Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Update: Explosions in Athugala Kanda, Kurunegala Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Update: German experts to investigate into power cuts Hiru News en 2016-03-21 13 killed in Spain student bus crash Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Good Governance would end on March 31- MR Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Hot weather to affect prices of veggies Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Fire destroys 500 acres in Bopaththalawa Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Chandrika accuses MR Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Three Indians nabbed for violating immigration laws Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Police hunts for bar burglar Hiru News en 2016-03-21 One Drowned In Iranamadu Tank Hiru News en 2016-03-21 No One Can Topple This Government: Prime Minister Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Man arrested over sexual abuse of a minor Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Four Students Of RUSL Suspended For Playing In Car Park Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Woman killed in vehicle accident Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Man Engulfed In Ball Of Flames After His Phone Catches Fire In His Pocket Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Wildfire at Bopaththalawa Reserve continues- (Photos) Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Raped For 4 Years By Her Father, Girl Films Act For Evidence Hiru News en 2016-03-21 CSE Wins Global HR Excellence Award for Innovation in Training and Development Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Russia Rocked By Huge Earthquake Measuring 6.6 As Tremor Shakes East Coast Peninsula Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Ajith Beats Mammootty, Prabhas, Sudeep To Become Best South Actor Of 2015 Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Benefits of Integrating Social media into your marketing strategy Hiru News en 2016-03-21 President states provincial councils will be given power under the new constitution Hiru News en 2016-03-21 2 comets to pass by today and tomorrow Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Watch: Why Chris Gayle Was Dragged Off-Field By An Umpire During The West Indies World T20 Match Against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Police and Gokarella residents clash Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Patali Is Solely Responsible For Norochcholai Break Down, Says Gammanpila Hiru News en 2016-03-21 North Korea Ups Tensions With New Projectile Launch Hiru News en 2016-03-21 7 Persons Charged For Unruly Behaviour In Front Of Homagama Court, Granted Bail Hiru News en 2016-03-21 At Least 12 Dead In Indonesian Military Helicopter Crash Hiru News en 2016-03-21 The Robbery Co-Planned By The Dog and Its Master At Galle (CCTV Recordings included) Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Bread Price Up By 4 Rs. Hiru News en 2016-03-21 Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera requests for a probe concerning the death of Sobitha Thera Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Gota’s Skype Conversation On His Political Debut – Video Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Salah ‘worth his weight in gold’ to Paris terror attacks investigations Hiru News en 2016-03-22 FBI would unlock San Bernardo gunmen’s iPhone Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Australia beat Bangladesh at World T20 Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Study Finds 50 US Cities At Risk Of Explosive Zika Virus Spread Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Tennis pro Novak Djokovic say’s men should be paid more prize money Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Student mowed down by CTB bus on pedestrian crossing Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Case filed against bread price increase Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Presidents Obama And Castro Spar Over Human Rights Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Telephone, electricity and essential item prices will rise- G.L. Peiris Hiru News en 2016-03-22 S. Korea confirms Zika virus case Hiru News en 2016-03-22 JO challenges Former President Chandrika Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Power crisis: German experts say fire is behind Biyagama explosion Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Three dies in lorry accident Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Australia arrests teen girl over ISIS financing Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Pig Farmers Killed In A Pigsty Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Mali Attack: Gunmen Open Fire On EU Military Training Base In Bamako Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Fire Burns Goods In Co-op City Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Medin Full Moon Poya Day: Its Importance Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Russia’s Remarkable Trust In Putin Has Been Shaken, Poll Finds Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Public Will Suffer In The New Year, Predicts Bandula Gunawardhana Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Elephant Kills Man After Rampaging Into Village And Launching Brutal Attack Caught On Camera Hiru News en 2016-03-22 World Water Day Celebrated Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Girl ‘Burned Father To Death After He Raped Her And Her Sisters Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Chandrika Has Lost Her Mind: Gammanpila Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Exclusive Colonia Trailer: Emma Watson Gets Ensnared In A Dangerous Cult Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Despite extreme heat, creams should not be applied on infants unnecessarily Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Wooden sculpture of Wijeweera found in a cave at Yakkala revealed to be 25 years old Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Crisis Within Muslim Congress Aggravates Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Bangladeshi Investigators To Arrive In Sri Lanka To Probe An Intl. Cyber Crime Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Chris Martin Opens Up On Split With Gwyneth Paltrow Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Kourtney Kardashian Flaunts Racy Image Of Derriere Hiru News en 2016-03-22 When Adele Twerks, Crowd Goes Wild Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka nationwide inflation rises to 1.7% in February 2016 Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Jakarta Taxi Drivers Protest Against Uber And Grab Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Sri Lankan Refugee Alleges Illegal Detention At Camp Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Brussels Zaventem Airport Rocked By Two Explosions Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Concerns Have Surfaced Concerning Delhi Hosting Semi-final World Twenty20 Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Obama To End Cuba Trip With Dissident Meeting, Baseball And Hope Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Paul McCartney Launches Bid To Get Back His Beatles Songs Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Australian Stocks Fall After Turnbull Recalls Parliament Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Aung San Suu Kyi To Run Myanmar Foreign Ministry Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Pakistan Battles Injuries Hiru News en 2016-03-22 The Suspect Escaped From Darga Town Accident Nabbed With The Car Hiru News en 2016-03-22 Brussels Maalbeek Metro explosion: Further blast reported after several killed at Brussels Airport Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Ukrainian pilot given 22 year sentence Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Afridi says match Against Australia would be his last Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Brussels Attack: Europe lights up in black, yellow and red Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Gvt. is luring investors- Lal Kantha Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Oil prices steady after Brussels attacks Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Belgian Police hunt bombing suspect Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Funds to develop Buddhist temples- Prez Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Batman v Superman: Fans hail awesome Dawn of Justice Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Gotabaya called to high courts Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Student commits suicide after failing O/L Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Chief Mins to request full authority to spend PC allowances Hiru News en 2016-03-23 GOTA Summoned By Special High Court Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Usain Bolt makes Rio his last Olympic Games Hiru News en 2016-03-23 US has arrested a SL national for illegal staying Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Japan Positive About New Sri Lanka – Minister Harsha Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Ancient necklace found in Balangoda Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Cinnamon To Be Exported As Value Added Products Hiru News en 2016-03-23 SL needs more bridges- Min. Siripala de Silva Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Report On Island-wide Power Failure To Be Handed To President, Delayed. Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Brutal murder of Eppawala animal farm owner and his helper- [Video] Hiru News en 2016-03-23 President Issues Condolences Over Brussels Attack Hiru News en 2016-03-23 70 Preventable Maternal Deaths In 2015 Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Pilleyan Re-remanded Over Pararajasingham Case Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Alert On Skin Diseases Of Extreme Hot Weather Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Katrina Kaif Hunts For A New House With Salman Khans Manager In Tow Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Brussels Attacks: Belgium Mourns Amid Hunt For Suspect Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Go on a virtual tour in Google Map- [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Castro Lifts Obamas Hand In Awkward Finish To Press Conference Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Runaway Japanese Zebra Dies In Golf Course Lake Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Watch Sky Tonight For Years First Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Bomb attack on SF was his own mistake- Benggamuwe Nalaka thera Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Security Bolstered At BIA Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Expedite investigations on Thajudeen’s murder case- Court orders Hiru News en 2016-03-23 US Election 2016: Trump And Clinton Win Big In Arizona Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Woman Found Dead In Walk-In Freezer Of Hotel Hiru News en 2016-03-23 UN Wants To Ensure A Credible Investigation Into SL Human Rights Violations Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Malaysia: Former Pm Mahathir Mohamad Sues Prime Minister Najib Razak Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Woman’s skeleton found near Wimalasurendra reservoir Hiru News en 2016-03-23 IGP In Action: 14 OICs