Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Six High-Ranking Officers Fired from Sathosa Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Thundershowers in several provinces Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Sri Lanka is in technology exchange with 16 countries (Images) Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Russian plane crash: Curbs on Sharm el-Sheikh travel widen Hiru News en 2015-11-06 France to deploy largest warship in mission against IS Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Provincial Council Limits; 5 member committee appointed Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Misbah-ul-Haq Looks to Pakistans Bigger Challenges Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Elton John to meet Vladimir Putin in Moscow Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Mother and daughter ingest poison at Balangoda Temple - CCTV Hiru News en 2015-11-06 T20: Sachins Blasters vs. Warnes Warriors in the US Hiru News en 2015-11-06 UN working group to visit SL Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Gambled behind a Buddha statue - 4 arrested Hiru News en 2015-11-06 First paba, now damitha, who is next? Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Over 20 injured in Pollonnaruwa bus accident Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Ex-Navy Chief Admiral Jayantha Perera at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Police officer killed in fatal motorbike accident Hiru News en 2015-11-06 SL Navy files criminal case against 10 Indian fishermen Hiru News en 2015-11-06 An Illicit Liquor Brewery Raided in Seeduwa Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Another three sentenced to death (Images) Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Kasala Tea: Commits the same crime after a year – Photos Hiru News en 2015-11-06 NASA Recruiting Astronauts In Preparation for Eventual Trip to Mars Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Russian President Vladimir Putin Tops Forbes 2015 Ranking Of The Worlds Most Powerful People Hiru News en 2015-11-06 SL aims to reduce budget deficit to 3.5 percent of GDP Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Cabinet erupts over Avant Garde; Special meeting convened Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Germany to speed up asylum process Hiru News en 2015-11-06 An unusual board chaired by 2 persons Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Prime Ministers bitter pill is dangerous; Says G L Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Action to be taken within a week regarding drunken DIG Hiru News en 2015-11-06 To whom does the live ammunition found in the Kaduwela courts belong? Hiru News en 2015-11-06 DIG U.K. Dissanayake further remanded Hiru News en 2015-11-06 A wife dies in an attack by the husband with a cinnamon pole Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Special Cabinet meeting on Avant Garde on Wednesday Hiru News en 2015-11-06 PM calls a report over Microphone disconnection incident Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Pegasus Reef Hotel hosts annual Christmas cake-mixing event Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Dipsomaniac Husband Kills Wife over Denim Trouser - Photos Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Degree status given to HNDA; Positive Move by government Hiru News en 2015-11-06 ET screenwriter Melissa Mathison dies at 65 Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Fashion Bug donates cardiac equipment to Bandarawela District Hospital Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Egyptian airport security under scrutiny as bomb suspicions mount Hiru News en 2015-11-06 PM calls for a report from Parliament secretary general after his microphone malfunctioned Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Wijedasa Rajapaksa clashes with Sarath Fonseka demanding 500 million rupees Hiru News en 2015-11-06 The government says the matter concerning Kumar Gunarathnam is immaterial Hiru News en 2015-11-06 A special cabinet meeting has been scheduled to decide on Avant Guard’s plight Hiru News en 2015-11-06 Johnson & Starc make Kiwis struggle Hiru News en 2015-11-07 National Police commission seeks public support to determine the truth about the HNDA incident Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Karate Wasantha’s family asks , Who is the hero and who is the villain? Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Deputy Minister Lakshman Wasantha Perera ridiculed Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Fonseka questions, How can Wijedasa Rajapakse tame me when even Mahinda Rajapakse failed Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha thero in critical condition Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Protests in Taiwan as Ma leaves for meet with Xi jing Ping Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Government reveals its stance on Avant Gaurd Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Indian influence over defence related activities Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Gotabaya makes statement to a news paper relating to JVP providing information about the deportation of Gunarathnam Hiru News en 2015-11-07 New laws against water polluters Hiru News en 2015-11-07 U.S. says to seek airport security enhancements overseas after Egypt crash Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Tourism to become main exchange earner Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Heavy showers tonight Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Avant Gaurd divides Good Governance;Fonseka is a rogue; says Wijedasa - Wijedasa is a rogue; says Fonseka Hiru News en 2015-11-07 Kumar Gunarathnam was active within the JVP; Somawansa reveals for the first time Hiru News en 2015-11-07 60% of the monks suffer from diabetes and paralysis Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Update: Remain to be kept at the Kotte Naga Viharaya from tomorrow morning. Hiru News en 2015-11-08 An internal conflict in the Government of good governance Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Heavy Showers Island wide; sea areas will be rough and dangerous Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Anura Kumara repeatedly called me to arrest Kumar Gunarathnam – says GOTA Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Myanmar votes in first contested election in 25 years Hiru News en 2015-11-08 IFAD funds to revitalize Sri Lankas small tea and rubber plantations Hiru News en 2015-11-08 SL win via D/L to sweep series 3-0 Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Lord of the Rings voted best movie soundtrack Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Foreign Ministry summons Maldives ambassador Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Water levels of 73 reservoirs increased Hiru News en 2015-11-08 I will quit the government if it goes astray – Nimal Siripala Hiru News en 2015-11-08 A group of detainees engage in a protest again Hiru News en 2015-11-08 U.S. Extends Condolences on the demise of Venerable Madhuluwawe Sobitha Thero Hiru News en 2015-11-08 A lieutenant commits suicide Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Depression moving towards Bay of Bengal Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Sri lanka forbid Tamil Nadu Thawuheed Jamaath preacher Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Chinas imports fall 19% on waning demand Hiru News en 2015-11-08 India Prime Minister suffers election setback Hiru News en 2015-11-08 Brisbane rain holds up hosts victory charge Hiru News en 2015-11-09 The remains of Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha thero lie in state for public homage from 8 am today Hiru News en 2015-11-09 An emergency cabinet meeting today Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Prisoners with death sentence demand leniency Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Implement Geneva Resolutions, TNA tells Government Hiru News en 2015-11-09 SL to release 126 Indian fishermen Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Showery and turbulent conditions dangerous for fishing community –Met Dept. Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Private buses in the South on strike Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Myanmar awaits results of landmark election Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Update: SL Vs Windies T-20 match re-scheduled Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Pakistan Commerce Minister Khurram to arrive Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Hair Art 2015 Celebrates a Decade of The Ramani Fernando Sunsilk Hair and Beauty Academy Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Beleaguered Law and Order Minister Thilak Marapana resigns Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Ex-Navy Chief Admiral Jayanath Kolombage to PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Ex-Minister Jagath Pushpakumara arrives at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Anuradhapura Night Club owner’s Murder Suspects further Remanded Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Special Traffic Plan opposite Kotte Nagaviharaya Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Sunil Narine reported for suspect bowling action against Sri Lanka in 3rd ODI Hiru News en 2015-11-09 A demonstration against TNA MP Sumanthiran in Australia Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Six-year-old killed in accident; Father arrested Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Four nabbed in Maharagama Brothel raid Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Southern Province Private buses on Strike Hiru News en 2015-11-09 2nd T -20 advanced to 11th of November Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Major disturbance and fires at Christmas Island detention centre Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Rs. 20 Billlion Auction of Treasury Bills Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Bangladesh boy killings: Six sentenced to death Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Bus strike in Southern Province to continue Hiru News en 2015-11-09 GOTA should be questioned, as he is not above the Law – MP Anura Kumara Hiru News en 2015-11-09 CM Vigneswaran to meet President Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Tea Board to purchase auction tea until price stabilized Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Emergency cabinet meeting on Avant-Garde convened Hiru News en 2015-11-09 MOBILE MARKETING -DUE TO EVOLUTION OF MOBILE PHONES AND EMERGENCE OF THE SMART