Hiru News en 2016-01-02 250 hospitalized from food poisoning Hiru News en 2016-01-02 One dead and two missing in Mt. Lavinia Hiru News en 2016-01-02 Two killed in motor accident in Dambulla Hiru News en 2016-01-02 A clay phone left by aliens 800 years back found in Austria Hiru News en 2016-01-02 Double tragedy at funeral Hiru News en 2016-01-02 2763 deaths by road accidents in 2015 Hiru News en 2016-01-02 India build 43800 houses in North Hiru News en 2016-01-02 parliament to be a constitutional committee on 9th Hiru News en 2016-01-02 Mother imprisoned for helping to rape daughter Hiru News en 2016-01-02 Advance level student jumps to his death from three-storey building Hiru News en 2016-01-02 A team of specialists to Seegiriya Hiru News en 2016-01-02 State has not changed; a statement from Rajitha Senarathna Hiru News en 2016-01-02 New party of the Joint Opposition delayed Hiru News en 2016-01-02 300 Employees of a garment factory in Balangoda admitted to hospital due to food poisoning Hiru News en 2016-01-02 Vigeshwaran’s Tamil People’s Council to meet again today Hiru News en 2016-01-03 2015 Advanced Level Exam results released Hiru News en 2016-01-03 1st Place Winners in Advanced Level Examination Announced Hiru News en 2016-01-03 Colombo Royal, Gampaha Ratnawali, Kurunegala Maliyadewa Boys and Girls schools win 1st Places in AL Exam Hiru News en 2016-01-03 Nishantha Ranathunga loses battle for Chairmanship of SL Cricket Hiru News en 2016-01-03 Foreign fishing vessels to be allowed to fish under Sri Lankan flag Hiru News en 2016-01-03 2 who assaulted the Lorry driver who ran over pregnant mother in Kotmale arrested Hiru News en 2016-01-03 San Diego Twins Born in Different Years: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Two people shot dead in Angunakolapelessa Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Earthquake hits Indias Manipur state Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Indian Foreign Secretary to have talks with SL Hiru News en 2016-01-04 GMOA a part of Political Conspiracy? Hiru News en 2016-01-04 A special statement from Prime Minister today Hiru News en 2016-01-04 8 supporters of Hirunika charged with abduction of a youth for identification parade today Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Pakistan Premier to Arrive On Monday Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Pakistan foils bid to smuggle heroin to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Ben Stokes hits fastest England double century in Tests Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Suicide attacks kill dozens of troops in Iraq Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Womanly wiles of a student Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Senadipathi comes before PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Jet Li to Play Villain Role in Rajinikanth Kabali Movie Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Dream of a Hybrid car diminished Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Woman throws away 1000s of euros in cash Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Hirunika’s Security Officers further remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-04 ASP Liyanage at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Youth who had climbed a tree faints while cropping branches Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Prof. Ranjith Wijayawardena is reappointed as the VC of RUSL Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Truck transporting cattle topples Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Powerful quake kills eight in northeast India Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Woman Raped Inside An App-Based Cab Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Police finds evidence about two skeletons found in Panadura after 9 months Hiru News en 2016-01-04 2 injured by grenade explosion Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Nalaka Godahewa further remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-04 155447 to enter universities from 2015 A/L results Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Pak PM Sharif arrives in SL Hiru News en 2016-01-04 HRC recommends President to abolish Capital Punishment Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Saudi Arabia breaks off ties with Iran after al-Nimr execution Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Shocking! Womans corpse dug out of grave, raped Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Special traffic plan in Colombo tomorrow Hiru News en 2016-01-04 Turkish Airlines flight recalled in Mumbai after suspected phone found Hiru News en 2016-01-04 A new meter system for parking fees in Colombo Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Hirunika should be reprimanded for her deeds - Saddathissa Thero Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Two children drown in a water hole in Walachchena Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Police mobile cab crushed at insecure railway gate in Ambalangoda Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Separate lanes for buses Hiru News en 2016-01-05 No Decision to Unify North and East Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Previous govt. damaged the Wilpattu National Park -MS Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Pakistani PM arrives in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Lawyers clash with Police Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Bahrain, UAE and Sudan rally to Saudi side in Iran row Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Share market slumps Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Sri Lanka wins toss, bowls in 5th ODI vs. New Zealand Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Thilanga to take Legal action against Arjuna Hiru News en 2016-01-05 A woman dies in Karainagar Hiru News en 2016-01-05 TNA Welcomes Governments Offer Of Land Hiru News en 2016-01-05 “Cant Give In To Whims And Fancies” – Dayasiri Jayasekara Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Lankan Tamil refugee sets herself on fire Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Father slits his son’s neck and Commits Suicide - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-05 36 Lankans Believed to Be Part of IS Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Tony Blair Meets Sampanthan Hiru News en 2016-01-05 PM Nawaz Sharif warmly welcomed Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Worlds Largest Blue Star Sapphire Found In Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-05 New Zealand beats Sri Lanka by 36 runs in 5th ODI Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Safe sex reduces the risk of HIV/AIDS, says MoH Hiru News en 2016-01-05 FSP lodge a complaint at police Hiru News en 2016-01-05 7 hospitalized following a fight at a party Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Man shot in Meetiyagoda Hiru News en 2016-01-05 President Meets Pakistan PM Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Parliament In To A Constitutional Board ? Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Bodu Bala Senawa rises against Hirunika Hiru News en 2016-01-05 National ceremony to distribute text books Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Med students charge Rajitha Senarathna for supporting SAITM Hiru News en 2016-01-05 A person killed in bed room Hiru News en 2016-01-05 ‘Fertilizer should be at relief prices’, says the Minister Hiru News en 2016-01-05 LankaWalltiles PLC and Lanka Tiles PLC received Green Building Certification for the full range of Wall and Floor Tiles Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Senadipathi at PRECIFAC for second day Hiru News en 2016-01-05 CBL wins 5 awards at Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards 2015‏‎ Hiru News en 2016-01-05 104 sacks of fertilizer found in a raid in Nuwaraeliya Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Wheat Flour Price Increased - Prices of Bakery Products will also be increased Hiru News en 2016-01-05 North Korea airs footage of human bridge Hiru News en 2016-01-05 8 Tamil Nadu fishermen arrested by SL Navy Hiru News en 2016-01-05 UPDATE: CCTV footage of the murder of Thajudeen unclear Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Michael Bay Returning as Director for Transformers 5 Hiru News en 2016-01-05 A suspect responsible for the murder of Manoj Mendis shot at Hiru News en 2016-01-05 8 new agreements signed between Sri lanka and Pakistan Hiru News en 2016-01-05 Kuwait recalls ambassador from Tehran Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Identification Parade of Hirunika’s supporters who abducted and assaulted an Individual, to be held today Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Emotional Obama calls for sense of urgency to fight gun violence Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Chris Gayle fined in Big Bash League reporter sexism row Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Nuwara Eliya Villages To Be Developed - Shreedharan Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Legal Action Against Vendors Violated Consumer Rights Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Relief for new electricity connections from Day After Tomorrow Hiru News en 2016-01-06 18 year-old student dies of electrocution Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Did he commit hara-kiri? Hiru News en 2016-01-06 No Evidence Over The Alleged Fraud On Water Purification Issue Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Lottery Ticket Robber Arrested Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Deadly Wasp Attack In Norwood Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Woman Accused Of Adultery And Prostitution Is Buried Up To Her Neck And Stoned To Death Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Soldiers Who Cut Down Timber At Wilpaththu Bailed Out Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Finance Minister warns Bakery Owners Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Tremor Detected Near North Korea Nuclear Plant Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Schoolboy Scores More Than 1000 Runs In Single Innings Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Child Dragged Into Sewer Dies Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Two arrested over pregnant woman’s incident Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Crocodile released into Thabbowa Lake - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Basil Rajapaksa at FCID again Hiru News en 2016-01-06 CRAZY! Youll Not Believe What Alia Bhatt Did When Shahrukh Khans Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Was Released Hiru News en 2016-01-06 A Betting Center In Beruwala Heisted Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Legal Action against Land Grabbing MP Hirunika Hiru News en 2016-01-06 North Korea Claims Fully Successful Hydrogen Bomb Test Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Drugs drag the most to jail Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Port Media Chief’s Office Sealed Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Sharif To Visit Kandy Today Hiru News en 2016-01-06 3 Seaters To Be Removed In SLTB Buses Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Southee ruled out of Sri Lanka T20s Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Bee Gees manager and Grease producer Robert Stigwood dies Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Gun makers help markets regain footing Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Janet Jackson Faces Life-And-Death Health Crisis — Secret Reason For Cancelled Tour REVEALED Hiru News en 2016-01-06 First Female Syrian Journalist Murdered By Isis Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Leo Burnett recognizes Firzan Mulafer & Caryll Van Dort as Star Reachers of 2015 Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Unidentified gunman shoots Army officer - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Woman with money-making bra arrested in Maharagama Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Back From the Future: The Flight that Took Off In 2016 and Landed in 2015! Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Religious extremists halt a burial in Chilaw Hiru News en 2016-01-06 Suspect Arrested For Hunting Deer In Wilpattu Hiru News en 2016-01-06 MP Hirunika: 8 Suspects Of Dematagoda Abduction Identified Hiru News en 2016-01-06 8 Indian Fishermen from TN released by Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-07 We should give priority for the future of our Motherland – President Hiru News en 2016-01-07 54 DCC Chairpersons appointed- Chamal, Janaka Bandara, Pavithra, Gajadeera and Geetha among them Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Defense Ministry on alert over IS threat Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Grain consumed 6350 years back found in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Rules for Doctors- at least 10 minutes for maximum 2000 rupees Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Stock Market Slumps Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Sri Lanka win toss, New Zealand to bat first in T20 v Sri Lanka at Mt Maunganui Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Man who fell off building during a clash with Police passed away Hiru News en 2016-01-07 North Korea nuclear test: UN vows new measures Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Hirunika and Mother In Hot Water Again Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Five hospitalized after fatal Accident Hiru News en 2016-01-07 SL chasing NZ’s 182/4 at first T 20 at Mount Maunganui Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Showery weather Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Gold Smuggler nabbed at BIA Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Gota arrives at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Sino-Lanka discussion on port city project Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Wild elephant kills motorcyclist Hiru News en 2016-01-07 A Norway delegation arrives in the island Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Court grants foreign assitance to interpret CCTV footage of Thaudeens death Hiru News en 2016-01-07 New Zealand beats Sri Lanka by 3 runs in 1st T20 Hiru News en 2016-01-07 1,501 statutory rapes in 2015 – says Police Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Story behind Vinu’s curves Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Youth death: Hartal in Embilipitiya Hiru News en 2016-01-07 SL Airlines retires last A340s today Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Alien discovery: New hope in hunt for Martians after year of major breakthroughs Hiru News en 2016-01-07 ISIS terminates citizen journalist Nissan Ibrahim Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Jammu And Kashmir CM Passes Away Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Principal of Kingswood College interdicted Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Rohitha indicted on assets case Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Woman or child raped every 26 seconds in South Africa Hiru News en 2016-01-07 2 ½ year child found dead in a grave yard Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Ancient meteorite retrieved at Australias Lake Eyre Hiru News en 2016-01-07 At Least 50 Dead In Bomb Blast At Libyan Police Training Centre Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Mainland Chinese shares stop trading after 7% plunge Hiru News en 2016-01-07 Sri Lanka economic summit inaugurates Hiru News en 2016-01-07 OMG! Dakota Johnsons Dress Breaks On The Peoples Choice Awards Stage! Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Maithri Governance - a stable country Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Post mortem of the youth who died during the clash with the police to be held today Hiru News en 2016-01-08 The suspect who shot 2 police officers arrested in Negambo Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Government To Hold LG Elections By June Hiru News en 2016-01-08 ‘Sinhale’ – newest threat to Island’s integrity Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Massive blaze destroys Australia town Hiru News en 2016-01-08 George Soros warns of a global financial crisis Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Afghanistan beat Zimbabwe, stay in top 10 Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Today is the 117th birth anniversary of late PM S.W.R.D. Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Two Pakistani arrested at BIA with fake currency Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Gota arrives at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Soldier Stabbed To Death In Pitigala Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Police seize three heroin peddlers in Colombo Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Minister says no to black market prices of fertilizers Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Foreign Minister of Norway calls on PM Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Cars Hood Removed as It Crashes with a Stack of Steel Rods Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Pakistani Arrested With Heroin At Bia Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Deepika Becomes Highest Paid Actress In Bollywood Hiru News en 2016-01-08 UNIVERISTY OF TERROR: ISIS academy teaches jihadist to down PASSENGER JETS and bomb West Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Customs Seizes Endangered Tortoises Hiru News en 2016-01-08 It will take a year to find out what I did- MR Hiru News en 2016-01-08 ​Kumar Gunaratnam further remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-08 New Laws Enforced For Punishments - Champika Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Six Koreans infected with dengue in SL Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Katunayaka PVT. buses on strike Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Four-month-old baby dies in Mexico after rats chew off her FACE when her mother, 18, left her at home to go to a party Hiru News en 2016-01-08 UN Chief congratulates President’s first anniversary in office Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Discussions between Speaker and joint opp. unsuccessful Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Embilipitiya is peaceful; Police commission initiates investigation Hiru News en 2016-01-08 World’s Largest Blue Sapphire Owner Ponders Its Fate Hiru News en 2016-01-08 President Maithripala Sirisena completes 1st year in office Hiru News en 2016-01-08 13 HQIs and OICs transferred out of the blue Hiru News en 2016-01-08 India lifts ban on bullfighting in Tamil Nadu Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Two railbuses to Kelaniweli Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Hijra’s happiness: 6 Pack band goes viral with Hum Hain Happy Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Good governance to march forward with all political parties Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Alcohol limits cut to reduce health risks Hiru News en 2016-01-08 The Presidential Oath Anniversary Function Begins - (Watch Live) Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Body of 34 year-old man found in Borella Hiru News en 2016-01-08 China must change North Korea approach says US Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Hirdaramani’s H - Connect celebrates 3 years of success Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Afghan cricket fan killed by celebratory gunfire Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Chinese shares rise in volatile trade Hiru News en 2016-01-08 George Soros Warns of Global Economic Crisis Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Islamic State militant executes own mother in Raqqa Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Hashim Amla resigns as South Africa captain Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Quentin Tarantino might do another Gangster Movie Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Tell the President program launch today Hiru News en 2016-01-08 Sri Lanka Football team to play for Bangabandhu Cup Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Parliament convenes for a change in Constitution Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Attorney General Instructs CID to arrest Hirunika Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Government to increase government servants retirement age up to 65 Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Do not carry remains of husband near Police; Court orders Wife of deceased youth in Embilipitiya Hiru News en 2016-01-09 “Mission accomplished,”- drug lord El Chapo Guzman caught in firefight Hiru News en 2016-01-09 President orders Presidential Pardon to Ex-LTTE militant who tried assassinating him Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Tables turned: CCD arrests Hirunika Premachandra Hiru News en 2016-01-09 fertilizer racket to end soon- raids arrest dealers for corrupted pricing Hiru News en 2016-01-09 derailed train re-railed Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Man arrested for plotting to abduct Obamas dog Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Constitution should change as per the need of the hour; President makes Special Statement in Parliament Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Colombo Stock Exchange Drops Further Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Person who killed Wife commits suicide in Awissawella Hiru News en 2016-01-09 HRCSL report on Embilipitiya incident to be released in next week Hiru News en 2016-01-09 No space for terrorism- says Army Commander Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Hirunika Released On Bail Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Blaze destroys 24 houses in Maskeliya Hiru News en 2016-01-09 Welcome back in Hiru Blog Blaster tonight Hiru News en 2016-01-09 No foreign advice for the new constitution Hiru News en 2016-01-09 SLFP must protect the Opposition Hiru News en 2016-01-10 Chief Ministers to Courts to safeguard powers of Provincial Councils Hiru News en 2016-01-10 Former President hopeful of public’s wish for a new Party Hiru News en 2016-01-10 CCTV: Russian doctor punches patient who later dies Hiru News en 2016-01-10 NZ thrash Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-10 One killed in shooting in Gonahena - Kadawatha Hiru News en 2016-01-10 Protests held demanding garbage mound in Karadiyana – Piliyandala to be removed Hiru News en 2016-01-10 British Foreign Minister and Indian Foreign Secretary to the island next week Hiru News en 2016-01-10 Russia blocks transit of Ukrainian goods Hiru News en 2016-01-10 A closed door discussion between the Northern CM and Mannar Bishop Hiru News en 2016-01-10 Heroin worth 