Transferred Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Shocking: Father Arrested After Daughter Films Him Raping Her Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Cecile Kotelawala re-remanded Hiru News en 2016-03-23 RTI Bill Approved By All Pcs, Few Seek Amendments Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Faces Of Brussels Terror Identified (Images) Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Fresh Look: Bill Seeks To Regulate Spas And Massage Parlors Hiru News en 2016-03-23 India & Sri Lanka Agree To Upgrade Jaffna Airport Hiru News en 2016-03-23 Brussels Attacks: Airport Bombing Suspect Arrested Hiru News en 2016-03-24 World T20: Team India secures a narrow win against Bangladesh Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Brothers behind Brussels attacks Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Update: Proposal to increase MP’s allowances suspended Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Spouse issues: Trump to ‘spill the beans’ on Cruz’s wife Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Motta Siva Ketta Siva Story Hiru News en 2016-03-24 QiKU F4 With 4G Support, Fingerprint Sensor Launched Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Draft of Right to information act presented in Parliament today Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Rice shortage next year- JO warns Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Official arrested for taking bribes Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Vocational training centers focus is not job orientated-Prez Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Man arrested for injuring his wife at Balapitiya court Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Shahid Afridi Surpasses Lasith Malinga To Become Leading Wicket-Taker In World T20s Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Restaurants to be raided Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Fires Acorss The Island: Wildlife Destroyed Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Domestic Airport: Colombo To Haputale Within 45 Minutes Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Obama does the tango at Argentina state dinner Hiru News en 2016-03-24 No Confidence Motion Against Minister John Amaratunga Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Jagath Pushpakumara At PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Delhi confirmed as World T20 semi-final venue Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Adele Pays Tribute to Brussels Attack Victims at London Gig Hiru News en 2016-03-24 CID Launches Probe Into Sobitha Thera’s Death Hiru News en 2016-03-24 SL Navy Arrest Three Indian Fishermen Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Land In The North Needed For Security Will Not Be Returned Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Asia markets plummets after Brussels terror attack Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Brussels Attacks: Scores Remain Critical After Bombings Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Thamilini Reveals Prabhakaran’s Fear for Disarmament in Her Book Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Dhammika Ranatunga Released On Bail Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Clash between police and indigenous people; Rathugala Chieftain hospitalised. Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Woman Abducted From Shopping Centre And Raped In Own Car Hiru News en 2016-03-24 CB Development Bonds Issue Oversubscribed To Over US$ 380 Mn Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Cicille Kothalawala granted bail and banned from leaving the country Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Sri Lanka To Seek Chinas Assistance In Power Sector Hiru News en 2016-03-24 US Election 2016: Clinton Condemns Trumps Plans For Nato Hiru News en 2016-03-24 No Bridge To Connect India And Sri Lanka – Prime Minister Hiru News en 2016-03-24 New Zealand Flag Referendum Set To Reveal Result Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Pakistan Cricketer Shahid Afridi Criticized For Kashmir Comments Hiru News en 2016-03-24 MS Dhoni Hits Back At Journalist: I Know You Are Not Happy India Won Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Kumar Gunaratnam Bail Decision On 31st March Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Malaysia Detains 13 Suspected ISIS Militants In Major Sweep Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Cop in Custody In Alleged Firearms Robbery Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Child Missing After Drowning In Panadura Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Special Railway Timetable For New Year Season To Be Released Hiru News en 2016-03-24 BBS Rev. Gnanasara Confronts Muslim Leaders Hiru News en 2016-03-24 One Died and Five Hospitalized As Chena Hut collapsed Hiru News en 2016-03-24 U.S. Worst Oil Spill Becomes Movie (Watch Trailer) Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Coal Mine Accident Kills 19 Workers In Northern China Hiru News en 2016-03-24 GOTA At PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-03-24 The Right to information bill presented in Parliament Hiru News en 2016-03-24 No-Confidence Against Ravi K. Handed Over To Speaker Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Deepika Padukone Attends Best Friend’s Wedding With Boyfriend Ranveer Singh - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Shane Watson Retires From International Cricket Hiru News en 2016-03-24 Complaint to CID over Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera’s statement; Minister Sagala directs IGP to conduct an investigation Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Today Is Good Friday Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Some 51kgs Of Kerala Ganja Recovered From Mannar Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Decreased production of hydro power causes frequent power cuts Hiru News en 2016-03-25 PMs Easter Message Encourages Harmony Among All Races, Religions, Parties And Classes Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Australia Thump Sri Lanka in Women’s World T20 Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Minister Reveals Reasons To Regulate Paddy Cultivation Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Study ETCA To Learn Its Misfortunes- GMOA President At Hyde Park Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Indian National Nabbed With Rs.7.5 Mn At BIA Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Radovan Karadžić Sentenced To 40 Years For Srebrenica Genocide Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Authorities Commence Search Operation After Teenager Goes Missing In Panadura Sea Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Kuwait Lends Sri Lanka KD 10 Million For Eastern University Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Brussels Attacks: Belgian Police Arrest Six Suspects Hiru News en 2016-03-25 ICC World T20 2016 Results: Wednesdays Super 10 Scores, Group Tables, Schedule Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Pope Washes Feet Of Refugees, Says We Are Brothers Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Four Treasure Hunters Arrested In Maha Oya Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Minister Mangala extends an invitation to Mahinda Rajapaksa, requesting a meeting Hiru News en 2016-03-25 MH370 Search: Mozambique Debris Almost Certainly From Missing Plane Hiru News en 2016-03-25 US Navy Ship With Over 900 Sailors On 6-Day Visit To Colombo Hiru News en 2016-03-25 18 Feet Long Giant Crocodile Found In Waligama (Images) Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Football Legend Johan Cruyff Passes Away At The Age Of 68 Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Seven Nabbed For Illegal Gem Mining Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Human Trafficking Racket Busted In Maradana Hiru News en 2016-03-25 More Than 100 China Vessels Spotted In Malaysian Waters Hiru News en 2016-03-25 North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Threatens To Turn Seoul Into Ashes Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Free Medical Aid For People Living With HIV In Sri Lanka: Health Services Director Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Responsibility Of The UNP Passed On To Its 3rd Level Hiru News en 2016-03-25 North CM says that Federal system is the solution against separatism Hiru News en 2016-03-25 JVP’s Samantha Vidyarathna Demands That UVA Provincial Council CM Resigns Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Locals Block Vuvuniya-Trincomalee Main Road Hiru News en 2016-03-25 The Met. Dept. Predicts Rainfall In 3 Days; Water Level Of Reservoirs Further Decrease Hiru News en 2016-03-25 China Detains 20 Over Xi Resignation Letter Hiru News en 2016-03-25 After An Eagle Was Skinned Live, What Would Be The Destiny Of This Baby Bird? Hiru News en 2016-03-25 20 Live T-56 Bullets Found In Puttalam Hiru News en 2016-03-25 N Korea Simulates Attack On S Korean Presidents Residence Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Sunny Leone Slaps Journalist For Asking How Much She Charges For Night Programmes Hiru News en 2016-03-25 Fire In Ambalangoda Destroys Half An Acre Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Tense situation at UPFA’s Kandy meeting Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Australia beat Pakistan while WI beat South Africa Hiru News en 2016-03-26 US economic growth revised upward Hiru News en 2016-03-26 IS bombings kill at least 22 in Aden Yemen Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Brussels attacks; Suspect connected to Paris attacks Hiru News en 2016-03-26 U.S. Center for Disease Control announces new Zika recommendations Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Buddhist schools not a part of the education system anymore Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Three zones opened at Yala Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Stone attack at three buses on the Southern Expressway Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Venerable Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera to the CID today Hiru News en 2016-03-26 UN to support genuine consultations with victims and affected groups in SL Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Rs. 25 billion loan from India to reconstruct Mahawa to Thandikulam railway stretch Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Chinese Man Nabbed At BIA With 25 Kgs Of Wallapatta Hiru News en 2016-03-26 One dead in train accident Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Wildfire in Aranayaka Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Police officer dies in a motorbike accident Hiru News en 2016-03-26 China toughens airport security Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Person nabbed with five kilos of heroin Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Study Shows No Jihad Groups In Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Another Power Plant at Norochcholai Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Several Institutions Including CEB To Be Taken Under Direct Purview Of The PM Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Drug dealer Wasantha Mendis arrested at Katunayake airport Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Gvt’s aim to strengthen agro economy and healthy farming- Prez Hiru News en 2016-03-26 SLC Takes More Time To Recover The