Hiru News en 2017-04-13 New Zealand braces for the worst storm in decades Hiru News en 2017-04-13 Ten houses damaged by lightning : Heavy showers expected tonight as well Hiru News en 2017-04-13 Questioning starts with regard to Kaduwela shooting Hiru News en 2017-04-13 Time for religious act or Nonagataya starts at 7.40 this evening – New Year dawns at 2.04 tomorrow early morning Hiru News en 2017-04-13 An unusual New Year celebration at former president’s Carlton home Hiru News en 2017-04-13 Everything in place to celebrate ‘Tun Helaye Avurudu’ with Hiru Hiru News en 2017-04-13 The Japan Sri Lanka Business School educates PM Ranil Wickremesinghe with regard to difficulties they face doing business in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-04-14 A Pakistani national arrested at BIA with 1.156 kg of heroin Hiru News en 2017-04-14 U.S. Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb on ISIS Target in Afghanistan (video & photos) Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Gautam Gambhir Guides KKR To 8-Wicket Win Vs KXIP At Home Hiru News en 2017-04-14 New Year dawned at 2:04 ; The auspicious time for Commencing work, the exchange of money and partaking of the first meal was at 7.05 am Hiru News en 2017-04-14 University students to launch a protest in Colombo today Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Let’s join hands to build a country where reconciliation and coexistence are given pride of place; says President Hiru News en 2017-04-14 ‘Thun Helaye Avurudu’ with Hiru commenced with grandeur Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Less number of accidents experienced during this New Year - colombo national hospital (video) Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Mission launched in Southern Expressway to arrest drunk drivers Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Malinga to play in South Africas Twenty Twenty Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Sri Lanka is in ecstasy with this years awurudu - cuckoo bird back in action Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Two dismissed being stabbed in Kuliyapitiya Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Several Provinces to expect rain during afternoon Hiru News en 2017-04-14 36 ISIS members dead in US mother bomb dropped in Afghanistan Hiru News en 2017-04-14 US doctor Jumana Nagarwala faces life in jail over performing FGM Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Twins born inside an ambulance in Deniyaya (video) Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Man dies as a tree falls on a three wheeler Hiru News en 2017-04-14 Update - President directs three forces to rescue the victims of Meethotamulla garbage dump collapse Hiru News en 2017-04-14 United Airlines passenger stung by a scorpion on flight Hiru News en 2017-04-15 10 including 4 children killed as Meethotamulla garbage dump collapses - 7 more in Hospital Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Kotadeniyawa death committed over gold chain Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Special discussions over next IMF Premium Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Rain expected island-wide today- Met department Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Government decides to compensate people affected in Meethotamulla garbage dump incident Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Update: death toll due to Meethotamulla garbage dump collapse increased to 11 - Army Spokesman Hiru News en 2017-04-15 North Korea parades showing readiness for nuclear attacks amid show of force Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Harry Styles single finally topples Ed Sheerans chart reign Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Iranian arrested with heroin worth of Rs.20 million at BIA Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Panamas burned Daniella brought to Colombo Port Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Differently abled war heroes paid tribute by Education Minister Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Increment in Dengue due to change in Virus Hiru News en 2017-04-15 TNA accused by Douglas Devananda Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Death toll in garbage dump collapse climbs to 17 Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Peradiniya University which was closed due to a viral flu to be reopened on the 18th Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Government decides to take garbage in Colombo to 2 temporary sites Hiru News en 2017-04-15 Death toll in garbage dump collapse climbs to 19 Hiru News en 2017-04-16 Rescue efforts continue in search of those missing in Meethotamulla; Death toll rises to 20 Hiru News en 2017-04-16 Mechanism to restructure school administration Hiru News en 2017-04-16 Technical Specialists Team from Japan to visit Meethotamulla Hiru News en 2017-04-16 School girl drowns in Gandara; Infant dies in Ambalantota after choking Hiru News en 2017-04-16 Death toll from Meethotamulla tragedy increases further; Census commences on the loss of life and property Hiru News en 2017-04-16 Special Bus and Train services for those returning to Colombo after the New Year Hiru News en 2017-04-17 President orders to provide relief to affected groups in Meethotamulla Hiru News en 2017-04-17 665 in hospital during the festive season Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Turkey referendum: Erdogan wins vote to expand presidential powers Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Mumbai Indians defeat Gujarat Lions Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Man arrested with Rs. 70 million worth of gold at Katunayake Airport Hiru News en 2017-04-17 PM goes to Vietnam Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Rescue Operations continue in search of missing persons in the Meethotamulla tragedy; Death toll increases to 26 Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Devala Perehara’s being hindered due to lack of availability of tamed elephants Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Special bus and train services continue Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Assessment of damage to property in Meethotamulla begins today Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Facebook Live shooting: Suspect claims to have killed 13 Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Power supply issue in Norochcholai- CEB Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Four elephants fallen into a farm well in Vavuniya rescued by residents Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Woman dies during fight between husband and son in Aranayaka Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Meethotamulla garbage dump tragedy: Concerned PM returns from Vietnam Hiru News en 2017-04-17 US Vice President warns N. Korea Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Father of two dies following marathon in Halwala Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Death toll at Meethotamulla tragedy rises to 27; Special meeting before assessing the damage Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Five motorcyclists die in accidents in the past 24 hours Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Prime Minister meets counterpart in Vietnam Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Special sticker for the safety of SLTB bus commuters Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Income at expressways increase by 25% Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Steps to cultivate potatoes Kandy’s unused lands Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Dumping garbage on UDA lands prohibited from May 1st Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Ousted President of South Korea Formally Indicted Hiru News en 2017-04-17 MS Doni delivers powerful six at IPL Hiru News en 2017-04-17 8 individuals arrested for assaulting a police sergeant Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Pilleyan further remanded until the 28th Hiru News en 2017-04-17 Sri Lanka orders locomotives, train sets of 160 million rupees from India Hiru News en 2017-04-17 1 hundred thousand rupees compensation for families of the dead - Compensation up to 2.5 million rupees for property damage Hiru News en 2017-04-17 30 persons still missing after collapse of Meethotamulla garbage mound Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Demand for H1N1 antiviral drugs increases Hiru News en 2017-04-18 India’s PM Modi stops car to greet a 4-year-old girl Hiru News en 2017-04-18 No final decision regarding compensation- Minister of Disaster Management Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Knight Riders beat Daredevils by four wickets Hiru News en 2017-04-18 N Korea envoy warns of nuclear war at UN Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Peradeniya University to re-open today Hiru News en 2017-04-18 13 fishermen arrested in Pulmude Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Ukrainian arrested with illegal cigarettes in Weligama Hiru News en 2017-04-18 US Vice President goes to Japan to strengthen ties between the countries Hiru News en 2017-04-18 US halts adult film production Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Wild elephant behind five deaths caught Hiru News en 2017-04-18 17yo girl killed by a shark off coast of Western Australia Hiru News en 2017-04-18 WhatsApp to have a new makeover Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Himasha Eshan defeats Olympic medalist Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Body of police constable reported missing in Anuradhapura found in Puttalam Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Ven. Brahmanawatte Seevali Thero passes away Hiru News en 2017-04-18 CMC garbage to be disposed in Karadiyana Garbage Dump till 28th Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Incorrect injection administered to a 4yo girl at Matara Hospital Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Investigation ordered into the shooting of an elephant in Vavuniya Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Meethotamulla Garbage Dump disaster: Search operation continues Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Project to promote hybrid corn Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Protest launched against dumping Colombo garbage in Dompe Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Lady Gaga invites fans to film new Bradley Cooper movie Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Minister Ranawaka replies to accusations by Chief Minister Isura Devapriya- [video] Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Danger-prone area declared around Meethotamulla garbage mound Hiru News en 2017-04-18 President says building structures itself would not cure all ills Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Prince William warns stiff upper lip can damage mental health Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Theresa May to seek snap UK election for 8 June Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Kieran Powell recalled to West Indies Test squad Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Colombo garbage trucks were sent back by protestors in Ja Ela and Dompe - Protests against dumping garbage at Kotikawatta as well Hiru News en 2017-04-18 Bandula visits the office of his former ministry Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Gayle becomes first player to reach 10,000 T20 runs Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Facebook killer Steve Stephens found dead after car chase Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Joint opposition requests a debate Hiru News en 2017-04-19 President calls for special discussion on Meethotamulla disaster Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Husband, who set alight his wife, commits suicide Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Steps to overcome cinnamon plant shortage Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Man dies during brawl in Hatton- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Gunman kills three people at random in Fresno Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Protest against dumping of garbage in Karadiyana causes heavy traffic Hiru News en 2017-04-19 70yo truck driver claims to have fathered 54 children Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Three arrested with 182 bottles of illegal foreign liquor Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Woman brutally attack during protest against Donald Trump Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Protest in Veyangoda causes traffic Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Health Minister will ban sale of cigarettes near schools Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Desperate police search for Lakmali Priyadarshani- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-04-19 NFF politburo meets for the first time since Wimal’s fasting Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Containers smuggled into the country with 120 million rupees worth of consumer goods, seized at Orugodawaththa Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Presidential meeting decides to remove limit on compensation for destroyed houses in Meethotamulla Hiru News en 2017-04-19 PHIs warn of skin deceases in Meethotamulla Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Woman dies in fatal accident along Galle- Colombo main road Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Protests against dumping of garbage continues today Hiru News en 2017-04-19 7 Sri Lankan fishermen arrested by Indian Navy Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Bus crash kills 44 in northern India Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Katana organiser to resign in protest of Minister John Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Housing for the affected of Meethotamulla from tomorrow; Army vested with more responsibilities Hiru News en 2017-04-19 Protest in several areas rejecting garbage from Colombo Hiru News en 2017-04-20 India to take over Trinco oil tank farm? Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Lasith Malinga praised at Mumbai Indians’ 10 year anniversary Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Day 7 of the search operations at Meethotamulla continue on Hiru News en 2017-04-20 University of Sri Jayewardenepura battling with stray dogs Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Sunrisers Hyderabad win against Delhi Daredevils By 15 Runs Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Pakistani national arrested in Kollupitiya Hiru News en 2017-04-20 CCTV footage shows young man’s untimely death- [video] Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Man carries his brother’s body home on a bicycle Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Country’s economy is in the correct path- President Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Tamil Nadu government to release 7 SL fishermen Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Deathly fever kills 745 in Nigeria Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Change in government positions to take place within the next 2 weeks Hiru News en 2017-04-20 JVP expects to meet with the President Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Woman arrested after she buried her newborn Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Projections that warm weather conditions will continue until end of this month Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Former President says he has not withdrawn from the battle Hiru News en 2017-04-20 President appoints a committee to probe Meethotamulla tragedy Hiru News en 2017-04-20 160 barrels containing Glysophate detained by Customs Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Theresa May announces snap general election on June 8 to make a success of Brexit Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Katy Perry trolled by Indians for goddess Kali post on Instagram Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Kirindiwela heated over garbage dumping from Colombo in the areas Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Turnbull Tightens Australian Citizenship Test in Migration Crackdown Hiru News en 2017-04-20 One person dismissed colliding with train in Vavuniya (photos) Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Principals informed to keep schools clean before April 26th Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Water cannon and tear gas fired at protestors who refused dumping Colombo garbage in Dompe Hiru News en 2017-04-20 North Korea says dont mess with us as US plans next move Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Shafiul Islam back in Bangladesh squad Hiru News en 2017-04-20 President says an independent investigation will be conducted over Meethotamulla incident Hiru News en 2017-04-20 Disposing of garbage is an essential service; Those obstructing to be arrested without warrant Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Policeman and suspected gunman shot dead in Paris terror attack Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Jos Buttler hits 77 as Mumbai Indians beat Kings XI Punjab Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Signs of Indian boats being released before Modi’s arrival Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Aerial inspection of Meethotamulla garbage mount carried out Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Polonnaruwa doctors launch a strike today Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Man hacked to death in Kadawatha Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Trump to visit Asia in November Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Birth of last baby Orca in captivity filmed at SeaWorld (video) Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Three Wheeler set on fire in Ambalantota Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Israeli comic novel up for International Booker Prize Hiru News en 2017-04-21 US and Russian astronaut duo reach International Space Station in Soyuz Capsule Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Dimbulagala farmers protest demanding water for cultivation(photos) Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Families evacuated from meethotamulla disaster prone area ,receive 50 thousand rupees monthly allowance Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Restraining order issued by Kesbewa courts preventing garbage dumping protest to be staged in Karadiyana Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Muthuraajawela residents protest against Colombo city garbage Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Job racketeer who cheated individuals seeking employment in the Seychelles , out of approximately 20 million rupees, arrested. Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Latest technology must be utilized when issuing licenses for small hydro power plants – says President Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Notices issued on 6 persons for engaging in protest disregarding a Court Order Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Paris Gunman was on police terror radar Hiru News en 2017-04-21 KL Rahul set to miss Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Ex-Pink Floyd singer Waters makes first album in 25 years Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Saudi Arabia, Kuwait signal likely extension of oil output cut Hiru News en 2017-04-21 French artist succeeds in hatching eggs after three weeks (video) Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Government organizations in which Dengue Mosquitos found to be filed court case Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Profit received by Jaya Container Terminal from oil selling doubles Hiru News en 2017-04-21 President advises to create a proper methodology of mending the garbage disposal issue. Hiru News en 2017-04-21 New houses granted to the victims of Meethotamulla garbage dump collapse Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Two children saved while being tied together under scorching sun in Kataragama Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Japanese experts disclose the methane density inside Meethotamulla garbage mount was high Hiru News en 2017-04-21 Five Million Rupees Compensation for Meethotamulla Victims’ Families Hiru News en 2017-04-21 20 dead after truck ploughs through roadside shops in Andhra Pradesh Hiru News en 2017-04-22 UN Secretary General meets with Trump Hiru News en 2017-04-22 South Africas accident kills 20 children (photos) Hiru News en 2017-04-22 John Cena and Nikki Bella go nude for social media milestone (photos) Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Electrician in Dankotuwa dies in electrocution Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Individual arrested for attempting to bribe a police officer Hiru News en 2017-04-22 India getting ready to launch a spacecraft to Venus Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Silent protests in Karadiyana against garbage disposal Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Unions threaten on strike Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Final honors to late Venerable Brahmanawatte Seevali Thero to be extended today afternoon Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Animal Drugs mistakenly issued for Human medicine in Gampaha Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Former President Rajapaksa reveals the reason for Gotabhayas involvement in voicing for Meethotamulla incident Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Galle Youth flew to Korea as a worker gone missing Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Decisive World Bank – IMF Summit commences Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Three-wheeler topples in Poojapitiya leaving one dead and four injured Hiru News en 2017-04-22 The court of appeal of England refuses to provide refuge to a Tamil national who claimed that he was tortured in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Group of treasure hunters arrested in Rajanganaya Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Truck attacked during protest at Wattala against garbage dumping Hiru News en 2017-04-22 SLFP states that Chandrika and Mahinda were invited for the May day rally Hiru News en 2017-04-22 A group of dislocated persons in Meethotamulla refuse to be relocated - Colombo Municipal Council asks for a favour Hiru News en 2017-04-22 World Bank and IMF content with Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-04-22 Garbage truck attacked at Wattala - Dumping garbage at Dompe temporarily suspended Hiru News en 2017-04-23 Minister Vijayamuni accepts his mistake Hiru News en 2017-04-23 Government says solutions confirmed for Meethotamulla; Part of the garbage mound covered with Polythene Hiru News en 2017-04-23 Proposal to EU Parliament against GSP Plus concession Hiru News en 2017-04-23 RPS beat Sunrisers Hyderabad Hiru News en 2017-04-23 We agree with the UPFA’s stance on SAITM; says UNP Hiru News en 2017-04-23 Petroleum Trade Unions to go on strike from midnight Hiru News en 2017-04-23 7 new SLFP organizers appointed for 6 districts Hiru News en 2017-04-23 Temperature increases abnormally in several provinces, Reservoirs in Tamil Nadu covered Hiru News en 2017-04-23 A shortage in fuel in the next 24 hours - trade unions issue a warning Hiru News en 2017-04-23 Garbage dump continues to be covered by a mackintosh - Officials visit Doluwa to investigate new inventions upon Hiru revelation Hiru News en 2017-04-24 The government to compensate total value of property destroyed at meethotamulla Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Attendance at SLFP May Rally made compulsory to all SLFP MPs Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Bonds Commission resumes duty today, after New Year holiday Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Two nabbed over treasure excavation in Kahatagasdigiliya Hiru News en 2017-04-24 One person arrested due to thievery at Private company Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Petroleum Corporation trade unions to discuss with the Minister of subject at 11am today Hiru News en 2017-04-24 North Korea threatens to sink approaching US aircraft carrier Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Mathews to Captain ICC Champions trophy 2017 Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Sri Lanka Cricket announces Champions Trophy 2017 Squad Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Wimal accused of a novel complaint Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Risk of Skin and Eye Disease spread due to too bright Sun - Colombo National Hospital Hiru News en 2017-04-24 One person arrested regarding Sri Lankan youth gone missing in Korea Hiru News en 2017-04-24 twelve hospitalized over a fight between two parties in Jaffna Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Chairperson of National Child Protection Authority resigns Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Karadiyana protesters released Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Japan proposes solutions to Meethotamulla garbage mound - Protests held in Ja Ela as well today against dumping garbage Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Referendum needed to obtain public approval for governemnts agreements - Gammanpila Hiru News en 2017-04-24 More Organizers appointed for SLFP Hiru News en 2017-04-24 SF lokka gone missing (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Supreme Court decision regarding draft bill on new foreign exchange presented to the parliament soon Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Human Doll, Kristyna Martelli dies while undergoing another surgical procedure Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Fire erupts in a multi-day boat in Hambantota Port - one dismissed Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Prime Minister to visit India on an official tour tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-04-24 A proposal from Ratnapura to reduce price of arrack Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Petroleum worker strike further continues – Trade unions and subject minister discuss