25 million rupees recovered from Dematagoda Hiru News en 2016-01-10 Final rights of the Ambilipitiya youth held peacefully Hiru News en 2016-01-10 Prime Minster says a constitution suitable for the 21st century will be drafted Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Another murder in Ambalangoda; deceased is an acquaintance of Manoj Mendis Hiru News en 2016-01-10 Minister Arjuna to file legal action against Thilanga Sumathipala Hiru News en 2016-01-10 Minister Rajitha makes a revelation about Mahindodaya labs Hiru News en 2016-01-11 High-Secured Brothel Raided In Kandy Hiru News en 2016-01-11 PM invited to World Economic Forum 2016- 7 new laws to strengthen the economy Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Bopage and Keerthiratne Perera arested Hiru News en 2016-01-11 No threat of Influenza - Health Ministry Hiru News en 2016-01-11 US flies B-52 bomber over South Korea amid North tensions Hiru News en 2016-01-11 SL ranks third in ICC T20 Hiru News en 2016-01-11 New Policy On Police Recruitments, Promotions And Transfers Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Lanka welcome to hold trade exhibitions in Pakistan - Premier Nawaz Sharif Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Minister meets Northern fishermen Hiru News en 2016-01-11 NZ police escorted SL cricket fans with papara from Eden Park Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Private Bus Runs Over 13-Year Old Girl Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Villages On The Moon Can Be Reality By 2030 Hiru News en 2016-01-11 New Constitution Within 2016: Minister Wijeyadasa Hiru News en 2016-01-11 The government is afraid of elections Hiru News en 2016-01-11 All should unite to formulate new constitution Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Death of youth Tenses Bandarawela Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Police seize illegally imported cigarettes Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Four Drowned Within 24 Hours Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Turtle-egg Poaching Suspect nabbed Hiru News en 2016-01-11 2 dead after scaffolding collapses - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Threat from deadly bushfire eases in Western Australia Hiru News en 2016-01-11 One killed and two injured in an accident Hiru News en 2016-01-11 One arrested over transporting Marijuana - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-11 A Millionaire & Ten Prize Winners Who Won Lakhs In The SHA FM’s First Stage Of The “Valampuri” Program Received Their Prizes Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Tea leaves prices increased Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Unfamiliar artifacts- Photographs Hiru News en 2016-01-11 reversed roles- a student hits assistant principal Hiru News en 2016-01-11 STF deployed in Walimada following the death of a youth Hiru News en 2016-01-11 SC Dismisses Abrews FR Petition Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Hirunika granted bail so swiftly - Gammanpila Hiru News en 2016-01-11 New Constitution To Be Formed In This Manner - JVP Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Dilshan shouts at a fan at Eden Park Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Bopage and Keerthirathna released on bail Hiru News en 2016-01-11 The Convener of the Movement against Meethotamulla garbage dump and an organiser Nuwan Bopage released on bail Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Hirunika Sets World Record: Gammanpila Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Guard seeking legal advice after altercation with James Packer Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Sujatha Jayarathne to summon before PRECIFAC again Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Government encourages racism, accuses Leftists Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Nalaka Godahewa Further Remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Sarana Gunawardena acquitted Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Jordan Spieth wins Tournament of Champions in Hawaii Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Music legend David Bowie dies Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Justin Bieber sets UK singles chart record Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Star Wars breaks China box office record, studio says Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Golden Globes 2016: The Revenant wins top three awards Hiru News en 2016-01-11 UN aid convoy to leave for besieged Syrian town Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Lankan Charged With Raping Woman – Absconding Police Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Athletics doping crisis: UK Athletics wants to reset world records Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Joint opposition to take legal action against the delay of Local government polls Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Prime Minister agrees to SLFP proposals Hiru News en 2016-01-11 Gathering public opinion for the new constitution starts in Colombo from the 18th Hiru News en 2016-01-11 EU delegation to visit Sri Lanka next week Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Get together as one, not segregate as Sinha- Le, says Archbishop Hiru News en 2016-01-12 MR doubtful of new constitution in making Hiru News en 2016-01-12 SL To Be The Hub Of Technology - PM Hiru News en 2016-01-12 MR to meet SLFP LG representatives Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Colombo stock market further slumps Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Syria: 400 Residents Need Urgent Evacuation Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Ballon dOr 2015 Live Result And Reaction As Messi Wins For A Fifth Time Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Dengue is on the rise in Colombo Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Woman assaulting mother-in-law emerges online Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Adelaide family of five dies in car crash in India Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Motorcycle accident Kills Two Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Price Of A Loaf Of Bread Increased By Rs.5 Hiru News en 2016-01-12 UNHR chief here in February: UN official Hiru News en 2016-01-12 New Constitution: Committee to travel across SL Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Three arrested for illegal construction in Sigiriya Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Justice De Abrew Indicted Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Matrimony isn’t meant for Colombo Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Student Who Hit The Dy. Principal Remanded Till Jan 18 Hiru News en 2016-01-12 CCTV Footage of Dematagoda Abduction sent to the Moratuwa Uni. Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Strong Earthquakes Shake Indonesia, The Philippines And Japan Hiru News en 2016-01-12 India Have the Advantage During World T20, Says Zaheer Khan Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Tesla chief Elon Musk says Apple is making an electric car Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Indian Foreign Secretary arrives SL today Hiru News en 2016-01-12 US rules out restoring nuclear weapons to South Korea Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Sri Lanka-Japan Policy Dialogue in Colombo Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Dalian Wanda to buy Legendary Entertainment for $3.5bn Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, US Seek Roadmap to Peace Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Teenage girl repeatedly raped by Uncle Hiru News en 2016-01-12 2016 Abba Calendar Launched Hiru News en 2016-01-12 7 Ambassadors presented credentials to President Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Additional Hour For The Opposition To Debate Over Constitutional Council Hiru News en 2016-01-12 The Flash actress Candice Patton caught Flashing at the GOLDEN GLOBES Hiru News en 2016-01-12 MR meets SLFP LG representatives Hiru News en 2016-01-12 The new constitution is for majority, says Eran Hiru News en 2016-01-12 More students to be admitted to state universities Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Girl Throws Acid At Lover For Marrying Another Hiru News en 2016-01-12 DIG U.K. Dissanayake further remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Five arrested at illegal lumber mill Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Police Grills suspects over Southern Killings Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Belgian investor to defend SL rupee: Ravi Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Student Who Assaulted The Deputy Principal, Remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-12 EU Migrant Crisis: Germany Sends Migrants Back To Austria Hiru News en 2016-01-12 Several Dead In Blast In Central Istanbul Sultanahmet District Hiru News en 2016-01-12 No husband- no problem: Single brides of South Korea Hiru News en 2016-01-12 100 whales washed ashore near Bay of Bengal coast in Tamil Nadu Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Wife of deceased youth in Embilipitiya obstructed by Police; Police recommences duties after the death Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Pound of Bread up by one Rupee Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Obama dismisses idea of ISIL as existential threat Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Jallikattu: India court says Tamil Nadu bullfighting ban remains Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Three perpetrators of Meetiyagoda killing arrested with weapons Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Husband dashes baby on the ground over argument with Wife Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Over 80 Lankans stranded in Kuwait return Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Four nabbed for littering Kelani River Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Government is committed towards building a righteous society; President Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Young Woman Escapes Suicide Duty Hiru News en 2016-01-13 JAT Holdings Holds Aeron Hockey Sri Lanka 2015 Hiru News en 2016-01-13 My government policy is to dispel inequality in development process – President Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Mumbai considers no selfie zones after drowning Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Jaishankar To Meet President Today Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Two Injured After Lorry Falls into Precipice – [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Vehicles ordered with LC’s to be released from Customs today Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Jaffna Med. students marches for Free Education Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Disappointing to see how Lankans forget their roots in foreign lands, Says Dilly Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Explosion Near Iranian, Indian, Pakistani Consulates In Afghanistan: Reports Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Iran Detains 10 US Sailors After Vessels Stopped In The Gulf Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Pilot Dies After Crevasse Fall In Antarctica Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Blast Near Pakistan Polio Centre Kills 14 Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Land