Loss Of Sanga And Mayya, Says Thisara Perera Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Lorry Skid-Off The Southern Express Way Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Tourists Spoil Haputale, Clean Water Resource At Risk Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Ex-army personnel arrested for stabbing and injuring three Hiru News en 2016-03-26 Crowds gather for landmark Rolling Stones concert Hiru News en 2016-03-26 220 reports comprising data of state finances missing Hiru News en 2016-03-26 UPFA General Secretary alighted from Baddegama stage amid continuous hooting Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Sri Lanka defeated at World T20, again Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Hiru TV & Hiru FM win all the top Media awards at the SLIM Nielsen Peoples Awards 2016 Hiru News en 2016-03-27 16 parties recommence discussions with the UPFA Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Planning Department changes in the CEB Hiru News en 2016-03-27 India blamed over Sampur Power Plant Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Dip in tea prices, a short term gain for exporters Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Sanders wins in Washington and Alaska Hiru News en 2016-03-27 SL suffering from a massive economic crisis- JVP Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Belgium charges third fugitive suspect, as March Against Fear is called off Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Gold prices plummets Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Media tour to build alliance between North and South Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Two foreign nations and local nabbed for smuggling endemic flora and fauna Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Thousands protests in Sanaa, Yemen Hiru News en 2016-03-27 USS Blue Ridge docked in Colombo Hiru News en 2016-03-27 ‘I am not famous anymore’: Lindsay Lohan does a Shia LaBeouf Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Body recovered at a canal in Kandy Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Boy dies in motor traffic accident Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Man stabbed to death in Haputale Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Pope Francis’s Easter Message of Hope Hiru News en 2016-03-27 World T20: England played smart and aggressive- Eoin Morgan Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Pakistan and Iran aim to boost trade to 5 billion Dollars Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Microsoft tells possible Yahoo buyers to back bids with big bucks Hiru News en 2016-03-27 FCID leaves for Singapore to probe Krrish Deal Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Australia will add fuel to fire if they needle me in World T20 clash: Virat Kohli Hiru News en 2016-03-27 SLFP supporters should help sustain Good Governance- Chandrika Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Powers of SLMC General Secretary curtailed Hiru News en 2016-03-27 One hour power cut imperative - Electrical Engineers Hiru News en 2016-03-27 MPs need a salary hike- Min. Kiriella Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Basil seeks drought aid Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Two die in motor traffic accidents Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Syria retakes IS held Palmyra Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Angelo Mathews SL’s T20 hero Hiru News en 2016-03-27 SL heats up as hot climate continues Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Buses were aimed at for fun Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Official Kennel Division of Prisons to be launched tomorrow Hiru News en 2016-03-27 Hugh Jackman helps swimmers to safety from dangerous surf Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Suicide bomber targeting Christians kills 65 in Pakistan Park Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Al Jazeera network to cut 500 jobs Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Seven nabbed with three kilos of heroin Hiru News en 2016-03-28 WI to group despite Afghanistan loss, Virat Kohli leads India to T20 semi-finals Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Batman vs Superman takes $424m at global box office Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Rain showers expected today Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Drinking water crisis; dry weather affects six districts Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Decision should be made if to live united or divided- PM Hiru News en 2016-03-28 New loan scheme for small and medium enterprises Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Discrimination Over The Investigation Of Murdered Tamil Journalists: Accuses Wigneswaran Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Monk dies in motor traffic accident Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Renowned dancer and mentor assaults a student with Down Syndrome- [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-03-28 MR can’t win an election- S.B. Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Facebook apologises for Safety Check bug after Lahore attack Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Peacock Skinned Live; Wildlife Officials Seek Peacock Hunter – [PHOTOS] Hiru News en 2016-03-28 “SL didn’t deserve a place in Semi” says Angelo; “Give SL time” says Vandersay Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Man dies in freak accident Hiru News en 2016-03-28 SL to raise $5b after IMF negotiations Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Seventy SL worker return from Middle East Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Air force official arrested over the sexual abuse of a foreign national Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Two persons die in a motor accident at Marawila Hiru News en 2016-03-28 President Maithripala Sirisena Offers Condolences For Lahore Victims Hiru News en 2016-03-28 World T20: Dhoni Loses His Cool Again, This Time For No Reason Hiru News en 2016-03-28 China military to end paid-for services within three years Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Walking tracks in Waththala were not removed by the Urban Development authority- Min. Ranawaka Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Proposal to alter Standard Time to tackle the electricity crisis Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Inquiry into the hiring of a state vehicle Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Gov. Won’t Hold LG Election Under Former System: Mustapha Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Pakistanis Hunt For Militants Behind Blast That Killed At Least 70 Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Mathews & Chameera A Doubt For South Africa Match Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Boat Owner Shot Dead In Ambalangoda Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Indictment issued against 3 persons including Dilantha Malagamuwa Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Condom couture! Teen health advocates grab the attention of prom dress Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Donald Trump Says UK And Europe Are Not Safe Places After Brussels Attacks Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Sri Lankan Refugee At Tiruchi Camp Ends Indefinite Fast Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Mike Tyson And Bruce Lee Are Joining Forces For Ip Man 3 Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Pathankot Attack: Pakistans Probe Panel Arrives In India Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Storm Katie Diverts UK Flights Hiru News en 2016-03-28 Basil Rajapakshas FR Petition To Be Considered In June 8th Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Sri Lankan President condemns the Pakistan terrorist attack Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Gotabaya says he will not accept SLFP posts Hiru News en 2016-03-29 FBI breaks into San Bernardino gunman’s iPhone Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Team SL loses again at World T20 Hiru News en 2016-03-29 The Trial Of Vithya Murder Case Adjourned Again! Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Some 44kgs Of Kerala Ganja Recovered From Mannar Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Instagram promises to alert users about algorithmic feed launch Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Ekneligoda case taken up at Homagama Magistrate’s Court today Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Revolution in education, removing replacing unproductive officials- PM Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Scheduled power cuts have been terminated- Power Min. Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Somali Forces Kill More Than 100 Al-Shabab Fighters Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Honour of war heroes and country safeguarded- Prez Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Massive blast in UAE Ajman residential tower Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Heavy Rainfall Expected Today Hiru News en 2016-03-29 FBI-Apple Case: Investigators Break Into Dead San Bernardino Gunmans iPhone Hiru News en 2016-03-29 National Awards 2016: Here Is The Complete List Of Winners Hiru News en 2016-03-29 BIA to Expand Capacity Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Good Bye Hot Weather Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Man With A Weapon Shot By Police In US Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Sixteen Hospitalized Due To Food Poisoning Hiru News en 2016-03-29 ADB holds unique auction to boost SMEs Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Another mysterious transformer fire Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Ben Stokes wants England to win World T20 to shut critics up Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Terrafugia TF-X: Flying Cars Just TWO Years Away [Video] Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Brussels Explosions: Belgium frees charged suspect in blow to bombing investigation Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Sub-Committee On Electricity Crisis To Convene Today Hiru News en 2016-03-29 We Will Never Cede The Country To Anyone: President Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Five Lankan And Two Thai Women Arrested At A Brothel Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Yo Yo Honey Singh Again Disses Raftaar Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Father Of Madonnas Adopted Son Unhappy With Her Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Sixteen restaurant owners in hot waters for selling bad food Hiru News en 2016-03-29 EgyptAir Domestic Flight From Alexandria To Cairo Hijacked: Spokeswoman Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Womens World T20: Sri Lanka Beat South Africa By 10 Runs Hiru News en 2016-03-29 The commuters protest against the new Railway time table Hiru News en 2016-03-29 EgyptAir Hijack: Jet Lands At Larnaca Airport – [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Prime Minister says a new constitution to be introduced before 2017 Hiru News en 2016-03-29 HC Rejects Sicille Kotelawala’s Bail Application Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Indian model kills herself to get away from abusive husband Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Minister