the issue for hours Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Petroleum Trade Unions call off strike Hiru News en 2017-04-24 Vehicular movement along the Colombo- Avissawella road disrupted due to a protest Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Four members of the same family run over by a vehicle owned by a State Minister Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Rs. 7 million worth of heroin nabbed at the airport Hiru News en 2017-04-25 New act within 2 months to safeguard higher education standards Hiru News en 2017-04-25 An overnight protest carried out by Orugodawatta residents against the non-collection of garbage Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Special programme to bring back Sri Lankans in South Korea Hiru News en 2017-04-25 N. Korea nuclear: White House calls Senate to briefing Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Indian Cricket star Tendulkar celebrates his b’day Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Arrest warrants issued against TM Dilshan Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Series of protests launched against the Meethotamulla garbage dump disaster Hiru News en 2017-04-25 6.9 magnitude quake rock Chile Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Motorcyclist killed in accident on Polonnaruwa- Manampitiya road [photos] Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Strike ends; Fuel distribution back to normal Hiru News en 2017-04-25 25 dead in Maoist attack on police convoy in India Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Self-pronounced spiritualist admits to sexual assaults Hiru News en 2017-04-25 President orders to pay 3 months allowance at once to the families whose houses damaged in Meethotamulla incident Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Prime Minister says the debt burden increased following the use of executive powers Hiru News en 2017-04-25 8 trade unions including the GMOA prepare for an island wide strike Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Consumers complain that despite the strike ending; Shortage of fuel lingers Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Great risk of spreading Malaria in the country through foreigners Hiru News en 2017-04-25 The strike was a staged drama- Jathika Sanvidana Ekamuthuwa Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Health Minister instructs National Medicines Regulatory Authority to bring down cancer medicines prices Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Tamil Nadu Opposition leader Karunanidhi arrested Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Janaka, Lohan and Anura Vidanagamage removed from electoral organizing posts Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Woman nabbed with heroin near Mathugama Court Complex Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Younus Khan passes 10000 run-mark Hiru News en 2017-04-25 President calls for a report on public officials who made foreign visits on waste management Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Elephant safari operators of Habarana disappointed over new laws Hiru News en 2017-04-25 No Cabinet reshuffle to please SLFP, says UNP Hiru News en 2017-04-25 US submarine arrives in South Korea Hiru News en 2017-04-25 Rohit fined for showing dissent towards umpire Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Approval denied for Colombo flats constructed without a garbage disposal system Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Parliament to hold an emergency session on Friday Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Minister Fonseka appointed to head up a unit that will deal with strikes and agitations Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Sri Lanka is a beacon of hope for other parliamentary democracies – says IPU President Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Threats that the price of rice will increase next week Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Prime Minister arrives in India Hiru News en 2017-04-26 One person killed in train accident in Polonnaruwa (photos) Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Galle Face entrance road closed from Lotus roundabout due to a protest Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Son who murdered his parents taken into custody (photos) Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Three army personnel nabbed over Rathupaswala shooting incident re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Southern Chief Minister reveals why SLFP keep silent in May Day Rally (video) Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Father aged one hundred one loved by his sixty six grandchildren (video) Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Matale SLFP District Organizer Rohana Kumara decides to resign from post Hiru News en 2017-04-26 SF Lokka, murderer of Karate Wasantha detained over vehicle theft Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Two garbage dumps in Kandy risky of collapsing Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka to lead a new defense unit that includes security forces Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Central Provincial Council Minister A.P. Shakthivel arrested Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Retiring Seychelles Ambassador to Sri Lanka meets with President Sirisena today Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Woman in Meegahakiula hospitalized due to wild boar attack Hiru News en 2017-04-26 CEB Chairperson tendered resignation Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Illegal toys worth of Rs.4.5 million detained by customs Hiru News en 2017-04-26 President appoints Retired High Court Judge Chandradasa Nanayakkara to the committee that looks into the cause of Meethotamulla incident Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Serena says accidentally spilt news of her pregnancy Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Elton John urged to slow down by friends Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Macrons campaign team confirms cyberattacks, says no data stolen Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Country to bear over 10 billion rupees in next 30 years due to controversial Central Bank bond issue Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Serena says accidentally spilled news of her pregnancy Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Sri Lankan & Indian Prime Ministers meet in New Delhi Hiru News en 2017-04-26 Rohana resigns from Matale - SLFP says no political revenge Hiru News en 2017-04-27 W.B Ganegala appointed as acting CEB Chairman Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Harthal in the North and east today Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Sri Lanka, India review progress in bilateral relations Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Medical students stages a midnight protest with torches Hiru News en 2017-04-27 President advices irrigation officers to take decisions according to climatic changes Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Yahoo to be sold in June Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Student in Polonnaruwa hanged to death Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Black Cap Doug Bracewell pleads guilty to drink-driving Hiru News en 2017-04-27 French Presidential candidate who married his teacher when schooling Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Quadruplets born to a mother in batticaloa Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Venezula quits organization of American States Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Thai monk thrill ride ends in accident Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Justin Bieber’s ex Sahara Ray poses completely NAKED as she teases fans with racy Instagram snap Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Pakisthan calls off Bangladesh tour Hiru News en 2017-04-27 UPFA General Secretary says Fonseka has not been given the responsibility to command forces Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Decisive vote taking Over GSP plus this afternoon Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Indian External Affairs Minister meets the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Dashing love story of Pubudu and Mashi - photos Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Samuels replaces de Kock for Delhi Daredevils Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Mathara Roshan wanted in connection with Maaspotha police shooting shot dead in Hambanthota Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Former Senior DIG Anura Senanayake re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Police granted powers to file cases under Excise Ordinance Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Police Inspector admits to the hospital complaining he was attacked by the OIC Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna passes away Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Reason for the death of missing youth in Korea revealed Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Twenty Five Attorneys appointed as Presidents Counsels Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Wife murders Her husband using sharp weapon Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Samuels replaces de Kock for Delhi Daredevils Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Brad Pitts overnight visit with her kids Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Trump gives Pentagon power to reset Iraq, Syria troop limits Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Foreign Employment Bureau incurs brilliant profit Hiru News en 2017-04-27 The resolution against restoring GSP plus for Sri Lanka defeated by 317 votes at the European parliament Hiru News en 2017-04-27 S.F.Lokka further remanded Hiru News en 2017-04-27 North Korea seeks Southeast Asian support in row with US Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Northern Provincial council limits its session today to 10 minutes in support of Harthal Hiru News en 2017-04-27 SLFP holds 2 opinions on the new post for Field Marshal Fonseka Hiru News en 2017-04-27 Special Traffic plan in place for may day Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Man hacked to death in Thalawathugoda Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Parliament meets today for a debate on Meetotamulla Hiru News en 2017-04-28 President invites Malaysian investors to explore investment opportunities in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Tissa Attanayake is waiting for an official invitation from the UNP Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Individual accuses police of alleged abduction in Gampola Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Rs. 250 billion per annum benefit to be received from G.S.P. plus concession Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Individual arrested with 6 explosive devices in possession Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Putin Warns North Korea Situation Has ‘Seriously Deteriorated’ Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Rs.250 billion worth of benefits from GSP Plus per year Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Thieving couple arrested in M. Lavinia Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Protest at Kesbewa Court against the dumping of garbage in Karadiyana garbage disposal Hiru News en 2017-04-28 IPM National HR Conference 2017 to explore Digitalization, Disruption, Diversity and Design Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Former minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage ties the knot again with D.M’s daughter Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Special parliament debate on Methotamulla and garbage dumping commences; President also present in Parliament Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Teen falls prey to a crocodile Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Attorneys in Trinco on a strike Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Government plans to accumulate 10 billion US dollars foreign reserves before end of this year. Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Explosion occurred in a fire crackers factory in Kimbulapitiya; one injured Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Kasbawe magistrate issues restraining order preventing garbage dumping to Karadiyana Hiru News en 2017-04-28 It is revealed that a personal dispute led to the murder of a youth in Madiwela Hiru News en 2017-04-28 No development without export economy - Harsha De Silva Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Huge strike campaign to be launched in early May by GMOA Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Social Media Websites banned in Kashmir, India Hiru News en 2017-04-28 New constables to be recruited to the police Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Pilleyan re-remanded until the 12th May Hiru News en 2017-04-28 World famous Cinderella go nude – photos Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Joint Opposition requests special laws Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Labour Minister says no army will be called to suppress worker strikes Hiru News en 2017-04-28 Different agenda behind GSP+ status Hiru News en 2017-04-29 SF Lokka likely to be denied bail Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Commuters on train footboard meet with an accident; 1 killed and 4 injured Hiru News en 2017-04-29 SLFP’ers not in favour of the Flower bud; says SB Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Wesak week from the 7th to the 13th of May Hiru News en 2017-04-29 North Korea test-fires ballistic missile Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Two suspects arrested over shooting a businessman Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Facebook steps for a new procedure Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Foreign airplane landed at BIA in emergency due to ill passenger Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Tech firms introduce AI RealDoll Harmony Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Foreign Lady nabbed with illegal Cartons of Cigarettes at the BIA Hiru News en 2017-04-29 “Hiru Mega Stars” Grand Finale which makes you the winners of prizes worth of more than Rupees 15 million is today! Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Dengue spread in schools increase Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Water Bill amendment confirmed, says Hakeem Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Teachers unions accuse Western Provincial Council of student admission contrary to the priority list Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Special meeting of Illangei Thamil Arasu Party held today Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Two tourists die in Dematagoda and Hikkaduwa Hiru News en 2017-04-29 A/L 2016 rescrutinised results released Hiru News en 2017-04-29 2 Indian Nationals arrested at BIA Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Mother jumps into Kelani river with child; Mother survives – Child missing Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Agreements will not be signed during Modi’s visit; Says the President Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Highest electricity demand in history recorded this week; Reason for power interruptions revealed Hiru News en 2017-04-29 Allegations that the joint opposition has built the stage for May Day, violating conditions Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Flammable gases emitting from Meethotamulla garbage dump Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Police to rehearse today in preparation for May Day Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Body parts of the girl found from the belly of a crocodile in Mulanthatuwa Tank in Galnewa sent for DNA test Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Political Parties request for 4000 buses from SLTB, 7000 Private Buses also to be used Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Beggers in Colombo to be moved to a separate location Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Police request motorists in Gampaha Town to use alternate routes Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Man commits suicide by setting himself on fire Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Anthony Joshua stops Wladimir Klitschko in the 11th round at Wembley Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Water level in reservoirs reduced to 31 percent; Advised to use electricity sparingly Hiru News en 2017-04-30 STF protection for highways in view of the May Day Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Northern Province CM unhappy over the seemingly slow pace of investigations regarding journalist died during the war period Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Allan Donald appointed as a consultant fast bowling coach for Sri Lankan International Cricket team Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Navy seizes vessel with 32 foreign nationals in Kankasanthurai - Photos Hiru News en 2017-04-30 It has been revealed that the child that was thrown into the Kelani river was already murdered: Mother remanded until the 2nd of May Hiru News en 2017-04-30 Deputy Minister Indika Bandaranaike sheds tears amidst party supporters Hiru News en 2017-04-30 11,000 police officers deployed to beef up security for May Day in Kandy and Colombo: Special CCTV system for Colombo Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Today is International workers day;16 May Day rallies to be held in Colombo and Kandy Hiru News en 2017-05-01 It is revealed that immigrants arrested in kankasanthurai arrived from India Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Parking prohibited on 14 main roads throughout Colombo Hiru News en 2017-05-01 May day Symbolizes victory of labour power: says President Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Drones to inspect Gohaagoda garbage dump Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Asia Pacific Development Report to be presented to the UN this month-Finance Ministry Hiru News en 2017-05-01 A dead body found on the road in Nallathanniya (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Japan to send biggest warship to protect US supply vessel Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Sooryans hit the “Grand Winner” title of Hiru Megastars! Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Woman dies in an accident in Samanthurei Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Dubai becomes first city to get its own Microsoft font Hiru News en 2017-05-01 People brought for UNP May Day Rally by a rented train from Kurunegala Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Power Generators in factories will be compulsory from tomorrow - Ministry of Power Hiru News en 2017-05-01 A male and a female soldier admitted to the hospital following parachute accident Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Decreased witnessed in unemployment rate in SL Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Colombo and Kandy all set to begin May Day parades Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Prime Minister reveals future plans on new Constitution Hiru News en 2017-05-01 May Day Rallies of main political parties commence Hiru News en 2017-05-01 The sinister, online game that is brainwashing teens into committing suicide Hiru News en 2017-05-01 joint Oppositions May Day Rally commences at Galle Face Grounds Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Update : May Day Rallies of main political parties commence Hiru News en 2017-05-01 President and former President Chandrika join Kandy May Day rally Hiru News en 2017-05-01 The 2 parashuters met with an accident during training not in critical condition Hiru News en 2017-05-01 6 resolutions passed at UNP rally Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Civil Organizations also organize rallies to mark the May Day Hiru News en 2017-05-01 May Day Rally of the Podujana Peramuna led by the Joint Opposition at Galle-Face Hiru News en 2017-05-01 A policeman who accidently fired at UNP headquarters arrested Hiru News en 2017-05-01 Two JO supporters have died due excessive heat during May Day rally in Galle Face Hiru News en 2017-05-02 SLFP MPs who went to the Galle Face Rally will not be reprimanded, Minister SB says, The need is to unite the party Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Four female photographers swept away by waves off the coast of chilaw Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Donald Trump says he would be honoured to meet Kim Jong-un Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Our prime aim is to develop the country with enduring peace – President Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Five Indian fishermen arrested in Sri Lankan waters Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Fire erupts in Badulla-Alugolla Forest Reserve Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Elderly woman in Imaduwa commits suicide Hiru News en 2017-05-02 US warns American airplane passengers to Europe over ISIS attacks Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Dhoni rocks IPL with his brilliant hitting! (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Two persons drowned and gone missing in two areas Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Gammanpila granted permission to travel abroad Hiru News en 2017-05-02 U.S. Says Thaad Missile Shield Ready to Defend South Korea Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Boyfriend remanded over uploading girlfriends nude photos on Facebook Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Giant Whale Washed Ashore in Kamburugamuwa (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Joint Opposition accused by Port Authority, yet again Hiru News en 2017-05-02 French Presidential Candidate Le Pen accused of plagiarising Fillon Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Two women hacked to death in Hambantota Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Two persons who became ill during May Rallies still hospitalized Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Warm weather prevailed till the end of month Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Cockroaches spread asthma - Consultants opine Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Vehicle registration boosts Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Kandy , Gohagoda garbage mount prone to danger Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Policeman who shot at UNP headquarters remanded Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Several trade unions on strike on May 5th Hiru News en 2017-05-02 2 motorcyclists wearing full face helmets rob 3.1 million rupees Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Dondra Head Light House re-opened for public viewing from 4th Hiru News en 2017-05-02 One person dead while way back home from UNP May Rally Hiru News en 2017-05-02 international Drug Smuggler ordered to appear before the Court Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Dead body of the youth who went missing in Kothmale Oya found (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-03 England, Pakistan climb T20I rankings Hiru News en 2017-05-02 Police search for double murder suspects of Hungama Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Committee appointed to take a final decision on the Unit to be established by Minister Sarath Fonseka Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Venezuela protesters set up roadblocks Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Apple sees surprise fall in iPhone sales Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Johnny Depps former managers have claimed the star is fed his lines Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Order issued by Mallakam court over Rohingya Muslims migrant boat Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Delhi Daredevils snapped their five-match losing streak Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Leopard belonging to a very rare species dead following a road accident (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-03 9.58 million people battered by dry weather Hiru News en 2017-05-03 One individual nabbed for verbally abusing and threatening Ven.Uduwe Dhammaloka Thero Hiru News en 2017-05-03 French Magazine filed court case regarding publishing Kate Middletons half nude photos Hiru News en 2017-05-03 JVP to go for a Referendum to abolish Executive Presidency Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Decision regarding new political parties to be given at the end of this month Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Geetha Kumarasinghe to file a petition at the High Court challenging the decision given by the Court of Appeal Hiru News en 2017-05-03 South Asian Junior Table Tennis Championship to be held in Colombo Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Parliament informed by the Supreme Court that new Foreign Exchange Draft bill is in accordance with the constitution Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Central Bank Annual Report presented to the President Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Man nabbed with foreign currency at the BIA Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Police requests public help to detain a money launderer Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Five vehicles collide together in Nawalapitiya (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-03 One person arrested in Borella with narcotic pills Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Notices issued by High Court on 5 persons including MP Namal Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Special operation to be launched in Colombo tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-05-03 President calls proposals to further continue the Rakna Lanka Security firm Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Prime Minister tells parliament that there is no necessity to set up a special army unit Hiru News en 2017-05-03 UPFA Gen. Secretary states May Day Rally was Very