Rover partners the Galle Literary Festival 2016 Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Litro Gas sponsors Miss Tourism Sri Lanka Int’l 2016 Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Pilleyan re-remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-13 No Cabinet Approval For The New Constitutional Proposal; Charges The Joint Opposition Hiru News en 2016-01-13 IUSF Blames For The Delay Of Releasing Mahapola Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Sports Minister Reveals The Reason For The Downfall Of Sports Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Giritale Army Int. Camp sealed by Army Chief Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Theravadi Bhikkhu Kathikawath Bill presented Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Colombo joins to support Jaffna Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Magistrate inquiry of the death of the Embilipitiya youth will be held this afternoon Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Simbu, Anirudh may sing for Telugu film ‘She’ Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Potato-rich diet may increase pregnancy diabetes risk Hiru News en 2016-01-13 One arrested for possessing venison in Ampara Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Heavy traffic in Colombo Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Infant body found in a woodland Hiru News en 2016-01-13 KTLAs Mary Beth Mcdade Nearly Attacked By Man During Live Hollywood Television Broadcast Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Cricket: Dasun Shanaka Slams 16 Sixes For New Sri Lanka Record Hiru News en 2016-01-13 13-year-old Chinese girl plunged to her death from 36th floor after being raped by her own father Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Court Order Obtained Against Medical Student Activists - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Govt. backpedals on NBT, VAT revisions Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Obamas final State of the Union in under two minutes Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Black flags hoisted in Jaffna in protest of the tour of the President and the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Seya murder case to be heard daily from January 25th Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Journalists disrupted at court during the inquiry to the death of Ambilipitiiya youth Hiru News en 2016-01-13 Four notorious underworld gangsters arrested Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Rampant Nepotism In This Government – G. L. Peiris Hiru News en 2016-01-14 We Did Not Play Well- says Angelo Mathews Hiru News en 2016-01-14 U.S. to expand refugee program for Central Americans fleeing violence Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Minister Samarasinghe confirms that amendments proposed by the SLFP and joint opposition are similar. Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Embilipitiya case taken up in courts today Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Jaishankar meets TNA Supremo Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Cabinet clueless about new constitution, says Joint Opp. Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Jakarta Blasts: Explosions And Gunfire In Indonesian Capital Hiru News en 2016-01-14 South Africa v England: AB de Villiers not sure over future as captain Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Jakarta attacks: at least six dead in series of suicide bombings Hiru News en 2016-01-14 A sick mum refused to accept her sons kidney - so he tricked her into taking it - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-14 JVP is an immature party, says Prof. Wijesuriya Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Zimbabwe Cricket appoints Atapattu, Nitini as Coaches Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Mathews unaware of player misconduct in New Zealand Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Ayubowan YouTube: YouTube launches localized version in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Reserve your Feb 21st: Friends Cast Reunion Comes to NBC Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Manning Market to be shifted to Peliyagoda Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Oil Price Briefly Falls Below $30 A Barrel Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Umar Akmal Suspension Put On Hold Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Turkey police HQ hit by bomb blast Hiru News en 2016-01-14 South Africa v England: Alex Hales doubtful for third Test Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Suicide rates on the rise, Let’s create a righteous society – reiterates the president Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Sylvester Stallone rectifies Golden Globe Mistake Hiru News en 2016-01-14 UK Foreign Office Minister for Asia visits SL Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Law easy on Avant-Garde, Field Marshal accuses Gov. Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Grade one admissions from today Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Jagath Pushpakumara Fails To Attend PRECIFAC Session Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Gotabaya at the Commission of Inquiry again Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Indian fishermen seek early repatriation Hiru News en 2016-01-14 No Lankans Injured In Jakarta Explosions Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Paddy Stocks Removed From Mattala Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Police to Take a New Move against Emerging Criminal Gangs Hiru News en 2016-01-14 AB de Villiers admits thoughts of retirement Hiru News en 2016-01-14 IGP to complete 3,276 Police vacancies Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Rathnapura Post work halted Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Parents Of Roshen Shanaka Come To The Presidential Secretariat Seeking Justice Hiru News en 2016-01-14 JVP Policies wobble, says Dr. Vikramabahu Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Labuduwa Student Released On Bail Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Indonesian President Calls Jakarta Blasts Acts Of Terror Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Students hospitalized after consuming contaminated water Hiru News en 2016-01-14 Tamil Community Ready To Celebrate Thaipongal - (Photos) Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Former SLFP provincial leaders, to contest forming a new party Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Colossal star explosion detected Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Australia vs India: 2nd ODI Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Hindus over the world Celebrate Thai Pongal Hiru News en 2016-01-15 The government emphasizes that there’s no hybrid judiciary for a local mechanism Hiru News en 2016-01-15 06 fishermen missing for 11 days after setting out to sea from Dondra head Hiru News en 2016-01-15 National Security is not challenged, Air Force Commander confirms Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Jakarta attacks: Indonesia hunting terror cells linked to bombers Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Draft bill to introduce Therawada ecclesiastical code moved in Parliament on Chief Prelates approval; Confirms Minister Wijedasa Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Do not bypass the constitution, Says former Pres. Rajapaksha Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Sri Lanka releases 55 TN fishermen Hiru News en 2016-01-15 TNA and Swire discuss issues faced by the Tamils Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Fashion Bug sponsors Dammika Kithulgoda scholarship foundation Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Japan Tour Bus Veers Off Mountain, More Than A Dozen Dead Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Bakery products to decrease by one rupee Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Soldier dies in train collision Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Alan Rickman, Giant Of British Screen And Stage, Dies At 69 Hiru News en 2016-01-15 ‘Abilin’ Passes Away Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Thai woman marries DEAD lover during his FUNERAL Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Angelo Mathews Summoned To FCID Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Rules for Bhikkus should be first discussed with Bhikkus, Says Mahinda Rajapaksha Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Transfer of power in Lanka was smooth - Ban Ki-moon tells UNGA Hiru News en 2016-01-15 US warns ISIS will speed up pace of global attacks Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Three nabbed for abusing a foreign lady Hiru News en 2016-01-15 New Constitution: Tamil opinion matters Hiru News en 2016-01-15 UK to support Sri Lanka to regain GSP+ Hiru News en 2016-01-15 National Thai Pongal Day celebration Commences Hiru News en 2016-01-15 Embilipitiya Case: ASP Gunasekara abstains gathering evidence from Victims family Hiru News en 2016-01-15 The Prime Minister responds to Vigneswaran who spoke aggressively in the Presence of the British Minister Hiru News en 2016-01-16 Bus fares to be increased; a warning from Bus Companies Hiru News en 2016-01-16 2,000 Students seeking Grade 1 admissions, at home without schools Hiru News en 2016-01-16 TNA gears for another round of discussions to seek solutions Hiru News en 2016-01-16 What goes around comes around: Trishaw rolls over while fleeing Hiru News en 2016-01-16 Have a Proper Method to give out Samurdhi; Dep. Min Ajith lashes out at Official Hiru News en 2016-01-16 A foreign woman dies in Tangalle Hiru News en 2016-01-16 ICC World Cup T20 Trophy on display at Galle Face Green Hiru News en 2016-01-16 IGP orders to submit Police investigation report on Embilipitiya death by 18th Jan. Hiru News en 2016-01-16 At least 20 dead in Burkina Faso Hotel attack Hiru News en 2016-01-16 U.S. issues travel alert for 14 countries Hiru News en 2016-01-16 Sri Lanka breaks her own records: Worlds new Largest blue sapphire found from Elahara Hiru News en 2016-01-16 Diesel in Nilwala river - No water to Mathara Hiru News en 2016-01-16 No influence in drafting new constitution Hiru News en 2016-01-16 900,000 government employees use the mobile phone for 2 hours during working hours Hiru News en 2016-01-16 A complaint to the CID regarding Ambilipitiya police Hiru News en 2016-01-16 Tsai Ing-wen elected Taiwans first female president Hiru News en 2016-01-17 Mother and Daughter dies after been knocked by a vehicle driven by an underage boy Hiru News en 2016-01-17 Joint Opposition warns Elections Commission Hiru News en 2016-01-17 Mahinda speaks of what should be done if elections cannot be held Hiru News en 2016-01-17 Indian Support requested by SL to repatriate remaining refugees Hiru News en 2016-01-17 New Constitution to be amended further; Opinions to be obtained through Social Media as well Hiru News en 2016-01-17 Theravada Bhikku Code to be amended Hiru News en 2016-01-17 National Freedom Front to start the battle Hiru News en 2016-01-17 8 in hospital following clash in Matale - Warakaamura over cigarettes Hiru News en 2016-01-17 Teen arrested after woman and child killed on pedestrian crossing Hiru News en 2016-01-17 Lets create a new government Hiru News en 2016-01-18 World oil price at a record low- Govt. pressurized