Amunugama’s Speech On Fertiliser Subsidy Creates Tense Situation Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Former Chairman of Wallalawita Pradeshiya Saba severely warned for making a call in court Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Woman runs in Maharagama without clothes on Hiru News en 2016-03-29 UPDATE: EgyptAir Hijack: Most Passengers Freed At Larnaca Airport Hiru News en 2016-03-29 147 Lankan Housemaids Who Underwent Harassment In The Middle East, Return To The Island Hiru News en 2016-03-29 A New Education System Will Be Introduced – PM Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Sabaragamuwa Uni. Students On A Sathyagraha Near UGC Hiru News en 2016-03-29 True Story: EgyptAir Hijacker Demands To See Estranged Cypriot Wife Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Island-wide Competition To Reward Frugal Electricity Users Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Fundamental Rights Petition Of Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera Withdrawn Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Real Estate Gaint Blue Mountain Partners With Global Advertising and Marketing Giant Leo Brunette Hiru News en 2016-03-29 No More Children For Chris Hemsworth Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Democracy Was Lost Within SLFP – Ranjith Siyambalapitiya Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Brazil Minister Quits Before Vote On Dilma Rousseffs Coalition Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Blac Chyna Wants $1 Mn For KUWT Cameo Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Maria Sharapova Dances All Her Cares Away In Red Bikini In Mexico Hiru News en 2016-03-29 Anushka Sharma Has Helped Virat Kohli Grow As A Human Being And As A Cricketer, Says Sunil Gavaskar Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Woman goes in search for King Ravana Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Man held after using fake suicide belt in EgyptAir hijack Hiru News en 2016-03-30 England face tough semi against in-form NZ Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Canada’s Quebec island plane crash kills seven Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Easy to break than building them up Hiru News en 2016-03-30 US election: Trump aide charged with assault Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Woody Allens Cafe Society to open Cannes Film Festival Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Presidents address interrupted by a power cut Hiru News en 2016-03-30 One person killed in a shooting in Akuressa Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Disciplinary action against former Principal of Southlands College - Galle Hiru News en 2016-03-30 No Citizenship to Kumar Gunarathnam; says Attorney General Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Sri Lanka Deserves Special Attention, Says Nisha Biswal Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Ex-Prez is attempting to popularize his name- Min. Harin Fernando Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Colombo stock market closed low Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Rain showers around the Island today Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Six Others Connected To Eagle Killing Hiru News en 2016-03-30 US Notes Steps Taken To Protect Rights Of All Sri Lankans Hiru News en 2016-03-30 No Indians In ERRAS Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Todays Vegetable Price Range Hiru News en 2016-03-30 New Railway Timetable From Today Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Employees Attached To Graphite Mine Protest Underground Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Sania Mirza-Martina Hingis Make Early Exit At Miami Open Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Search Operation Discovers Massive Stock of Explosives And Suicide Bombing Jacket In Jaffna Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Myanmar swears in first elected civilian president Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Suspect arrested with weapons in Alpitiya Hiru News en 2016-03-30 FTC sues Volkswagen over diesel car advertisements Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Four Year Old Girl Killed By Slitting Throat On Road Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Chris Gayle targets big score in semi-final Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Illegal Firearms Found In Habaraduwa - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Canada: Ex-Minister Among Seven Killed In Plane Crash On Way To Fathers Funeral Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Endangered Birds Seized Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Singer P Susheela Enters Guinness World Records Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Woman Who Assaulted Girl In Galle Protest Arrested Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Joint Opp. requests to call Local Govt. Election Within 14 days Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Chilli mixed water hurled at Karapitiya Medical Faculty students Hiru News en 2016-03-30 10 Year-Old Student Dies Of Electrocution Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Kelaniya Uni students on a protest march Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Joint Opp. Demands The Govt. To Reveal Truth Behind Cache Of Explosives Found In Chavakachcheri Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Girl’s body dug out from the cemetery Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Court Directs Police To Obtain Ranawaka’s Phone Records Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Powerful 450CC Bikes Soon On Local Roads Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Former Embilipitiya ASP Further Remanded Hiru News en 2016-03-30 “Yowun Puraya 2016” Begins Today Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Sicille Kotelawala Further Remanded Over F&G Case Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Two Sri Lankans Sentenced To Death In Lebanon Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Heavy Traffic In Town Hall Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Kalabhavan Manis Mysterious Death: Family Writes To Chennithala Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Lions Arrive At Sri Lanka After Knockeout In T20 World Cup Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Two Succumb In A Wild Elephant Attack In Anuradhapura Hiru News en 2016-03-30 Hijacker Photo Man Ben Innes Explains EgyptAir Plane Snap Hiru News en 2016-03-30 TFO Shines A Light On Climate Action To Lead An Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Inquiry about explosives found in Chavakachcheriya for TID Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Railway Bamboo gate operators refrain from work from today Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Serving The Country Alone Does Not Bring Election Victory, Says President Hiru News en 2016-03-31 JVP goes to bribery commission against UVA Chief Minister Hiru News en 2016-03-31 ICC World T20: England Power Pasts New Zealand to Reach Final Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Myanmars Aung San Suu Kyi to be given new PM-like role Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Minister Nimal Siripala Would Not Join UNP Even In His Dreams Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Sri Lankan rupee weakening steadily Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Met. Dept. Predicts Thundershowers And Strong Winds Today Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Seylan Bank join hands to take Sri Lankan Flag to Greater Heights Hiru News en 2016-03-31 No Other Civil War Will Be On Sri Lankan Soil, Minister Mangala Samaraweera Pledges Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Former President Rajapaksha Accused Of Donating Six Elephants Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Crying First Grader Gets Her Wish And Meets Obama Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Pradeshiya Sabha member stands upside down demanding LG polls [IMAGES] Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Rs 125M Bribery: Two Custom Officers Bailed Out Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Suspect Caught With T 56 and Micro Gun In Elpitiya Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Naveen Dissanaike To Bring Gotabhaya Rajapaksha Into Power Hiru News en 2016-03-31 An individual arrested in connection with a murder in Akuressa Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Prime Minister to make a special statement on the explosives discovered from the North Hiru News en 2016-03-31 A petition to the Supreme court against the Right to Information Bill Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Kumar Gunaratnam Imprisoned For One Year Hiru News en 2016-03-31 National Security Is No Joke, Warns Wimal Weerawansa Hiru News en 2016-03-31 SL economic growth to rise in 2016 Hiru News en 2016-03-31 World Twenty20 2016: West Indies v India is David and Goliath Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Drastic Antarctic melt could double global sea-level rise Hiru News en 2016-03-31 Minister S.B. Instructs to deposit monthly pay of Divineguma officers in Divineguma banks Hiru News en 2016-03-31 No secret agreement signed with any foreign country – says the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2016-04-01 West Indies stun India to reach final Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Kolkata flyover collapses killing at least 20 Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Trump retracts bid to ‘punish’ women who abort Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Paris attacks: Salah Abdeslam approved for France extradition Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Football: Top US women players demand for equal pay Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Proposals of political solutions by the NPC Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Showers expected today too Hiru News en 2016-04-01 ‘Sri Lanka’s economy and future journey’- expert assistance to a better SL Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Joint Opposition hands over a letter to Inter-Parliamentary Union Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Teen sets herself on fire after rape Hiru News en 2016-04-01 No response from MR and JVP; Constitutional Committee Chairman Hiru News en 2016-04-01 US and China to co-operate over North Korea Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Three arrested in connection to death of six in Angunakolapelessa Hiru News en 2016-04-01 SLFP’s greatest challenge is to gain people’s support Hiru News en 2016-04-01 There is an issue regarding national security- MR Hiru News en 2016-04-01 India’s loss: MS Dhoni blames the dew and no-balls Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Two die in motorbike accidents Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Obese people population on the rise, study shows Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Accident caught on camera Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Beautician lured into a love affair and sexually abused Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Three Burglars Caught In Piliyandala Hiru News en 2016-04-01 West Indies teams party to their fullest following World T20 win over India Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Brussels terror attacks: ‘Ready to partially