Successful Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Basil indicted; summons issued on Namal Hiru News en 2017-05-03 UNP Welcomes the Challenge to Hold Elections Hiru News en 2017-05-03 NFF leader Wimal Weerawansa states that parliament will turn to a powerless entity Hiru News en 2017-05-03 Man disguised himself as a woman to catch his flirting wife arrested Hiru News en 2017-05-04 British Parliaments House of Commons dissolved Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Defendants of Vidya murder indicted Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Mentally ill mother not responsible for killing eight children in Australia Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Brad Pitt reveals therapy after divorce from Angelina Jolie Hiru News en 2017-05-04 One person dismissed in a motorbike accident in Madampe Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Jacksons Moonwalk by Jackson at the IPL (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Video of plane crashes into the City of Washington captured in dash-cam Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Youth who kept Hingurakgoda in twilight arrested Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Discussions regarding reduction of protection provided to the Former President to be held at the Parliament Hiru News en 2017-05-04 A child and a youth gone missing in Gampola Hiru News en 2017-05-04 President suggests a joint program must be planned to eradicate poverty Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Trade Union protests can never be halted; says IUSF Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Pramitha Thennakoon requests for a backseat in the Provincial Council after quitting as a Minister Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Rain expected after 2.00pm in several areas; Met Department Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Mortar bullets found in a well in Kilionochchi Hiru News en 2017-05-04 New Chairman appointed for Colombo Stock Exchange Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Applications are called for GCE O/L 2017 Examination from today Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Prince Philip to step down from carrying out royal engagements Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Protest staged in front of Maradana Technical College Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Geetha visits Election commission after meeting with the speaker Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Trade Unions threaten with crucial action on May 9 unless solutions found for strike tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-05-04 Central Bank says highest amount of currency printed during last 2 years Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Trump scores healthcare victory in House Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Pant and Samson bring brutal end to Lions campaign Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Protest against SAITM commenced Hiru News en 2017-05-05 One and a half year old baby girl faces an untimely death Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Trump scores healthcare victory in House Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Pedestrian dismissed run over by a SLTB Bus Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Health services in hospitals interrupted by the strike Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Dates fixed for State Minister Fowzie’s bribery case to be heard Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Former Sri Lankan Cricket Captain Aravinda de Silva steps down from the Chairmans post in SCC Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Tillerson urges ASEAN to cut North Korea funding, minimise ties Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Sacred temple of the tooth relic ranked first by the UN on heritage tourism site for the 4th time Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Australias tour of Bangladesh still hinges on security clearance Hiru News en 2017-05-05 UPFA MP Prasanna Ranathunge and 9 others granted bail Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Dates scheduled for the hearing of Basil’s roofing sheets case Hiru News en 2017-05-05 First female radio presenter bids adieu Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Final rites of the Baddegama youth died in Korea to be held today Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Minister Sagala clarifies on reducing state protection given to the former President Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Protest staged against SAITM in front of Chilaw General Hospital (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-05 President regrets strikes launched by trade unions despite remedial measures taken by the government for SAITM issue Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Station Masters to strike from 4pm today Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Another supplementary estimate of 330 million to purchase vehicles for 8 including 6 ministers Hiru News en 2017-05-05 President says strikes to please narrow political agendas are regrettable Hiru News en 2017-05-05 Trade union strikes disrupt hospital functions and train services Hiru News en 2017-05-05 North Korea claims CIA plot to kill Kim Jong-un Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Green Zone around Dalada Maligawa Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Basil says he will not give up US citizenship Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Medical & Transport strike ends with the expectation of solutions Hiru News en 2017-05-06 President extends well wishes to Indian Prime Minister Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Father of 2 shot dead in Imaduwa in suspected underworld clash Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Youth who was with the child abducted in Gampola released Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Syria: Safe zones plan comes into force Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Canada considers retaliation for US tariff on softwood lumber Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Injured McCullum out for remainder of IPL Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Sir Cliff Richard and BBC pause legal fight over report Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Huge risk of increase in Dengue spread Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Demand for water increases with the heat; difficulties in supplying water to outstations Hiru News en 2017-05-06 Tattoo of former chairman of Rathgama found on the individual who was murdered in Dikkumbura; Suspicion if Podi Lassi is linked to the murder Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Vesak week commences from today; circular for Dansal Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Finance Ministry replies to JVP on taxes on dates Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Indian vessel shadows Chinese vessel close to Sri Lankan waters Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Body of an infant found in Rathnagiriya Oya Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Strong winds damage many houses in Anuradhapura Hiru News en 2017-05-07 6,000 security personnel deployed for Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Government’s only source of income is through taxes and cutting down of benefits; Charges the former president Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Ministry of Health files a complaint with the CID Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Intelligence and Police Special Task Force to ensure security during Vesak Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Italian coastguard: 3,000 rescued in Mediterranean Sea Hiru News en 2017-05-07 6 treasure hunters arrested Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Illegal slaughterhouse raided Hiru News en 2017-05-07 3 suspects of the Gampola kidnapping, remanded Hiru News en 2017-05-07 The Wife, Daughter and Son in-law connected to the missing individual in Wattala, flees Hiru News en 2017-05-07 France bans captive breeding of dolphins and killer whales Hiru News en 2017-05-07 56 individuals in discussions to remove a state minister from the post of electoral organizer Hiru News en 2017-05-07 A 6 billion rupee loss incurred by Sri Lankan Airlines - New investor company also withdraws Hiru News en 2017-05-07 Ice Rains Expected – Met Dept Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Macron defeats Le Pen to become president of France Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Hadunnetti goes before the commission investigating the bond issue Hiru News en 2017-05-08 In Kinniya a Father files a Complaint regarding blood being drawn from his son by an unknown individual Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Gujarat Lions defeat Kings XI Punjab by six wickets Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Younger sister of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa passes away Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Invest SL Forums spark renewed interest among Australian Investors Hiru News en 2017-05-08 James Gunn Seems To Confirm Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Release Date Hiru News en 2017-05-08 One person drowned in the sea in Wennappuwa Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Gammanpila requests information regarding MP’s with dual citizenships Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Changes in UNP posts unlikely to take place today Hiru News en 2017-05-08 ISIS leader in Afghanistan was killed in raid, US confirms Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Five nabbed while treasure mining Hiru News en 2017-05-08 President tweets on the victory of Frances President voicing the positive effect of it on Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Indian cricket squad named for the ICC Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Singer who healed the hearts with his voice attends sacred Monkhood - Photos Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Room containing court produce in Puttlam District Court broken in (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-08 Teachers from Tamil Nadu for the estate sector Hiru News en 2017-05-08 A reminder to Fonseka and Rajitha from Dilan Hiru News en 2017-05-08 UNP Central Working Committee convenes Hiru News en 2017-05-08 SLFP ministers meet the president Hiru News en 2017-05-09 A youth killed and two injured in a shooting in Welipaenna Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Government doctors say today is decisive, Minister Kiriella requests doctors view face-book Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Special traffic plan to be implemented in Colombo, to facilitate the Indian prime minister - Narendra Modi’s visit Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Police seizes 453 firearms and 280 hand grenades Hiru News en 2017-05-09 South Korean polls commence Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Update-Geetha Kumarasinghe files an appeal at the Supreme Court over abolishing her MP post Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Farmer families with woman being the bread winner to be compensated with Rs.10,000 Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Two more individuals nabbed over Kalutara prison bus shooting Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Surety bond worth of Rs.5 lakhs to be imposed on Sri Lankan workers leaving to South Korea suspended Hiru News en 2017-05-09 SLMCs appeal on SAITM to be called on the 31st of May Hiru News en 2017-05-09 An earthquake of 6.0 magnitude hit the southern Japan Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Truth behind Wattala murder revealed...? Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Wigneshwaran interrupted to enter the provincial council Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Geetha is replaced with Piyasena Gamage; Election Commissioner says no decision as yet Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Heavy Rains expected after 2.00pm today Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Southern Provincial Council becomes heated today Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Former President pays final respect to his younger sister (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Wife,daughter and son-in-law arrested for the mans murder in Wattala remanded till 23rd Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Hornet nets removed in Hatton prior to Modi’s visit Hiru News en 2017-05-09 A mother and a child murdered in Kosgoda Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Police make a request from all Vesak Festival Organizers Hiru News en 2017-05-09 South Korea presidency won by liberal Moon Jae-in Hiru News en 2017-05-09 Sacred Ridee Viharaya is ready for Hiru Shakya Singha Mangalyaya Hiru News en 2017-05-09 SLFP demands for a cabinet spokesperson Hiru News en 2017-05-09 View the HIRU Digital Pandol depicting the Thayo Dhamma Jaathaka Story Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Commemorating the three significant events during the life of Buddha, Hiru’s Shakyasinha Mangalya commences at the sacred Ridee Viharaya (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-10 The President assures that there would be no amendments, in the new constitution, that would be detrimental to Buddhism Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Ministers of Education in a row at the Kurunegala development committee meeting Hiru News en 2017-05-10 FBI chief James Comey fired by Trump Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Kings XI live to fight another day Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Walt Disney profits were boosted by Beauty and the Beast Hiru News en 2017-05-10 A three wheeler driver who committed fraud on a tourist arrested Hiru News en 2017-05-10 American Idol is Back! Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Messis doppelganger rocks Iran (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Two drug traffickers arrested in Minuwangoda Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Motorbike believed to used in yesterdays gun attack in Piliyandala discovered Hiru News en 2017-05-10 New Health Minister sworn in for the North central province Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Several villagers in Sewanagala attacked by wild elephants Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Pilgrims gather in the thousands for HIRU Shakya Sinha Mangalyaya at the Sacred Ridi Viharaya Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Productions in the Industrial sector increase Hiru News en 2017-05-10 National Action plan to minimize deforestation presented to the President Hiru News en 2017-05-10 S.M.Ranjith to resign from his Provincial Council Ministers post Hiru News en 2017-05-10 Two Police ASPs received immediate transfers Hiru News en 2017-05-10 A bra which could detect breast cancers to be launched to the market (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-10 South Koreas Moon Jae-in sworn in vowing to address the North Hiru News en 2017-05-10 The grand illumination of Ridi Viharaya that coincides with the HIRU Shakya Sinha Mangalyaya ​began amid thousands of pilgrims Hiru News en 2017-05-10 11 police teams deployed to investigate the Piliyandala shooting Hiru News en 2017-05-10 A decision to increase the number of High Court Judges Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Police constable killed during the Piliyandala shooting promoted Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Former President Mahinda Rajapakse to participate in events attended by Narendra Modi Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Hiru Uththama Daathu Wandana commences at sacred Ridee Viiharaya premises; Hundreds and thousands of devotees gather to pay homage Hiru News en 2017-05-11 A special traffic plan implemented throughout Colombo. Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Corpse of the husband found in a house in Hokandara - Wife is hospitalized Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Around 22 killed by collapsing wall at Indian wedding Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Heap of heroin seized from Chilaw beach Hiru News en 2017-05-11 HIV life expectancy near normal thanks to new drugs Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Joint mission launched to investigate Dikkumbura murder case Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Fatal accident taken place in Maggona when a motorbike collided with the train (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-11 OPPO launches Selfie Expert F3 for mid-range market to leverage the group selfie trend Hiru News en 2017-05-11 President informs the Cabinet that time is needed to study the Hambantota port agreement Hiru News en 2017-05-11 An Inquiry looking into Gal Vihara Buddha Statue being covered with a shawl Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Cabinet approval given to proceed for a MoU with China Hiru News en 2017-05-11 My Name Is... Brags Samajwadi Lawmakers Nephew, Slaps Police Officer (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Thousands of Devotees gather at Ridee Viharaya in Kurunagala for Hiru’s Uththama Daathu Wandana Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Three police squads deployed in search of the suspect of Kosgoda dual murder case Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Lightening causes death of a woman in Ambulugala Hiru News en 2017-05-11 S.M.Ranjith hands over the letter of resignation Hiru News en 2017-05-11 All vehicles parked blocking the entry to Wesak Festival zone in Colombo to be taken to custody Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Another stock of heroin discovered from garbage in Maradana Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Indian Prime Minister arrives in the island Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Joint Opposition demand North Central Provincial Chief Ministerial Portfolio Hiru News en 2017-05-11 Devotees gather in numbers at Ridi Viharaya for Uttama Dhathu Vandana – Long queues of devotees run up to several miles Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Sri Lanka successfully clears the last hurdle to obtain GSP Plus Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Indian Prime Minister meets the President - Discussions Focus on Buddhism and promotion of tourism Hiru News en 2017-05-12 4 individuals killed following an accident in Polonnaruwa- Bendiwewa Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Today is the second day of the Hiru Uttama Dhathu wandana - Massive crowds continue to arrive at the sacred Ridi Vihara Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Management of Pitbull announces the cancellation of Climate Change Asian Tour Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Punjab Beat Mumbai By Seven Runs In A Thrilling Contest Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Geetha Kumarasinghes petition to be considered today Hiru News en 2017-05-12 14th UN Vesak commemoration inauguration takes place in Colombo Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Trump insists hes not under FBI investigation Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Sliding sales stoke fears for US department stores Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Paul McCartney adds 4 more NJ, NYC shows to 2017 tour Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Premier Modi says India anticipates progress and development for Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Supreme Court issues a stay order against the annulment of Geetha’s MP post Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Sri Lanka economy to grow 4.9-pct in 2018 Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Massive crowds gather for HIRU Uttama Dhathu Vandana for the second day – Devotees line up for miles from Ridi Viharaya premises Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Geetha Kumarasinghes MP post not to be filled until Supreme Courts verdict announced Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Indian Prime Minister declare open Dik Oya hospital complex Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Indian Premier praised Murali as the best spinner Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Indian premier assures of providing 1990 ambulance service to all the provinces (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-12 9 kilograms of heroin floating on sea off Kankasanthurai Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Dead body of the person who went missing in Hambantota sea found Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Indian Premier meets former president Mahinda and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa Hiru News en 2017-05-12 Massive crowds gather for Uttama Dhathu Vandana for the second day at Ridi Viharaya (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-12 CID to take over investigations on Piliyandala shooting Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Child dies after choking on a piece of cake Hiru News en 2017-05-13 HIRU Uththama Dhathu Wandanaawa which attracted massive crowds moves to Padeniya Raja Maha Viharaya Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Hand grenade thrown at Medical Council premises Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Prime Minister leaves for China Hiru News en 2017-05-13 A visible progress in Colombo Stock Market Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Sri Lanka to compete for the third place in Asian Youth Netball Championship today Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Four individuals nabbed over treasure mining in Bibila Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Pakistan bomb attack kills 25 Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Sri Lanka not affected by the Cyber attack Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Three individuals injured in a motorbike accident in Batticaloa Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Four to be interviewed to replace Comey after FBI chief sacking Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Fire erupts in a factory in Aerawwala Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Sri Lankan Food Festival in Israel Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Dwayne Johnson Says Political Career Is A Real Possibility Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Virat Kohli Knows How To Get Back To Good Form, Says Virender Sehwag Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Hiru Uththama Dhaathu Vandanaa attracts massive crowds on its return Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Fragments of bones found in a site in Colombo Fort Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Massive crowds gather for the Hiru Uththama Daathu Vandana - Sacred relics to be escorted to the Divulapitiya Priyadarshanaaramaya tonight Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Hazardous conditions around the Kurunegala hospital Hiru News en 2017-05-13 Doctors request an immediate investigation into the hand grenade at the SLMC premises Hiru News en 2017-05-14 A State Minister fed up of politics Hiru News en 2017-05-14 HIRU Uththama Dhaathu Vandanaa which attracted massive crowds ends today Hiru News en 2017-05-14 13th Amendment does not allow abrupt changes in power in Provincial Councils; a Chief Minister reveals Hiru News en 2017-05-14 China’s One Belt – One Road summit commences with the participation of many countries including Sri Lanka; India to abstain Hiru News en 2017-05-14 Change in positions in the government between the 18th and the 25th Hiru News en 2017-05-14 Dengue eradication programme next week Hiru News en 2017-05-14 Woman killed in accident along expressway Hiru News en 2017-05-14 Drugs worth over 10 million rupees seized today as well Hiru News en 2017-05-14 Modi blamed for forgetting about Tamilnadu fishermen during his visit to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-05-14 Power change in Provincial Council further heats up Hiru News en 2017-05-14 Tax holidays only for genuine investments; statement from Finance Minister Hiru News en 2017-05-14 Massive crowds participate in HIRU Uththama Dhaathu Vandana on its final day as well Hiru News en 2017-05-14 Suspend student intakes; Government requests SAITM Hiru News en 2017-05-14 Massive crowds gather on the last day of Hiru Uttama Dhathu Vandana (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Government’s decision on SAITM expected today, Government doctors’executive council also meets Hiru News en 2017-05-15 No impact on Galle district Alliance list as a result of Geethaa Kumaarasinghe’s issue; says Election Commission Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Prime Minister meets Chinese President Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Hiru Uttama Dhaatu Vandanaava that saw a massive number of devotees participate, comes to a close (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Microsoft warns that Ransomware cyber-attack is a wake-up call Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Pakistan Wins First Test Series in Caribbean, Beat WI by 101 Runs Hiru News en 2017-05-15 A novice monk assaulted in Polonnaruwa Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Rising Pune Supergiant vs Kings XI Punjab, IPL 2017: RPS win, enter playoffs Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Email usage prone to Cyber attack Hiru News en 2017-05-15 NHS cyber-attack: More ransomware cases likely today Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Madonnas Rebel Heart Tour Is Finally Coming To DVD This Fall Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Ella-Wellawaya road risky of getting landslides Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Seventeen killed in mass prison break in Papua New Guinea Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Eighteen arrested with Cannabis in Minuwangoda Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Government notice on SAITM released, GMOA requests to inform the stance to Supreme Court Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Rainfall increase Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Journalists and outsiders removed following submission of confidential document to Presidential Commission on CB bond issue Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Gammanpila opposes Modi’s statement Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Petition against North Central Chief Minister rejected Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Supreme Court interim injunction order over decision to annul Geethas MP post extended Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Excise Department driver commits suicide Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Is it morally good for Anti Indians to meet Modi late at night; President queries? Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says Belt and Road Initiative will successfully generate new opportunities in the global trade growth Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Emmanuel Macron names Edouard Philippe as French prime minister Hiru News en 2017-05-15 Email usage prone to Cyber attack Hiru News en 2017-05-16 12 dengue high risk districts identified - Number of patients also increases to 44,000 Hiru News en 2017-05-16 North-Central Province crisis taken to Supreme Court Hiru News en 2017-05-16 A million plastic bottles collected at Adam’s Peak (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Medical Council is not the only stakeholder in the SAITM crisis, says Professor Carlo Fonseka Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Parents in Janakapura staged a protest demanding for teachers Hiru News en 2017-05-16 S.M. Ranjith replaced with a member who signed the affidavit against north Central Province Chief Minister Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Trump shared classified information with Russia Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Picassos Seated Woman in Blue Dress sells for 45 million Dollars Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Had I been captain maybe I wouldnt have scored all these runs Hiru News en 2017-05-16 A software Engineer arrested for possession of 7.5 million rupees worth of intoxicating tablets Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Olivia Newton-John suffering from sciatica Hiru News en 2017-05-16 GSP Plus concession available from next Friday; EU imposes no conditions except encouragement Hiru News en 2017-05-16 GSP Plus concession available from next Friday; EU imposes no conditions except encouragement Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Indian teen builds worlds lightest satellite Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Woman brutally assaulted by her husband in Biyagama Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Cabinet meets as the reshuffle approaches Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Parents and residents protest demanding justice for children injured in the shooting at Piliyandala Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Navy Commander received a court order Hiru News en 2017-05-16 A bike mans dead body found from Lunu Oya (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Two arrested with Crocodile meat in Eppawala (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Thailand backs down on Facebook ban over royal posts Hiru News en 2017-05-16 3 months Dengue eradication programme from June 1st Hiru News en 2017-05-16 North Central province CM says a group who signed the petition is now willing to support him Hiru News en 2017-05-16 No room for extremists; Government replies Sivagilingam again Hiru News en 2017-05-16 Inter university students’ protest march banned Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Rising Pune Supergiant beat Mumbai Indians to reach maiden final Hiru News en 2017-05-17 A billing system of choice for electricity consumers Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Suspects who shot at police in Piliyandala identified Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Two in Rakwaana killed by a wild elephant attack Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Semasingha replaced with ilangasingha; Joint Opposition in North Central Provincial council loses the majority. Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Trump asked FBI to halt Flynn inquiry Hiru News en 2017-05-17 GMOA protests SAITM proposals Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Jimmy Kimmel to host 2018 Oscars Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Trade Unions meet Finance Minister Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Heavy showers expected in several areas today - Met Department Hiru News en 2017-05-17 India doctors allow 10-year-old rape victim to abort Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Water supply to be crippled in Kelaniya and Wattala tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Mother-of-two substitute teacher, 29, had sex in her home with a male student, 18, after her husband, plied him with alcohol Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Cinnamon may reduce effects of high-fat diet - A research reveals Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Petition challenging the new post of Fonseka given dates to be considered Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Prime Minister arrives in island Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Bullied boy, 11, was found hanged in his bedroom after telling a friend he would not see him for a long time (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Student dies fallen down from a guava tree (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-17 India ex-minister, 82, passes school exam Hiru News en 2017-05-17 President summons heads of Independent Commissions Hiru News en 2017-05-17 IUSF launches protest march disregarding Court order Hiru News en 2017-05-17 10 million rupees worth heroin seized today as well Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Finger print made compulsory in government organizations Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Grant of 400 mln Yuan to develop economic and technical cooperation Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Court order issued to investigate the place of death of the youth in Rathupaswala shooting incident Hiru News en 2017-05-17 A public lecture to be conducted on Central Bank annual report-2016 tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Court refuse police request to prevent anti-SAITM protest march Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Petroleum trade unions warn on launching a strike Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Update: viharamaha devi park becomes a battleground with tear gas attacks (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Special announcement made by Northern Provincial Chief Minister Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Two girls who fled the childrens home arrested Hiru News en 2017-05-17 29 school children of Mirigama hospitalized after drinking contaminated water Hiru News en 2017-05-17 North Central Provincial Council changes two ministerial portfolios Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Tear gas fired intermittently on IUSF protestors Hiru News en 2017-05-17 Eight university students of SAITM protest arrested; five policemen hospitalized Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Knight Riders overcome the rain scare Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Cabinet approves draft local government election amendment Act Hiru News en 2017-05-18 New equipment for Meethotamulla Hiru News en 2017-05-18 An airline agreement between Sri Lanka and Canada Hiru News en 2017-05-18 8 arrested during SAITM protest remanded Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Water supply in Kelaniya, Peliyagoda, Wattala and Haendala to be crippled for twelve hours today Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Fire erupts in five-storied building in Marawila Hiru News en 2017-05-18 What happened when a Thai woman inserted a cucumber in her private area (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-18 MP S M Chandrasena reports to the FCID Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Update : Twelve injured in Wellawatta building collapse hospitalized; mission underway to rescue the trapped Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Heavy traffic along Galle Road due to Wellawatta building collapse Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Update : Building under construction collapses at Wellawaththa; 23 injured and several others trapped inside Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Vigneshwaran meets the President Hiru News en 2017-05-18 A container collapsed in Orugodawatta Hiru News en 2017-05-18 GMOA prepares to strike over attack on university students Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Roads blocked in Colombo with traffic due to heavy rain (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Four vehicles damed in Kiribathgod due to a Pandol collapse Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Rain disrupts lives in Colombo, Kiribathgoda Vesak pandal also collapses Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Met Department announces weather forecast for the upcoming period Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Six hospitalized following a wasp attack in Bogawantalawa Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Dialog Axiata powers country’s biggest tech innovation event ‘Google I/O Extended’ Hiru News en 2017-05-18 Operations continue in search of those trapped under the debris of the collapsed building in Wellawatta Hiru News en 2017-05-18 GMOA prepares to strike over attack on university students Hiru News en 2017-05-18 UPFA General Secretary speaks about disappointment by UNP Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Avissawella old road partly closed due to landslide Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Rescue Operations continue in search of two, trapped beneath the debris of the collapsed 5 storey building in Wellawatta - One person has succumbed to injuries Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Thunderstorms and Excessively Strong winds expected throughout the country today Hiru News en 2017-05-19 G.S.P. Plus tariff relief launched today, making the way for the export of 6600 goods to 28 countries Hiru News en 2017-05-19 National war heroes’ commemoration ceremony today Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Ingiriya police fined for illegally acquiring water over a 10 year period Hiru News en 2017-05-19 The 11 year old girl caught in cross fire in piliyandala dies. Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Special traffic plan around parliament and in Battaramulla due to war heroes commemoration Hiru News en 2017-05-19 FBI inquiry into Russia links hurts US terribly Hiru News en 2017-05-19 England v South Africa: AB de Villiers says hosts have earned respect Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Trump pulls trigger on Nafta negotiations Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Fox News Founder Roger Ailes Dies Aged 77 Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Police vehicle shot in Pallei (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Accident involving two buses in Akuressa leave fifty injured; six in critical condition Hiru News en 2017-05-19 University students arrested over anti-SAITM protest enlarged on bail Hiru News en 2017-05-19 A look back at the terror prevailed in the motherland due to LTTE terrorism on the eight grand commemoration of victory(video) Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Times Square car crash driver Richard Rojas heard voices Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Brazils stock market plunges after corruption claims Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Athletes to travel through demilitarized zone Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Cher isnt a fan of Cher Hiru News en 2017-05-19 The building that collapsed in Wellawaththa had no approval for construction Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Two dismissed when a van collapsed into a cliff in Badulla-Mahiyanganaya road Hiru News en 2017-05-19 South Western province to experience heavy rainfalls today; Drought continues in catchment areas. Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Newly appointed North Central provincial minister of Agriculture and Fisheries takes office Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Suspect of the shooting incident in Pallei not yet identified Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Power to extend Doctors strike given to branches affiliated to GMOA Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Lauded rocker Chris Cornell killed himself by hanging Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Approvals have not obtained for the plan of collapsed building in Wellawatta-Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka-CCTV footage released Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Speakers office makes an announcement regarding Geetha Kumarasinghes MP post Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Sri Lankan artists meet President Sirisena Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Here is the latest weather forecast during the next 24 hours Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Tri forces will be further consolidated; President says at war hero’s commemoration ceremony Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Convenor of IUSF and five others issued arrest warrants Hiru News en 2017-05-19 Joint Opposition tries to mend ties with India Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Large aircraft with 208 passengers makes emergency landing in Katunayaka Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Reconciliation took effect with the culmination of war - Former President (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-20 President opens a glass Chethiya in Miriswatta Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Heavy showers expected in many areas in the island today as well - Met Department Hiru News en 2017-05-20 2 persons arrested with Drug Pills Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Crystal Meth seized in Sri Lanka for the first time Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Mumbai Indians thrash Kolkata Knight Riders to reach final Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Trump says that Firing nut job FBI chief eased pressure Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Two dismissed in a lorry accident in Colombo-Batticaloa main road Hiru News en 2017-05-20 There Are Already Some Big Hits And Misses At Cannes 2017 Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Ex-congressman Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to sexting Hiru News en 2017-05-20 A young girl gets hit by a high speed 138 bus in Pannipitiya (CCTV Footage) Hiru News en 2017-05-20 German business leaders urge Tories to rethink plan to leave single market Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Former Mayor of Dik-oya hospitalized after assault Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Sacrifices are needed on behalf of the future; says President Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Showers to increase during the next week Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Strong winds in Maha Oya; several houses damaged – more showers expected next week Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Average growth in tourist immigration to the country Hiru News en 2017-05-20 One months period granted for reconstructions in Southern Expressway Hiru News en 2017-05-20 One more individual injured in Mahiyanganaya van accident bids adieu Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Wild elephant hit by a bus in Polonnaruwa Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Civil Aviation Authority to investigate into the flight that made an emergency landing Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Body of an individual who was missing following the building collapse in Wellawaththa, found Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Public warned to be cautious of strong winds Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Royal college beat Trinity college at the 73rd Bradby Shield Rugby encounter Hiru News en 2017-05-20 UPFA General Secretary says ineffective ministers should be removed Hiru News en 2017-05-20 Special committee appointed in search of the missing - President says Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Owner of collapsed building in Wellawatte arrested Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Showers in the South Western areas today; wind speeds to increase Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Trump in Saudi Arabia: First foreign trip starts as home troubles mount Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Ministers called up by the Presidential Secretariat Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Chinese National who attempted to smuggle foreign currency arrested Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Doctors’ four hour strike tomorrow extended to 24 hours Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Owner of collapsed building in Wellawatte arrested Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Owner of the building that collapsed in Wellawatta remanded, Body of the missing woman found Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Showers in the South Western areas today; wind speeds to increase Hiru News en 2017-05-21 UPFA General Secretary hints about a new journey from tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Special discussion between the President and the Prime Minster Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Sri Lankan woman held captive in Saudi Arabia until her kidney is donated Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Mumbai Indians triumph over Rising Pune Supergiant in the IPL 2017 Finale Hiru News en 2017-05-21 Cabinet reshuffle to take place tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Mumbai Indians beat Rising Pune Supergiant by one run to win title Hiru News en 2017-05-22 3 person involved in the Piliyandala shooting arrested Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Consensus government’s first cabinet reshuffle today Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Government doctors strike from 8 this morning Hiru News en 2017-05-22 President leaves for Australia Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Trump visits Israel amid tight security Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Fire erupted in a shop in Nugegoda put down Hiru News en 2017-05-22 All set for Cabinet reshuffle Hiru News en 2017-05-22 New Ministers for 9 Cabinet and state Ministries; Mangala appointed Minister of Finance and media; Ravi to oversee Foreign Ministry; New Minister for Ports; And Maarapana returns to the cabinet Hiru News en 2017-05-22 One individual hacked to death in Ampara Hiru News en 2017-05-22 36 hospitalized following a bus accident in Nikaweratiya Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Selfie takes the life of a doctor (Video) Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Charges against Doctor Padeniya to be heard on August 2nd Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Vasudeva admitted to the National hospital following a heart stroke Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Deputy Ministry portfolios to be changed within a week Hiru News en 2017-05-22 TPP trade deal will continue without Trump Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Hospital functions disrupted by GMOA strike Hiru News en 2017-05-22 President reveals the reason for Cabinet reshuffle Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Charlie Sheen effect nearly doubled HIV test sales after his announcement, study finds Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Change in shower pattern from this 25th Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Hiru correspondent in Matara assaulted while reporting the GMOA strike (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-22 one woman dismissed in a wild elephant attack in Medawachchiya Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Three suspects nabbed over Piliyandala shooting incident remanded Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Suspended two years Rigorous Imprisonment handed to the businessman who gave fake notes to Former President Premadasas daughter Hiru News en 2017-05-22 Accident which took place when a baby elephant collided with a bus (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-23 ‘Angoda Lokka’ , who killed seven including ‘Samayang’ arrested in India Hiru News en 2017-05-23 update : Deaths confirmed after Manchester Arena blast reports Hiru News en 2017-05-23 K. P. reveals how M.G.R. funded the LTTE Hiru News en 2017-05-23 New ministries scopes to be gazetted within five days Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Sangakkara to retire from first-class cricket Hiru News en 2017-05-23 President leaves for Australia Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Prime Minister congratulates ministers Mangala and Ravi Hiru News en 2017-05-23 SLFP to take disciplinary actions against their members who break the rules Hiru News en 2017-05-23 A strange punishment by a school principal in Anuradhapura Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Train services along main line to be crippled for a while Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Sri Lankans not harmed in Manchester terrorist attack - Foreign Ministry (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Horrifying moment of a sea lion grabbing a young girl from a pier with its mouth and drags her into the water(video) Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Yoshitha permitted to fly to Australia and Japan for two months Hiru News en 2017-05-23 One man nabbed with an unlicensed weapon in Yakkalamulla Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Stokes stock rises after living up to IPL hype Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Sylvester Stallone gives Bollywood Rambo the thumbs-up Hiru News en 2017-05-23 One dead and two gone missing in a soil embankment collapse in Mawanella Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Trump tells Israel Iran will never have nuclear weapons Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Greece fails to secure fresh bailout funds Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Manchester terror attack: Ariana Grande broken as musicians react Hiru News en 2017-05-23 One person nabbed with Cocaine in Punchi Borella Hiru News en 2017-05-23 18 hours water cut to take place in Colombo from 10.00pm tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Police to take action to bring Angoda Lokka from Chennai Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Hambantota ground back on SLCs radar Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Humanities and Management faculties of Ruhunu University closed until further notice Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Two new Organizers appointed for SLFP Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Joint Opposition charges it is the same card pack Hiru News en 2017-05-23 President departs to Australia Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Hospital Guards who assaulted Matara Hiru correspondent presented to the court today Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Democracy needed for the development of the country has taken effect - Prime Minister Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Dutch Olympic gold medalist, goes naked as she tries to find love on Adam seeks Eve show (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-23 What happened to the 85 vehicles in Matale Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Court case filed against Prasanna Ranathunge to be heard continuously from the 23rd of August Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Vehicle of a popular artist suddenly caught on fire (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Person nabbed with Cocaine to be remanded Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Government decides to take stern legal action against assault incidents Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Ariana Grande suspends tour following Manchester terror attack Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Rival gangs clash again in Hikkaduwa; 2 killed in a shooting Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Manchester concert suicide attack prompts security rethinks worldwide Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Dead body of a doctor found from her quarter Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Trump meets Palestinian leader in Bethlehem Hiru News en 2017-05-23 IS claims Manchester concert bombing Hiru News en 2017-05-23 North Central provincial leader of the house resigns 10 minutes after being appointed Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Finance Committee meets for purchase of vehicles for ministers (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-23 Sir Roger Moore, James Bond actor, dies aged 89 Hiru News en 2017-05-24 President arrives in Canberra Hiru News en 2017-05-24 Mano informs cabinet about problems of minority communities Hiru News en 2017-05-24 Four police squads in search of Hikkaduwa killers Hiru News en 2017-05-24 Criticising the Cabinet reshuffle is useless - Wickramabahu Hiru News en 2017-05-24 Six Indian fishermen nabbed (photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-24 Two suspects arrested over a number of crimes Hiru News en 2017-05-24 South Africa reassured by increased security Hiru News en 2017-05-24 Manchester attack: Trump calls attacker a loser Hiru News en 2017-05-24 Trump to do everything for Middle East peace Hiru News en 2017-05-24 Investors and Business partners from over 20 countries to take part in ‘Sri Lanka Investment Conclave’ Hiru News en 2017-05-24 Pelawatta-Neluwa road gets flooded Hiru News en 2017-05-24 Haris Sohail replaces Umar Akmal in Champions Trophy squad