to reduce local prices Hiru News en 2016-01-17 Prime Minister says a constitution that does not divide the country will be drafted Hiru News en 2016-01-17 French brain-dead drugs trial man dies Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Spouse Of The Victim Of Embilipitiya Incident Seeks Security Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Seeking Public opinion on constitutional reforms begins today Hiru News en 2016-01-18 US imposes new sanctions over missile test Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Angelo Mathews to be grilled by FCID Hiru News en 2016-01-18 TN fishermen arrested for poaching in Lankan waters Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Is New ecclesiastic bill an attempt to of silence bhikkus, questions MR Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Government will not view the bhikku ecclesiastical draft bill as urgent Hiru News en 2016-01-18 PC member grilled for alleged groping in Singapore Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Blaze destroys six Acres Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Minimum bus fare to increase by two rupees Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Rail Bus Service Launched In Kelaniweli Today Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Two nabbed for robbing construction site Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Car bomb in Yemeni port city kills four, injures others Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Kourtney Kardashian strips for “Metallic Life” Hiru News en 2016-01-18 New Traffic Plan for Vehicles Introduced Hiru News en 2016-01-18 17 year old pregnant woman arrested for abusing 7 year old girl Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Australian Prime Minister announces Afghanistan troop increase on Kabul visit Hiru News en 2016-01-18 A Petition To The Supreme Court Asking For A Referendum Over The Bhikkku Draft Bill Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Australia recall Shaun Tait for Twenty20 series against India Hiru News en 2016-01-18 JVP Submits Proposal For The New Constitution Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Tennis match fixing: Evidence of suspected match-fixing revealed Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Interim report of the Embilipitiya incident to the IGP; Suspicion about the behavior of the Police Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Man Stabbed To Death In Panamure Hiru News en 2016-01-18 SAITM Students Withdraw Contempt Of Court Case Against Health Ministry Hiru News en 2016-01-18 New strategy to attract foreign investors - Min. Malik Samarawickrama Hiru News en 2016-01-18 SLC Manager at FCID Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Saudi royal send-off for Lankan driver Samy after 33 years of service Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Asin, Rahul Sharma’s wedding to take place on Jan 19? Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Hatharaliyadda Police OIC’s Vehicle Meets With An Accident; 3 Injured Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Mattala: a dark city with an international airport Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Former PS member held for possessing Ganja Hiru News en 2016-01-18 7 Students Injured In Wasp Attack Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Asela Sampath And Wife Arrested Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Match Fixing Scandal: Sri Lanka Cricket Suspends Fast Bowling Coach Hiru News en 2016-01-18 Maldives demands hostage before ex-president can have surgery in UK Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Beef should be imported, Says President Hiru News en 2016-01-19 A special traffic system during Kelaniya Duruthu Maha Perahara Hiru News en 2016-01-19 PM heads to Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Hela Urumaya divided over bhikku Ecclesiastical draft bill; says Gammanpila Hiru News en 2016-01-19 law and order in the country is full of discrepancies - former President Hiru News en 2016-01-19 death penalty to suspects of Mirasuvil murder Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey demises Hiru News en 2016-01-19 62 richest people hold wealth as half the world population Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Mathews arrives at FCID Hiru News en 2016-01-19 High security for Hollande in India Republic Day celebration Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Notice issued on the members of HRC to appear before Appeal Court Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Edward weds Charitha for the second time Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Local Government election to follow electoral divisions and mixed proportionate system Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Higher Education Minister requests to establish more Private universities Hiru News en 2016-01-19 North Central CM challenges the Central Government Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Sri Lankan LTTE supporter arrested in Germany Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Police attacks Frontline Socialist Party with water cannons Hiru News en 2016-01-19 Minister M K D S Gunawardena demises Hiru News en 2016-01-20 President pledges for a drug free nation Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Those who attempt dividing the SLFP revealed Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Fail English leave UK- David Cameron Hiru News en 2016-01-20 UPDATE: A Protest on a tree [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-20 India vs Australia, 4th ODI at Canberra Hiru News en 2016-01-20 MKDS Gunawardena’s last rites to be held in Kanthale Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Father Arrested For Beating Up And Biting His Daughter Hiru News en 2016-01-20 IUSF requests a clear statement about SAITM Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Colombo Stock Market Collapses Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Tennis match-fixing a secret on the tour everybody knows Hiru News en 2016-01-20 PM to Deliver Special Lecture At 2016 WEF in Davos Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Suspect In Attempted Murder Arrested Hiru News en 2016-01-20 State Ministers presented with a problem Hiru News en 2016-01-20 ‘You wanted me to win’, says Miss Columbia to Steve Harvey Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Castlereagh Forest on fire Hiru News en 2016-01-20 ISIS confirms Jihadi Johns death Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Fishermen Arrested For Using Banned Nets Hiru News en 2016-01-20 One killed, four seriously injured in bus-three wheeler collision Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Chinese National Arrested With Wallapatta, Gem Stones Hiru News en 2016-01-20 STF raid: two smugglers caught Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Pakistan Charsadda: Gun Battle Rages At University - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Elephants Electrocuted By Sagging Power Lines - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Afghans Revolted As Husband Cuts Off Wifes Nose In Fit Of Rage Hiru News en 2016-01-20 ‘Bhikkhu Kathikawatha’ Bill will be debated in parliament with consent of Tri Nikayas’ Sanga Nayaka Theros – President Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Businessman Held With Foreign Currency At BIA Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Government requests more time for 2500 Rs. increment Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Indian police file cases against six Lankan doctors Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Salvinia engulfs the Parakrama Samudraya Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Man Makes Wife Walk Naked Through Streets After Catching Her Messaging Other Men - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-20 ICC suspends Jayananda Warnaweera for 3 years Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Trishaw Drivers challenge Western PC Hiru News en 2016-01-20 CID Directs Attention On A Group Who Exchange Explicit Photographs Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Sunny Leone turns hot seat cold for Bhupendra Chaubey interview Hiru News en 2016-01-20 10 Lesser Known facts About The Late Sitar Maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Oil price falls below $28 a barrel - less than cost of an actual barrel Hiru News en 2016-01-20 Thisara Perera To Retire From Tests, Will Continue To Play Odis, T20Is Hiru News en 2016-01-20 At Least 21 Killed As Gunmen Storm University Hiru News en 2016-01-20 First Flower Blooms In Space Hiru News en 2016-01-21 UPDATE: Government Suspends Kidney Surgeries For Foreigners In Countrys Hospitals Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Another Murder In Meetiyagoda - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Government Trying To Divert Attention: GL Peiris Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Brothel raided in Colpetty, three Chinese arrested Hiru News en 2016-01-21 India And Sri Lanka To Play T20 Series In February Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Sri Lanka To Go Ahead With Colombo Port City Project: PM Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Accusations Against The Police Commissioner In Embilipitya Fatal Incident Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Stack Of Fertilizer Will Cost 350 Rupees Until The End Of Maha Season Hiru News en 2016-01-21 2015 Shattered Global Temperature Record By Wide Margin Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Abba Stars Take A Chance On New Mamma Mia-Themed Venture Hiru News en 2016-01-21 TN Governor seeks justice for Lankan Tamils Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Asin Ties The Knot With Micromax Founder Rahul Sharma Hiru News en 2016-01-21 New traffic plan in Colpetty, Borella & Rajagiriya Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Indian Aircraft Carrier Visits Colombo Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Sri Lanka To Recommence Petroleum Imports From Iran Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Episode VIII is delayed until December 2017 Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Duleep Mendis Shocked By Bribery Claims Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Gota Arrives At PRECIFAC Again Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Syrian Rebels Hit Hard By Russian Bombs Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Five Children Killed After Getting Locked In Freezer Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Sweden To Back Sri Lanka Regain GSP Plus Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Body Found With Cut Injuries In Thirukkovil Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Australian Open: Andy Murray thrashes big-serving Sam Groth Hiru News en 2016-01-21 GOTA Summoned To The PRECIFAC, Shiranthi Rajapaska To Appear On The 25th Hiru News en 2016-01-21 IGP Called Before Police Commission Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Six Lankans Trying To Go Illegally To New Zealand Arrested Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Kataana Divisional Secretariat Has Been Shut Down Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Nalaka Godahewa Released On Bail Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Jayalalitha seeks release of Indian fishermen in SL Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Minuwangoda-Colombo