reopen’ the targeted airport Hiru News en 2016-04-01 More information on the kidney racket emerges Hiru News en 2016-04-01 India’s fury over the World T20 defeat Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Blue Mountain’s Luxury Property In Rajagiriya Sold Out Within A Day Hiru News en 2016-04-01 China optimistic about Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasingha’s visit Hiru News en 2016-04-01 US and China To Co-operate Over North Korea Nuclear Testings Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Ten Suspended Of SLFP Membership Hiru News en 2016-04-01 The suicide jacket found in Chavakachcheriya is 5 years old Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Bribery and Corruption Goes To Court Against Dr. Priyath Bandu Wickrama Hiru News en 2016-04-01 A petition to the Supreme Court sighting, the National Government is illegal Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Former LG Opposition Leader Of Ambalangoda Seized For Hijacking A Motor Car Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Cache Of Explosives Has No Bearing On Govt.s Plan to Demilitarising The North Hiru News en 2016-04-01 Sri Lankas Unemployment Rate Drops Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Obama says nuclear terrorist attack would change our world Hiru News en 2016-04-02 JO would support national security- MR Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Grant Elliott retires from ODIs Hiru News en 2016-04-02 West Indies defeat New Zealand in World T20 women’s semi-final Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Work together to avoid a war- Prez Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Pakistan and Afghanistan collaborated drug racket busted Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Freak accident at ‘Yowun Puraya’ Sigiriya leaves teen injured Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Boy dies by electrocution Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Did not join the government for personal gain- Min. Amaraweera Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Two nabbed with firearms Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Patient Hangs Himself With Bandage Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Bus strike continues Hiru News en 2016-04-02 G.L. Peiris Summoned To CID Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Five arrested over illegal gem mining Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Sunny Leone turns Laila for Shah Rukh Khan Hiru News en 2016-04-02 16 injured in Bibile bus crash (Photos) Hiru News en 2016-04-02 10 million rupees worth Abin seized in Mannar Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Watch out for those bottled water Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Government teaches Mahinda a lesson on loans Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Police investigates into havoc at Immigration and Emigration Department Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Developed countries do not use pesticides – Prez Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Government must be open to views by professionals when drafting ETCA- United Professionals Movement Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Developed countries do not use pesticides – Prez Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Fresh allegations by the JVP Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Tourism sector revenue increased Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Grama Niladari’s to work as JP’s from 07th this month Hiru News en 2016-04-02 New scheme to appoint teachers Hiru News en 2016-04-02 G.L Pieris tells the CID, he has no information on Bombs Hiru News en 2016-04-02 Don’t blame government for scarcity of water – President makes a request from the farmers Hiru News en 2016-04-03 England or West Indies - Who is it going to be? Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Good governance and reconciliation has become a reality- Prez Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Release fishermen before New Year; Tamil Nadu Politicians request Sri Lankan Government Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Power sector workers warn the CEB Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Gvt. does not oppose private education Hiru News en 2016-04-03 A group of women have forced to enter Maharashtra Shani temple Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Revealing the truth is not a hindrance to reconciliation; Message from Mahinda to the Government Hiru News en 2016-04-03 BOI signs 16 new agreements Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Cannot fool us; Warning from JVP Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Child dies after falling into a well Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Modi In Riyadh: Your Sweat, Toil Brought Me Here, Says PM To Indian Workers Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Heroin smugglers detained for questioning Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Country Of Indonesia Has Some Beef With Leonardo DiCaprio Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Pratyusha Banerjees DEATH: Post-Mortem Report Reveals Suffocation As Cause Of Death Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Peliyagoda- Biyagama road closed Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Lankan who was attempting to return to SL arrested in India Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Dozens dead in Nagorno- Karabakh violence Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Morgan Tells England: Embrace The Hype Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Darren Sammy: West Indies driven by lack of respect from detractors Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Chinese Company demands compensation from Government for suspending Port City Project Hiru News en 2016-04-03 EPRLF to remove ‘Eelam’ and ‘Liberation’ Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Restructuring in the Diplomatic Service Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Current regime criticizes Port City, then recommence construction – says Wimal Weerawansa Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Political clashes occur at ground level – SLFP General Secretary Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Rs. 60 for local paddy Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Belgian Airport reopens today Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Woman who burnt boy’s face arrested Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Traffic Police to use CCTVs to catch road law violators Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Man stabbed to death Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Katunayaka- Minuwangoda road closed Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Mosquito repellent smoke interrupts MP Gunawardena’s statement- [Video] Hiru News en 2016-04-03 UAE forecast to see new jobs boom despite oil price slump Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Charlie Sheens ex-fiancée Brett Rossi terrified Hiru News en 2016-04-03 MH370: New Mauritius debris examined Hiru News en 2016-04-03 Establish reconciliation in the party before reconciling the north and east Hiru News en 2016-04-04 West Indies Women and Men become World T20 Champions Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Protection on the Indian Ocean is our responsibility- PM Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Nigeria Islamist group head arrested Hiru News en 2016-04-04 CCTV to catch road rules violators in Colombo City Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Sydney promotes Sri Lanka Tourism Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Plane kills woman after landing on California interstate Hiru News en 2016-04-04 44 bullets found in Sampur well Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Prime suspect of the Rs. 100 million drug racket caught Hiru News en 2016-04-04 A split in SLFP would affect the country Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Australian parachute jumper hospitalized Hiru News en 2016-04-04 New Conditions at Yala Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Nanu Oya Forest Fires: Two Students Arrested Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Migrant Crisis: Greece to state Turkey returns Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Assembly Elections: Assam, West Bengal Vote Today In First Phase Hiru News en 2016-04-04 CAA announces special raids during the festive season Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Pratyushas Boyfriend Rahul Admitted To Hospital Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Darren Sammys Post ICC World T20 Victory Speech: How Windies United Strongly Against Odds Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Autism: the silence that needs to be heard Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Marlon Samuels Hits Back At Shane Warne: Maybe I Have A Real Face And He Doesn’t Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Nigerian Witch Child Left For Dead Makes Incredible Recovery After Rescue By Danish Care Worker – [Images] Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Pakistan floods kill at least 53 after heavy rains Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Greece Starts Deportations To Turkey Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Sri Lanka Targets US $ 1.5 B From China Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Has Rocco Ritchie Just Hit Out At Madonna On Instagram? Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Afridi Not Retiring From T20Is, But Steps Down As Captain Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Ten Years: Controversial Hong Kong Film Wins Top Asia Award Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Kidney Transplant Surgeries Had Director General Health’s Approval, A Revelation In The Court Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Major General Janaka Perera murder case witness released Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Leonardo DiCaprio Could Be Deported From Indonesia Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Panama Papers: A Massive Document Leak Reveals A Global Web Of Corruption And Tax Avoidance Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Two More Arrested In Connection With Rs. 1 Billion Drug Racket Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Woman Dies From Swelling Of The Cerebellum Hiru News en 2016-04-04 An Advisory Board to Administer Central Province – Niluka Ekanayake Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Protest against the private medical institution in Malabe Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Usain Bolt congratulates West Indies in style with rendition of Dwayne Bravos Champion Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Gammanpila says Minister Paatali should be removed from the Constitutional Council Hiru News en 2016-04-04 IMF Team Here To Discuss Loan Facility Hiru News en 2016-04-04 BCCI Wants Rahul Dravid To Coach India Hiru News en 2016-04-04 CEB’s Man Power staff demands for permanent appointments Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Fatal Motorcycle Accident Of A Couple Without Helmets [CCTV footage] Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Disappearance of Mayomi Sanjeewani: Mother Submits A Petition To National Police Commission Hiru News en 2016-04-04 New Captain