ONE Hiru News en 2015-11-09 We should continue the struggle launched by the late Thera – Range Bandara Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Myanmar elections: Victorious Suu Kyis supporters erupt in song Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Mitchell Starc fined for throwing ball at New Zealand tail ender during first Test Hiru News en 2015-11-09 One Killed in Panadura Lift mishap Hiru News en 2015-11-09 India to appoint first transgender police sub-inspector - Images Hiru News en 2015-11-09 US and Israel leaders to hold first post-Iran deal meeting Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Spectre Tops North American Box Office Hiru News en 2015-11-09 The report on police attack on HNDA students submitted to the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Government staging a drama; says Wigneshwaran Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Puravasi Balaya Charges, The Attorney General should resign Hiru News en 2015-11-09 Large crowds gather at Kotte Naaga Viharaya to pay last respects to the late Sobitha thero Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Hearing On Sil-redi Case Fixed For February 12th Hiru News en 2015-11-10 JVP opposes PMs new Proposal Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Vendors with NO Price list in trouble Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Udaya Gammapila’s wife gives statement at Police SIU Hiru News en 2015-11-10 No to Naagadeepa – Yes to Nainathiv Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Deepavali Signifies Victory of righteousness Over Malevolence - President Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Large crowds gather at Kotte Sri Naaga Viharaya to pay last respects to the late Venerable Sobhitha Thera Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Welikada insurgence inspection is at standstill Hiru News en 2015-11-10 HNDA Student assault report to be submitted to PM next week Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Thilak Maarapana should resign from the MP post Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Blue Mountain Group launches new corporate communications campaign Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Government misled us in releasing the political prisoners - Addaikalanathan Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Come find Life in all its fullness Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Sri Lanka releases 126 Tamil Nadu fishermen Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Myanmar election: Aung San Suu Kyis opposition NLD wins early seats Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Bermuda Triangle of Mississippi swallows up dozens of cars Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Athletics doping: Wada commission wants Russia ban Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Sri Lanka bat out West Indies in the 1st T20 match Hiru News en 2015-11-10 I see The Batsman Take Responsibility up the Order – Angelo Mathews Hiru News en 2015-11-10 HP Incorporated Splits Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Christmas Island Migrant Centre under control Hiru News en 2015-11-10 It’s Just a Cold-War within the Government - Somawansa Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Sobitha theros legacy to be included in the school syllabus Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Saudi Arabia to tap global bond markets as oil fall hits finances Hiru News en 2015-11-10 PM Patronizes to Implement Geneva Proposals Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Myanmar polls were not free but fair; says Aung San Suu Kyi Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Ministry of Defense senior assistant secretary transferred Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Wild elephant kills man behind his residence Hiru News en 2015-11-10 NMRPP Urge President to Release Political Prisoners Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Indonesia plans to use crocodiles to guard death row drug convicts Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Sachithra Senanayake, Milinda Siriwardana Bowl Sri Lanka to Victory over West Indies Hiru News en 2015-11-10 President to Patronize Avant Garde meeting tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Pak-Lanka Bilateral Trade ties to be boosted Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Two burglars nabbed in Kandy Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Boko Haram: State of emergency declared around Lake Chad Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Protest in Mannar to Release Political Prisoners Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Sri Lanka Deeply concerned over situation in Maldives Hiru News en 2015-11-10 12 Digit new National Identity Card (NIC) from 1st January Hiru News en 2015-11-10 People’s Bank joins customers in Celebrating Deepavali Hiru News en 2015-11-10 John Lennons Stolen Guitar Fetches $2.4m at Auction Hiru News en 2015-11-10 31 Tamil detainees including LTTE suspects to be given bail tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-11-10 UN committee on enforced disappearances question about Lalith and Kugan for several hours Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Electronic meters to be used to charge parking fees in Colombo Hiru News en 2015-11-10 Anura Kumara inspects the world market Hiru News en 2015-11-10 SLC to refuse NOCs to 16 players for BPL Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Residents protest over delay in road repair Hiru News en 2015-11-11 A nephew who runs a brothel house on a deal with his aunt Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Vigneshwaran to meet the president tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Front liners write to Prime Minister regarding Kumar Gunarathnam Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Love Can Kill: Navy personnel kills girlfriend & commits suicide Hiru News en 2015-11-11 A decisive discussion about Avant-Garde today as well Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Nagadeepa name will not be changed - Minister Faizer Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Afghan killings: Thousands protest over murdered Hazaras Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Marapana to be replaced by Sagala Rathnayake Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Sri Lanka vs West Indies 2nd T20 Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Two brothers killed in Hambantota accident Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Nothing to be amazed in such a world; 10 year old girl raped by Father Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Thirty-two former LTTE inmates remanded Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Government should take responsibility of ETF and EPF Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Two Foreign Currency smugglers arrested at BIA Hiru News en 2015-11-11 A young woman’s intervention into a gay couple life kills one Hiru News en 2015-11-11 A body found at Parakrama Samudra Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Sagala Ratnayake sworn in as Minister of Law and Order Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Janaka Bandara further remanded Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Two children are deprived of being admitted to a school Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Katana Rose Leave the weapon at the scene and escaped – Residents Hiru News en 2015-11-11 No fly zone declared over Dondra over a 48 hour period Hiru News en 2015-11-11 PM’s committee ask HNDA students to voice opinions on differences between the 2 governments Hiru News en 2015-11-11 The joint Opposition says the government is fast deteriorating Hiru News en 2015-11-11 China Singles Day sales near $4bn in first hour Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Mahinda Rajapakse to be summoned to the courts? Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Myanmars Suu Kyi wins seat, demands military meeting Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Casino King James Packer is Replaced with George Soros – Anura Kumara Hiru News en 2015-11-11 A new market for gem business Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Phil Simmons: West Indies reinstate coach after he apologizes Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Update: An explosion at a private bank in Kakirawa Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Three Day Dengue Prevention Programme Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Call for Application from young film and video makers Hiru News en 2015-11-11 EU to visit Sri Lanka and decide on fishery ban Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Update: A motion moved to release 31 LTTE suspects Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Front Line party complains to police head quarters about Gotabayas involvement in Gunarathnams abduction Hiru News en 2015-11-11 ISIL siege of Aleppo airbase broken by Syrian army Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Vedalam (Vedhalam) opening day box office collection: Ajiths film beats Kaththi, Lingaa on first day Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid: How the New Class Ruled Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Hiru News en 2015-11-12 17-year-old Schoolgirl boxer dies after blow Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Update: Avant gaurd agreements abolished on Presidents instructions Hiru News en 2015-11-12 SL Vs Windies: Second match interrupted due to rain Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Heavy rains claim 19 lives in Tamil Nadu Hiru News en 2015-11-12 A voucher instead of uniforms to school children Hiru News en 2015-11-11 Younis Khan Announces Retirement From One-day Internationals Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Update: The Nation bids farewell to Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha thero today Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Government to Prioritize Resettlement of IDPs - President Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Private Sector Salary Increment Proposal to AG Hiru News en 2015-11-12 First win on tour helps West Indies level T20 series Hiru News en 2015-11-12 New passenger boat service to be introduced Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Myanmar leader congratulates Suu Kyi Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Northern line Train services disrupted Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Mervin Silva Either My-way or the High-way! Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Fisheries Sector Dilemmas to be Inquired Prior to the Budget Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Alumex opens flagship ‘LUMIN Concepts’ store in Nawala Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Attempt to kidnap a child to sacrifice in a treasure hunt foiled Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Fake Police Gang arrested in Gampola Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Moragahakandha a failure Project - Anura Kumara Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Suspicion incurs chaos Hiru News en 2015-11-12 A part of the Kahatadandupitiya river bund broken Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Fire Breaks Out at Building in Chilaw Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Misfired treasure hunt Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Russian president wants doping investigation Hiru News en 2015-11-12 The Dangerous cracked Road Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Andy White, early Beatles drummer, dies aged 85 Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Bulldog skateboards through legs of 30 people to break Guinness World Record Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Bus driver arrested over death of student Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Altered serial numbers on the 43 firearms found on Avant Garde Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Kumaran Pathmanathans Case Postponed Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Pakistan seeks to diversify trade to deepen bilateral cooperation with SL Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Kekirawa Bank Intruder a Wanted and Missing thief for Dambulla Bank Robbery Hiru News en 2015-11-12 UN Committee to probe Enforced Disappearances visits Mannar Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Issues in the decision of vetoing the Avant Garde agreement Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Liquor tax profit increased Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Sports act to be amended – Dayasiri Jayasekara Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Indian PM Modi due to arrive in the UK for a three-day visit Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Incredible video shows wind heaving forest floor like breathing giant Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Chairman of PCB criticizes Younis Khans retirement decision Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Billionaire buys 7-year-old daughter Blue Moon diamond for record $48m Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Public Advised Avoid Contact with Space Debris Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Galle Literary Festival 2016 generates more than 4 million dollars Hiru News en 2015-11-12 New details about the fight to save John Lennon’s life sparks row Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Spectre record for largest film stunt explosion Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Parking Meters for Colombo Hiru News en 2015-11-12 A 12-Year-Old Girl ‘Raped for 43,000 times’ in 4 years - VIDEO Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Myanmar election: Military will co-operate with new government Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Kurds launch offensive to take Sinjar from ISIS Hiru News en 2015-11-12 President pledges before the remains of Venerable Sobitha thero to take every possible action to abolish the Executive Presidency Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Chief Minister of the Northern province requests amnesty for LTTE suspects Hiru News en 2015-11-12 Teacher unions object to giving vouchers for the purchase of school uniforms Hiru News en 2015-11-12 The court, not the Minister, has power to give a verdict on the Avant Guard issue;Reiterates Joint cabinet spokesperson Rajitha Senarathna Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Special circular on sugar use issued Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Will the vehicle prices be hiked? Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Mass scale fuel racket raided by the police Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Mother pleads for the childs security Hiru News en 2015-11-13 SL poised for arrival of space debris; No Fly Zone Declared Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Instruction from Prime Minister to set up a police university Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Harthal in eight districts in the North and East Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Somawansa and Weerawansa reunited Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Individual found dead with stab injuries Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Postal union announces sick note campaign Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Services along the Northern Line Restored to Order Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Suicide bombers kill dozens in Beirut Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Stock market slumped Hiru News en 2015-11-13 AB de Villiers to enter 100-Test club in Bangalore Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Prime Minister off to Singapore Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Rainy weather prevails Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Four Treasure Hunters Arrested Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Stolen 30,000 tinned fish confiscated Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Notice Issued On MR to Appear In Commercial High Court Hiru News en 2015-11-13 17 ISIS-Linked Suspects Held in Europe-Wide Sweep Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Jihadi John Believed Killed in US Drone Strike - VIDEO Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Crocodile Snatches Away a Woman while bathing Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Inhumanely transported 40 heifers in 3 Lorries nabbed Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Myanmar election: Suu Kyis NLD wins landslide victory Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Roving chunk of space junk plunging back to Earth Hiru News en 2015-11-13 3 days, 27 deals: India most open, says PM Narendra Modi in UK Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Postal services crippled due to workers strike Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Update: Space object ‘WT1190F’ NOT sighted near Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-11-13 SL Navy begins Transfer of Avant Garde weapons Hiru News en 2015-11-13 3 persons injured and 5 vehicles damaged due to a fallen tree - Images Hiru News en 2015-11-13 AB de Villiers Warns Virat Kohli Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Volkswagen sets emissions scandal amnesty deadline Hiru News en 2015-11-13 update: Court summons JVP over Wijeweeras books Hiru News en 2015-11-13 John Lennon book wins Goldsmiths Prize Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Shops closed in Jaffna, Kilinochci and Baticalo due to Harthal Hiru News en 2015-11-13 We need Justice for Kumar Gunaratnam – Pubudu Jagoda Hiru News en 2015-11-13 LTTE suspects; can’t consider as Full-fledge release Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Ronaldo admits being casanova Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Customs officers re-remanded over Rs. 125m bribe Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Rainy weather prevails Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Justin Bieber: I Had Tears in My Eyes Watching Amy Winehouse Doc Hiru News en 2015-11-13 Daily routines disrupted in the North and East due to Harthal Hiru News en 2015-11-13 UPFA disputed over the Local Government polls Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Over 150 killed in Paris Terror attacks Hiru News en 2015-11-14 SL Navy assists the repatriation of 126 Indian fishermen Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Japan earthquake triggers Small Tsunami Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Contact numbers for Sri Lankans who need assistance in Paris Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Severe punishments for those engaged in misuse donations Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Police receive call on an unusual light in the skies near Maduru-Oya Tank Hiru News en 2015-11-14 ‘Bloehmendal Pathum’ arrested Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Weapons aboard Avant Garde vessel stored at Southern Naval Headquarters Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Turbulence in Bay of Bengal converts in to a low pressure zone Hiru News en 2015-11-14 ISIS launched War against France - Francois Hollande Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Govt keen on clinching Free Trade Agreement with US Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Cricket world saddened; Mahela Jayewardene expresses shock at Paris Bloodbath Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Lal kantha says that he is with the JVP and not with the Wansha faction Hiru News en 2015-11-14 Many reservoirs and lakes spill over due to incessant showers; Heavy rains tonight as well Hiru News en 2015-11-14 A question with regard to the transparency of the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances Hiru News en 2015-11-14 ISIS claims responsibility for Paris Terror attacks Hiru News en 2015-11-14 President encourages people to be physically and mentally healthy Hiru News en 2015-11-15 Medical Units concerned over the treatment given to late Venerable Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera Hiru News en 2015-11-15 French high-speed train derails near Strasbourg Hiru News en 2015-11-15 Low pressure zone still near Sri Lanka; Showers across the country today as well - 25,000 affected by Inclement Weather Hiru News en 2015-11-15 Another Sri Lankan Woman who died in Kuwait found to have been killed Hiru News en 2015-11-15 Good governance no more; Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva Hiru News en 2015-11-15 79,000 in 9 districts affected by inclement weather; 22 Tanks overflow Hiru News en 2015-11-15 Police Financial Crimes Division investigates irregularities in importing tires Hiru News en 2015-11-15 Circular recognizing HNDA as an alternate qualification for Commerce Degree to be issued next week Hiru News en 2015-11-15 One person stabbed to death at a musical show in Awissawella Hiru News en 2015-11-15 President to Malta on the 26th Hiru News en 2015-11-15 Syrian President blames France for Paris attacks Hiru News en 2015-11-15 One person dies in fire at a shop in Kanduruwela Hiru