Private Bus Employees Initiate Strike Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Megapolis Planning Project To Commence Soon Hiru News en 2016-01-21 No Political Prisoners In Sri Lanka – PM Ranil Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Sri Lankan Seafarers- The Opportune Moment Hiru News en 2016-01-21 New Appeals Court Judge appointed Hiru News en 2016-01-21 2015 Scholarship Exam cut-off marks amended Hiru News en 2016-01-21 Colombo-Kandy Expressway Work Begins In April Hiru News en 2016-01-21 BC Files Case Against Kumara Welgama Hiru News en 2016-01-22 TNA MPs and TNA PC members hold key meeting Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Hambantota Economic Zone open for Investors of any Country; says PM Hiru News en 2016-01-22 SLFP Seniors discuss with President over conspiracy to divide Party Hiru News en 2016-01-22 TNA to visit every District to clarify stance on new Constitution Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Peacock Mansion Swimming Pool Yet To Be Cleared Of Sea Sand Hiru News en 2016-01-22 SL’s Job Market at risk by new Indo – Lanka Agreement; allegations from Joint Opp Hiru News en 2016-01-22 President confirms that Govt. respects Sangha Councils opinion Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Death toll of Gun and bomb attacks in Somalia rises Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Rise In the Stock Market Hiru News en 2016-01-22 One injured from Weeraketiya shooting Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Putin accused for approving Litvinenkos murder Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Security guard stabbed to death Hiru News en 2016-01-22 US Snowstorm: Millions Prepare For Huge Blizzard Hiru News en 2016-01-22 ​ Pak vs New Zealand third T20 Match On Friday Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Double Murder: Man kills youth and hangs himself Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Vaas to assist Ireland during World T20 Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Kumar Gunaratnam Further Remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-22 24 students ousted from school in Wariyapola Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Colombo to become Regions most crucial commercial zone Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Failed Lover Attacks Brother & Abducts Girl - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Teachers Association Complains To HRC Against Revised Cut-Off Marks Of Year 5 Scholarship Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Joint Opposition Writes To Inter-Parliamentary Union In Switzerland Hiru News en 2016-01-22 GOTA Says Former President Mahinda Will Join The Proposed New Party Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Wedding Haka moves Maori Bride and millions worldwide Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Samurdhi officers protest against Min. Ajith P Perera Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Sri Lanka Will Not ‘Import’ Judges -President Hiru News en 2016-01-22 EU Welcomes Lankas Progress On Governance And Human Rights Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Two held smuggling gold from Sri Lanka to India Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Zika Virus Leads To Two-Year Pregnancy Warning Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Facebook Criticized in India Over Free Limited Internet Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Three Member Committee Appointed To Probe Kidney Racket Hiru News en 2016-01-22 “France to keep state of emergency until IS defeated” – Prime Minister Valls Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Navy Assists The Repatriation Of 102 Indian Fishermen Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Nishantha Wickramasinghe Summoned By PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-01-22 More Than 20 Dead As Migrant Boats Capsize Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Sri Lanka to obtain formal membership of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank subscribing US$ 268mn Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Will Smith Confirms Ceremony No-Show Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Sydney Thunder Beat Adelaide Strikers To Reach Final Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Late Kala Keerthi Eileen’s Funeral On Sunday Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Dates announced for GCE A/L, O/L & Grade 5 Schol. Exams Hiru News en 2016-01-22 Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Opens Representative Office In Colombo Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-22 The report on the Kidney transplant racket to be released within a week; Medical council calls for reports from hospitals. Hiru News en 2016-01-23 A cold war for seat vaccumed by MKDSs demise Hiru News en 2016-01-23 German National complains to Police Commission over assault by Police Hiru News en 2016-01-23 US snowstorm: Massive US blizzard advances north Hiru News en 2016-01-23 Sambandan, Senadhirajah and clan meet for 8 hour discussion Hiru News en 2016-01-23 Four killed in Canada School shooting Hiru News en 2016-01-23 Journalists protest in Embilipitiya - Photos Hiru News en 2016-01-23 A minor tremor in Jaffna Hiru News en 2016-01-23 Min. Wijedasa Rajapaksa says Mahinda Rajapaakse is still innocent Hiru News en 2016-01-23 Sharif Thowfeek to fill seat vacated by Dr. Hafeez Hiru News en 2016-01-23 Everybody should work for countrys commercial development- PM says in Davos Hiru News en 2016-01-23 SL on track to get GSP+ Hiru News en 2016-01-23 Shivnarine Chanderpaul retires from cricket Hiru News en 2016-01-23 CID to investigate Embilipitiya incident Hiru News en 2016-01-23 17 year old girl hangs herself Hiru News en 2016-01-24 Adhishtaana Pooja heats up over Sinhaley Flag Hiru News en 2016-01-24 A Sunday school student killed on the yellow crossing following an accident Hiru News en 2016-01-24 A GMOA doctor among the 6 doctors accused of the Kidney Racket Hiru News en 2016-01-24 Blizzard blankets eastern seaboard of US in deep snow Hiru News en 2016-01-24 Boeing will halve jumbo jet production Hiru News en 2016-01-24 Novak Djokovic beats Gilles Simon in last 16 Hiru News en 2016-01-24 Executive council of the SLFP to convene day after tomorrow to discuss about challengers Hiru News en 2016-01-24 Avatar 2 Delayed Again - Report Hiru News en 2016-01-25 MP Bandula is critical of Yahapalana taxes Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Joint Opp. to take legal action against postponing Local Govt. election Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Kidney transplants were approved by Govt.- Pvt. Hospitals Union Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Chief Prelate of the Malwathu Chapter reiterates the importance of the Bhikku Dialogue Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Smith Critical Of Australian Pitches Hiru News en 2016-01-25 US blizzard 2016: Clear-up after mammoth snowfall Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Arjuna accuses FCID for summoning Mathews Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Chelsea Beats Arsenal To Keep Gunners Third In Premier League As Swansea Beats Everton Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Sir Elton John Working On Lady Gagas New Album Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Italian National Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of A Teen Hiru News en 2016-01-25 PRECIFAC summons Lalith Kotelawala Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Lanka should export innovative products - says an Economist Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Shiranthi Not To Appear Before PRECIFAC Today Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Talks With Iran For Cheaper Oil, But Process May Take Time: Minister Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Prisoner Escapes Police Custody Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Man Shoots Himself In Wanathawilluwa Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Man Arrested With Fake Passport At BIA Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Man Disappears While Bathing In Kelani River Hiru News en 2016-01-25 PM Returns From World Economic Forum Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Two Elephants Electrocuted in Girandurukotte Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Rare ‘Walking’ Fish Found - [Images] Hiru News en 2016-01-25 History in the making: CITES SG arrives at SL Hiru News en 2016-01-25 IGP to retire soon Hiru News en 2016-01-25 3 Girl Students Commit Suicide Due To Exorbitant College Fee Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Mark Zuckerberg Shares Sweet Photo Of Baby Daughters First Swim - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-25 SLs wildlife conservation stance is loud: Govt. demolishes 387 mil. worth blood ivory tomorrow Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Colombo Comes Alive With Kala Pola On Sunday 31st January Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Mahinda’s Political career is out of my interests, says President Hiru News en 2016-01-25 The X-Files are back Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Shooting in horana leaves 2 youth injured Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Support the party, not particular individuals in it, says Min. Nimal Siripala Hiru News en 2016-01-25 School Admission: Period of Fortune for Principals, accuses SLTA Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Fertilizer Shortage In The Country Hiru News en 2016-01-25 SL Police: The ones to scrutinize law violates the law Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Arrest Warrant Issued On Kolonnawa UC Chairman Hiru News en 2016-01-25 One demise and another injured from road accident Hiru News en 2016-01-25 UPDATE: Embilipitiya case: suspicious CCTV recordings found Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Investigations On Alleged Kidney Racket Handed Over To CCD Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Homagama Magistrate Orders Immediate Arrest Of Gnanasara Thera Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Billionaire Richard Branson Keen To Invest In SL; Meets PM In Davos Hiru News en 2016-01-25 I know how to deal with issues if I were Party Chairman, Says Former Pres. CBK Hiru News en 2016-01-25 Two Doctors involved in kidney racket revealed Hiru News en 2016-01-25 No one needs be concerned about my political future, Says Ex-Pres. Rajapaksha Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Seya Sadewmi case hearing recommences on a daily basis Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Ecclesiastical bill: Not to regulate Bhikkus but to register Kathikawatha- Chief Prelate of the Asgiri Chapter Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Driver dies as tractor skidded off to abyss Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Computer games in Maharagama municipal council Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Child Roped In A Stone and Thrown Into A Well Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Update: Govt. Destroys 387 Mil. Worth Blood Ivory Today Hiru News en 2016-01-26 South Africa V England: Hosts Close In On Centurion Victory Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Gov. Has Taken Many Reasonable Initiatives Regarding Port City Project - Court Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Tamil