America: Civil War Trailer Reveals New Battle Footage Hiru News en 2016-04-04 SLFP Central Committee To Convene Hiru News en 2016-04-04 School Holidays Commence On 08th April Hiru News en 2016-04-04 US, Australian And Philippine Forces Start Combat Drills Hiru News en 2016-04-04 Kumar Dharmarmasena Makes Sri Lanka Proud At The T20 Finals Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca helped firms subject to sanctions Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Waqar Younis steps down as Pakistan coach Hiru News en 2016-04-05 11 luxury ships docked at Colombo Port Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Migrant Crisis: Greece starts Turkey deportations Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Amtrak fatal crash: train service restored Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Five dead in Tennessee helicopter crash Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Court calls for Ven. Sobhitha Thera’s post mortem report Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Suicide bomb kit to be examined Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Constitutional Board to convene for the first time today to prepare new Constitution Hiru News en 2016-04-05 WI’s Carlos Brathwaite shares his experience Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Special UNP/SLFP meetings Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Defence Sec must be questioned regarding the explosives: PBF Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Protest against the Port City Hiru News en 2016-04-05 New era for all Hiru News en 2016-04-05 19 arrested in Maldives Press Freedom protest Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Incorrect reports on explosives found in the North- Min. Ratnayaka Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Principal assaults teacher with a broom stick Hiru News en 2016-04-05 PCB Dissolves Selection Committee With Immediate Effect Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Three nabbed for the possession of illegal drugs Hiru News en 2016-04-05 WI’s Bravo celebrates mom’s b’day Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Navy Arrests Three Local Fishermen Engaged In Illegal Fishing Hiru News en 2016-04-05 KO 2 Trailer: Watch Prakash Raj & Bobby Simha Starrer Action-Packed Political Thriller Trailer Here Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Planes Collide While Taxiing At Jakarta Airport Hiru News en 2016-04-05 47 Cops Get Life Term For Killing 10 Sikhs In Pilibhit Fake Encounter Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Priyanka Chopra Tried Committing Suicide, Claims Former Manager Prakash Jaju Hiru News en 2016-04-05 The Story Behind Bishops Unforgettable Call Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Drug Free Country Fifth Phase Concludes Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Beware: Sri Lanka Sees Increase In Spread Of Dengue Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Sri Lankan Army shares Silver Medal at Army Team Spirit Competition in Pakistan Hiru News en 2016-04-05 US Plan To Accelerate Wins In Syria Hiru News en 2016-04-05 US-Philippine War Games Begin As China Warns Outsiders Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Gwyneth Paltrow Loves French Fries Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Iggy Azalea Raids Demi Lovatos Fridge Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Mick Jagger To Be Ronnie Woods Daughters Nanny Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Nicole Kidman Is A Good Gambler Hiru News en 2016-04-05 The Huntsman: Winters War To Release On April 22 In India Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Structural Changes To The UNP; New Appointments To Akila, Hareen, Ajith, Anoma, Kavinda And Daya; Post Of National Organizer Abolished Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Police Shoot At A Three Wheeler In Dodangoda, After Ignoring Police Order To Pull Over Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Sun Will Rise To Zenith From 5th To 14th Of April – Met Department Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Complaint To Human Rights Commission Against Minister John Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Panama Papers: Protesters call on Iceland PM to quit Hiru News en 2016-04-05 ADB Annual Meets To Focus On Sustainable Development Hiru News en 2016-04-05 See Dolly Parton and Katy Perrys Colorful ACM Awards Duet Hiru News en 2016-04-05 West Indies Cricket Board Hits Back at Darren Sammy But Offers Negotiations Too Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Heavy traffic in Colombo Fort Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Ex-NZ Premier in UN top job Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Virat Kohli maintains No. 1 at ICC Hiru News en 2016-04-05 SL tourist arrivals on the rise Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Man strangles wife over a cup of tea Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Sri Lankan Magistrate Joins The Judiciary In Fiji Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Massive Leak: Hackers Claim To Have Released Personal Data Of 50 Million Turks Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Compensation For Those Injured In Rathupaswala Incident Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Windies Sports Minister Salutes Champion Cricketers Hiru News en 2016-04-05 No-Confidence Motion Against Champika Ranawaka Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Sri Lankans Among Migrants Deported To Turkey Under EU Deal Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Nicholas Apologizes To Sammy For Short Of Brains Comment Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Sarfraz Ahmed Confirmed As Pakistans New Twenty20 Captain Hiru News en 2016-04-05 Prime minister blames minister john for the removal of walking track Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Illegal firearm manufacturing company raided Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Iceland PM Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson resigns Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Board and players need to compromise - WICB president Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Aravinda accepts responsibility for team’s defeat in T20 World Cup Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Lower oil prices hit Asian stocks Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Lester James Peries turns 97 Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Avurudu bus services begin on Friday; Special Train services from the 10th Hiru News en 2016-04-06 JVP reveals of a wastage of 30 Million Rupees Hiru News en 2016-04-06 No chance for the LTTE to rise again Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Former President meets PM over the removal of security Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Heavy showers across the island Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Another allegation against Rishad Bathiudeen Hiru News en 2016-04-06 The 7th IMF- Japan High Level Tax Conference in Tokyo Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Foreign Parachutist Rescued Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Sri Lanka Likely To Set Free 96 Indian Fishermen Hiru News en 2016-04-06 US President Obama Seeks Reduction Of Nuclear Arsenal In India Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Govt. To Scrutinize If Rajapakshas Are Among Sri Lankan Panama-Account Holders Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Heavy Traffic In Colombo Fort Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Two bodies found at the Sella Kataragama- Buttala road Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Indonesian pop star dies after cobra bite on stage Hiru News en 2016-04-06 CMC Captures 1000 Kilos Of Rotten Foods In Colombo Hiru News en 2016-04-06 US Presidential Election 2016: Cruz tops Trump in Wisconsin Hiru News en 2016-04-06 A Chair Used by Harry Potter Author JK Rowling Is Up for Auction Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Sicille Kotelawala Further Remanded Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Indian mother delivers quintuplets Hiru News en 2016-04-06 E-Swabhimani: Information And Communication Technology Agency Of Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Watch: Toddler Escapes Death After Being Run Over By Unsuspecting Mother Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Two new deputy ministers and a state minister swear in Hiru News en 2016-04-06 St Lucia Renames Stadium In Honour Of Darren Sammy Hiru News en 2016-04-06 No ISIS In Sri Lanka: Sagala Rathnayake Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Injury Layoff Set To End P Kashyap’s Olympic Dream Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Galle Mayor complains of death threats Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Former President Rajapaksa says he would participate in Constitutional Council Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Minister Fonseka’s Personal Bodyguard Also Deployed For The Security Of Former President Rajapaksha Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Whatsapp To Protect Privacy With end-to-end encryption Move Hiru News en 2016-04-06 US To Sell 9 Combat Helicopters To Pakistan Hiru News en 2016-04-06 2016 Indian Premier League: Stars Of The World T20 To Watch Out For Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Students Can Not Protest - A Court Order Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Man arrested for making up foreign employment Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Indias Bihar State Imposes Complete Ban On Alcohol Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Ministry Of Health To Regulate Private Hospitals Hiru News en 2016-04-06 Police Cautious Of Public Safety During Festive Season Hiru News en 2016-04-06 PM Leaves For China Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Iceland names PM replacement Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Australia tour of Sri Lanka to begin in Pallekele from July 26 Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Brussels terror attacks: bomber worked in EU Parliament Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Panama Papers: Swiss police search Uefa offices Hiru News en 2016-04-07 The 22nd Asgiri Chapter of Siyam Nikaya’s Chief Prelate to be elected today Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Pratyusha Banerjee Suicide: Ban Ceiling Fans To Save Indias Daughters, Rakhi Sawant Requests Modi Hiru News en 2016-04-07 100 Buddhist monks for the protection of former President Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Reconciliation between Wimal and Somawansa Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Plans to set up a National Farmers’ Statutory Board Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Ice rain in the hill country Hiru News en 2016-04-07 US Officials Briefed On Progress Of Reconciliation Process Hiru News en 2016-04-07 5 killed in 2 accidents at Kakirawa and Dambulla Hiru News en 2016-04-07 PM in China- Seeks To Boost Economic Ties Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Robbery in Beruwala Hiru News en 2016-04-07 St Lucia Ground renamed after Sammy Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Wijeyadasa Rajapakse, Field Marshal Fonseka Flare Up In Cabinet Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Panama Papers: Bollywood