Hiru News en 2013-05-14 Buddhist temples do not need electricity concessions - says Ravana Balaya Hiru News en 2013-05-14 President Rajapakse to address local governments of the Commonwealth Countries today Hiru News en 2013-05-14 Level crossing accidents highest amongst train accidents in the country Hiru News en 2013-05-14 Great Gatsby fails to topple Iron Man 3 at US box office Hiru News en 2013-05-14 Arabs and Turkey see no role for Assad in future Syria Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Arsenic in imported sugar; an investigation reveals Hiru News en 2013-05-15 No rifts within the party :says Frontliners Hiru News en 2013-05-15 People in the North should act wisely;says Minister Basil. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Sapugaskanda refinery activities put on hold from today. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Kings XI Punjab beats RCB by 7 wickets Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Pakistans Sharif tells Khan we should work together Hiru News en 2013-05-15 A bus union in a continuous strike from the 19th. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Afridi, Younis retain top contracts Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Cyclone weakens but Bangladesh and Myanmar on alert Hiru News en 2013-05-15 218 million worth of FDIs in first quarter Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Front liners demand elections in the North. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Kudankulam nuclear plant is unsafe; a warning from 60 Indian scientists. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 2 parades in Colombo by government supporters and the opposition. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Sapugaskanda oil refinery closed for 5 days; no shortage of fuel. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Dr. Nalin De Silva challengers 3 scientists. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Eat insects; UN solution to food scarcity. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 President recollects the first victim of terrorism. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Tense situation in Colombo as Government and opposition hold protests. Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Great Gatsby to kick off Cannes Film Festival Hiru News en 2013-05-15 Cyclone triggers mass evacuations in Bangladesh, Myanmar Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Marxism is a bigger lie than science; says Dr Nalin De Silva. Hiru News en 2013-05-16 A CPC probe into stoppage of refinery. Hiru News en 2013-05-16 A budget from the health Minister. Hiru News en 2013-05-16 A laboratory certificate made compulsory for imported milk powder. Hiru News en 2013-05-16 UN resolution calls for Syria political transition Hiru News en 2013-05-16 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Warriors put an end to Kolkatas faint chances Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Sony to release Angry Birds film in 2016 Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Dont be friends with India; Hisbul Chief warns Nawaz Sharif. Hiru News en 2013-05-16 S Sreesanth, 2 others arrested on match fixing charges Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Leonardo DiCaprio opens Cannes Film Fest amid pouring rain and chilly critics Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Sri Lanka exports to India surge after free trade agreement Hiru News en 2013-05-16 UK to bring Sri Lanka under spot light says Deputy Premier Nick Clegg Hiru News en 2013-05-16 UNP circulates draft constitution amongst public Hiru News en 2013-05-16 The Buddha Sasana Ministry secretarys notice to stop dansal on Vesak Poya day altered. Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Possible tornadoes hit Texas; 6 dead, dozens injured. Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Rod Stewart to claim his first No.1 Album since 1976 Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Yusuf Pathan becomes first in T20, to be ruled out for obstructing field. Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Warning to private bus owners Hiru News en 2013-05-16 Mahasen issue taken to CID Hiru News en 2013-05-16 No lantern contests & musical shows during Vesak day Hiru News en 2013-05-16 CID questions Sarath Fonseka for several hours Hiru News en 2013-05-17 President Rajapakse arrives in the island. Hiru News en 2013-05-16 UN envoy wants to visit Sri lanka Hiru News en 2013-05-17 If a procession is organised for procession. hold a strike for the strike; lal kantha tells government. Hiru News en 2013-05-17 A special traffic plan in Colombo in view of Victory day tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-05-17 A months imprisonment for Prabakarans school friend. Hiru News en 2013-05-17 David Beckham: ex-Man Utd, Real Madrid & AC Milan star to retire Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Bangladesh cyclone weakens, leaves relief in wake Hiru News en 2013-05-17 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-05-17 UNP sends out message to May 21st strikers Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Imported white sugar contains cadmium; dhal subjected to tests Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Mother in Vavuniya jumps into well with her three daughters; all three children dead Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Ecuador stops Sri Lanka - US migrant smuggling ring Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Australia returns 58 more Sri Lankans home Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Chinas Li heads for South Asia, Europe Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Iron Man 3. races past $1 billion dollar mark on monster foreign take Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Bookie arrested is former Royals player Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Sri Lanka delegation in Belarus seeking new markets and investments Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Russia sends sophisticated weapons to Syria Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Mayor of Kaduwela Buddhadasa plans fast unto death campaign against Minister Wimal Weerawansa Hiru News en 2013-05-17 IUSF offers 3 alternatives to university students Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Verbal statement of Former Chief Justice obtained Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Court cases should not be postponed due to amity between judges & attorneys; CJ Hiru News en 2013-05-17 3 children killed after Mother jumps in to well along with them Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Oil tanker to reach SL by 23rd Hiru News en 2013-05-17 Nurses should have degrees; Minister Basil Hiru News en 2013-05-18 Opposition to conduct wishnu poojas in the coming weeks Hiru News en 2013-05-18 Do not remove land and police powers from provincial councils - says India. Hiru News en 2013-05-18 11,000 armed forces for victory day celebrations Hiru News en 2013-05-18 4th year anniversary of victory over terrorism falls today; National victory day celebrations today. Hiru News en 2013-05-18 UNP to provide legal aid if Vesak celebrations are obstructed Hiru News en 2013-05-18 JHU to bring draft bill before parliament opposing 13th amendment to constitution Hiru News en 2013-05-18 Stern action to be taken against Indian Fishermen trespassing on Sri Lankan waters Hiru News en 2013-05-18 No force would be permitted to divide country or conquer its land Says President during 4th Victory Day Celebration Hiru News en 2013-05-18 Bar Association draws decision regarding planned strike on 21st Hiru News en 2013-05-18 India has not made any request to Sri Lanka regarding provincial council powers under the 13th amendment; says external affairs Ministry Hiru News en 2013-05-18 Decision is in the hands of the public; Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-05-18 Beware of pseudo guardians; President Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Public cautioned over using rivers and tanks Hiru News en 2013-05-19 6 children injured after elephant goes on rampage in Kandana Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Bus association to go on strike from midnight; No strike during Wesak season; says another bus union Hiru News en 2013-05-19 We will take to the streets; says JHU Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Internal issues now solved; UNP MP Madduma Bandara Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Guangdong hit as deadly floods sweep southern China Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Pakistan politician Zahra Shahid Hussain killed in Karachi Hiru News en 2013-05-19 David Warner in IPL Twitter row Hiru News en 2013-05-19 India faces S&P Junk status Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Examination for hospital attendants postponed; candidates inconvenienced Hiru News en 2013-05-19 LTTE commemorations in Tamilnadu banned Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Dont bring up 13th amendment now; advice from Malwathu Maha Nayaka Thero Hiru News en 2013-05-19 President to China Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Injured Welegedara doubtful for Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2013-05-19 EU, China have much to lose if trade war breaks out Hiru News en 2013-05-19 The third Iron Man film is ramping it up Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Ban Ki-moon urges North Korea to end missile tests Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Two brothers bathing in Daduru-Oya die Hiru News en 2013-05-19 10 more Sri Lankans condemned to death in Middle east; minister dilan reveals Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Bus Association to commence strike from midnight today; no strike during Vesak says Gamunu Hiru News en 2013-05-19 Sheela vyapara organized at all schools on the 21st - Teacher Service Unions Opposed Hiru News en 2013-05-20 UNP request for a referendum. Hiru News en 2013-05-20 International community made aware regarding human rights progress in Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Heavy thunder showers island wide. Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Bus strike successful; says a trade union Strike unsuccessful; says Gamunu. Hiru News en 2013-05-20 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Registration of massage parlours suspended Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Indian centre focuses attention on Tamilnadus LTTE sympathizers Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Government remains intimidated by strike says Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Showers forecast during Vesak Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Planned strike already shown signs of success; TUA Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Sri Lanka vehicle registrations pick up in April Hiru News en 2013-05-20 England v New Zealand: Stuart Broad hurries hosts to Lords win Hiru News en 2013-05-20 South Korea predicts more North missile tests Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Burnt corpse of businessman found from Kelaniya Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Daughter of Rohana Wijeweera arrested Hiru News en 2013-05-20 6 district face disaster risk Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Trade Unions of the Opposition give time to the government till midnight Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Electricity Concession if reservoirs remain full till October Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Gamunu wants impartial inquiry on todays bus strike Hiru News en 2013-05-20 Maldives doesnt want to change Commonwealth Summit venue Hiru News en 2013-05-21 The opposition on strike today against the electricity tariff hike. Hiru News en 2013-05-21 An assurance from world health organisation to the effect that imported milk powder does not contain poisonous chemicals. Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Nilwala and Ging Ganga reach spill level; public requested to continue to be vigilant. Hiru News en 2013-05-21 37 die in Oklahoma Tornado; 70 die in Iraq bomb blasts. Hiru News en 2013-05-21 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Differences of Indio - Lanka opinion with regard to sampur power plant end. Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Royals suspends contracts of trio Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Indian development aid second largest in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Muslim Council responds to the US announcement regarding Muslims Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Floods recede Hiru News en 2013-05-21 A stock of Walla - Patta plants worth 200 million rupees confiscated Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Strike is successful - says the opposition trade unions; No use in engaging in strikes - says the government trade unions Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Provincial councils heat up Hiru News en 2013-05-21 At least 91 dead as massive tornado strikes US city Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Kevin Pietersen still a doubt for Ashes series against Australia Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Star Trek tops US box office but fails to reach $100m Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Questions raised in parliament regarding delays in teacher salaries. Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Conduct according to Dhamma - Wesak Week begins Hiru News en 2013-05-21 Strike unsuccessful - 93% of government servants reported to work says government Hiru News en 2013-05-21 A signal was given to the government - says Lal Kantha Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Notice issued to Utility commission Chairman and Electricity board GM. Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Do not hold elections; Bodu Bala sena demands. Hiru News en 2013-05-22 The President says the country was freed only from terrorism. Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Syria and Israel in exchange of fire Hiru News en 2013-05-22 CSK into the finals Hiru News en 2013-05-22 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Northern provincial council election in September; a statement from Minister G L in parliament. Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Massive pharmaceutical racket busted Hiru News en 2013-05-22 No parking fees from private building car parks in Western Province Hiru News en 2013-05-22 UNP points out rift point of the alliance Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Northern elections with 13th amendment; says Government. Hiru News en 2013-05-22 No decision to appear before court yet - Says Sunil Handuneththi Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Only Congress is genuinely interested in the Tamils - says Narayanasamy Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Chanaka Welagedara replaced by Dilhara Lokuhettige for the ICC Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Hezbollah sends new fighters to bloody Syria battle Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Suspect in remand custody jumps from upper floor to his death Hiru News en 2013-05-22 11 UNP members supporting the constitutional amendment ; Exposé by the JHU Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Opposition leader claims that the CID questioned the International agency that advised him Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Mervyn who does not know the Journalist. Hiru News en 2013-05-22 public not with the opposition; Minister Mahindananda Hiru News en 2013-05-22 Conditions for importation of Potatoes and B Onions Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Hold the elections in the North; the left requests again. Hiru News en 2013-05-23 2000 police personnel for security during vesak season. Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Several new acts for safeguarding Buddhism; says President. Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Major powers urge Assad to commit to peace Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Record price for rare illustrated Harry Potter book Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Rajasthan Royals beat SRH by 4 wickets; to play Mumbai Indians for place in the final Hiru News en 2013-05-23 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-05-23 No Rolls Royce for the commonwealth conference. Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Restrictions slapped on soy bean imports Hiru News en 2013-05-23 FEB in discussions with Saudi government to obtain extension on amnesty Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Sale of distorted masks banned Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Chairman of Kelaniya Pradeshiya sabha transferred from Kiribathgoda to Ragama hospital Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Strike is a flop says C B Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Hezbolla and Iran helping terror campaign in Syria - says John Kerry Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Sri Lanka sings a deal with China for 580 million dollar loan Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Paul McCartney backs band Pussy Riot once again Hiru News en 2013-05-23 BCCI rejects Sahara Groups claim regarding arbitration Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Nawlapitiya tensed-up due to protest Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Legal action to be taken against Seegiriya liquor advertisement Hiru News en 2013-05-23 UNP MPs will not be arrested says police Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Strike on 21st was similar to a premature child says UNP while JVP steps to the streets Hiru News en 2013-05-23 All preparations complete at Katharagama - Kiriwehera sacred grounds on behalf of Hiru Shakya Singhe Vesak Festival Hiru News en 2013-05-23 Sri Lankans among the arrested by police in Britain and France Hiru News en 2013-05-24 A warehouse in the port partially destroyed due to a fire. Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Let us consolidate national peace during vesak; a message from the President. Hiru News en 2013-05-24 All preparations complete at Katharagama-Kiriwehera sacred grounds on behalf of Hiru Shakya Singhe Vesak Festival Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Today is vesak full moon poya day. Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Barack Obama defends just war using drones Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Aretha Franklin postpones June concerts Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Asad Rauf; Pakistani umpire stood down from Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Support of the youth is essential to develop the country; President Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Find solutions to world issues through teachings of Buddhism; Says UN Secretary General. Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Special investigation on fire at ports cargo warehouse complex Hiru News en 2013-05-24 1 million visitors expected to arrive in Colombo to witness Vesak decorations Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Devotees flock to sacred sites in view of Vesak celebrations Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Lack of Temples reason for social problems; Defence Secretary Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Fuel tanker to arrive in Colombo to revive Sapugaskanda Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Monk immolates himself before Wahalkada of Sri Dalada Maligawa Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Heathrow Airport runways closed for emergency landing Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Showers to continue due to South Western monsoon Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Monk who self immolated in critical condition; 2 letters to journalists before immolation Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Organizers of 712 Dansels warned Hiru News en 2013-05-24 7 Wesak Zones and 10 Pandals in Colombo Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Thousands flock to Kataragama for Hiru Shaakyasinghe Mangalyaya Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Vatican wishes Buddhists a peaceful Vesak Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Dominican Republic arrests Lankans in smuggling case Hiru News en 2013-05-24 Crest jewel to adorn the Mihinthale Sela Chaithya handed over to the Chief Incumbent Hiru News en 2013-05-25 24 hospitalized after Elephant goes on the rampage in Muthiyangana Hiru News en 2013-05-25 CID to investigate fire at Colombo Port Hiru News en 2013-05-25 Hiru Uttama Dathu Wandana Festival begins at Kataragama - Kiri Wehera Sacred Grounds Hiru News en 2013-05-25 Mumbai Indians qualify for IPL Final; CEO of Chennai Super Kings arrested Hiru News en 2013-05-25 Karunanidhi requests Indian citizenship on behalf of Sri Lankan refugees Hiru News en 2013-05-25 Be vigilant regarding children & road rules during Vesak- police urges public Hiru News en 2013-05-25 TNA strong hold Trincomalee Municpal council involved in American agreement; Ministry of External Affairs commences investigations Hiru News en 2013-05-25 More than 100,000 flock to witness Hiru Uththama Dhathu wandana Hiru News en 2013-05-25 Scattered showers expected today Hiru News en 2013-05-25 People deprived of their sovereignty; UNP Hiru News en 2013-05-25 Did the thera receive support for immolation; Police commence investigations Hiru News en 2013-05-25 Inspection of Dansels continue Hiru News en 2013-05-25 Trade unions cast doubt on fire at harbour; Analyst commences investigations Hiru News en 2013-05-25 Hundreds of thousands of devotees flock to Kiri Wehera for Hiru Uththama Daathu Wandana Hiru News en 2013-05-25 Buddhist monk who self immolated passes away Hiru News en 2013-05-26 5 females arrested at a betting centre in Thambuththegama Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Monk who self immolated in Kandy passes away Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Husband of Chairperson of University Grants Commission appointed as Vice Chancellor of Colombo University Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Hiru Uththama Dathu Vandana enters second day as thousands flock to Kiri Vehera to worship sacred relics Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Sudden change in climate expected Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Maoist rebels kill 17 in India Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Thousands complete last mile of Boston Marathon Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Western conspiracies on countries education revealed by Minister Bandula Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Risk of dengue spreading yet again Hiru News en 2013-05-26 TNA in dialogue with UN Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Sinhala Rawaya protests demanding for body of self immolated monk Hiru News en 2013-05-26 US credit card giants sue retailers Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Chennal Super Kings take on Mumbai Indians in Final today Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Cause of fire at Port yet to be revealed Hiru News en 2013-05-26 TNAs stance to be made known subsequent to announcement of Northern polls Hiru News en 2013-05-26 President due to leave for China today Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Body of monk who self immolated himself sent to Rathnapura based on court order; Sinhala Rawaya launches protest demanding for body Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Crowds throng to Katharagama Kiriwehera sacred site by the thousands to witness Hiru Uththama Dhathu Wandana relic exposition Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Sixth IPL’s final today Hiru News en 2013-05-26 apan PM holds talks with Myanmars Thein Sein Hiru News en 2013-05-26 Titanic violin real, hospital CT scan suggests Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Trade unions reveal the reason for the port fire; Analyst report today. Hiru News en 2013-05-27 The remains of venerable Indrarathana thero to Kahawattha; special security on Wednesday the day of the funeral. Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Hundreds and thousands of devotees for Hiru Uththama Dhathu obeisance; relics to be taken to waskaduwa from Kiri-vehera today. Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Mumbai Indians win the 6th edition of the IPL. Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Red Notice Hiru News en 2013-05-27 4 policemen who were assaulted at two different incidents yesterday. Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Security should be given prominence over welfare says Attorney General Hiru News en 2013-05-27 President lands in China Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Funeral of Indarathana Thero to be held tomorrow; Sinhala Rawaya in protest Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Kapilawasthu relics exhibited at Hiru Uththama Dhathu Wandana escorted from Kiriwehera to Tangalle Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Colombo Ports Branch of the SL. IWU refutes allegations. Hiru News en 2013-05-27 South Korea dismisses Norths dialogue offer Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Fast races past Hangover at weekend box office Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Need to back ourselves and perform - Jayawardene Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Mother jumps into lagoon killing her two children Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Demons pursue minister Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Chairman of Embilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabha assaults police Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Relics exhibited at the Hiru Uththama Dathu Wandana reach Galle; Crowds flock by the thousands to pay respects to float carrying relics Hiru News en 2013-05-27 President visits Ling-guwan temple in Beijing Hiru News en 2013-05-27 Funeral of self immolated monk at Poranuwa Public Grounds tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Speaker talks about governments difficulties. Hiru News en 2013-05-28 No military training for Sri Lankan forces in Tamil Nadu; a statement from Indian defence minister Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Navaneedan pillay to arrive in Sri Lanka in August. Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Hiru Uththama dathu wanda which filled Buddhists with religious joy ends. Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Tourist arrivals up by 14.7 percent in April Hiru News en 2013-05-28 A common candidate for the next presidential election? Hiru News en 2013-05-28 EU lifts arms embargo on Syria rebels Hiru News en 2013-05-28 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Met department makes apology on behalf of Mahasen Hiru News en 2013-05-28 UNP proposes constitutional court - COPE committee to be vested with more powers Hiru News en 2013-05-28 TNA to boycott parliament if 13th amendment is abolished Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Development entrusted during colonial era changed Sri Lanka-President says in China Hiru News en 2013-05-28 All preparations are underway to observe the final rights of Venerable Bowaththe Indarathana Hiru News en 2013-05-28 FUTA against the new appointment Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Cricket World Cup 2019: ECB begins venue selection process Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Future cyclones to be named after Demons Hiru News en 2013-05-28 The funeral of self immolated Venerable Indaratana is held Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Sri Lankan President meets Chinese President Hiru News en 2013-05-28 7.5 million rupees robbed during day light at Ja Ela Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo given ultimatum by FUTA Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Rain delays Englands victory push Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Country trio tours with Alan Jackson Hiru News en 2013-05-28 Russia to arm Syria Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Russian arms to deter foreign intervention in Syria Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Chinese assistance for Northern expressway. Hiru News en 2013-05-29 A mother and daughter at abaya-pura in Anuradhapura killed. Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Loss due to the port warehouse fire close upon 500 million; final assessment today. Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Work at sapugaskanda begins. Hiru News en 2013-05-29 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-05-29 North Korea to allow Kaesong managers back Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Sreesanth sent to judicial custody Hiru News en 2013-05-29 A motor accident in Pilessa Kuruneala kills mother and daughter Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Sapugaskanda oil refinery is in danger unless it is modified. Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Suspect of the Anuradhapura double murder arrested; love affair leads to killing. Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Police sue Senior Minister Athauda Seneviratne and 19 others Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Executive presidency to be abolished under new UNP draft constitution; 3 options for the head of state. Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Mathews confident of performing well at the ICC champions trophy. Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Continuous support from China Development bank to Sri lanka Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Police shoot Gang of thieves that disregarded police orders Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Real reason behind Canadas opposition to Sri Lanka revealed Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Close relationship between development and reconciliation; President at Beijing summit Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Legal experts profess support for constitutional change with a public referendum Hiru News en 2013-05-29 Driver and conductor apologize for assaulting monk Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Navy intercepts Rosa Kusum Hiru News en 2013-05-30 President addresses Asian political party conference. Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Homagama district judge arrested while taking bribes. Hiru News en 2013-05-30 UNP MP Dr Jayalath Jayawardana passes away. Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Cricket committee calls for Test minimum Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Pakistani Taliban deputy killed in US drone attack Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Solution to the problem is not the constitution; says JVP. Hiru News en 2013-05-30 George Michael leaves hospital after M1 crash injury Hiru News en 2013-05-30 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-05-30 2 former Indian army officials convicted. Hiru News en 2013-05-30 6 persons arrested over Clashes at Ruhuna University Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Ranil prepared to debate executive powers Hiru News en 2013-05-30 National Freedom Front brings 13th amidst public Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Ajith Mannapperuma to fill in vacant parliament seat of Dr. Jayalath Jayawardhana Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Sri Lanka and China Work to Promote Trade and Tourism Hiru News en 2013-05-30 NFF unclear regarding governments stance on 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Final rights of UNP MP Dr. Jayalath Jayawardana to be held next Monday. Hiru News en 2013-05-30 President concludes successful four day visit to China Hiru News en 2013-05-30 District Judge caught while obtaining bribe produced before court Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Threatening letters to Bloomberg test positive for ricin Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Opposition Leader clarifies powers vested within head of state Hiru News en 2013-05-30 Ringo Starr to release a Beatles photo album. Hiru News en 2013-05-30 ICC recommends Full Member nations to play a minimum number of Tests in 4 years to protect the 5-day game. Hiru News en 2013-05-31 The hope of Manmohan singe for providing electricity to Sri Lanka fails. Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Muslim Congress gets ready for a special discussion on 13th amendment. Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Thailand Prime Minister arrives in the island today. Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Heavy rains today as well; damage to 35 houses in Baticaloa due to strong winds. Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Letter sent to Barack Obama similar to Bloomberg threats Hiru News en 2013-05-31 President Mahinda Rajapakse returns to the island. Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Remains of deceased UNP MP Jayalath Jayawardhana brought to the island this dawn. Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Red notice Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Increase of exports a must Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Southern sector of island to experience showers & winds throughout the day Hiru News en 2013-05-31 The remains of Dr.Jayalath Jayawardana taken to his home in Weligampitiya Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Legendary, China Film teaming to make blockbusters Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Parliament gives Ahmed Ashes hope Hiru News en 2013-05-31 Assad very confident as noose tightens on rebel town Hiru News en 2013-06-01 TNA not satisfied with resettlement. Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Heavy rains today as well. Hiru News en 2013-06-01 US make a revelation about the Tamil Diaspora. Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Thailand premier visit the Temple of the tooth relic. Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Libya not ready to try Saif al-Islam Gaddafi - ICC Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Natalie Cole to release her first album in Spanish Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Sri Lanka A team departs Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Google working on two new Android phones Hiru News en 2013-06-01 US defence chief accuses Beijing of cyber spying Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Students on hunger strike at University of Sabaragamuwa admitted to hospital Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Heavy rains experienced in several parts of the island; Two sluice gates of the Kukuleganga Reservoir opened Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Indian fishermen commence invasion yet again today Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Chinese connection not an issue to India says Prasad Kariyawasam Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Aim of new UNP constitution is to safeguard Supremacy of public says Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Presidents directs to manufacture atapirikara under strict standards Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Showers to persist; 5 districts faced with land slide threat Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Police use tear gas to disperse protest launched by students of Sabaragamuwa University 6 students arrested; 12 police officers injured Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Turkey protests: Unrest rages in Istanbul and Ankara Hiru News en 2013-06-01 Lou Reed recovering after liver transplant: wife Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Today marks the 26th Year since the Aranthalawa Massacre Hiru News en 2013-06-02 UNP ready to prepare the forces Hiru News en 2013-06-02 There is no final decision regarding the 13th amendment; says Alliance. Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Heavy rains today as well; beware of lightning; warns Met department. Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Release the arrested university students; says JVP Hiru News en 2013-06-02 New Oklahoma tornadoes kill nine Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Kohli, Karthik set up strong win for India Hiru News en 2013-06-02 India to construct Seetha temple in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-06-02 3 members of same family missing after boat capsizes in Kalu River Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Attorney General dismisses plans by water supply board Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Trincomalee Urban Council suspends American agreement Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Syria conflict: Red Cross alarmed over Qusair Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Rajiv Shukla resigns as IPL chairman Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Turkey to help develop the East Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Bee Gees Barry Gibb gets lifetime achievement award Hiru News en 2013-06-02 China general defends maritime role in island disputes Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Doctor Jayalath Jayawardhana bids farewell to nation Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Bodies of 2 out of the 3 victims who drowned in Kalu river recovered Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Murder suspect killed in police fire Hiru News en 2013-06-02 President issues certification concerning Buddhists Hiru News en 2013-06-02 N Srinivasan steps aside as BCCI chief. Hiru News en 2013-06-02 The Ashes 2013; Chris Gayle says Australia have hands full Hiru News en 2013-06-02 Eurozone unemployment reaches new record high in April Hiru News en 2013-06-03 A suspect killed after police arrest. Hiru News en 2013-06-03 An officer from the Anuradhapura air force camp commits suicide by exploding a bomb. Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Human Rights Commission to educate LTTE Diaspora. Hiru News en 2013-06-03 President says the future should be planned for the benefit of the future generation. Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Red Notice Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Central Europe on alert for flooding Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Prison intelligence services to get a boost Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Madonna calls on fans to start a revolution of love Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Fast in Colombo against cattle slaughter Hiru News en 2013-06-03 JHU & NFF marionettes of government accuses UNP Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Rawana Balaya opposes Seetha Devola Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Chairman of Amibilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabha at large following 7 days since assault on police Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Nation Trust Bank opens branches in Embilipitiya and Balangoda Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Poultry plant fire kills 55 in China Hiru News en 2013-06-03 No need to revise bus and train fares; says Minister Welgama Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Fast 6 hangs onto first place at box office Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Sri Lanka promotes equity investments in UAE Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Guptill dazzles as tourists win series Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Fresh street clashes pressure Turkey government Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Homagama District Judge Sunil Abeysinghe remanded further Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Hazardous chemicals cause behind port cargo warehouse fire Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Classes of 47 students attached to Sabaragamuwa University suspended Hiru News en 2013-06-03 SLMC to vacate government if 13th amendment is abolished Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Another person held under police custody dies; Tense situation before Dematagoda police Hiru News en 2013-06-03 Copies of the draft of the media ethics bill given to all political parties Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Abducted British couple rescued, nine arrested including 2 Sri Lankans. Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Colombo Law faculty temporarily closed. Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Signs of another petrol shortage; a tanker is on its way; says CPC. Hiru News en 2013-06-04 US clarify Trincomolee MOU. Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Afghan children die as suicide bomber targets soldiers Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Jermaine Jackson to open a Jackson-themed hotel resort Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Gurunath in custody until June 14 Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Sri lanka has achieved much progress after ending war. Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Supreme Court Opinion on the Draft Bill to grant right to vote for the displaced in the North is forwarded to the Speaker. Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Moonstone at the Senarath Halmillawa Ancient Temple stolen Hiru News en 2013-06-04 UNP charges Sri Lankans have become servants of China colonies Hiru News en 2013-06-04 SC opinion to grant right to vote for the displaced in the North sent to the Speaker Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Sri Lankas Hambantota port draws a billion dollars of industries Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Ambilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman surrendered to courts through lawyers Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Public protest on Railway tracks - Vavuniya Train stranded at Hiriyala Hiru News en 2013-06-04 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-04 New opposition MP takes oath. Hiru News en 2013-06-04 2 post mortems baffle relatives of a dead person Hiru News en 2013-06-04 3 faculties of Colombo University closed due to dengue threat Hiru News en 2013-06-04 UNP ready to discuss new constitution with the government Hiru News en 2013-06-04 Government and Opposition miss the point in parliament Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Inland Revenue assesses on sick leave today. Hiru News en 2013-06-05 NZ foreign Minister and a BJP delegation arrive in the Island. Hiru News en 2013-06-05 No fuel scarcity; says Petroleum Ministry. Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Attention of the Alliance parties on several amendments on PC powers including amalgamating 2 PCs. Hiru News en 2013-06-05 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-05 West Indies beat Sri Lanka by 17 runs in warm up match of Champions trophy. Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Nawaz Sharif to be sworn in as Pakistan prime minister today Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Bette Midler is box office gold Hiru News en 2013-06-05 24-hour water cut in areas of Wattala and Kelaniya Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Afghan interpreters can come to UK, says Philip Hammond Hiru News en 2013-06-05 The priest of Walliguhava Eeswara Devalaya murdered. Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Sri Lanka-Pakistan to expand Science and technology fields Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Who introduced preferential system? Reveals Ranil Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Turkey protesters defiant after government apology Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Former Bangladesh captain Ashraful apologizes Hiru News en 2013-06-05 SL handicrafts see higher demand in Dubai; Industries ministry Hiru News en 2013-06-05 JHU discuss on 13th amendment government draft; NFF opinion this evening Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Highest dengue threat in Colombo; 70 percent students; Dengue hit law faculty student dies Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Death sentence on Mawanalla pradeshiya saba chairman Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Head priest of Eswara Devalaya in Sella Kataragama hacked to death Hiru News en 2013-06-05 US extends sanction relief to SL Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Sri Lanka made a steady progress in reducing poverty Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif urges end to US drone strikes Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne in China on a 4 day state visit Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Supreme Court rules voting right bill for the displaced in the North. Hiru News en 2013-06-05 A risk of Dengue becoming an epidemic Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Disappeared journalist Eknaligoda in France - MP Arundika tells parliament Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Govt to obtain SC opinion on police and land power in 13th Amendment. Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Manilal Fernando replies Hiru News en 2013-06-05 Kate Winslet expecting little rock and roller Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Syria conflict; US condemns siege of Qusair Hiru News en 2013-06-06 ICC Champions Trophy Begins Today Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Paris Jackson in hospital after suicide bid Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Another 100 persons arrested for selling low quality atapirikara items. Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Illegal infertility surgeries at Peradeniya Hospital - investigations begin. Hiru News en 2013-06-06 JHU decides on 13th amendment today; Hakeem returns to the island to make a decision. Hiru News en 2013-06-06 New Zealand offers full support for Commonwealth Conference. Hiru News en 2013-06-06 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-06 MP Arundika Fernando makes a revelation parliament. Hiru News en 2013-06-06 UNP Provincial Councilor gives signatory to NFF public petition Hiru News en 2013-06-06 6 dead as Philadelphia building collapses Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Over 13 thousand 675 diagnosed with dengue this year Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Obama shuffles foreign policy team Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Minister G L and New Zealend Forein Minister discuss dairy cooperation Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Deputy Chairman of embilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabha missing Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Police & land powers vested under 13th amendment should be annulled says National Sangha Council Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Schools given deadlines for eradication of dengue Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Future of Sri Lanka held in hands of New York Court says Ranil Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Two men to replace Tim May in the FICA Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Sri Lankan nabbed at Chennai airport Hiru News en 2013-06-06 India arrests in US tourist gang - rape Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Sri Lanka exempt from Iranian sanctions Hiru News en 2013-06-06 AM Homes wins Womens Prize for Fiction Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Myanmars Suu Kyi says she wants to run for president Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Taylor Swift joined Rolling Stones Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra admits to bets worth Rs 7.5 miilion. Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Private bus prepaid fare card to come into effect from next Monday. Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Child injured in Chilaw hospital fire still unconscious. Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Hakeem, Wasu & Douglas request for more time from cabinet Hiru News en 2013-06-06 CID interrogates Vaas Gunawardhana regarding incident where businessman was abducted & murdered. Hiru News en 2013-06-06 Leaders of BJP meets Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-06-06 UNP claims MP Arundika Fernando should be investigated by CID Hiru News en 2013-06-07 A national collective against provincial councils from JHU. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Not enough impact from Central Govt to SL; allegations from Jayalalitha to Manmohan singhe. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Dont approve gutters; President tells local government representatives. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Syrian army retakes Golan crossing Hiru News en 2013-06-07 US national arrested with gold slabs worth 2.5 million. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 6 students in the Kalaniya University hospitalised following a clash. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Jackie Chan seals prints at famed Hollywood theatre Hiru News en 2013-06-07 India beat South Africa after Dhawan century Hiru News en 2013-06-07 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-07 International community could accuse if a proper step is not taken; says G L in Parliament. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Russias Vladimir Putin and wife divorce Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Air force Commanders Helicopter makes emergency landing in Kuliyapitiya Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Special time slot for cleaning schools Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Chinese vice premier meets Prime Minister D M Jayarathne. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Dengue breeding grounds around Kalubowila hospital. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Clash between 2 student groups; science faculty of Kelaniya closed Hiru News en 2013-06-07 SLMC against removing clauses of 13th amendment; thondaman meets Sonia Ghandi. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 India cannot solve Sri Lankan political problems; Say BJP representatives Hiru News en 2013-06-07 SLMC against removing clauses of 13th amendment; thondaman meets Sonia Ghandi. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Esther Williams, actress and swimming star, dies at 91 Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Usain Bolt beaten by Justin Gatlin in 100m at Diamond League Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Sri Lanka Economic Summit from July 9th to 11th Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Robbed garment factory owner dies of a heart attack. Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Sri Lanka to assess marine fish stocks Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Sri Lanka to promote tourism with Morocco and Thailand Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Sri Lankas Unity is not Negotiable; Visiting Indian Delegation Tells President Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Businessman whose Rs. 7.5 million was stolen dies of heart attack Hiru News en 2013-06-07 MP Arundika makes another statement about Eknaligoda Hiru News en 2013-06-07 300 civil defence force personnel to eradicate dengue in Colombo University Hiru News en 2013-06-07 UNP - JHU discussions on June 12th Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Political solution cannot be Rajapakse - Sambanthan agreement; President Hiru News en 2013-06-07 Hiru launches Sri Lankas first ever trilingual App Hiru News en 2013-06-08 UNP offers detective position to UPFA MP Hiru News en 2013-06-08 The country should be built for the children of tomorrow; says President Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Traffic hindered due to uprooted trees as a result of strong winds Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Fishermen cautioned throughout the stretch from Mannar through Galle to Potuvil due to gale force winds Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Barack Obama defends US surveillance tactics Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Pakistan drone strike kills seven in North Waziristan Hiru News en 2013-06-08 WI beat Pakistan in tense finish Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Jon Stewart to make new movie Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Sluice gates of the Lakshapana and Canyon reservoirs opened Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Indian fishermen to sail to Sri Lanka if arrested fishermen not released Hiru News en 2013-06-08 2 fishermen die in rough seas Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Chinese Military technology and training for Sri Lankan forces Hiru News en 2013-06-08 MET Department says they were aware of the US Weather Warning Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Inclement weather affects many areas; Several fishermen reported missing Hiru News en 2013-06-08 3 Naval Vessels and 2 Aircraft join rescue operation Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Navy and Air Force rescue 7 fisherman in rescue operations Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Several houses in Chilaw damaged due to sand erosion of the beach in Chilaw. Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Fisherman of a boat capsized off the coast of Angulana come ashore at Galle Face. Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Mahendra Singh Dhoni placed 16th in Forbes list of highest paid athletes. Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Giant extinct lizard named after The Doors Jim Morrison Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Sri Lankas bank lending rates expected to ease Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital in serious condition Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Fans celebrate International Beatles Fan Day. Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Ministry of Defence sues dengue breeders Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Tamil citizens need to be politically empowered says BJP parliamentary delegation Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Fishermen were cautioned says Met. Department; Fishermen deny knowledge Hiru News en 2013-06-08 6 persons including 5 fishermen dead due to inclement weather; 17 fishermen missing Hiru News en 2013-06-08 Aim of government is to nurture a strong future generation Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Government proposes amendments to the 13th amendment considering unitary nature; UNP says enough for stage dramas Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Women will have more responsibilities in future; says President Hiru News en 2013-06-09 43 fishermen still missing - Fishermen cautioned not to venture in to sea; Public cautioned over rising water levels of Kelani, Kalu and Ging rivers Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Deadly clashes after Libya protest Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Korean officials hold key talks at Panmunjom Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Sluice gates of Reservoirs in the Central Province to be opened Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Wasu proposes new bill against racial hatred Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Poisonous Cadmium found in local rice Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Fisheries Ministry should be held responsible over the loss; says UNP Hiru News en 2013-06-09 18 fishermen killed in stormy weather; 36 missing; Rescue operations continue Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Sri Lanka to spend over 2.8 billion rupees to enhance police communication system Hiru News en 2013-06-09 An assault on meter reader who clarified the electricity tariff hike. Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Ravana Balaya to protest against Sri Lanka Cricket. Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Death toll of fishermen rises to 22; 28 still missing; rescue operations continue. Hiru News en 2013-06-09 President calls for a report on how the public was informed of the disaster Hiru News exposure ignored; NFF charges. Hiru News en 2013-06-09 North, South Korea hold first talks in two years Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Mel Brooks given AFI lifetime achievement honour Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Global remittances rise Hiru News en 2013-06-09 Sri lanka bowled out for 138 runs Hiru News en 2013-06-10 7 proposals to the government about dengue eradication. Hiru News en 2013-06-10 A magic from UNP. Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Replies to US and Canadian human rights allegations. Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Number of Fishermen killed in the cyclone rises to 27; 29 still missing Hiru News en 2013-06-10 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-10 K T Francis no more Hiru News en 2013-06-10 New Zealand wins a thriller Hiru News en 2013-06-10 India polls: BJP star Narendra Modi to lead campaign Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Madirigiriya Pradeshiya saba councillor and 2 others remanded. Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Reservoirs reach spill level following heavy rains Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Two more bodies believed to be of missing fishermen found Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Death toll by Saturday windstorm rises to 31 Hiru News en 2013-06-10 SLMC objection on 13th amendment to President in writing. Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Former Homagama district Judge released on 10 million rupee bail. Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Death toll by Saturday windstorm rises to 31; another 31 still missing. Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Asgiriya Chief Prelate ready to take to streets. Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Militant attack Kabul airport. Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Ravana Balaya protest in front of SLC Hiru News en 2013-06-10 ICC EXPRESS REGRET TO SLC OVER OPENING CEREMONY MISHAP Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Dilshan and Jayawardena reprimanded for excessive appealing Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Top Gun 2 still in the works, Tom Cruise on board, says Bruckheimer Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Colombo central bus terminal sued for dengue breeding Hiru News en 2013-06-10 No change to 13th amendment; Bishops council Hiru News en 2013-06-10 More bodies washed ashore; death toll rises to 42; Presidential committee to probe the disaster Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Dont sell your land that you got as a gift; President Hiru News en 2013-06-10 Human Right Watch challenges MP Arundikas statement on missing Eknaligoda Hiru News en 2013-06-11 International fishermens forum demands an independent probe. Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Death toll of firemen due to cyclone rises to 43; searching for those missing continues. Hiru News en 2013-06-11 President and JHU in a special discussion; Muslim congress says no to amendment. Hiru News en 2013-06-11 DIG Vaas Gunawardana arrested. Hiru News en 2013-06-11 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Iraq crisis; Dozens killed in day of Iraq attacks Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Pop queen Cyndi Lauper wins Tony award. Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Amla, bowlers leave Pakistan on brink Hiru News en 2013-06-11 A body believed to be of missing fisherman found in Bambalapitiya Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Colombo Chief Magistrate orders to produce the goods stolen from the museum Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Woman fallen to death in an agricultural well Hiru News en 2013-06-11 18-hour water cut starts at 12 noon today along the Galle Road Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Government to pay compensation to fishermen families affected by the deaths Hiru News en 2013-06-11 65 Expats return from Kuwait today Hiru News en 2013-06-11 New Training for the Tri Forces and Police Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Wimal and Champika are misleading the Sinahalese Buddhist people - alleges UNP Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Accept responsibility - Fisheries ministry tells the Met Department Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Iran working to enlarge Nuclear Infrastructure - charges Israel Hiru News en 2013-06-11 CID to further question DIG Vaas Gunawardana Hiru News en 2013-06-11 State workers and Pensioners account for 56% of Taxes Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Sir Paul McCartney rocks Barclays Center Hiru News en 2013-06-11 BCCI announces first set of proposals to clean up IPL Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Wilgamuwa PS chairman hospitalized following assault Member of Parliament also accused Hiru News en 2013-06-11 DIG Vaas Gunawardena detained for 72 hours Two suspects give statements for several hours Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Minister of Disaster Management ready to resign Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Two local government ministers accompanying Opposition Leader while visiting fishermen in Balapitiya assaulted Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Seas not suitable for fishing off the coastal areas from Mannar to Pottuwil via Colombo and Galle Hiru News en 2013-06-11 President takes part in the Saman Devindu Uththama Sathkara festival Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Daniel Vettori unsure for match against Australia Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Jackson treatments raised alarm for AEG Live exec Hiru News en 2013-06-11 Explosion in Kabul near US Embassy Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Not even a labour job for 118000 who sat for Ordinary level exam Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Good governance is necessary; a statement from opposition leader. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Protect what belongs to the country; says President. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Refrain from fishing activities from Mannar to pothuvil across Galle. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 India beat West Indies to reach semi-finals Hiru News en 2013-06-12 A special discussion to solve Rugby issues. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Turkey protests; Clashes continue despite PMs warning Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Diana Ross comforting the Jackson family Hiru News en 2013-06-12 John Amarathunga, new chairman of JSS. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Police arrest 4 wanted criminal suspects Hiru News en 2013-06-12 A monk protest on a tree in Kolpitty. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 UNP is not ashamed of 13th amendment. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Sri Lanka ranked at 110 in Global peace index. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Government considers holding North Western, central and North PC election on same day. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Venturing to fishing still risky. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Injured Michael Clarke to miss match vs New Zealand too Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Taliban talks crucial, says US Afghan commander Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Sri Lanka power generation positive in March Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Sri Lanka vulnerable to computer hackers. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Ampara town council chairman arrested Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Hela Urumaya to Siri Kotha. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 No relief yet for distressed fishermen. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 No changes to the 13 amendment; Muslim Congress and the left write to the President. Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Syria rebels kill Shia residents of eastern village Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Australia 243 for 8 Hiru News en 2013-06-12 Heavy rains to continue. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Details of the capsized vessel near Christmas Island today. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 A separate institution is required to warn the fishermen; says met department. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Rough seas today as well; Refrain from fishing activities Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Changes to the 13th amendment to the Cabinet today. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Australia vs. New Zealand Champions Trophy match abandoned. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Nelson Mandela responding better to treatment - Zuma Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Private buses plying between Matugama and Aluthgama go on strike Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Weather warning to Fishermen in Trincomalee and Jaffna Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Files shedding light on Marilyn Monroes last night alive emerge, 51 years after death. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Thousands of children killed in Syria, says a UN study Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Hundreds of fisheries harbours lacking weather forecast facilities. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Sri Lanka taken out from the UN child soldiers report. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Kidnappers group in the guise of Army nabbed. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Cabinet meets to discuss 13th amendment. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Sluice gates of 4 reservoirs opened. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 India reminds of the 13th Amendment. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 DIG Vass Gunawardana sent to remand prison Hiru News en 2013-06-13 David Warner stood down from Australias Champions Trophy match Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Elvis Presley Enterprises, Incorporations announces lineup of events for Elvis Week 2013 Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Oprah Winfrey makes biggest donation to new museum Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Connection between SLMC founders death and Hakeem taking leadership ; NFF raises suspicion. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Opposition leader ready to meet President. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Cabinet decides to change the 13th amendment. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Death threats to investigators from DIG Vaas Gunawardana; CID inform the court. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 UNP enlightens on the new draft constitution. Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Compensation for families of the fishermen who died Hiru News en 2013-06-13 Syria death toll at least 93,000 Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Sangakkara century sees off England Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Peoples curse on Government - says Opposition leader Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Freedom party central committee approval for cabinet decision on 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Strong winds continue. Fishing risky Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Assad forces used chemical weapons - White House Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Leaders of the UNP-led Oppositions Protest to meet Elections commissioner. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Steven Spielberg predicts meltdown of film industry Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Hatton - Nuwara Eliya road blocked due to collapse of earth mound. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Hatton - Nuwara Eliya road opened. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Today is World Blood Donors Day Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Indonesian Police arrest 43 Lankans Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Robbers disguised as police take away 10 .5 million rupees from a laggala house. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 NFF and JHU on special discussion about cabinet decision on 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-06-14 3 proposals from the Oppositions Protest to the Elections Commissioner. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Iran votes in key presidential contest Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Man of Steel Henry Cavill brings Hollywood to Jersey Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Usain Bolt strikes back with 200m Diamond League win in Oslo Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Sri Lanka sells 20-year bonds at 12.15-pct Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya promoted to the rank of a General. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 US says it will give military aid to Syria rebels Hiru News en 2013-06-14 SLMC to take legal action against NFFs Mussamil. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Local government politicians start assault on Journalists as well. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 356 houses and 70 schools damaged in Kandy and Nuwara - Eliya. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Sea is rough and risky today as well; no fishing and naval activities. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 Dilshan optimistic about Australia match. Hiru News en 2013-06-14 AEG CEO cites conflicting info on Jackson health Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Two degree certificates for Arts graduates; a revelation from Education Minister Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Chief Justice offers advice for a better public service Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Warning against Fishing and Naval activities continue due to strong winds Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Gen. Jagath Jayasuriya appointed as Chief of Defence Staff; Major General Daya Ratnayake promoted to the rank of Army Commander Hiru News en 2013-06-15 India to be worlds most populous country by 2028 Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Iran awaits presidential election result Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Stocks up 0.2 Percent Hiru News en 2013-06-15 MJ couldnt perform dance moves during last phase Hiru News en 2013-06-15 West Indies eliminated from Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2013-06-15 President commends blood donors Hiru News en 2013-06-15 An Army Colonel and Lance Corporal dies in accident Hiru News en 2013-06-15 President opens Iranamadu runway Hiru News en 2013-06-15 England accused of ball tampering during Sri Lanka match Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Electronic means to file cases Hiru News en 2013-06-15 UPFA Provincial Councillor punishes teacher for punishing students Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Be aware of LTTE activists; Sri Lanka requests Germany Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Mother takes her own life following daughters suicide Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Provincial councillor who punished teacher remanded Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Opposition leader to fight for 17th amendment Hiru News en 2013-06-15 Be mindful of narrow political objectives – President tells people of the North Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Research conducted across the country on obesity Hiru News en 2013-06-16 UNP blames Muslim Congress Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Tamil National Alliance to India Hiru News en 2013-06-16 People in the North can take independent decisions for a correct path; President Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Fathers day is today Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Pakistan loses all 3 matches as India tops group Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Iranians celebrate Hassan Rouhanis election as president Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Gunmen storm hospital in Pakistan Hiru News en 2013-06-16 US to keep Patriot missiles and F-16s in Jordan Hiru News en 2013-06-16 More threats to the Teacher who was forced to kneel down by Provincial Councillor Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Our conflict is not serious; says Front-liners Hiru News en 2013-06-16 DIG Vas Gunawardane transferred to Prison Hospital Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Dont let terrorists build their image; Sri Lanka requests UN Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Fulfil the promises you made; UNP tells Government Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Discussion on bus fare revision tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-06-16 2 employees of a filling station in Walikada arrested for manipulating the meter. Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Muslim congress to convene tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Fight will commence from the North West; says UNP. Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Signs of dissolving North Western and Central provincial councils next week. Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Champions Trophy; England frustrated by Cardiff rain Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Ban urges Iran to play constructive role Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Suspect dies due to sudden illness. Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Showers in Western, Sabaragamuwa and Central Provinces Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Adele, Blackadder stars honoured by the queen Hiru News en 2013-06-16 Industrial sector should target $ 20b export revenue by 2020 Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Chinese fishermen in Sri lankan waters. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 An acting DIG instead of Vaas. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 North Western and Central provincial council MPs and electoral organisers summoned to Colombo Hiru News en 2013-06-17 MP R. Dumindha Silva re-commenced his political activities. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 England beat NZ and reach the semis. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Red Notice Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Scattered shower in Colombo and gampaha. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Schwarzenegger is set to star in Terminator 5 Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Iraq car bombings: Attacks hit mainly Shia cities Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Sri Lanka private credit fall to three year low in April Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Michael Clarke says pub brawl had an impact on his leadership Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Local rice is safe; Bathalegoda paddy research institute confirms Hiru News en 2013-06-17 MP R. Dumindha Silva re-commenced his political activities. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Sri Lanka violates Indo - Lanka accord; TNA says in India. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Alliance PC member who knelt down a teacher remanded till 27th Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Chinese worker dies after consuming wild yams. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 President telephones the teacher who was forced to kneel down by an alliance PC member. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Coastguard launches patrol to prevent fishermen Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Asylum seekers are being denied legal advice, refugee service claims Hiru News en 2013-06-17 A youth from Horana hospitalised after police assault. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Alliance PC councillors approve to dissolve North Western and Central provincial councils. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 PC member, who forced a teacher to kneel down, asked to resign by the party. Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Sri lanka off to a shaky start Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Seas rough during next 12 hours Hiru News en 2013-06-17 Pakistan government seeks negotiation with Taliban to end unrest Hiru News en 2013-06-17 G8 Northern Ireland summit: Syria set to top agenda Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Rain in several provinces as well; strong winds in Central highlands. Hiru News en 2013-06-18 10 persons including Maithree and Shrilal expelled from the UNP. Hiru News en 2013-06-18 TNA representatives meet the Indian Prime Minister today; Indias stand on 13th amendment soon. Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Teachers trade unions to strike. Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Iran vote; Rouhani vows transparency on nuclear issue Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Sri Lanka hold their nerve to reach semi-final Hiru News en 2013-06-18 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-18 13 students hospitalised following a school van accident. Hiru News en 2013-06-18 PS members son assaults a principal Hiru News en 2013-06-18 India interferes in Sri lanka again; JVP charges. Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Government getting ready for an amendment not in 13; says UNP. Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Colombo University student who jumped out from an upper floor dies. Hiru News en 2013-06-18 India squad unchanged for West Indies tri-series Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Obama says China getting tougher on N Korea Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Australia low on confidence - Bailey Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Sri Lanka tourist arrivals up 21 percent in May Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Sri Lanka economy grows 6.0-pct in 2013 first quarter Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Hundreds of Lankans turned back in Jeddha Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Law Experts respond to UNP regarding JRs mistake Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Draft bill to give displaced voting rights passed Range Bandara helps JHU Hiru News en 2013-06-18 The Provincial Councillor who made the teacher kneel resigns Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Showers to continue in parts of the island - Met department Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Abu Qatada treaty endorsed by King of Jordan Hiru News en 2013-06-18 Helen Mirrens The Audience Records highest audience for National Theater Live Hiru News en 2013-06-18 India name unchanged squad for ODI Tri Series in the West Indies Hiru News en 2013-06-19 A village in Kinniya in tension; 4 persons apprehended with 4 carts. Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Vaas Gunawardana discontinued from service as well. Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Sluice gates of several reservoirs opened; Instructions to be on alert. Hiru News en 2013-06-19 India ready to discuss about the 13th amendment with the Sri lankan government; Manmohan singh tells TNA. Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Parliamentary scholarship council removal draft bill passed in parliament Hiru News en 2013-06-19 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Pakistan funeral suicide bomb attack kills 28 Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Rolling Stones planning a new album Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Banned Bangladesh umpire submits a mercy plea Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Private bus strike on Buthgama - Monaragala route. Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Nave arrests 80 illegal immigrants in the sea off Batticaloa Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Sinhala Rawaya charges its marcher was abducted Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Additional Voter registrations of the displaced in the North to be finalised within 2 weeks Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Government invests 5.9 percent of GDP as public investment Hiru News en 2013-06-19 India is concerned about making changes to the 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-06-19 MP Arundika Fernando to courts Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Michael Jacksons personal chef tells jurors regarding home lives of MJs Children Hiru News en 2013-06-19 India strengthen grasp on ODI No. 1 spot Hiru News en 2013-06-19 7.6 million people became refugees in 2012 - UN Hiru News en 2013-06-19 SLFP to request Elections Commissioner to call for Nominations Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Law faculty student who assaulted female lecturer arrested Hiru News en 2013-06-19 4 dead and 85 children injured after school bus falls into precipice Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Opposition requests more time to join PSC established to solve National Issue Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Indian Premier concerned regarding proposed amendments to 13 A Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Female lecturer injured by law students knife attack undergoes surgery Hiru News en 2013-06-19 Come back home; Minister G.L tells refugees Hiru News en 2013-06-19 More protests against humiliation of female teacher Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Champions Trophy: England beat South Africa to reach final Hiru News en 2013-06-20 A disclosure that 300 million rupees go waste from Victoria and Kukule-ganga power plants. Hiru News en 2013-06-20 A pow vow between Minister G L and Australian prime Minister Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Law student Doctor remanded; Injured divisional head recovers. Hiru News en 2013-06-20 The death toll in the Nuwara Eliya bus accident increase to 4 Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Obama in Berlin calls for US-Russia nuclear weapons cuts Hiru News en 2013-06-20 MP R. Dumindha Silva who recovered miraculously after receiving fatal gunshot injuries to his head returns to parliament Hiru News en 2013-06-20 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Man of Steel follows US success and tops UK box office Hiru News en 2013-06-20 7 treasure hunters arrested. Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Victoria and Kukule River stops generating electricity due to sluice gates opening. Hiru News en 2013-06-20 World Bank warns global warming woes closing in Hiru News en 2013-06-20 UNP requests for a Casino Regulation Commission Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Slim Whitman passes away at the age of 90 Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Bangladesh at the risk of losing ICC membership Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Poson week begins today Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Issue concerning security of the Sri Lankan Cricket team Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Central and North Western Provincial councils to be dissolved in first week of July Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Sri Lankas Treasuries yields kept flat Hiru News en 2013-06-20 The case against Bodu bala sena secretary and 13 others taken for trial. Hiru News en 2013-06-20 UNP wants Interpol assistance in Vaas Gunawardana investigations. Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Mother tongue, religion and history compulsory for Local students in International and private schools. Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Supremacy is important than an agreement; 19th amendment urgent bill to change the 13th to parliament Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Political parties upbeat about northern polls. Hiru News en 2013-06-20 Necessary actions are taken to make a real change in the educational; President Hiru News en 2013-06-21 India thrash Sri Lanka to reach final Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Obstructions from LTTE sympathizers to Indo-Sri Lanka cricket match Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Allegations about Dengue eradication from a University Professor Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Fishing is risky again from this noon Hiru News en 2013-06-21 James Gandolfini: Tributes paid to Sopranos actor Hiru News en 2013-06-21 China backs Obamas calls on nuclear disarmament Hiru News en 2013-06-21 MP Range points out in parliament the difference between the Freedom Party and the UNP Hiru News en 2013-06-21 A person arrested with a live hand grenade in Bandaragama. Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Jagath Chamila wins best actor award at New York City film festival Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Mandatory family background report for females travelling abroad for employment Hiru News en 2013-06-21 UNPs draft constitution presented to the SLFP Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Complaints regarding LTTE sympathizers who protested against SL Cricket team in UK. Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Indian National Security Advisor to arrive in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Ricky Ponting to retire from all forms of cricket Hiru News en 2013-06-21 A special discussion regarding bus fare on the 24th Hiru News en 2013-06-21 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to visit India. Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Jennifer Lopez honored with a star. Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Global markets fall sharply Hiru News en 2013-06-21 A group of farmers carry poison and protest on a roof top Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Wind speed to increase tonight and tomorrow morning. Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Gold prices gone up by 5000 rupees with the new tax. Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Government nominates members to Parliamentary select committee to solve the national problem; UNP puts conditions on participation. Hiru News en 2013-06-21 Sri Lanka imposes 10 percent tax on gold imports Hiru News en 2013-06-21 People in the country will decide the future of Provincial Councils; President Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Uphold values - Britain requests from Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Special program to inspect Poson Alms Stalls Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Trust is needed to safeguard society - statement by chief justice Hiru News en 2013-06-22 18 former MPs called to appear before courts Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Upul Tharanga to replace Tillakaratne Dilshan for the tri-series in West Indies Hiru News en 2013-06-22 India floods: Death toll in Uttarakhand passes 500 Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Government dedicated to safeguarding Buddism - says President Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Two priceless Elvis Presley memorabilia on display at Liverpool Exhibition Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Canada floods: Three killed as waters threaten Calgary Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Sri Lanka rupee weaker, bond yields up. Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Elton John to release 30th album. Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Trott hopes final against India can lay foundation for successful season Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Sri Lanka requests for report from UK regarding Cardiff incident Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Proscribe LTTE in order to combat people smuggling Sri Lanka requests of Australia Hiru News en 2013-06-22 3500 police officers deployed to Anuradhapura on behalf of Poson Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Communist Party of India states that India should remain committed towards 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Sea faring still hazardous for fishermen Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Daya Master comments on Chief Minister of the North Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Strong constitution mandatory; says Kotte Sangha Council Hiru News en 2013-06-22 All set to make Hiru Shraddhabhi-wandana a success at historic Thooparama sacred grounds tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-06-22 Sri Lankans in UK can contact High Commission regarding their safety Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Government says that people in the North need a long term political program Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Muslim Congress to name its representative for the PSC on National issue on the 29th Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Fishermen and Naval Personnel cautioned against venturing in to sea Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Massive crowds flock to Thooparama sacred grounds for Hiru Shraddhabhi-wandana programme Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Today is the Poson full moon Poya day Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Parliamentarian R Dumindha Silva sponsors several Dansel in view of Poson Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Sluice gates of Castlereigh opened Hiru News en 2013-06-23 England take on India in Final today Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Man of Steel takes in $5.9 million at the box office Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Provincial Minister invites Minister Wimal and Patali to discuss 13A Hiru News en 2013-06-23 2 Military personnel who were on training in India recalled Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Sri Lankans entering Britain have to place 3,000 Pounds as a cash bond Hiru News en 2013-06-23 17 of the Dikwella Police transferred Hiru News en 2013-06-23 President Mahinda Rajapaksa also joins Hiru Shraddhabhi-Vandana Hiru News en 2013-06-23 President places the blessed treasure within the Basal Rings of the Sandahiru Seya. Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Orlando Bloom - Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry Lead 2014 Walk Of Fame Inductees Hiru News en 2013-06-23 India floods death toll could rise to 1.000 Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Mother & two children on their way, after visiting temple meet with fateful accident. Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Parts of a mobile phone believed to be instrumental in Vaas Gunawardhana incident recovered from canal in Colombo. Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Former LTTE Media Spokesperson requests for SLFP party membership. Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Large number of devotees take part in Hiru Shradd-ha-bhi-wandana; Floral tributes interspersed from air at Thooparama sacred grounds. Hiru News en 2013-06-23 Heavy rains today as well. Hiru News en 2013-06-23 4294 alms stalls organized island wide in lieu of Poson inspected this morning. Hiru News en 2013-06-24 A change in the Saudi Arabian working week Hiru News en 2013-06-24 A new DIG for Colombo North made vacant by Vaas Gunawardhana Hiru News en 2013-06-24 TNA in a discussion with South Africa Hiru News en 2013-06-24 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Abbas accepts resignation of Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Sir Cliff Richard rocking at 72. Hiru News en 2013-06-24 India win Champions Trophy 2013, defeat England by 5 runs Hiru News en 2013-06-24 National Electricity Consumers Movement accuses CEB. Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Rain expected today as well. Hiru News en 2013-06-24 SriLankan Airlines opens Melbourne office Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Security officer of Magistrate involved in bribe incident remanded once more Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Daya Master offers clarification on 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-06-24 President tours Tanzania Hiru News en 2013-06-24 40 thousand metric tones of substandard diesel received yet again Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Mickey Arthur sacked as Australias coach Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Mandela in critical condition Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Attempts to manipulate evidence of teacher kneeling incident Hiru News en 2013-06-24 One train commuter killed between Lunawa and Angulana Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Northern polls likely to be held on the 21st or 28th of September Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Sri Lanka should not be made another Pakistan; Indian Union Minister Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Old Left requests for political solution from main stream political parties Hiru News en 2013-06-24 Final decision on proposed bus fare hike on the 27th of this month Hiru News en 2013-06-25 A preparation for examining mental state of University students. Hiru News en 2013-06-25 If media does not want a code of ethics we too dont want; a statement from mass media minister. Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Cannot provide government employment; says deputy finance minister. Hiru News en 2013-06-25 No discussion with the Tamil Diaspora that spread hatred; a statement from Government. Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Berlusconi sentenced to jail Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Public corporation for eradicating dengue not satisfactory; Kariyawasam Hiru News en 2013-06-25 PC system is not a white elephant; says Senior Minister Thissa Vitarana Hiru News en 2013-06-25 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Lehmann appointed Australia coach until 2015 Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Sri Lankan rupee falls to near 7-month low Hiru News en 2013-06-25 High-level Indian delegation holds trade discussions. Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Afghanistan presidential palace attacked in Kabul Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Rafael Nadal exits Wimbledon after shock Steve Darcis defeat Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Lankan rupee falls to near 7-mth low; depreciation pressure persists Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Minister G.L. Peiris discloses the Goebbels theory of the LTTE proxies Hiru News en 2013-06-25 13th should be changed in collaboration with India says UNP Hiru News en 2013-06-25 A protest in Kalladi - Divisional Secretary who went to settle the dispute assaulted Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Vass Gunawardana further remanded till the 9th of next month; His wife also ordered to appear in courts Hiru News en 2013-06-25 A steep drop in the poverty levels Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Allegations from petroleum trade unions. Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Monsters top box office; beat zombies, Superman Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Rauf, Bowden dropped from Elite umpires list Hiru News en 2013-06-25 India mass funeral for flood victims Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Welioya students who took part in Poson lantern competition gifted razors and sanitary towels Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Complaints emerge again from Kahawatta - Kotakethana Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Decision not approved by Cabinet given to provincial council; Leftist parties who opposed in the South agrees in Sabaragamuwa Hiru News en 2013-06-25 New issue for Minister of Education Hiru News en 2013-06-25 Michael Clarke set for return to action Hiru News en 2013-06-26 What politicians can do scientist cannot; says Minister Maithree. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Muslim congress to contest alone at the North, North Western and Central elections. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Police explains the difference. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 6 women killed in the Aluthgama train accident. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 US commits to Afghan Taliban talks despite Kabul attack Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Heavy rains today as well. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Mathews confident of SL success Hiru News en 2013-06-26 A murder at Giri - Bawa Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Venezuela says would consider asylum for Snowden Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Pakistan to host South Africa, Sri Lanka in UAE Hiru News en 2013-06-26 BJP slams Indian policy on Lanka Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Urgent meeting of the SLFP parliament group to discuss about the 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Bamboo gate to Aluthgama depot road where 6 were killed. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 16 divisional secretariats in Puthlam stop work. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Worldwide displeasure over UK bond charge. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Kevin Rudd ousts Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Saudis press Kerry for hard line on Syria genocide