Nadu Fishermen Launch An Indefinite Fast Hiru News en 2016-01-26 ISIS fanatics have set up secret camps INSIDE Europe Hiru News en 2016-01-26 India celebrates 67th Republic Day Hiru News en 2016-01-26 National security will not be betrayed; pledges President Hiru News en 2016-01-26 HR Watch calls on SL to fulfil commitment to UNHRC Hiru News en 2016-01-26 BBS Gnanasara Thera Surrenders To Police Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Destination next- Hollywood for Dhanush Hiru News en 2016-01-26 School boy arrested for abusing foreign lady Hiru News en 2016-01-26 BBS General Secretary Gnanasara Thero Remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-26 One Killed In Bus Conductors’ Dispute Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Sonar Vehicle Searching For MH370 Sinks After Hitting Volcano In Indian Ocean Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Police investigates about racket by Ex-dep. Min. Victor Anthony Hiru News en 2016-01-26 SLFP Executive Committee Meeting Begins With The Patronage Of The President Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Devolution Of Power Is The Solution To The National Problem, says TNA Hiru News en 2016-01-26 vegetable prices down thanks to Jaffna harvests Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Etihad Airways Announces Global Sale In Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-26 China Releases Swedish Rights Activist Peter Dahlin Hiru News en 2016-01-26 SLMC Sharrif Thowfeek sworn in as MP Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Officer in charge of Northern Spring Stores seized by CCD Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Bombs kill 22 at army checkpoint in Syrias Homs Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Tense Situation Near Homagama Magistrates Court Following Decision To Remand Gnanasara Thera Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Teenage Girl Was Forced To Satisfy 110 Men In A Day Hiru News en 2016-01-26 A Secretary In Uva Arrested For Abusing Clerk Hiru News en 2016-01-26 MSLGROUP Expands Its Presence To Sri Lanka By Rebranding Arc PR Hiru News en 2016-01-26 22.2 million rs. spent for Yoshitha Rajapakses foreign trainings Hiru News en 2016-01-26 SLFP wont split, confirms Min. Duminda Dissanayake Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Civil organizations give an ultimatum to the government Hiru News en 2016-01-26 SL’s first multifunctional fisheries complex to Chilaw Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Super Twenty20 Provincial Tournament begins Hiru News en 2016-01-26 Ministers’ influences won’t stop development projects- says Min. Patali Ranawaka Hiru News en 2016-01-27 TNA condemns President’s remarks in BBC interview Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Afghan Police Officer Drugs And Kills 10 Colleagues Hiru News en 2016-01-27 India Look Favourites to Win ICC World Twenty20: Sunil Gavaskar Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Australian Open 2016: Serena Beats Sharapova - Djokovic & Federer Through Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Netanyahu Says UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon Encouraging Terror Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Australia To Strengthen Ties With Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-27 India Committed To Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty Hiru News en 2016-01-27 JK Rowling to receive human rights award Hiru News en 2016-01-27 More information revealed about Kidney racket Hiru News en 2016-01-27 JVP puzzled over US and UK deals Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Oh Apple! iPhone sales drop for first time Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Police Officer Finds Toddler, Aged 2, Running Down The Middle Of Busy Main Road Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka Announces First Demonstration And Training Farm Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Tamil Nadu delegation to tour Tamil dominant strip of SL Hiru News en 2016-01-27 India Strongly Committed To United Nations: Syed Akbaruddin Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Six Prison officers suspended Hiru News en 2016-01-27 13 Bodies Believed To Be Indonesian Found On Malaysian Beach Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Pilleyan Further remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Fire Breaks Out At A Shop In Middeniya Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Filipina Maid Beaten To Death By Sri Lankan Maid In UAE Hiru News en 2016-01-27 TN Fishermen Threaten Further Strike On Friday Hiru News en 2016-01-27 NPC forms a committee to submit proposals to new constitution Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Student hospitalized following an assault by teacher Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Eritrea Exclusive: Commit bigamy or go to jail Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Prices Of Medicinal Drugs To Reduce Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Fire At A Tyre Factory In Kelaniya Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Illegal Liquor Brewery Which Has Run For 30 Years – [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Principals Protest Opposite Isurupaya Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Colombo remand prison and Homagama magistrate’s court security tightened Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Chief Prelate of the Asgiri Chapter speaks on behalf of Gnanasara Thera Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Embilipitiya incident: No complaints about noise Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Kotadeniyawa OIC transferred Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Kerry Asking China To Rein In North Koreas Nuclear Tests Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Miley Cyrus to star alongside Woody Allen in new TV series Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Govt. Says GSP+ Discussion On-Going Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Court orders arrest of ASP and HQI over Embilipitiya Incident Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Sri Lanka Will Stand By Its Commitments In Geneva - Premier Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Djokovic to Clash with Federer in Australian Open Semi-Final Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Ven. Gnanasara Thera Hospitalized Hiru News en 2016-01-27 JVP questions about foreign bank accounts of ex-regime front liners Hiru News en 2016-01-27 Sinhale to revoke Hiru News en 2016-01-27 MP Rohitha Abeygunawardena summoned by Colombo High Court Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Embilipitiya Magistrate Order lights Hope for Justice Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Sweden to expel up to 80,000 failed asylum-seekers Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Stock Market Further Slumps Down Hiru News en 2016-01-28 U19 WC- Sri Lanka Vs Canada Today Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Opposition Leader to Scotland to study Self Rule Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Woman Tells How She Was Sold Into Sex Slavery Aged 14 And Raped 110 Times In A DAY Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Scientists Have Discovered The Largest Known Solar System Hiru News en 2016-01-28 ADB Increases Financial Aid For Sri Lankas Development Activities Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Kevin De Bruyne stretchered off as Manchester City seal Wembley spot with Everton win Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Student in critical condition after falling from tree Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Few clauses of Bhikku Code to be removed Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Ex-Pres. Rajapaksha concerned over the enactment of rule of law Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Lionel Richie to perform at Grammy’s Hiru News en 2016-01-28 India-Bangladesh clash to kick off Asia Cup Hiru News en 2016-01-28 New Government Makes Significant Progress – Brad Adams Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Nishantha Wickramasinghe At PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Facebook introduces new Like Buttons in next weeks Hiru News en 2016-01-28 JCPSM on a token strike against punishment transfer Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Residents block Kurunegala road Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Man Arrested With Fake Passport At BIA Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Ranatunga Sends Letter Of Demand To Sumathipala Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Zika Virus: No Need For Unnecessary Panic, says Health Ministry Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Theri Teaser, Audio Release Update: Double Delight For Vijays Fans In February Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Facebook doubles fourth quarter profits to $1.56bn Hiru News en 2016-01-28 A motion for bail filed on behalf of gnanasara thero Hiru News en 2016-01-28 PM Tells Channel 4 That Even Mahinda Rajapaksa Can Be Prosecuted Provided He Is Found Guilty Hiru News en 2016-01-28 MP Wimal talks about the new political front Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Rs. 100 tax on canned fish Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Two vehicles fall into abyss Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Virat Kohlis Pakistani Fan Faces A 10-Year Jail Term For Hoisting Indian Flag Hiru News en 2016-01-28 1,000 Proposals On Constitutional Reforms Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Serena Williams Demolishes Agnieszka Radwanska In Australian Open Semi Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Zika Virus Could Become Explosive Pandemic Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Good signs on oil prices as pledged by Iranian Ambassador Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Paddy surplus in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-28 British Nuclear Power Plant decision delayed Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Justice Jayawardena Withdraws From GOTA’s FR Petition Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Bail rejected for Gnanasara Thera Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Homagama Disturbance; Police Arrest Three People Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Pillow Talk: Former 1D Zayn Malik releases debut single Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Rowan Atkinson, 60, Moves Girlfriend Louise Ford, 32, Into His £4.65m London Cottage Hiru News en 2016-01-28 30% Representation Of Women At LG Elections Hiru News en 2016-01-28 N. Korea Preparing Long-Range Missile Test Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Imran Farhat Retires From International Cricket Hiru News en 2016-01-28 Chandimal To captain SL in the T20 series against India Hiru News en 2016-01-28 a special intelligence task force to raid illegal drug cartels Hiru News en 2016-01-28 National Anthem recited in Sinhala and Tamil during Independence Day Hiru News en 2016-01-28 SL beats Canada in ICC U19 Cricket WC Hiru News en 2016-01-28 demand for fair trial despite what they wear or where they belong Hiru News en 2016-01-28 NFF challenges the President Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Three arrested over 13-year-old girls death Hiru News en 2016-01-29 U19 Cricket WC: Three matches today-South Asia dominated yesterday Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Hiru Siripa Karunawa commences Hiru News en 2016-01-29 United we stand- divided we fall, Says Min. S B Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Sri Lanka to keep away from Zika Hiru News en 2016-01-29 President questions Customs on drug deterrence measures Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Activists to call Zika virus abortions Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Two drown in Wattala Sea Hiru News en 2016-01-29 SLC appoints Graham Ford as SL national Coach Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Two nabbed for illegal archeological digging Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Teenager injured in failed attempt to get into running train Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Novak Djokovic beats Roger Federer Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Family members seized for abusing 15 year old girl Hiru News en 2016-01-29 AFP raids SL-born ISIS workers houses Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Finally, Peacock Mansion Pool cleared! Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Narrow escape of Rajarata Rajini and Kandy Express Hiru News en 2016-01-29 ITN incident: final recommendation by PRECIFAC on February Hiru News en 2016-01-29 one week deadline to remove racist stickers- LPBOA Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Thousands all over the Island join Hiru Siripa Karunawa Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Megapolis project report launched Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Mawathagama Murder: Signs of sexual abuse on dead body Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Samurdhi officers continue to protest against Min. Ajith P Perera Hiru News en 2016-01-29 JVP protests for fertilizer issues Hiru News en 2016-01-29 The legend of Land Rover ends today Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice and Behati for US brand Juicy Couture Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Passenger caught with Wallapatta at BIA Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Bribery Commission files a case against Former President of Development Lottery Board Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Hiru Siripa Karunawa arrives at Nallathanniya Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Media wasn’t intimidated, Says PM Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Min. Ravi Karunanayaka challenges JVP Head Anura Kumara Hiru News en 2016-01-29 Joint opposition condemns PMs statement Hiru News en 2016-01-29 President and Ex-President meet Hiru News en 2016-01-29 A letter of demand to Police Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Two drown to death in waterfall Hiru News en 2016-01-30 IGP got 24 hours to take actions- Attorney Udul Premarathna Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Hiru Siripa Karunawa organized by Hiru FM concluded successfully Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Mawathagama Murder: Victim has been raped and killed, proves post mortem Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Zika Alarm: Olympic venues inspected daily before and during Games Hiru News en 2016-01-30 BBS condemns PM- Reveals Gnanasara Theras scheduled statement Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Sangamitta OGA: Grade 1 admission fraud caught - Office bearers speechless Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Malaysia vexed with Zika outbreak Hiru News en 2016-01-30 President talks about SLs war crime allegations with Al Jazeera Hiru News en 2016-01-30 FCID questions CSN head Rohan Weliwita Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Cardboard heroes and fake patriots cannot rebuild the Country; Min. Patali Champika Hiru News en 2016-01-30 None other than Mahinda can be accepted as the leader of new party- MP Welgama Hiru News en 2016-01-30 British war ship arrives in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-01-30 FCID questions Yoshitha Rajapaksha over CSN irregularities Hiru News en 2016-01-30 New Breakaway Party will facilitate UNP’s Grand Victory Hiru News en 2016-01-30 SL trade deficit widens Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Another wild elephant tragically electrocuted to death Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Dilhara Fernando gets surprise Sri Lanka recall Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Selfie-maniac, Now how about a selfie taken on Mars? Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Facebook and Instagram ban private gun adverts Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Yoshitha Rajapakse arrested Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Cannot prevent the journey of the Rajapaksas’s by arresting:MR Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Another Alliance from the SLFP Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Mother seized for attempting to throw infant out from train Hiru News en 2016-01-30 SL tourism on right track: Tourist arrivals escalate Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Moon calls for International involvement in SL war crimes allegation Hiru News en 2016-01-30 Mother of Gnannasara Thero seeks the blessings of the Temple of the tooth relic Hiru News en 2016-01-31 Update: Mahinda goes to Walikada to visit Yoshitha Hiru News en 2016-01-31 Final decision on Bhikku Code only as per the will of the Maha Naayaka Theras; Prime Minister Hiru News en 2016-01-31 No decision yet regarding Sarath Fonseka accepting Parliamentary seat; Anoma Fonseka Hiru News en 2016-01-31 Drug Dealer arrested with 20 Kilos of Heroine from Ambalangoda Hiru News en 2016-01-31 U19 Cricket WC: Lions slam Afghans by 33 Hiru News en 2016-01-31 Four BBS supporters nabbed for creating tensed situation Hiru News en 2016-01-31 Tragedy of Asylum seekers: Body of Child washes up on Turkish beach Hiru News en 2016-01-31 Youth demises from motorcycle accident Hiru News en 2016-01-31 Welcome back Clarke Hiru News en 2016-01-31 Tax on imported rice increased Hiru News en 2016-01-31 The joint opposition give reasons for suppression Hiru News en 2016-01-31 4 individuals who behaved in an unruly manner near Homagama Magistrates court remanded Hiru News en 2016-01-31 New planet discovered Hiru News en 2016-01-31 Marco Pierre receives honorary membership of Lankan Chefs Guild Hiru News en 2016-01-31 Mahinda goes to Welikada to visit Yoshitha Hiru News en 2016-02-01 No polythene from today- CEA Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Perarivalan’s mother pinning hopes on CM for his release Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Migrant Crisis: More Than 10,000 Children Missing Hiru News en 2016-02-01 PCB Imposes One-Year Bowling Ban On Muhammad Hafeez Hiru News en 2016-02-01 New Zealand pick spin trio for World T20 Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Five fishermen missing in deep sea Hiru News en 2016-02-01 A R Rahman Reaches 10 Million Followers On Twitter Hiru News en 2016-02-01 PRECIFAC summons Shiranthi Rajapaksha Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Cab Falls Into Sea At Unawatuna – [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Nine Treasure Hunters Arrested In Polgahawela Hiru News en 2016-02-01 TPC Calls For Recognition Of Self Determination Hiru News en 2016-02-01 No investigation against Yoshitha Rajapakse by the Navy Hiru News en 2016-02-01 TPC Publishes The Draft Political Solution Plan Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Prison better than Navy camp- Yoshitha Rajapaksha Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Embilipitiya Youth Murder, Police inactive Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Violent Quota Protests In Andhra Pradesh, Train Coaches Set On Fire Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Top priority to improve Lanka’s economy- Malik Samarawickrama Hiru News en 2016-02-01 IS kills Dozens near Sayyida Zeinab shrine in Syria Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Restaurants Raided Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Man Disappears While Bathing In Heapola River Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Constitutional Reforms Committee Meets Malwathu Chief Prelate Hiru News en 2016-02-02 A Sandalwood tree at Passara Secretariat illegally cut down Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Why Do Humans Kiss Each Other, When Most Animals Don’t? Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Deadpool Tamil Trailer: Watch Marvels Deadly Superhero Talk In Tamil Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Two Nabbed Attempting To Smuggle Foreign Currency Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Navy Win National Netball Title Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Joint Opp. representatives visit Yoshitha in Welikada Prison Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Myanmar Begins New Parliament Session Ending Military-Only Rule Hiru News en 2016-02-01 A rep. of AG meets Kotte Chief Prelate to explain acts of Gnanasara Thera Hiru News en 2016-02-01 BJP To Push For Permanent Solution With Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Law suit against five Colombo schools for breeding mosquitoes Hiru News en 2016-02-01 World’s Largest Ekanite Gem Found From Welimada Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Decisions have been made by Court, Says PM Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Joint Opposition To Boycott State Functions Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Political Meetings At Abhayaramaya Temple To Be Prevented? Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Shiranthi Appears Before PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Arrest warrant and Red notice on LTTE leader removed Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Magalkande Sudatta Thera and another monk surrendered to Police Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Air Vice Marshal C.R. Gurusinghe appointed as the Chief of Staff Hiru News en 2016-02-02 Bank robbed by a duo wearing full-face helmets Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Fishermen protest strands train transporting group of French commuters Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Maagal Kande Sudatta Thera of Sinhala Ravaya remanded Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Fall of SLFP in Mahinda Rajapakshas eyes Hiru News en 2016-02-01 Myanmar opens new parliament session after military rule Hiru News en 2016-02-02 A woman dies in motor-traffic accident Hiru News en 2016-02-02 Embilipitiya incident: Writ of Mandamus filed Hiru News en 2016-02-02 Expressway Busses on Strike Hiru News en 2016-02-02 All set for the Independence Day Hiru News en 2016-02-02 Zika Virus, a Public Health Emergency: WHO Hiru News en 2016-02-02 Consume traditional varieties of rice: GMOA Hiru News en 2016-02-02 India rest in-form Kohli for T20 series v Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-02-02 Woman dies in flames Hiru News en 2016-02-02 Google Loons to float in this Month Hiru News en 2016-02-02 Yoshitha was arrested due to pressure from henchmen; Says Ex. Pres. Rajapakse Hiru News en 2016-02-02 Fisheries ministers Amaraweera and Weda Arachchi not satisfied about each other Hiru News en 2016-02-02 Jayalalitha seeks Modis intervention to get Tamil Nadu fishermen released from SL