Star Bachchan Denies Offshore Links Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Ministerial contention over relationship Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Putin creates new National Guard in Russia to fight terrorism Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Man dies in train accident Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Nine Indian fishermen arrested Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Amnesty period to hand over illegal weapons Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Min. Luxman Yapa Reveals About Massive Explosive Stocks Found After The War Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Vavuniya Paddy Stocks Prosperous After 19 Years Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Charlie Sheen at the Centre of Criminal Investigation Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Prices of eggs rise as a result of the heat Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Another Group To Search For King Ravana Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Charge sheets for 12 policemen in connection with the Embilipitiya case Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Sarah Palin Suing Azealia Banks After Twitter Row Hiru News en 2016-04-07 JVP says the new ministry portfolios are a new year’s gift Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Pfizer Abandons $160bn Allergan Takeover Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Leak Firm Mossack Fonseca Says It Is Victim Of Hack Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Iranian Ambassador Calls On Commander Of The Navy Hiru News en 2016-04-07 World’s Largest Wastewater Firm Ready For Sri Lanka Entry Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Super 12 not Super 10 at ICC Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Ex-Prez’s security removal Hiru News en 2016-04-07 House burns in Galle Hiru News en 2016-04-07 S&P/CSE Sector and Industry Group Indices Jointly Launched by S&P Dow Jones Indices, Colombo Stock Exchange Hiru News en 2016-04-07 NZ students suffer neck cuts in a Sweeney Todd show Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Sri Lankan Army Orchestra Performed At PNCA Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma Back Together: Spotted Enjoying A Dinner Date Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Jayalalithaa Writes To Modi On Fishermen Arrested In Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-04-07 China Southern Airlines Flyer Mistakes Exit Door For Toilet Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Australia Tour Of Sri Lanka To Begin In Pallekele From July 26 Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Netherlands Rejects EU-Ukraine Partnership Deal Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Thirteen Suspects Remanded Over Heroin Smuggling Hiru News en 2016-04-07 Venerable Warakaagoda Gnanarathana thero elected new Asgiri Chief Prelate Hiru News en 2016-04-07 The northern provincial council makes a proposal for a federal system in the new constitution Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Brussels terror attacks: Belgian finds new video of the bombing Hiru News en 2016-04-08 First folio of Shakespeare found on Scottish island Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar detained at Heathrow Airport Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Couple arrested over the murder of a new-born Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Deportations to resume from Greece to Turkey Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Ben Stokes: England all-rounder devastated by World T20 loss Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Power given by the people should be used with care- Prez Hiru News en 2016-04-08 7 agreements signed between Sri lanka and China Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Do not break territorial integrity- Private Bus Owners’ Association Hiru News en 2016-04-08 COPE committee in a revelation about the Electricity Board Chairman Hiru News en 2016-04-08 A conspiracy to remove the party from national politics; Allegations from JVP Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Star Wars Rogue One trailer released Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Train service disrupted in Hunupitiya and Orugodawatte Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Syria war: Rebels take over al-Rai Hiru News en 2016-04-08 No Malinga In The 2016 IPL Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Two Nabbed With Sandal Wood And Kumbuk Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Jason Derulo in Colombo Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Myanmar political prisoners will be free Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Secular Bangladeshi writer hacked to death Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Heat wave claims over 100 lives in India Hiru News en 2016-04-08 TN Chief writes to Modi again Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Basil arrives at PRECIFAC Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Lorry crash in Norwood- St John Dilary area Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Minor Girl Tortured, Raped By 12 Men For Two Months Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Heat Wave Claims More Than 100 Lives In India Hiru News en 2016-04-08 COPE exposes 200 billion rupees misappropriations in state institutions Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Special train and bus service in view of the festive season Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Minister Samarasingha responds Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Putin rejects corruption allegations Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Narines action cleared ahead of IPL Hiru News en 2016-04-08 German Parliamentary Delegation Met President Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Cameron Offshore Fund Row: PM Accused Of Hypocrisy Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Pak-Lanka business councils sign agreement Hiru News en 2016-04-08 China – Sri Lankan free trade agreement this year Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Darren Sammy Who Returns To Homeland With The World Cup Is Flocked By Young Girls To Take Selfies Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Justice Chandra Ekanayake Sworn In As Acting CJ Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Pakistan, India Peace Talks Suspended Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Michael Jackson Statue For Neverland Installed In India Hiru News en 2016-04-08 Upset After Losing Rs. 100, Teen Kills Self Hiru News en 2016-04-09 MR leaves out the 1956 victory commemoration Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Schedule finalized for SL/Australia tour in July Hiru News en 2016-04-09 No security from the army to VIPs Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Police official slams girl in public Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Mahinda answers Thewarapperuma queries Hiru News en 2016-04-09 IPL kick starts in India Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Student who attempted magic stunt of swallowing a Tube bulb in hospital Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Archbishop of Canterbury’s father was Churchill’s private secretary Hiru News en 2016-04-09 MR wishes for a great New Year at tea shop Hiru News en 2016-04-09 MR signed agreements with the UNP; Prez Hiru News en 2016-04-09 No JO member will join the Gvt. for ministerial posts Hiru News en 2016-04-09 3 Member Committee to expedite Chinese Investment Projects Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Paris Terror Attacks: suspect Mohamed Abrini arrested in Belgium Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Give a year for a real economic change in SL- Ravi Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Man arrested over Peliyagoda shooting Hiru News en 2016-04-09 William and Kate in India Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Champion dance moves change Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Man dies in train crash Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Agreement to build the Saudi- Egypt Bridge Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Min. Dayasiri keeps the eye on the elephant Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Dead Body Of A Woman Found In Homagama Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Long-range missile engine tested in NK Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Man dies in another train accident Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Teen Girl Commits Suicide Hiru News en 2016-04-09 UPFA begins talks to hold single May Day rally Hiru News en 2016-04-09 New plans at Expressway in view of New Year Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Army security to be maintained for MR Hiru News en 2016-04-09 PM pays tribute to Heroes Monument at Tiananmen Square, Beijing Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Motor cyclist dies after being run-over by a lorry at Seeduwa Hiru News en 2016-04-09 India is to buy US Predator Drones Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Taylor Swift, the celebrity with the highest salary this year Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Agreement between China and Sri Lanka to resolve common problems Hiru News en 2016-04-09 President Maithripala expresses his views on former President Mahinda’s security Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Minister John claims no signs of lawsuits concerning walking track Hiru News en 2016-04-09 Defence Secretary voices about the reports on granting military protection to former President Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Mother and child die after being hit by train Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Wellawatte massage parlor in hot waters Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Youth killed by lightning strike Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Prime Minister assures Port city zone will pose no threat to the region Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Woman killer jumps infront of a train Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Prez reveals reasons for holding Presidential Election in advance Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Jaffna protests against China Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Tamils and Muslims must work together Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Australian Gvt. seize Hitlers first home Hiru News en 2016-04-10 IPL 2016: Pune wins Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Fire at Keralas Puttingal temple leaves 75 dead Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Car plummets into embankment; girl dies Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Sanders beats Clinton in Wyoming caucuses Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Egypt, Saudi Arabia sign 60 billion Saudi riyal investment fund pact Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Body found in Anuradhapura Hiru News en 2016-04-10 A rusty-spotted cat cub found in Hatton Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Janet Jackson Wont Return to the Road Until 2017 Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Two injured in newspaper lorry accident Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Belgian attacks: ‘man in the