News en 2015-11-15 13 Officials of 6 State Institutions ordered to be removed Hiru News en 2015-11-15 North under water after heavy rains; Seas also turn rough Hiru News en 2015-11-15 Rajitha Launches Fresh Bombardment at Avant-Garde Hiru News en 2015-11-16 4 LTTE suspects on fast admitted to hospital Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Update: 135 thousand people affected by inclement weather Hiru News en 2015-11-16 2 policemen who consumed alcohol while on duty suspended Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Avant-Garde chairman summoned to PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2015-11-16 SL Maid Subjected to Assault in Saudi Arabia Speaks Out Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Paris attacks: Police seek dangerous Salah Abdeslam Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Fastest recorded ball in Test cricket history: Mitchell Starc bowls 160kph delivery Hiru News en 2015-11-16 2 dead in head-on collision Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Water cut in Colombo on Tuesday Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Seyas Murder suspect further remanded Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Shahid Afridi comes to Umar Akmals aid Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Lankan arrested with foreign currency at Mattala Airport Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Sri Lanka Market Updates Asian stocks down following Paris attack Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Chinese yuan weakens Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Three arrested in connection with assault with a spade Hiru News en 2015-11-16 France launches massive airstrike on Isis stronghold of Raqqa after Paris attack Hiru News en 2015-11-16 25 bodies found after landslide hits east China village Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Why Vouchers replaced School Uniforms? Hiru News en 2015-11-16 4,000 Bribery charges against government officials Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Is the law mum to GOTAs statement? Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Leftist movement request people not to be misled Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Rs. 15 Billion Auction of Treasury Bills Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Update: 8 more LTTE suspects granted bail; Another 100 ready for rehabilitation Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Australia 100/2 Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Bribery Commission Starts Investigation into Avant-Garde Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Wasps attack 15 Estate workers Hiru News en 2015-11-16 CERT to Submit Report on Facebook Statement by SF Lokka Hiru News en 2015-11-16 UNs Ban Ki-moon to visit North Korea, report says Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Adele and Elvis Presley Hold Tight On Top Of UK Charts Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Secret Revealed: Heres why Yuvraj Singh decides to get married to Bollywood actress Hazel Keech Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Army Troops Busy in Rescue & Relief Work in Kilinochchi, Mullaittivu & Wanni Areas Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Dominant Hiru Media Network Exceeds more than One Million Facebook Fans Hiru News en 2015-11-16 The President exposes group capable of toppling the government Hiru News en 2015-11-16 ICC congratulates Ranjan Madugalle for completing triple-century of ODIs Hiru News en 2015-11-16 India continues training for Lankan military Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Paris attacks planned from Syria – says French Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Ganesh Thapa: Ten-year ban for Nepal FA president Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Two foreigners arrested with assortment of narcotics Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Adel Termos: Hero father saved hundreds of lives’ by tackling second suicide bomber in Beirut Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Election Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya appointed as the Chairman of the Independent Election Commission Hiru News en 2015-11-16 FCID to inspect Carlton sports network Hiru News en 2015-11-16 National Security is under threat –MR Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Paris attacks planned from Syria: France PM Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Global stock markets to fall after Paris attacks Hiru News en 2015-11-16 Jayananda Warnaweera suspended for 2 years Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Out of the pan into the fire- rulers, read the mind of the people before the budget Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Two elephants electrocuted in Puttalam Hiru News en 2015-11-17 LTTE detainees to be rehabilitated within next 10 days Hiru News en 2015-11-17 No Harm caused by Merging EPF and ETF Hiru News en 2015-11-17 SLFP Central Committee meets today Hiru News en 2015-11-17 A green light to Sri Lanka from EU for restoring GSP plus and removal of ban on export of fish Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Paris attacks: France will destroy IS – Hollande Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Share market slumped Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Lack of Staff delaying probes: Dilrukshi Dias Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Ven. Sobhitha Thero has been infected with two kinds of bacteria at a hospital Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Rains to be receded from today Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Syrian refugees not welcome in 26 American States Hiru News en 2015-11-17 As Obama visits, Philippine court delays ruling on military deal Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Three Arrested on Drug Distribution Charges Hiru News en 2015-11-17 LTTE suspects temporarily call off hunger strike Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Two nabbed while attempting to sell fake treasure Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Asian shares rally as positive US close, boosts confidence Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Update: Cabinet papers to abolish executive presidency and introduce new electoral system to be presented tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Youth arrested with ganja in Vavuniya Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Australias first Muslim Party aims for senate seats Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Mitchell Johnson retires Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Persuade SL to release Tamil prisoners: Karunanidhi Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Dr. Neville Fernando to sue Prof. Carlo Fonseka Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Rajitha and Champika: On a Contract to Bifurcate the Country Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Widower criticizes Glamour Magazine for awarding Woman of The Year’ to a biological Man Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Dont Jeopardize the Country – G.L. Peiris Hiru News en 2015-11-17 SL Likely to Re-start Port City Project Hiru News en 2015-11-17 3-Year-Old Dies in School after Head gets stuck in Lift Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Delink terror from religion, isolate those who back it: PM Narendra Modi Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Ukrainian killed in head-on collision at Akuressa Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Indian-origin cricketer beheaded in South Africa Hiru News en 2015-11-17 High impacts from globally stronger El Nino Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Hong Kong-China: A growing football rivalry or just politics? Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Police sign MoU with Interpol Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Dual citizenship given to 2000 Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Russia plane crash: Terror act downed A321 over Egypts Sinai Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Minister of digital Infrastructure accuses a ministers son of sneaking into his Ministry premises Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Professor arrested for stealing David Shillingford Paynters paintings Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Kondaya evades police again Hiru News en 2015-11-17 Duminda Dissanayaka reminds Mahinda Rajapakase of his responsibility Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Three Lankans off to America for weight lifting Hiru News en 2015-11-18 President to Present Cabinet Papers on Abolishing Executive Presidency Today Hiru News en 2015-11-18 More than 30 dead in Nigerias Yola city blast Hiru News en 2015-11-18 The upcoming budget a new beginning to Sri Lanka – Ravi Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Jonah Lomu dies - the end for an All Blacks legend Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Two arrested with fake currency notes Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Several expert committees for obtaining views to mete out justice and accountability Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Indications that Singapore will assist with new information system to increase tax revenue Hiru News en 2015-11-18 EU representatives meets fisheries minister Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Appeal from the families of airmen who died in Hokandara air crash Hiru News en 2015-11-18 A’pura visit was apolitical - MR Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Temple Devalagam Act in all three languages Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Naomi Campbell Launching Sexy Lingerie Line Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Native drug called “Math Guli” to be sold seized Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Man hangs himself to death in Matara Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Tanzania gold miners trapped for 41 days underground rescued Hiru News en 2015-11-18 13 Who travelled in a three-wheeler fallen into Kandalama tank Hiru News en 2015-11-18 2 Air France flights diverted due to bomb threats Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Obama meets with PNoy, vows to enhance defense alliance Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Rs. 35 Million Illegal Cigarette Stash Discovered Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Heavy shooting heard north of Paris Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Birthday Boy in the Lock-Up: Kumar Gunaratnam Further Remanded Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Historic Agreement Signed to build LAUGFS LPG Import/Export Terminal at Hambantota Hiru News en 2015-11-18 UPDATE: Cabinet nod for Presidents proposals Hiru News en 2015-11-18 A Saudi Court orders a Sri Lankan woman be stoned to death Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Russia steps up attacks against IS Hiru News en 2015-11-18 CID calls on Auditing officer who discovered RADA corruption Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Lanka should forge FTA with USA - PM Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Exam papers are prepared by humans or robots? Hiru News en 2015-11-18 What Causes The Child Deaths at Karapitiya? Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Students surround Administrative building of Kelaniya Uni Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Maintain the progress continuously – Mahinda Amaraweera Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Heavy traffic in Colombo Fort Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Sri Lanka announce squads for New Zealand tour Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Crowd sings Beatles Hey Jude in tribute to Paris attack victims Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Uncapped Jayasundera picked for NZ Tests Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Prices of ten essential commodities to fall Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Janaka Bandara granted bail Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Executive Presidency to end after Sirisenas term – Mangala Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Milo brings Mothers and Kids together with Mom, Me and My Milo campaign Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Maximum Price Imposed on 6 Essential Goods Hiru News en 2015-11-18 Mangala Admits Marapana is Innocent Hiru News en 2015-11-19 MR to celebrate 70th birthday with religious activities Hiru News en 2015-11-19 A maximum retail prices for 6 essential items including Dhal, potatoes and big onions Hiru News en 2015-11-19 I am the president of everybody - says MR Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Minister Nimals remnants of good governance Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Loud horns banned Hiru News en 2015-11-19 We All Know Who Was Criticized by the PM – Rajitha Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Usain Bolt among nominees for IAAFs World Athlete of the Year award Hiru News en 2015-11-19 The budget is to be presented tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Lightning kills Two Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Damayanthi Jayarathna to PRECIFAC today Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Update: Several houses destroyed in fire at Meethotamulla Hiru News en 2015-11-19 ISIS threatens in new video: After Paris, Washington is next Hiru News en 2015-11-19 All Blacks Captain Richie McCaw retires from rugby Hiru News en 2015-11-19 UNWGEID finds a Secret detention camp In Trinco. Naval Base Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Martin Sheen salutes courage of son Charlie after HIV announcement Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Man hacks a woman with an axe, consumes poison Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Legal action against Garbage Dumpers Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Police chief gives himself ticket after accidentally parking in handicap spot Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Sir Paul McCartney selling Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds rocking horse to raise funds for Alder Hey Hiru News en 2015-11-19 French, Russian Raids in Syria Kill 33 Islamic State Terrorists in 72 Hours Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Wedding bells are on the offing for young popular actress Upeksha Swarnamali Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Suicide bombers, one of them 11, target Nigeria market Hiru News en 2015-11-19 New laws to increase women in LG bodies Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Paris attacks ringleader fate unknown Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Plans to increase the export of cinnamon Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Deputy Prime Minister Of Thailand Calls On President Hiru News en 2015-11-19 SL navy arrests 14 Indian fishermen Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Sri Lanka Treasury bill yields down; 6-month yield down 37 bps Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Somawansa impressed with MR Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Google Live Traffic, now available in SL Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Haduneththi pinpoints Arjunas indiscretion Hiru News en 2015-11-19 A challenge from Bhahu to the united opposition Hiru News en 2015-11-19 U.S. Ambassador to the UN to visit Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-11-19 ITN controversy: PRECIFAC proceedings postponed till tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Egypt-bound plane makes emergency landing in Bulgaria Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Thirteen new ambassadors appointed Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Beijing vows justice as ISIS kills Chinese, Norwegian hostages Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Kandy Mayor Mahendra Ratwatte resigns Hiru News en 2015-11-19 The suspected ringleader of last weeks terrorist attacks in Paris, has been killed Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Petition to medical council requesting an investigation into the death of late Sobitha thero Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Life time sentence to an Indian woman in SL Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Government to decide the nature of the Hybrid Court Hiru News en 2015-11-19 Jvp says the golden era of Maithripala and Ranil ends today Hiru News en 2015-11-19 I dont think govt will scrap Exec. Presidency- MR Hiru News en 2015-11-19 A pistol from a Avant Gaurd vessel missing Hiru News en 2015-11-19 JAT sponsors S. Thomas College Cricket for the 3rd Consecutive Year Hiru News en 2015-11-20 FCID visits CSN yesterday Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Maiden budget of the consensus government presented today Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Parliament: One Day in a week to Question PM Hiru News en 2015-11-20 U.S. official Samantha Power to visit SL Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Paris ringleader killed in raid Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Novak Djokovic joins Roger Federer in ATP semi-finals Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Airborne inspections to find oil in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Watch: Harin Fernando and Gammanpila in angry Clash on Live Hiru TV Programme Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Ex-Bulathsinhala Provincial Council Chairman arrested Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Chennai still a chance to host World T20 Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Israel attacks in Palestine and West Bank kill five Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Rajapaksa Arrives At PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2015-11-20 The Upcountry train back on track Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Flood relief work in full swing in Tamil Nadu Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Bashar al-Assad: ISIS Didnt Start In Syria, Established Under American Supervision In Iraq Hiru News en 2015-11-20 A body of a child who died an untimely death was found in a well Hiru News en 2015-11-20 A youth killed during a clash in Mathara Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Mali hotel attack: 170 hostages seized in Bamako Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Eleven essential consumer items price reduced Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Budget proposes a Controlled price for rice; Tax concessions for foreign investors Hiru News en 2015-11-20 The joint opposition says the budget is incomprehensible Hiru News en 2015-11-20 Provincial councillor complains he was abducted by an MP Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Govt. makes another appeal on behalf of the SL woman ordered to be stoned in Saudi Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Many relief from the budget; Prices of 11 essential goods including Gas, Kerosene and Local Milk Powder reduced Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Didn’t understand the budget Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Jos Buttler century helps England secure Series Victory Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Namibias van Schoor dies after on-field stroke Hiru News en 2015-11-21 China coal mine fire kills more than 20 Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Case filed against Former Deputy Fisheries Minister Sarath Kumara Gunarathna for misusing state funds during Presidential Polls Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Stern action against those who poison wild elephants Hiru News en 2015-11-21 People will give bitter response to the bitter budget; says Frontline Party Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Additional Members appointed for State Accounts, Public Enterprise and Public Petitions Committees Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Update: A risk of curtailing electric car imports to the country Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Paranagama commission blames the UN Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Finance Minister asks private sector to wake up Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Mahinda Rajapaske ready to make a change through an Alliance government Hiru News en 2015-11-21 Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg to take two months paternity leave Hiru News en 2015-11-22 Landslide kills dozens at Myanmar jade mine Hiru News en 2015-11-22 President assures changes that can be felt will be introduced Hiru News en 2015-11-22 Field Marshal says he received the letter of demand for 500 Million Rupees from Minister Wijedasa Hiru News en 2015-11-22 Former UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake hopeful of a Political comeback Hiru News en 2015-11-22 Group breaks in to Beliaththa Hospital and assaults Patient Hiru News en 2015-11-22 8 Organizations and 269 Persons taken off List of those with ties to the LTTE Hiru News en 2015-11-22 Electricity and Telecommunication