hat’ is Mohamed Abrini Hiru News en 2016-04-10 PM sheds light to India on Port City - says The Hindu newspaper Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Pilot project to transform paddy farmer into rice producer- Prez Hiru News en 2016-04-10 SLFP did not receive a mandate – statement by the UNP Hiru News en 2016-04-10 MET department urge public to be cautious of Lightning during April Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Chinese Yuan to enter Colombo money market Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Person hospitalized after motor accident in Matara Hiru News en 2016-04-10 SL fish ban; EU meets on April 18 Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Move to fill health sector vacancies in the Western Province Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Swiss Army Man trailer released Hiru News en 2016-04-10 4 fishermen arrested at Iranathivu Hiru News en 2016-04-10 TN Chief vows to phase out liquor Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Anti-doping: Whistleblower accuses Ukad of catastrophic failure Hiru News en 2016-04-10 Petition Calls for Trumps Hollywood Walk of Fame Star to Be Removed Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Inquiry ordered into fireworks blast Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Foreign investors invited to boost development Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Two arrested with explosives Hiru News en 2016-04-11 IPL: Gautam Gambhir led Kolkata KR roar past Delhi Daredevils Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Court cases against 14 shops for selling expired food- [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-04-11 A 6.6 magnitude earthquake felt in Afghanistan Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Mixed Feeling Among Refugee Returnees Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Rs. 800 million loss during port workers strike Hiru News en 2016-04-11 A 20 billion dollar fraudulent transfer from the country over 10 years disclosed Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Both sides will respect Yemen truce Hiru News en 2016-04-11 CAA takes action against 72 during the festive season Hiru News en 2016-04-11 105 Indian and SL fishermen released Hiru News en 2016-04-11 President’s security officers obstruct journalists in Kandy Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Front Liners warn the government Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Cautiously Optimistic About Solution For Tamil Issue – TNA MP Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Modi Administration Firm On Bridge Across Palk Strait Linking Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-04-11 We Should Go To Panama To Find SL Money Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Fire in Nawala Hiru News en 2016-04-11 12 Injured In Cab-Trishaw Crash Hiru News en 2016-04-11 MTV Movie Awards: Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Hero award Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Mahinda Rajapaksha To Attend Joint Opp. May Day Rally Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Heavy Traffic In Matara-Kataragama Road Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Sinhala and Tamil New Year; That drink would cost your license Hiru News en 2016-04-11 April 15th A Public Holiday Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Vijay 60: Vijay, Keerthy Suresh Movie Starts Rolling - [Photos] Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Ashwin Has Bailed Me Out In A Lot Of Situations – Dhoni Hiru News en 2016-04-11 A Body Of A Murdered Young Woman Found In Vaduraba Hiru News en 2016-04-11 MICE tourism targets $ 670 m next year Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Kevin Pietersen Open to International Return via South Africa Hiru News en 2016-04-11 David Bowie Dominates List of Best Selling Albums So Far In 2016 Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Sri Lanka To Sign Paris Agreement On Climate Change On April 22 Hiru News en 2016-04-11 IGP NK Illangakoon To Retire Today Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Jennifer Lopez Taught Kerry Washington How To Dance Hiru News en 2016-04-11 North Is Jealous Of Her Brother: Kim Kardashian Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Suriyas 24 Movie Audio Launch, Songs Performed On Stage By Singers! Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Discussions With The Premier Fail, Port Trade Unions Continue The Fast, 30 Ships Stranded Due To The Strike Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Kollam Temple: Five Detained Over India Fireworks Blast Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Syria War: IS Group Killed 21 Christians In Al-Qaryatain, Says Patriarch Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Hong Kong Seeks To Crackdown On Illegal Immigrants From Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Land Measuring To Confiscate Once Again Intercepted By People Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Indian Diagnosed With Malaria Repatriated Hiru News en 2016-04-11 SLPA Trade Union Calls Off Fast Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Refugees Rue Lack Of Lodging In Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Fire At Puttingal Temple In Keralas Kollam: SHOCKING! Video Of Moment When Tragedy Happened - WATCH Hiru News en 2016-04-11 Person Shot By Unknown Gunmen Hiru News en 2016-04-11 126 Motor Cyclists Arrested In A Special Operation Hiru News en 2016-04-11 A Decision To Restructure Government Institutions Hiru News en 2016-04-11 ICC bans Kusal Perera for four years Hiru News en 2016-04-12 William And Kate Meet Indias Cricketing Royal Sachin Tendulkar Hiru News en 2016-04-12 M.R. Reminds The Govt. Of Its Responsibility To Guard Citizens Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Finch, Bravo Lift Lions To Victorious Start Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Four Sri Lankan Refugees Arrested For Assaulting Camp Neighbours Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Governments Priority Is Economic Development - Finance Minister Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Melbourne Community Grieves Death Of Abducted Toddler Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Sivajilingam warns that the Northern Provincial council will be obstructed Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Disclosure about government’s economic policies under Prime Minister Hiru News en 2016-04-12 An investigation team to Panama to inquire about secret accounts Hiru News en 2016-04-12 A Bus Collides With Five Other Vehicles – [VIDEO] Hiru News en 2016-04-12 SLNS Samudura leaves for Indonesia to take part in Exercise Komodo-2016 Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Two Japanese naval ships arrive at Colombo Port Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Trishaw Escapes The Accident Among A Shower Of Stones Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Dwayne Bravo, Aaron Finch Ensure Gujarat Lions Begin IPL Journey With Easy Win Over Kings XI Punjab Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Pilgrim Dies While Returning From Adams Peak Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Senior DIG SM Wickramasinghe Appointed as the Acting IGP Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Zika virus scarier than thought says US Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Bogambara Prison Turned Luxury Hotel Hiru News en 2016-04-12 EU to make big firms come clean on tax Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Garbage Hits Galle Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Man Committed Suicide By Jumping Off Hospital Building Hiru News en 2016-04-12 SHOCKING & Dangerous Aerial Acrobatics - AGT Valo & Bobby [uncut] Hiru News en 2016-04-12 U.S. Embassy Launches the Interview Waiver Program Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Eagle Killers Released On Bail Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Brothel in guise of massage parlour raided Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Norochcholai breaks down again; Power supply not affected. Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Chinese foreign Ministry expect speedy solutions to still unresolved issues of the Colombo port city project Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Kohli opens up about his relationship status with Anushka Sharma via his t-shirt Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Showers to be expected in several provinces this evening Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Prisoners permitted to receive food from homes during New Year Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Aravinda de Silva Appointed As Advisor To SLC Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Woman stabbed to death in Tissamaharama Hiru News en 2016-04-12 share transaction levy re-imposed from 15th April Hiru News en 2016-04-12 McCarthys The Boss dethrones Batman v Superman at US box office Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Indias Woman Biker- Veenu Paliwal Dies In Road Accident Hiru News en 2016-04-12 Deputy minister, hopes for an uninterrupted power supply during new years celebration, providing there is no system fault Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Today Is The Sinhala and Tamil New Year Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Fishermen In The South Have No Restrictions In Fishing In Mullaitivu Seas Hiru News en 2016-04-13 No Avurudu Events with Animals Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Bombay HC Poses Uncomfortable Questions To BCCI On IPL Matches Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Government’s Economic Policy To Take A New Direction Hiru News en 2016-04-13 IPL 2016: Royal Challengers Bangalore Beat Sunrisers Hyderabad By 45 Runs Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Beware: When Lighting Firecrackers Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Watch Hiru TV To Celebrate Avrudu With The Highest Number of Veteran And Most Popular Artists Today Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Luxury Van Caught While Brutally Trafficking Cattle Hiru News en 2016-04-13 A celebration devoid of ethnicity, caste or community; President says in New Year Message Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Man Arrested For Allegedly Raping His Mentally Disabled Daughter Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Jaffna Rape Suspects Further Remanded Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Organized Crime Prosecutors Raid Panama Papers Firm Office Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Monsoon Forecast Cheers Up Indian Farmers Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Uphold National Unity By Joining Hands - R. Sampanthan Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Sinhala And Tamil New Year, Best Symbol Of National Unity Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Usher In Prosperity With Economic & Social Transformation – PM Hiru News en 2016-04-13 EU exit could cause severe damage Hiru News en 2016-04-13 James Taylor Forced To Retire With Serious Heart Condition Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Swedens Abba Reunite To Save Mamma Mia Island Hiru News en 2016-04-13 Former SL cricketer Charith Senanayake appointed manager of SL team for tour of England & Australia. 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