services to see price increase due to budget Hiru News en 2015-11-22 US Representative to the UN visits Jaffna Hiru News en 2015-11-22 Britain to join airstrikes against ISIS before Christmas Hiru News en 2015-11-22 Liquor prices go up: Ministry of Finance Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Another Unproductive Budget - Mahinda Rajapakse Hiru News en 2015-11-22 Overcoming Fear Most Powerful Tool to Fight ISIS Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Thisara Perera’s Ranpur Riders wins Hiru News en 2015-11-22 90 dead at Kachin jade mine Hiru News en 2015-11-22 Sri Lanka-Qatar trade up 18% Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Foreign trips barred- even after the budget Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Justice Sarath De Abrew indicted for sexual assault Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Belgian police arrest 16 in anti-terror raids Hiru News en 2015-11-23 What makes a halo around the Moon? Hiru News en 2015-11-23 This is how to take advantage from Mattala Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Reportedly Looked Up as Backup Venues for India-Pakistan Series Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Australian national drowns at sea Hiru News en 2015-11-23 President summons special meeting with SLFP MPs Hiru News en 2015-11-23 No buses in the Awissawella –Colombo route Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Update: Four Young Missing novice monks Found Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Samantha Power to meet President today Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Commando Regiment parachutist makes history descending with war dog Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Vijay 59’s D-day has been Announced…… Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Parliament Adjourned for 10 Minutes Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Invisible Power Conspires Behind Avant-Garde – Harin Fernando Hiru News en 2015-11-23 A child dies after choking on an Ugurassa fruit Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Gas prices reduced from today Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Mother abandons her child at the temple Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Thundershowers in several provinces Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Crimea without power after pylons blown up Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Galle Int. Maritime Conference begins today Hiru News en 2015-11-23 University students on protest Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Anuradhapura police chief summoned to the courts Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Rugby captain died after being run over by Police vehicle Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Powers Visit to SL: Gammanpila Explains Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Jeyaraj assassination suspects re-remanded Hiru News en 2015-11-23 G.L Peiris to appear before FCID Hiru News en 2015-11-24 High Court trial for Seya murder suspect Hiru News en 2015-11-23 White washing Avant-Garde incident Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Budget deficit on the rise Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Several Shot at New Orleans Playground during Music Video Shoot Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Sino-Lanka Textile Trade to be boosted Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Contempt Of Court: Upali Kodikara to Be Charged Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Blast at Japans controversial war shrine injures no one Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Join beloved actress Pooja Umashankar on three exciting journeys around the country Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Special Commodity Levy on Potatoes and Big Onions Reduced Hiru News en 2015-11-23 No hike of emission certificates for three-wheelers, motorcycles Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Helicopter crash kills seven in India Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Heavy traffic in Pettah due to protest Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Asian Alliance clinches coveted Asia Insurance Award for ‘Innovation of the year’ Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Mr. Beans Rowan Atkinson gets 65 Second Divorce Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Temple wants machine that scans menstruating women Hiru News en 2015-11-23 Chiyaan Vikram’s next in Kabali’s Territories Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Update: Train Strike By Engine Drivers Called Off Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Growth in the share market Hiru News en 2015-11-24 State Department issues worldwide travel alert for U.S. citizens, cites terror threats Hiru News en 2015-11-24 PM Ranil Wickramasingha says Foreign naval bases will not be allowed in Sri lanka Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Public Property Looters are in this Government Hiru News en 2015-11-24 77 families to safe places due to landslide threat Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Fund Allocation for Education Unclarified Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Oppositions’ SLFP MP’s meet the President Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Surya 24 Movie First Look Out Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Refugees sew lips in Greece-Macedonia border protest Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Ethnic crisis related matters were discussed with Power Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Scientists create malaria-blocking mosquitoes Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Iran leader hosts Putin, says U.S. policies threaten Tehran, Moscow Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Sri Lanka frontrunner to host Indo-Pak series Hiru News en 2015-11-24 India PM Narendra Modi in Singapore Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Dolly Parton releases preview of upcoming TV movie Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Two dead in US Army helicopter crash in South Korea Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Education Minister ready to make a decision on year 5 scholarship examination Hiru News en 2015-11-24 England v UAE: Jason Roy hits 59 as tourists win T20 warm-up Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Iran leader hosts Putin and blames USA’s role Hiru News en 2015-11-24 This is a Budget for Bourgeois Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Probe Senadhipathi’s claims: Rajitha, Patali and Arjuna Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Anti-corruption voice to the bribery commission Hiru News en 2015-11-24 First Lankan ISIS Fighter Joined With 16 Others, Claims Propaganda Magazine Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Kumaratunga: Reconciliation will bridge Tamil-Sinhalese gap Hiru News en 2015-11-24 No Australian combat troops to fight in Middle East Hiru News en 2015-11-24 A herd of wild elephants Invade a Village Hiru News en 2015-11-24 EDULINK Graduates Constructive Contribution to the Society Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Turkish F-16 fighter jets shoots down Russian jet on Syrian border Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Northern white rhino dies, leaving only three alive Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Sri Lanka inflation for October rises to 3.0% under new national consumer index Hiru News en 2015-11-24 An infant’s body found opposite a house Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Canada Border Services Agency are after Hindu Temple Hiru News en 2015-11-24 A leopard has bitten three estate workers Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Met. Dept. caution Public against dangerous Lightening Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Darren Lehmann, Steve Smith Wanted Mitchell Johnson to Play on Hiru News en 2015-11-24 Gas prices reduced from today Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Ex-Prison Commissioner Appointed as Vavuniya District Secretary Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Falling tree kills motorcyclist Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Joint Opposition to move a No-Confidence Motion Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Four Opposition MPs will Crossover - Rajitha Senarathna Hiru News en 2015-11-25 We will not be Pushovers Hiru News en 2015-11-25 We have to Reconsider Certain Taxes in the Budget – Min. Mahinda Samarasekara Hiru News en 2015-11-25 National Security is Under Threat - MR Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Oxford University womens rugby players strip off ahead of Twickenham debut against Cambridge to raise money for charity - Images Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Today is Il Full-moon Poya Day Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Powerful 7.5 quake jolts Peru-Brazil border Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Two young men allegedly planning a crime arrested Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Five Treasure Miners Arrested Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Tanzanias Magufuli scraps Independence Day celebration Hiru News en 2015-11-25 No-confidence motion against Ravi K. Hiru News en 2015-11-25 A new constitutional council to remove Presidential powers Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Putin calls jets downing stab in the back; Turkey says warning ignored Hiru News en 2015-11-25 The student who was kidnapped in Anuradapura found at Negambo beach Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Bell, Anderson, Cook a chance for PSL Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Van collides onto a Light post Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Thundershowers in several provinces Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Sri Lanka maintains policy rates, monetary policy appropriate Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Pro-LTTE posters in Jaffna Uni. premises Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Assistant election commissioners summoned to Colombo Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Update: No confidence motion against the Finance Minister to be handed over tomorrow.No challenge ; says Ravi Karunanayaka Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Confusion on Fund Allocation to Education Hiru News en 2015-11-25 SLFP: Politics of Double Standard Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Revolutionists can defeat a counter revolution – President Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Police to arrest who behaved unruly at Ragama railway station Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Nine new HIV infections every week in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Update: Railway Station Masters Island wide strike called off Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Carol leads Independent Spirit Award nominations Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Canada slows down Syrian refugee intake Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Woman steals a Ring Worth Rs. 100,000 - CCTV Hiru News en 2015-11-25 New Traffic lane law effective from tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-11-25 President appoints special project directors for 3 provinces Hiru News en 2015-11-25 3 drown in a tank in Chiilaw Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Turkey seeks to ease tensions after downing of Russian warplane Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Russias Gazprom halts gas to Ukraine Hiru News en 2015-11-25 ICC to pay seven Full Members $10 million each Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Mockingjay Part 2 books top slot at UK box office Hiru News en 2015-11-25 Another day of disruption to train services Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Chinese and Thai women who sell themselves on Poya day - HIRU CIA Hiru News en 2015-11-26 No confidence motion against Finance Minister to be submitted to the Speaker today Hiru News en 2015-11-26 President leaves for Malta Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Suspect Arrested over Unruly behavior at the Ragama Railway Station Hiru News en 2015-11-26 There is a reproachable opinion about the Government Hiru News en 2015-11-26 The Maha Viru Commemoration in the north paves the way for Elam, says former president Hiru News en 2015-11-26 New Traffic lane law effective from today Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Uppdate: Ex-Defence Secretary GOTA Arrives at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2015-11-26 President wants to re-impose tax on beer Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Vijay 59s first look and its Theri title! Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Turkish jets gave us no warning before shooting – rescued pilot of downed Russian Su-24 Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Low lands inundated due to the over flow of Nilwala river Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Restraining Order Issued Against Unemployed Graduates Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Update: PRECIFAC names respondents of Raknaa Lanka scandal Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Nishantha Ranatunga hands in nomination for SLC elections Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Bank officer who went to claim bank due installment assaulted Hiru News en 2015-11-26 A woman’s body found at a house Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Student commits suicide urging the release of the political prisoners Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Toyota recalls 1.6m more cars over defective airbags Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Tense situation in Parliament over education Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Rs. 12000 million Auction of Treasury Bills Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Merkel vows Germany will do more to fight extremists Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Sri Lanka: permanent residence for investors bringing US$5mn Hiru News en 2015-11-26 SLFP vote indecisive on the budget Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Johnny Cash Honored With CMA Lifetime Achievement Award Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Inflation up by 1.7% Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Two in the same family sentenced to death Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Release of suspects arrested under PTA no threat to National Security Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Parliament HOAX Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Win in NZ will create a huge impact - Mathews Hiru News en 2015-11-26 15 Indian fishermen caught poaching in SL waters Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Time extended suggestions about zones and boundary limits Hiru News en 2015-11-26 A woman sentenced to life for possessing heroin Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Police find body of a missing man Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Turkey releases audio of warning to downed Russia jet Hiru News en 2015-11-26 North and South Korea hold rare talks aimed at improving ties Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Sharif allows India-Pak series to hold in SL Hiru News en 2015-11-26 Sunil Handunnetti appointed COPE Chairman Hiru News en 2015-11-26 SLFP assures no fighting during local government polls Hiru News en 2015-11-26 India and Pakistan Agree to Play Bilateral Cricket Series in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Commonwealth summit begins today; Sri lanka hands over the chairmanship to Malta Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Tamil Nadu CM seeks immediate release of fishermen in Sri Lankan custody Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Only 2 percent allocated for education from the budget; Says Former President Mahinda Rajapakse Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Legal action if functions are held commemorating terrorist groups; Police Hiru News en 2015-11-27 A challenge from the Joint opposition to the speaker Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Russia plans sanctions against Turkey over jet downing Hiru News en 2015-11-27 ICC Appoints women umpires for the first time Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Billy Joel Performs at Madison Square Garden, and condemns Terrorists Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Jagath Pushpakumara appears before the Special Presidential Commission of Inquiry Hiru News en 2015-11-27 10 members of the joint opposition to support the budget Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Tamil Nadu Chief Minister seeks immediate release of fishermen in Sri Lankan custody Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Schools in the North closed on the directive of Provincial education Minister Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Injunction on IUSF protest march Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Update: Vaas Gunawardana, his son and 4 others sentenced to death Hiru News en 2015-11-27 Bribery Commission sues Johnston Fernando Hiru News en 2015-11-27 No confidence motion against the Minister Of finance handed to the Speaker Hiru News en 2015-11-28 CID obtains statement from Minister Rajitha Hiru News en 2015-11-28 Investigations in to RADA files which were misplaced Hiru News en 2015-11-28 Tri Forces stand ready to safeguard Law and Order Hiru News en 2015-11-28 Appeal on behalf of Vass Gunawardana who was sentenced to death Hiru News en 2015-11-28 5 Persons arrested with 6 Hand Grenades Hiru News en 2015-11-28 Turkey warns Russia, not to play with fire Hiru News en 2015-11-28 Siyams father withdraws statement that Vass was innocent Hiru News en 2015-11-28 President meets British PM during Commonwealth Sessions; Britain offers financial aid worth 6.6 Million Pounds to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-11-28 No need of protests; We are willing to discuss - Government tells University Students Hiru News en 2015-11-28 Raids from today onwards to nab shops engaged in unfair trade during festive season Hiru News en 2015-11-28 A father and son killed following a vehicular accident in Rathnapura Hiru News en 2015-11-28 Unidentified gunmen attack UN base in northern Mali Hiru News en 2015-11-28 Foreign Minister signs agreement for creation of Commonwealth Trade Finance Fund for Small States Hiru News en 2015-11-28 Billy Joel Helps Prevent New York Schools From Closing Down Hiru News en 2015-11-28 SL Cricket shows support to Shashank Manohars comments hitting out at Big 3 Bully’s Hiru News en 2015-11-28 Sri Lanka will continue to assist France in the fight against terrorism Hiru News en 2015-11-28 The joint opposition not satisfied with the representation of the COPE and Public accounts committee Hiru News en 2015-11-28 SL ambassador in Saudi says optimum measures will be taken to save the life of woman who was ordered to be stoned to death Hiru News en 2015-11-29 President leaves for France today Hiru News en 2015-11-29 Railway Passengers banned from travelling on foot board from 1st December Hiru News en 2015-11-29 Minister Rajitha gives statement to CID on Avant Garde Hiru News en 2015-11-29 Taxes imposed on fisheries equipment through budget, reduced Hiru News en 2015-11-29 Indian Army chief to Sri Lanka today Hiru News en 2015-11-29 Russia announces sanctions against Turkey for downing Jet Hiru News en 2015-11-29 A body found floating in the Castlereigh Reservoir Hiru News en 2015-11-29 My Husband is innocent, will file an Appeal; Wife of Former DIG Vass who was sentenced to death says Hiru News en 2015-11-29 UN Human Rights Commissioner to Sri Lanka next year Hiru News en 2015-11-29 Former President Chandrika also to get the same pension as Mahinda Hiru News en 2015-11-29 CID Investigations regarding Sajin Vass and Priyath Bandu concludes; report to Attorney General Hiru News en 2015-11-29 Father and son drown in Thun-okinda oya Hiru News en 2015-11-29 Finance Ministry states vehicle registration fees not increased Hiru News en 2015-11-29 A special high court to hear cases of Tamil detainees from tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-11-29 Signs of Former President not discussing about the budget in Parliament Hiru News en 2015-11-29 President to arrive in France shortly Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Indian Army Chief arrives in SL Hiru News en 2015-11-29 Australia beat New Zealand in Adelaide day-night Test Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Ex-DIG Vass Gunawardenas Wife to Appeal against Judgment Hiru News en 2015-11-30 50 trade unions to gather in Colombo Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Sunil Narine suspended from international cricket for illegal bowling action Hiru News en 2015-11-30 The whole world’s attention on Sri Lanka over a meteorite Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Cancelled climate march in Paris leads to shoe protest Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Two bodies found in Beira Lake, Nawala Canal Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Preparations to seize another 22 elephants Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Live Goat Given to Tiger as Food ... And They Become Best Friends Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Tomorrow is the World AIDS Day Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Davis Cup my most emotional win, says Great Britains Murray Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Chinas yuan set for IMF reserve status Hiru News en 2015-11-30 A new system replaces duty free vehicle permits Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Poor countries fear being left behind in rush for deal Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Film-makers apologize for white cast Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Sonam Kapoor Poses Naked For A Magazine Cover Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Turkey, EU meet on refugee crisis Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Pakistan vs England 3rd T20 in Sharjah Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Bandula Gunawardenas Request For Debate Turned Down Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Saudi court sentences Palestinian poet to death for apostasy Hiru News en 2015-11-30 About 100 passengers rescued after Batam-Singapore ferry hits floating object Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Youth Dies After Been Thrown Away From A Hand-tractor Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Paris attacks: Obama pays respects at Bataclan theatre Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Guard of Honour for Indian Army Chief Hiru News en 2015-11-30 A.R. Rahman in Tom Cruise Movie Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Rajapakse took a Strategic Move - Gammanpila Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Mobitel denies assumptions on acquisition Hiru News en 2015-11-30 I wont jeopardize national security - President Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Parents ready to go to Isurupaya again Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Government is Not Stable – Dr. Tissa Vitharana Hiru News en 2015-11-30 The child, who was forcefully seated in a class by the mother, has been removed Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Protest at Wanduramba Central College at Galle Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Shahid Afridi Becomes Leading Wicket-Taker in T20 Internationals Hiru News en 2015-11-30 China factory gas leak in Shandong kills 10 people Hiru News en 2015-11-30 The American Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka together with top corporates aim to combat counterfeit Hiru News en 2015-11-30 O/L tuition classes, seminars banned from December 02 Hiru News en 2015-11-30 World leaders begin high-level climate talks Hiru News en 2015-11-30 LA Lakers great to retire at end of NBA season Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Investigations to arrest Narahenpita OIC in connection with a incident involving Rs 2.5 million bribe Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Government, semi government and private sector strike within next 2 weeks Hiru News en 2015-11-30 Secretary to the President pledges not to release hard core LTTE suspects Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Wasudewas support for governments programme of releasing the LTTE detainees Hiru News en 2015-12-01 We give the fishing rod not the fish Hiru News en 2015-12-01 An all party meeting for considering the appeals on demarcation Hiru News en 2015-12-01 President Sirisena tells developed nations to be thoughtful Hiru News en 2015-12-01 A Port City, in the Mega City Project- Minister Patali Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Use Army chiefs SL visit to end TN fishermens woes: DMK Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Today Marks World AIDS Day – The Time to Act Is Now Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Russia has more proof ISIS oil routed through Turkey, Erdogan says he’ll resign if its true Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Share Market Slumped Hiru News en 2015-12-01 England beat Pakistan in thrilling super over Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Jeremy Corbyn discusses Syrian air strikes with shadow cabinet Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Two persons killed in accidents Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Nawaz, Modi meet on sidelines of Paris climate summit Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Sluice gates of 11 water reserves opened Hiru News en 2015-12-01 PM gives assurance EPF and ETF will not merge Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Rs. 125 Million, Largest Scandal in Lankan History: Customs officers Bailed Out Hiru News en 2015-12-01 New Regulations on Full Face Helmets Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Trade Union of Health, transport and professionals to strike on the 15th of December Hiru News en 2015-12-01 COP21: Paris conference could be climate turning point, says Obama Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Russian MP, husband killed in blast while having sex inside car Hiru News en 2015-12-01 4 university students hospitalized following a hiking accident in Namunukula Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Police Hunt hit-and-run driver after over running women Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Allrounder Mitchell Santner retains spot in New Zealands Test squad against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Sri Lankas clothing industry looks to improve competitiveness Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Enter the Dragon: Chinese yuan to become global reserve currency Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Marvin Gaye thriller set for world premiere Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Bid to drill deep inside Earth Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Chris Cairns Cleared of Match-Fixing Perjury Charges Hiru News en 2015-12-01 COP21: Prince Charles to make forest appeal Hiru News en 2015-12-01 17 injured in bus collision Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Indian Army Chief Calls on the Commander of SLAF Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Know which actor stole Kyle Richards virginity Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Train Services on all Lines Delayed Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Several trade unions prepare for a strike Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Investigations regarding passing on ownership of elephants by Mahinda to Gotabaya Hiru News en 2015-12-01 IUSF writes to the IGP Hiru News en 2015-12-01 Foreign elements have cordoned the country Hiru News en 2015-12-02 A principal in Galgamuwa instructs parents to pay 7000 rupees per student to a retail shop Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Vasudeva uses derogatory language for the second time in Parliament Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Avant gaurd refutes the report about the floating armoury submitted to the Attorney General Hiru News en 2015-12-02 A uniform day for schools. Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Voting on 2nd reading of the budget today Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Fake Cop arrested while collecting ransom Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Rain to continue today as well Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Ex-President CBK apologizes Hiru News en 2015-12-02 CBK failed to Reconcile during her tenure Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Wigneshwaran stressed over Northern lands Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Cop arrested while taking bribe Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Six OICs transferred Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Syria air strikes: PM urges Tory MPs to take a stand Hiru News en 2015-12-02 US to deploy special force to Iraq to build pressure on IS Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Police Search for Hit-and-Run Driver Who Struck a Woman Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Flights Cancelled As Floods Strike Chennai Airport Hiru News en 2015-12-02 A protest staged opposite Wattegama primary school Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Hiru was always with me through my ups and downs Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Aung San Suu Kyi meets president and army chief in transition talks? Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Shakin Stevens re-records Merry Christmas Everyone Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Endhiran (Enthiran) 2 Budget: Rajinikanths film to be bigger than Baahubali Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Doctors to strike island wide tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Indias Chennai hit by fresh rain and deadly flooding Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Ex-CM Pillayan further remanded Hiru News en 2015-12-02 ICC admits Llongs DRS error Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Month of December’s first Treasury bill auction begins today Hiru News en 2015-12-02 108 Lankans who got lost in Budda-gaya to reach Chennai tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-12-02 UK MPs to decide whether to bomb IS targets Hiru News en 2015-12-02 India v South Africa: BCCI faces fine over Nagpur pitch Hiru News en 2015-12-02 JVP agrees to appoint a commission on the 88 – 89 incidents Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Volkswagen US sales fall by 25% in November Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Sambandan on the fence with regard to voting on the budget Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Legal action against 13,000 motorists over lane regulation violations Hiru News en 2015-12-02 The Hindu Not Published For First Time Since 1878 Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Pakistan hangs four over Peshawar school attack Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Al Qaeda militants take over two south Yemen towns, residents say Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg to give away 99% of shares Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Doctor Commits Suicide Stating That She Could Not Bear The Labor Pain Hiru News en 2015-12-02 SLT Mobitel wins prestigious Project Management Excellence Award 2015 by PMI Hiru News en 2015-12-02 Another daughter caged a mother pathetically - Images