Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Next from Stevie Wonder: a gospel tune in Arabic? Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Kotakethana double homicide case to be heard daily. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Former LTTE womens wing leader released. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Ambassadors made aware regarding the select committee; Sama samaja party disappointed. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Chandrika engages in a lengthy discussion with Malwathu chief prelate. Hiru News en 2013-06-26 Heavy rains today as well Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Rate of interest on loans decreases. Hiru News en 2013-06-27 The decisive discussion on bus fare today. Hiru News en 2013-06-27 President begins official visit to Tanzania. Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Making statements to media banned till the SLFP takes a decision on 13th amendment. Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Residents of Aluthgama oppose the temporary railway crossing gate Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Kevin Rudd sworn in as new Australian prime minister Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Cook rated to be the best Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Newly opened Abba museum in Stockholm criticized over its entry policy. Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Maduru-oya sanctuary fire doused. Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Japanese company to expand Sri Lankas banana and fishing industries Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Residents of 12 villages dragged to the road Hiru News en 2013-06-27 TNA meets pro-13th amendment parties Hiru News en 2013-06-27 North does not need land powers says Janatha Paura Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Former Pradeshiya Sabha member who made teacher kneel given bail; Teachers in Puttlam go on sick leave Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Egypts President Morsi warns unrest risks paralysis Hiru News en 2013-06-27 ICC to ask members to adopt stronger anti-corruption laws Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Oprah most powerful celebrity in annual Forbes list Hiru News en 2013-06-27 South Korean, Chinese presidents meet at Beijing summit Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Mark Webber to leave Formula 1 at the end of 2013 season Hiru News en 2013-06-27 President arrives in Tanzania Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Government faced with 13 issues instead of 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Yet another Quintuplet birth from Kandy Hiru News en 2013-06-27 Signs portend bus fares may be increased by 10%; Final decision postponed Hiru News en 2013-06-27 SLC receives report on match fixing; Two umpires in danger of being convicted Hiru News en 2013-06-27 IGP satisfied. Hiru News en 2013-06-27 More teeth to human rights commission. Hiru News en 2013-06-28 India steps up grim search for bodies in flood zone Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Michael Jacksons son testifies in wrongful death case Hiru News en 2013-06-28 England-New Zealand T20 abandoned after rain at Oval Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Health Ministry on tests as to papaw juice is suitable for dengue patients. Hiru News en 2013-06-28 2 SLMC councillors who supported the 13th amendment removed from party. Hiru News en 2013-06-28 President meets Tanzania President. Hiru News en 2013-06-28 19th amendment to parliament next week Hiru News en 2013-06-28 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-06-28 2 killed at an unprotected railway crossing in Meerigama Hiru News en 2013-06-28 A fire in a garment factory at the Biyagama free trade zone. Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Colombo stock market trading delayed. Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Sri Lanka rupee fall cause for concern; CB Governor Hiru News en 2013-06-28 West Indies, Sri Lanka out to challenge champions India Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Halle Berry to back paparazzi bill Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Egypt braces for rival mass demonstrations Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Explosives found outside Rathgama PS chairmans house. Hiru News en 2013-06-28 2 more killed on an unprotected railway crossing. Hiru News en 2013-06-28 SLMC silent on 13th amendment in Western and Eastern Election. Hiru News en 2013-06-28 TNA decision on PSC will be announced tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-06-28 ICC moots internet in dressing rooms Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Bangladesh anger at US trade privilege suspension Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Bert Stern, Monroe photographer, dies in New York Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Sri Lanka consumer prices up 6.8-pct in June Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Plans afoot to strengthen Sri Lanka Pakistan defence ties Hiru News en 2013-06-28 UNP asks to stop the ploy Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Cleaning does not come under my purview - Health Minister charges Local Government Minister Hiru News en 2013-06-28 Matale mass grave case postponed Hiru News en 2013-06-28 SL and Tanzania sign 3 agreements Hiru News en 2013-06-29 Be wary of lightening - warns the met department Hiru News en 2013-06-29 Police should only adhere to the law - states opposition leader Hiru News en 2013-06-29 We will continue to support Sri Lanka - states Commonwealth Secretary General Hiru News en 2013-06-29 Dates scheduled for Navi Pillais visit to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-06-29 US warns against Egypt travel after deadly clashes Hiru News en 2013-06-29 Lionel Richies own songs helped him recover from divorce. Hiru News en 2013-06-29 Afghanistan granted Associate membership of ICC. Hiru News en 2013-06-29 Sri Lankas mobile subscriber base shrink Hiru News en 2013-06-29 We will not leave the government - says SLMC Hiru News en 2013-06-29 Grace period for voters in the North and East Hiru News en 2013-06-29 American Travel warning unfair - states the ministry of external affairs Hiru News en 2013-06-29 4 urgent surveys for child protection Hiru News en 2013-06-29 10 hour water cut to several areas Hiru News en 2013-06-29 880 fatal accidents in 6 months killing 944 Hiru News en 2013-06-29 Naming of TNAs chief ministerial candidate for the North today Hiru News en 2013-06-29 Time Magazine which lashed out at Buddhist activists confiscated at customs Hiru News en 2013-06-29 President heads to Seychelles Hiru News en 2013-06-30 A national dengue eradication week from tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Speak about faults of teachers as well; a request from a Minister Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Discussion is with racism; JVP Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Tamil National Alliance officially declines participating in the Parliamentary Select Committee seeking a national solution Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Showers today as well Hiru News en 2013-06-30 There shouldnt be language barriers; says attorney general Hiru News en 2013-06-30 10 hour water cut today Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Egypt protest; Crowds gather for big anti-Morsi rally Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Principle who went for leadership training meets with sudden death Hiru News en 2013-06-30 25% of subsidized fertilizer cut; Too much chemical fertilizer; says Agriculture Ministry Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Minister Basil Rajapaksa to tour India;Shiv Shankar Menon to Sri Lanka next week Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Do not change the 13th amendment; Muslim Congress decides Hiru News en 2013-06-30 President to meet his Seychelles counterpart Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Two police officers who had engaged in duties under the influence of intoxicants interdicted while 30 others receive transfers Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Politicians to receive code of ethics Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Internal dispute within SLMC Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Prices of vegetables & onions escalate due to subsidy dearth Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Select committee to garbage bin says Hakeem Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Butt admits to fixing, apologises Hiru News en 2013-06-30 James Cameron sued by artist Roger Dean over Avatar Hiru News en 2013-06-30 Indo-Lanka talks on economic cooperation Hiru News en 2013-06-30 3,000 still missing in Indias flood-hit north Hiru News en 2013-07-01 No private agendas; says Ranil Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Railway department to appear before the human rights commission. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 3 MOUs between Seychelles and Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 HIRU FM celebrates 15 years today. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Experts views on the 13th amendment. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-01 West Indies beats India by 1 wicket. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Heavy showers today as well. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Mid-East talks within reach - US secretary of state Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Malaysian Premier assures participation in Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-07-01 ICC gives Bangladesh an August deadline Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Japan to send business delegation. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Croatia celebrates historic EU entry Hiru News en 2013-07-01 A red light to government from Minister Wasu. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Vaccine for measles throughout the island on the 5th. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Dr P B Jayasundara ordered to appear in court. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Police arrest UNP member of the Bingiriya Pradeshiya Sabha Hiru News en 2013-07-01 1200 IDPs in the North applies to be entered to the voter registration list. Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Saudi company to invest 154 million dollars to set up a dockyard in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Enter the Dragon actor Jim Kelly dies of cancer aged 67 Hiru News en 2013-07-01 India look to shake off opening loss as they take on Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Teacher - Principal unions against leadership training programme Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Madras High Court upholds ban on LTTE Hiru News en 2013-07-01 Signs of government losing in the East Hiru News en 2013-07-01 President concludes Africa visit Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Suicide bomber targets Iraq Shia mosque killing 22 Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Dhoni ruled out of the West Indies tri-series Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Teacher - student request unfair; says Higher education ministry. Hiru News en 2013-07-02 A gambling centre in Colombo 7 raided; 83 taken into police custody. Hiru News en 2013-07-02 US Ambassador in Sri lanka queried Hiru News en 2013-07-02 A message from Manmohan Singhe to President. Hiru News en 2013-07-02 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Showers today as well. Hiru News en 2013-07-02 President returns after a successful visit to Tanzania and Seychelles. Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Protest against principal in Horana. Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Egypt President rejects army ultimatum Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Sri Lanka budget deficit 3.9-pct of GDP up to April 2013 Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Sri lanka and India in a must win situation. Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Farmers protest demanding for fertilizer Hiru News en 2013-07-02 ICU of Karapitiya hospital threatened with cessation Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Arial stunt of Sri Lankan cricketer exposed Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Commonwealth Local Government Forum to assist Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Sir Mick Jagger - Rolling Stones Score Glittering Reviews For Glastonbury Festival Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Bodhu Bala Sena hands over epistle addressed to Indian Premier Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Human skull and bone fragments discovered during dengue prevention campaign Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Investigations commence into cricketers unruly behaviour on airline Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Bus fare hike postponed Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Sub standard LPG imported to Sri Lanka; Gas Company replies to UNP accusations Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Colombo Fort Magistrate issues summons on Sanjeeva Bandara Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Sri Lanka rupee hovers near 8-month low on banks dollar-buying Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Snowden asylum requests sent to 21 countries Hiru News en 2013-07-02 Ashes 2013: Fawad Ahmed fast-tracked to boost Australia Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Indian fishermen prepared to meet Minister Basil. Hiru News en 2013-07-03 An announcement from examinations commissioner to school principals. Hiru News en 2013-07-03 A challenge to the left from the JHU. Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Sri Lanka beat India by 161 runs. Hiru News en 2013-07-03 40 people killed in a wave of bomb attacks across Iraq Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Rain today as well. Hiru News en 2013-07-03 I am a servant of the public and not a leader; MP R Dumindha Silva Hiru News en 2013-07-03 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Fertilizer was reduced on recommendation; says agriculture minister. Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Barry Gibb to collaborate with Chris Martin Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Training Slots for Sri Lanka Army Officers in Pakistan Increased. Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Injured Rampaul replaced by Holder Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Egypts Mohammed Morsi defiant as protest deaths rise Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Pierce Brosnans daughter dies of ovarian cancer age 41 Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Danish Kaneria fails to overturn his life ban from cricket Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Protests held demanding public amenities - Vehicular traffic blocked on Matara - Akuressa road Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Freedom to Ehalepola Walawwa after 195 years Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Let him quit, National Organisation Conclave replies to Wasus statement Hiru News en 2013-07-03 A complaint against Minister Wimal Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Buses to go on strike next week if 10% fare increase is not implemented Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Mayor of Kaduwela to sue Minister Wimal Weerawansa Hiru News en 2013-07-03 IUSF in protest march to meet SB Hiru News en 2013-07-03 International warrant issued to LTTE zealot who interrupted play at Cardiff Hiru News en 2013-07-03 Egyptian army in crisis talks as Morsi deadline looms Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Steps to eradicate rabies from the country. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Indigenous people in threat of extinction. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 North Western and central provincial councils will be dissolved tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-04 CP Council Opposition Councilors files a writ petition. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 The report about rabukwalla to Sri lanka cricket within a week Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Army ousts Egypts President Morsi Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Randy lines up his first gig since leaving American Idol. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 South Korea proposes new talks with North Korea on joint zone Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Underworld leader Mamasmi killed in police shooting. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Teachers of Nawagaththegama Navodya school report sick Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Karuwala-gas-wawa PS Chairman arrested again. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 COPE report to parliament on the 23rd to parliament. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Popular question remain unanswered;Hareen Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Ports Authority clarifies oil issue at Hambanthota. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 China top Sri Lanka top lender up to April 2013, Japan follows Hiru News en 2013-07-04 External Affairs Ministry inquires about the British travel advisory. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 The weather report by the 3 member panel to the President Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Vass Gunawardenas wife severely warned by courts Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Channel 4s director of controversial anti Sri Lankan documentary arrested Hiru News en 2013-07-04 UNP discusses with the US regarding 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Minister Basil to India to express opinion regarding police and land powers that need to be changed Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Tour de Hiru begins tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-07-04 A new constitution is required ; says Lal Kantha Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Egypt swears in new interim leader Hiru News en 2013-07-04 George Lucas to receive National Medal of Arts Hiru News en 2013-07-04 Afridi, Umar Akmal recalled for West Indies tour Hiru News en 2013-07-05 If provincial councils are abolished why is election held; questions opposition leader. Hiru News en 2013-07-05 North Western and Central provincial councils dissolved today. Hiru News en 2013-07-05 12 police personnel including a STF, ASP arrested. Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Sri lankas biggest cycle race Tour De Hiru begins today. Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Egypt army permits peaceful protest amid Morsi anger Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Cooperation of all is very essential for running the court system: CJ Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Despicable Me 2 dominates UK box office Hiru News en 2013-07-05 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Southern PC member A. Gunarathna and 29 others hospitalised Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Bolivia could close US embassy after plane incident Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Christian Bale Wont Play Batman in Justice League Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Battered India face uphill task Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Gem and jewellery exports increase Hiru News en 2013-07-05 211 Colombo tax evaders property taken over Hiru News en 2013-07-05 India reiterates not to change the 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Governors approval to dissolve North Western and Central PCs Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Senior Minister pleads not guilty Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Sudeera Nilanga of SL Police wins the first stage of Sri Lankas biggest cycle race Tour De Hiru Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Mick Jaggers hair fetches £4,000 Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Vatican to make John Paul the 2nd a saint Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Estate owner murdered in Deraniyagala Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Gazette Notice to dissolve North Western and Central PCs in print Hiru News en 2013-07-05 Minister Basil begins talks in India Hiru News en 2013-07-05 No one will be allowed to take the law into their hands; says President Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Afghan suicide bomber kills 12 at Uruzgan police station Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Sci-fi film Gravity, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, to open Venice Film Festival. Hiru News en 2013-07-06 2nd stage of Sri lankas biggest cycle race Tour De Hiru Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Walallawita PS chairman who took a bribe from Bentota PS chairman arrested Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Fonseka ready to align with Chadrika Hiru News en 2013-07-06 We are not against amendments that are constitutional - says India Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Egypt clashes after army fire kills Morsi supporters Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Met department forecasts gale force winds Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Global black tea output up 13% Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Rod Stewart talks on drafting Ronnie Wood for his own band The Faces Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Two mothers engage in a fast in Bandarawela demanding their children be enrolled in School Hiru News en 2013-07-06 PSC to solve National Issue convenes next Tuesday Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Arrive at a solution beyond the 13th amendment - India tells Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Sri Lankas biggest cycle race Tour De Hiru concludes successfully in Kirindiwela Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Sri Lankan Woman Challenges High Court Decision Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Lakshman Wijerathna of the Sri Lanka Army wins Tour de Hiru Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Chairman of Walallawita Pradeshiya Sabha who obtained bribes remanded Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Elections Commissioner meets with party representatives Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Minister Basil reveals message that was communicated to India Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Lakshman Wijerathna of Sri Lanka Army wins Tour de Hiru - the biggest cycle race in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-07-06 Country could suffer an economic collapse; UNP Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Seas off Puttalam to Hambantota rough today as well Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Railway employees to stage 48 hour token strike with effect from midnight Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Indo-Sri Lanka discussions to continue Hiru News en 2013-07-07 President says development will not be stopped because of allegations Hiru News en 2013-07-07 At least one dead in Canada train explosion Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Five blasts inside Mahabodhi temple in Bihars Bodhgaya district Hiru News en 2013-07-07 All parties should participate in PSC; Minister Basil Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Boeing 777 plane crash-lands at San Francisco airport Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Unions to meet with President tomorrow on bus fare amendment Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Indian National Security Advisor to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Terrorist attack on Buddhagaya, No Sri Lankans harmed - President saddened, Indian PM condemns blasts Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Stability of institutions a must; Min. Basil Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Two children of same family die due to having consumed rat poison Hiru News en 2013-07-07 President denounces attack while Premier requests for probe Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Pilgrims to refrain from visiting Bodhgaya until investigations are complete Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Jolted West Indies look to seal spot in final Hiru News en 2013-07-07 UNP to appoint nomination boards next week. Hiru News en 2013-07-07 ADB to provide $ 500m financial support Hiru News en 2013-07-07 Despicable Me tramples Lone Ranger at theaters Hiru News en 2013-07-07 North and South Korea reach agreement Hiru News en 2013-07-08 TNA gives reasons for not attending the PSC. Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Safety of Buddha-Gaya assured; suspect arrested. Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Railway transport services at a standstill due to railway strike; bus owners meet President. Hiru News en 2013-07-08 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Persistent rain pushes Sri lanka - West Indies match to reserve day Hiru News en 2013-07-08 An excess of rice; Attention also on exporting. Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Egypts pro- and anti-Morsi protesters take to streets Hiru News en 2013-07-08 A discussion between Presidents secretary and Railway trade unions. Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Despicable Me 2 has raced to the top of the US box office Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Secondary schools in Nigerias north-eastern state closed Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Suspect held in connection to the Buddha Gaya blasts. Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Queen and David Cameron praise Wimbledon win Hiru News en 2013-07-08 IUSF convener remanded Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Paying state employee salaries is a crisis - says UNP Hiru News en 2013-07-08 PSC to convene for the first time tomorrow without opposition members Hiru News en 2013-07-08 360 turns out of 370 cancelled; crucial discussion regarding train strike this afternoon. Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Timer clocks used in Bodhgaya bombs Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Menon must turn back; says Bodu Bala Sena Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Egypt unrest: Morsi supporters shot dead in Cairo Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Visit temple on Poya days - A request from the President to state employees Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Indian National Security Advisor arrives in the island Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Budhdhagaya re-opens for pilgrims; Images of two suspects issued to media Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Discussions fail - Railway strike continues Hiru News en 2013-07-08 Egypt unrest; Interim leader Adly Mansour calls for calm Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Three awards for A Common Man at Madrid International Film Festival Hiru News en 2013-07-09 A Sathyagraha at Buddha-Gaya by the Sanga federation. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 13th amendment cannot be abolished; India tells TNA. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Discussion with bus owners ends without agreement; instructions from President to IGP to stop ransom. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Railway strike today as well; trade unions in a decisive discussion. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Sangakkara, bowlers beat profligate WI Hiru News en 2013-07-09 PSC convenes today Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Pakistan incompetent on Bin Laden Hiru News en 2013-07-09 John Travolta and director Oliver Stone felicitated. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 BJP leaders Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley to visit Bodh Gaya today Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Paris Jackson is allegedly set to enroll in a boarding school for troubled teens. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Amanda Bynes has lashed out at the President and First Lady of the United States. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Katy Perry and John Mayer have reportedly bought a house together. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Prayers for victims of Asiana airlines: says Britney Spears. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Kanye West confirms new collaboration with French fashion brand A.P.C. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 US-China cyber security working group meets Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Lady Gaga splashes millions on backpack. Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Underdog Aussies can beat England in the Ashes Hiru News en 2013-07-09 EU-SL Business Dialogue launch in Colombo today Hiru News en 2013-07-09 CID probe into substandard variety of Saline Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Former DIG Vass Gunawardena further remanded Hiru News en 2013-07-09 A vessel kidnapped by Somali pirates sink - 6 Sri Lankans believed to be among the crew Hiru News en 2013-07-09 The Railway strike to continue further - The Ministry invites Unions for talks Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Sivshankar Menon meets the Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Umpires Sagara Gallage and Maurice Vincent banned Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Sri Lanka tea crop hit by heavy rains Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Provincial councils cannot perform anything; UNP Hiru News en 2013-07-09 US, Europe warn Egypt over violence Hiru News en 2013-07-09 No complications; India need to win against Sri Lanka to ensure final berth Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Six more suspects on Buddha Gaya attack identified Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Vaas Gunawardanas son goes into hiding Hiru News en 2013-07-09 President explains to India the consequences of police and land powers to PCs Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Railway strike concludes; Private bus strike from midnight tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-07-09 Parliamentary Select Committee convenes today Hiru News en 2013-07-10 A letter to political parties from election observers. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Attention on 5 aspects in preparing question papers. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Private buses on strike from midnight today. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Special committee for finding solutions to the National Problem is ready to obtain public views. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Sri Lanka and India into the finals. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 17 killed in Afghanistan roadside bomb Hiru News en 2013-07-10 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Stern action against those who imported substandard drugs Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Sonia Gandhi, Sushil Kumar Shinde to visit Budda Gaya today Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Heavy traffic in Nawala Koswaththa area. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Snowden has not yet accepted Venezuela asylum Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Sri Lanka gold sales fall after tax Hiru News en 2013-07-10 A protest against Budda Gaya attack in front of Indian High Commission Hiru News en 2013-07-10 No bus strike tonight; says Minster C B Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Nominations for PC elections either from July 24th to 31st or July 25th to August 1st Hiru News en 2013-07-10 17th amendment needed - says Opposition leader Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Sri Lanka Needs to fulfill its commitment - say Shivshankar Menon Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Strand of Hair of Elvis Found in an Antique Stall Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Film based on Afridis life slated to be released next month Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Rough seas from Puthlam to Hambanthota via Galle. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Bail for Negambo Mayor who escaped after motor accident. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Former LTTE carder Gauri dies after immolation. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Private bus strike on for tonight; No bus strike in the South. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 It is the responsibility of the govt to ensure the safety of fishermen; President. Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Religion is existent at present because of women; Premier Hiru News en 2013-07-10 Egypt orders Brotherhood head arrest Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Bribery complains increase. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 A petition committee for women. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 250 displaced; sluice gates of several reservoirs of the central hills still open. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Strike successful say Gamunu; 500 additional buses from the SLTB. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 MP R. Dumindha Silva lays the foundation stone for a multi storied housing project. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Pakistan bomb kills Zardari security chief Hiru News en 2013-07-11 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Interim report of COPE to parliament on the 23rd. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Elton John postpones his upcoming summer tour. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 ENGLAND FIGHT BACK. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 2 long distance buses attacked in Beruwala. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Bus Strike to be called off Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Selena Gomez launches fashion collection. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Lady Gaga shuts down twitter account. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Fan pays millions for Lady Gaga fake fingernail Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Beyonce posts JZ schoolboy photo on instagram! Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Jennifer Lopez was homeless at 18 Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Elvis Presleys granddaughter not going out with Robert Pattionson Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Lanka bound sea lizards seized Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Major security lapses exposed at Budda Gaya. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Court order to arrest Vaas Gunawardanas son. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Nominations for Provincial council elections called on the 25th. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Gamunu Wijerathnas bus strike concludes. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 David Warner set for southern Africa match practice Hiru News en 2013-07-11 North Korea offers to hold talks, blames US for tensions Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Mahela Jayawardene to join 400 Club! Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Alfred Hitchcock silent films join Unesco register Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Egypt unrest: US to go ahead with F-16 jets delivery Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Business tycoon and his daughter with 98 open warrants arrested. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Teachers of North Western province to boycott election duty. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 Gamunu Wijerathna wants to go to court. Hiru News en 2013-07-11 19th amendment also sent to the PSC. Hiru News en 2013-07-12 Dhoni once again shatters Sri Lankan hearts Hiru News en 2013-07-12 3 killed in Manampitiya bus accident; 20 injured Hiru News en 2013-07-12 Safe to visit Buddhagaya; an assurance from Sri Lankan High Commission Hiru News en 2013-07-12 TNA to name Northern Province Chief Ministerial Candidate today Hiru News en 2013-07-12 Mass escape from Indonesian jail Hiru News en 2013-07-12 Hiru TV, stamps its mark in the Political programmes sphere with BALAYA Hiru News en 2013-07-12 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-12 US calls for halt to Egypts Muslim Brotherhood arrests Hiru News en 2013-07-12 A meeting between Party secretaries and Elections commissioner. Hiru News en 2013-07-12 18 receiving treatment in Hospital following the Manampitya accident. Hiru News en 2013-07-12 A/L admissions should be delivered soon - says Commissioner of Examination Hiru News en 2013-07-12 5 killed in motor accidents within 12 hours Hiru News en 2013-07-12 SLMC seems to be isolated in the North; Front liners decision on Sunday. Hiru News en 2013-07-12 Import tax on Big Onion increased by 100 percent. Hiru News en 2013-07-12 56 percent of voter applications from displaced persons accepted. Hiru News en 2013-07-12 All Island Common Fishermens Federation engaged in a protest Hiru News en 2013-07-12 Yantiyanthota PS chairman also in bribery net. Hiru News en 2013-07-12 Give people practical and rapid solutions; instructions from the President Hiru News en 2013-07-12 3 PC elections cost 1500 million rupees. Hiru News en 2013-07-12 MP R. Dumindha Silva says that he will ensure to bring justice to those affected. Hiru News en 2013-07-12 3 complains from the opposition. Hiru News en 2013-07-12 Parliament adjourned as quorum is not met Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Freedom for Kandy Ahelepola Walawwa Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Another condition from the UNP to the government. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Sambandan meets the President. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Eradicate dengue without considering the cost; President instructs officials. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Election officials to consider regarding 3 international election monitoring groups. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Shot Pakistan schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai addresses UN Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Bell excels amid Broad drama Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Kevin Jonas wants a baby girl. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Elton John is praised by Sharon Osbourne. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 MJ knew he would not live to see his children grow in to adults. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Amanda Bynes idolizes Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 4 treasure hunters arrested in Polpithigama. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Minister Dallas clarifies the reason for deterioration of education. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 People-smuggling boat carrying 97 immigrants including Sri Lankans topple in Australian waters. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 SL fishermen allege that they were attacked by Indian fishermen in the Mannar sea; Immediate response from Navy. Hiru News en 2013-07-13 2 candidates from the TNA vie for the chief ministerial post for the NP Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Buddhist pilgrims begin to trickle back to country Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Tina Turner, 73, to marry Edwin Bach Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Dollar recovers slightly after Bernanke hit Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Mickey Arthur hires legal team to seek compensation Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Queen Elizabeth II to attend 2nd Ashes Test at Lords Hiru News en 2013-07-13 High profile investors at CHOGM Youth Forum Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Over 200 dead or missing in China rain and landslides Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Final recommendations on bus fare amendment next week Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Army takes policy decision on Army Camps in the North Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Fishermen not taking weather forecast seriously; says Navy Hiru News en 2013-07-13 An international conspiracy using fishermen Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Trinidad man who threw bottle at Malinga placed on $1,000 bond Hiru News en 2013-07-13 US criticizes Russia over NSA leaker Edward Snowden Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Ahalepola Maha Adhikarams Walawwa handed over to President Hiru News en 2013-07-13 Bhutans opposition party scores upset win Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Hela Urumaya speaks on the newest face of racist ideology Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Transition of the Tri Force was successful; Army Commander Hiru News en 2013-07-14 TNA to name their Chief Ministerial candidate for the North tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Lets convert prisons in to rehabilitation camps; President Hiru News en 2013-07-14 UK soldier and veteran suicides more than Afghan deaths Hiru News en 2013-07-14 SLTB Bus employees complain they have not been paid Junes salary Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Iraq bomb attacks leave dozens dead in Baghdad area Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Food tax has increased by 39 Percent; allegations from the UNP Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Sri Lankan crew held by Somali pirates at risk again Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Frontliners not to contest provincial polls Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Security tightened after Sri Lankas Deputy High Commission in Chennai receives bomb threats Hiru News en 2013-07-14 3 member committee forwards 14 recommendations through report on recent deaths due to stormy weather Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Glee star Cory Monteith dies in Canada hotel Hiru News en 2013-07-14 French film festival banned in Sri lanka Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Even the casino king requires a license; says UNP. Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Bihar bans small LPG cylinders following Buddha Gaya blasts Hiru News en 2013-07-14 53 countries assure its participation at CHOGAM. Hiru News en 2013-07-14 South African Cricket team to SL tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-07-14 England win dramatic first Test against Australia Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Positive signs in fiscal management - IMF Hiru News en 2013-07-14 China forecasts heavy rain from Typhoon Soulik Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Dhoni is one of the greatest ODI captains in India, Ganguly Hiru News en 2013-07-14 Glee star Cory Monteith dies in Canada hotel Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Gamunu to go to courts within the next few days. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Technology as a subject for Advance level from today. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 S B Navinna also for NWP chair; Possibility of not naming a Chief Ministerial candidate as well. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 India rejects Mavai Senadiraja. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell: Olympic sprinters fail drug tests Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Iraq cities targeted in deadly bomb attacks Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Lankan among 3 killed in bus crash in UAE Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Indian CEO forum to boost bilateral economic ties Hiru News en 2013-07-15 JK Rowling revealed as author of The Cuckoos Calling Hiru News en 2013-07-15 SLPL player draft postponed for July 20 Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Egypt turmoil: US envoy Burns in Cairo for talks Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Mariah Carey performs at Central Parks Great Lawn. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 One Directions Liam Payne apologises to fans on Twitter. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Kristen Stewart gets together with Michael Pitt Hiru News en 2013-07-15 IUSF convener prohibited from entering Universities Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Shortage of Anaesthetic drugs at several hospitals; trade union charges Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Plastic boxes for the election. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 C V Vigneshwaran nominated as the TNA candidate for the North. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Allegations from the UNP Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Netanyahu says may have to act before US on Iran Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Ganguly hopes Sachin Tendulkars bat lights up Test skies in South Africa Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Elephant size dengue mosquitoes in SLTB depots. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 All commonwealth nations to participate in Colombo meeting. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 Minister Maithripala replies to S B Navinna. Hiru News en 2013-07-15 TNA fields C V Vigneshwaran as its Chief Ministerial candidate. Hiru News en 2013-07-16 The human rights commission ready for a national inquiry. Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Minister Basil explains the countrys foreign policy. Hiru News en 2013-07-16 A red light from India about Kachchathiv Island. Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Muslim congress contest for the 3 PC elections alone. Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Farc negotiator; Colombian conflict nearing an end Hiru News en 2013-07-16 England select same squad for Lords Test Hiru News en 2013-07-16 France talks about Flying Fish Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Protest at Theldeniya depot. Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Dengue larva found in bushy plant varieties including pineapple Hiru News en 2013-07-16 One more fisherman killed in river mouth at Chillaw - 24 boats capsized within 2 weeks Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Film festivals to come under Public Performance Board microscope Hiru News en 2013-07-16 North Central Province term test papers given with answers Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Sri Lanka re-conditioned cars registrations up Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Myanmar to free all political prisoners. Hiru News en 2013-07-16 DPF to support TNA Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Tyson Gay dropped by Adidas after sprinter fails drugs test Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Lehmann puts batsmen on notice Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Pakistan Finance minister for increasing South Asian trade Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Sir Ian Botham to walk across Sri Lanka in November Hiru News en 2013-07-16 7 people killed in Cairo due to clashes Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Verbal volley between Amaraweera & Sarath Kumara intensifies Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Court grants permission to examine AGs petition Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Plot of Flying Fish justified by motion films director Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Nawinna backs off - Dayasiri emerges Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Oscar winner gives Malala You-saf-zai a birthday gift Hiru News en 2013-07-16 Australian coach places batsmen on notice Hiru News en 2013-07-17 A child injured due to a shooting by a Chairmans son. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Eknaligoda in Belgium; Arundika says that Handuneththi stated. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Dayasiris disciplinary inquiry is over based on an agreement. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 A nurses union in a 24 hour token strike today. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 West Indies level series with Pakistan. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 UN says Syria refugee crisis worst since Rwanda Hiru News en 2013-07-17 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Signs of postponing the SLPL. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Tina Turner marries her long - time German partner. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Tom Cruise gives surprise speech at graduation. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Fergie, to have a boy. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 2 million dollars for Lindsay Lohan interview Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Justin Bieber spits at mans face! Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Cory Monteith died from heroin and alcohol overdose. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Investigations begin on a murder at Seeduwa Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Egypts new cabinet sworn in after deadly clashes Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Indo- Lanka trade targets US$ 10b in 3 years Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Individual who scaled Jethawanarama arrested Hiru News en 2013-07-17 9 year old injected with 12 year olds vaccine Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Hospitals function unhindered; Trade union states that GNOA strike is a success Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Government strict on errant local government members Hiru News en 2013-07-17 SLPL cancelled Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Deputy Minister of Education Nandimithra Ekanayekes cab seized. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 World renowned country music artists Isla Grant and Al Grant arrives in Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Government not prepared to legalize media ethics Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Nominations should be given to provincial councilor who made teacher kneel; Government MP Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Examination blunder in North Central Province Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Call by Chief Prelates to Abolish 13th amendment Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Maithree and Shiral file petition against suspending their party membership Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Health Minister exposes a new mafia Hiru News en 2013-07-17 Formula 1 boss Ecclestone indicted on bribery charge Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Code of ethics is control of media; says Lal Kantha. Hiru News en 2013-07-18 A request from deputy speaker to political parties. Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Police searches for 4 more suspects at Nuri-waththa Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Nurses strike ends at 7 am today; No impact ; a statement from the ministry Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Taliban shock over Malala attack Hiru News en 2013-07-18 New traffic plan in Colombo Hiru News en 2013-07-18 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Nelson Mandela spends 95th birthday in hospital Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Chandimal becomes youngest Sri Lanka ODI captain Hiru News en 2013-07-18 ADB optimistic on Sri Lankas growth, downgrades rest of South Asia Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Ramith Rambukwella fined 50% of his tour earnings Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Mahaweli Farmers protest in Padiyathalawa Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Kevin Rudd selects Sri lanka as a model Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Ananda Sangari avoids TNA selection meeting Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Elections Commissioner issues special circular Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Mt.Lavinia Civil Appeal Court rejects petition filed by MPs Range & Asoka Abeysinghe Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Arab League backs Kerrys Israel-Palestinian plan Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Step father who tortured a child arrested. Hiru News en 2013-07-18 MPs who joined the government are finding it difficult; says Minister Keheliya. Hiru News en 2013-07-18 UNP ready for any election after 2 months; says opposition leader. Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Dispute over North Central province term test continues Hiru News en 2013-07-18 U2s Bono receives highest French honour Hiru News en 2013-07-18 Japan, S Korea try conciliatory approach to mend ties Hiru News en 2013-07-18 ICC defends umpires, DRS Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Student Movement cannot be suppressed - a statement from Wickremabahu Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Protests in Chennai to yet another film about Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Central Provincial doctors on a trade union action today Hiru News en 2013-07-19 What was done to 17th should be done to 13th as well - A statement from JHU Hiru News en 2013-07-19 England in a commanding position. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Palestinians undecided on Kerry peace talks plan Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Development Committee meeting of Kolonnawa Divisional Secretariat held under the Patronage of MP R Dumindha Silva. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Red notice Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Indian fishermen to be fined. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 India to fine its fishermen violating Sri Lankan maritime boundary. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Dayasiri to join the government; A minister reveals. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Giving police powers to provinces is against Indo - Lanka pact; Minister Basil Rajapkase tells HINDU. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 India Under-19 cricketer expelled for age fraud Hiru News en 2013-07-19 A request to increase LP Gas by 700 rupees. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Former DIG Vass Gunawardana and 6 other suspects further remanded. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Harsha De Silva speaks about the tax concession. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Australia announces Papua New Guinea asylum deal Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Another school term test blunder reported today. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 India did not influence to nominate TNA candidate; a statement from India. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Much to be done for reconciliation; EU tells Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 A Regulatory mechanism to scan super markets. Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Indian Kashmir shut down by curfew and strike Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Harris hastens Englands demise Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Patients face dire consequences due to the strike Hiru News en 2013-07-19 Ministry of Investment promotions replies to allegations. Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Suicides reduced by 60% Hiru News en 2013-07-20 We trust Sri Lanka - states India Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Election Monitors state that transparency is required in the North Hiru News en 2013-07-20 State service should be equal - states the President Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Sri Lanka takes on South Africa today. Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Israel and Palestinian peace talks to resume Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Stevie Wonder will not perform in Florida. Hiru News en 2013-07-20 ICC chief executive says trial is underway to enhance the role of third umpire. Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Biden to address maritime disputes in Asia Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Sri Lanka forex reserves hurt by gold price fall Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Unpublished negatives of Marilyn Monroe up for sale Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Message by Minister of External Affairs to Europe Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Local Government Chairmen of the SLFP summoned to Colombo Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Elections secretariat extends invitations to International Observers and Monitors Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Sri Lankan immigrants set the Nauru Refugee camp ablaze Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Russia opposition leader Navalny vows Moscow poll win Hiru News en 2013-07-20 SL make 320 for 5 - their highest ever against SA Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Stern action against those involved in Nauru riots Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Legal action against a Faculty of the Colombo University for housing dengue breeding grounds Hiru News en 2013-07-20 TNA Chief Ministerial candidate blames Tamilnadu Hiru News en 2013-07-20 CID conducts investigation on fake currency note received by Magistrate Hiru News en 2013-07-20 Sri Lanka beat South Africa by 180 runs Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Teachers ring a bell on salary arrears and promotions Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Kasippu Siriya of Nuriwaththa arrested Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Muslim Congress to appoint 3 representatives for Northern Polls Hiru News en 2013-07-21 President says injustice done to the village has been eliminated Hiru News en 2013-07-21 High pesticide levels found in samples taken from tainted food that killed 23 in India Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Israels Netanyahu says talks with Palestinians vital Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Wave of car bombs kills at least 30 in Baghdad Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Superman and Batman to appear in the same film Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Vehicles utilized in treasure hunting to be confiscated Hiru News en 2013-07-21 UK cautions Sri Lanka while English parliamentary delegation expected in the island tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Sedatives mixed into alcohol; Kosgama sedative racket revealed Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Government cant abolish 13th Amendment; UNP Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Price of Imported food articles may increase due to deflation of rupee Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Belgiums King Albert abdicates for son Hiru News en 2013-07-21 National Film Archive of India to restore Lankan film Nidhanya Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Limits slapped on Importation of outdated computers & mobile phones Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Stock of diesel sent to Sri Lanka met required standards says ENOC Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Ranil reveals winning election formula Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Central Committee of SLFP receives nomination of PS member who made teacher kneel Hiru News en 2013-07-21 Haroon Lorgat appointed Cricket South Africas chief executive. Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Another fatal accident at the Aluthgama railway crossing. Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Another Sri lankan house maid harassed in Middle East. Hiru News en 2013-07-22 British parliamentary delegation to the island today. Hiru News en 2013-07-22 No identity cards for 50 thousand persons in the North. Hiru News en 2013-07-22 England crush Australia at Lords to take 2-0 lead Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Japan Prime Minister Abe hails poll victory Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Avengers film sequel title and villain revealed by Jos Whedon Hiru News en 2013-07-22 G20 backs plan to stop global tax avoidance and evasion Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Today is Asala full moon poya day. Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Showers expected today as well. Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Quake hits central China; 17 dead, 279 injured Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Police assault on Mirigama PS member Hiru News en 2013-07-22 A father who cut his daughters fingers arrested Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Government Ministers are like deaf elephants, says JVP Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Political parades prohibited during nomination period Hiru News en 2013-07-22 60 hostels to house university students within the next 2 years. Hiru News en 2013-07-22 We let the heat get to us - de Villiers Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Biden on visit to fire up US-India ties Hiru News en 2013-07-22 The Conjuring scares up $41.5M to top box office Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Tokyo stocks muted following Abe win Hiru News en 2013-07-22 EU to discuss blacklisting Lebanese militants Hezbollah Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Super luxury vehicle market in Sri Lanka growing Hiru News en 2013-07-22 ABBA tribute show in Chennai. Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Shane Warne officially announces retirement from the game. Hiru News en 2013-07-22 The Pistol used by the former Deraniyagala PS Chairman is still missing Hiru News en 2013-07-22 The Government can repeatedly stage political shows, says UNP Hiru News en 2013-07-22 Douglas Devananda says that he is the authority to select the Chief Minister for the North Hiru News en 2013-07-22 V. Ananda Sangaree to contest for Kilinochchi under TNA ticket Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Minister Mervin reveals about the house lost to the SLFP Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Ready to pardon; a statement from UNP. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Complaints to the police again from the Husband of teacher who was forced to kneel down. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 COPE report to the parliament today. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed a healthy baby boy. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Heavy showers today as well. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 James Pattinson to miss Ashes. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Sri Lanka credit profile stabilized, but burdens rising; Moodys Hiru News en 2013-07-23 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Train delay on Colombo-Kandy track Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Indian fishermen representatives to visit Sri Lanka on August 1st. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Former TNA leader to contest North elections under Freedom Party. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 NFF give reasons to avoid North polls. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Adverse weather again; strong winds uproot trees in Colombo; 1 person dead. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 SL enjoys increased inflows Hiru News en 2013-07-23 US general outlines Syria options Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Dr P B Jayasundara forwards a letter to the court regarding the VAT scam. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 A new alliance demands separate solution to upcountry issues. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 TNA once again requests for a federal system. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 15 government institutions incur a loss; 4 out of them make 98 percent loss. Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Heavy showers tonight as well Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Everyone must unite o build the country; says President Hiru News en 2013-07-23 North Korea halts work at long-range rocket site Hiru News en 2013-07-23 Ryan Reynolds falters at US box office Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Verdict on the case of causing annoyance to Rukantha and Chandraleka today. Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Elections commissioner explains again how nominations should be handed over. Hiru News en 2013-07-24 The risk of wind speed in the Island and surrounding sea areas increasing further. Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Impediment to Illegal electricity tappers through the amended electricity bill. Hiru News en 2013-07-24 William and Kate present baby prince Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Sri lanka beat SA by 17 runs Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Dozens missing including Sri Lankans in deadly boat capsize near Indonesia Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Verdict of Rookantha - Chandralekha case postponed Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Students inconvenienced during exams. Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Illegal immigrant vessel carrying 170 including Sri Lankans capsize; another boat with 70 stranded Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Minister Jeewan Kumaratunga assaulted with bottles of water at Moratuwa Rawathawatta by Carpenters : Video Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Injured Amla in doubt for third ODI Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Kerry holds Syria crisis aid talks Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Sri Lanka holds rates, state credit easing; Central Bank Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Mumbai, Rajasthan to kick off CLT20 Hiru News en 2013-07-24 MP Dayasiri Jayasekara resigns and joins government Hiru News en 2013-07-24 5 proposals from the JVP Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Dayasiri fooled us - says the UNP Hiru News en 2013-07-24 48 more UNP LG representatives in discussions to join Govt; 6 UNP members in Panduwasnuwara defect with Dayasiri Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Dayasiri to contest the NWP council election under the SLFP ticket; Nalin Bandara appointed by the UNP to fill vacant seat. Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Dayasiri meets President and obtains SLFP membership Hiru News en 2013-07-24 Queen pays half-hour visit to great-grandson Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Emigrants from Mirissa who met with accident rescued. Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Rain island-wide; seas rough today as well Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Dayasiris UNP election responsibility given to Nalin Bandara Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Handing over nominations for North Western, Northern and Central Provincial council begins today. Hiru News en 2013-07-25 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Sooriyan FM celebrates 15th Anniversary. Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Hingurakkgoda UPFA PS member dies in accident Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Police arrest 6 treasure hunters in Polonnaruwa. Hiru News en 2013-07-25 16 thousand Sri lankan illegal workers in Saudi want to return. Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Another term test blunder in Mathale. Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Jana setha Front gives nominations to Mannar; 3 independent groups deposit bonds. Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Police detains a bet looser on Dayasiris defection. Hiru News en 2013-07-25 New species of mosquito discovered. Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Former PC who made teacher kneel re - remanded Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Appeals Court issues notices for Ranil and Thissa; Injunction from the district court Hiru News en 2013-07-25 No UPFA candidate for the North Western Province - says former CM Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Dayasiri withdraws verbal questions Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Twilight - Kellan Lutz In Talks For The Expendables 3 Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Lyon presses for recall as six rested Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Australias plans military solution to boatpeople Hiru News en 2013-07-25 Sri Lanka remains number-one ranked T20I side after annual update Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Mother and son killed in accident in Laggala Hiru News en 2013-07-26 UNP believes in unified state. Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Challengers from Bodu Bala Sena to NFF and JHU. Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Letter to Jayalalitha from Manmohan Singhe. Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Sri Lanka v South Africa, 3rd ODI, Pallekele Hiru News en 2013-07-26 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Heavy rain today as well. Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Whitney Houstons grave marked with famous lyrics Hiru News en 2013-07-26 North Korean leader meets Chinese VP Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Morris Dahanayaka no more. Hiru News en 2013-07-26 4 individuals including Biyagama PS member turn themselves over to the police Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Inquiry against SLMC chairman Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Tense situation in Laggala following fatal motor accident - 10 tipper trucks attacked Hiru News en 2013-07-26 A Commission to probe alleged disappearances Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Egypt army warns of crackdown on black violence Hiru News en 2013-07-26 2 popular UNP members to join the SLFP; reveals Shantha Bandara. Hiru News en 2013-07-26 73 Sri Lankan illegal immigrants stranded in sea rescued. Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Jean-Claude Van Damme.s Kickboxer and Bloodsport to be remade Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Usain Bolt wants to renew faith in athletics after drugs scandals Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Cairn and Sri Lanka in talks over gas pricing Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Dispute between doctors and nurses in Kandy aggravates Hiru News en 2013-07-26 President inquires into a clash between two ministries Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Sri Lanka struggle after SA post 223 for 7 Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Penal Interest Rates of Banks limited Hiru News en 2013-07-26 58 from UPFA to join UNP; Daya Gamage Hiru News en 2013-07-26 UN says Australias new asylum policy lacks protection standards for asylum seekers Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Police is independent - Independent commissions unnecessary; Government Hiru News en 2013-07-26 Former IMF chief to face trial on pimping charges Hiru News en 2013-07-27 Hiru News en 2013-07-27 No heavy metals in imported sugar – assures health officials Hiru News en 2013-07-27 A government that safeguards the country has emerged – says president Hiru News en 2013-07-27 UNP raises concerns regarding efficiency of Provincial Councils Hiru News en 2013-07-27 41 die in Pakistan bombs blasts. Hiru News en 2013-07-27 Virginia man embezzles moeny from Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley. Hiru News en 2013-07-27 South Africa 223 for 7 beat Sri Lanka 167 by 56 runs Hiru News en 2013-07-27 Egypt crisis; Clashes erupt at pro-Morsi protest Hiru News en 2013-07-27 Director of IMFs Asia Pacific Department to retire. Hiru News en 2013-07-27 Elton John to be crowned a British icon Hiru News en 2013-07-27 Bolt powers to victory in London Hiru News en 2013-07-27 New Kandy road blocked due to protest by residents of Weliweriya demanding clean water Hiru News en 2013-07-27 No Fire Zone screened again in Malaysia Hiru News en 2013-07-27 15 bodies from the capsized boat carrying Sri Lankan asylum seekers recovered Hiru News en 2013-07-27 SLMC decides not to join with the TNA Hiru News en 2013-07-27 Relief committee on death sentence Hiru News en 2013-07-27 NFF prepares to leave special select committee Hiru News en 2013-07-27 Dayasiri to take legal action against the 250 million story Hiru News en 2013-07-27 War was against brutality; President Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Method is wrong; Former Chief Minister of Wayamba Hiru News en 2013-07-28 A warning from Graded Principles on a strike Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Tamilnadu fishermen to visit the island next week Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Another report from Navy Pillai on Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-07-28 More than 1000 inmates escape from Libyan jail Hiru News en 2013-07-28 I will do my best; CJ Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Pakistan beat WI in a thriller Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Spain train driver held for reckless manslaughter Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Samsung overtakes Apple as worlds most profitable mobile phone maker Hiru News en 2013-07-28 US singer-songwriter JJ Cale dies, aged 74 Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Weliweriya protests continue demanding clean water Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Japans Internal Affairs Minister arrives in the country today Hiru News en 2013-07-28 African cat fish to Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Its time for the government to be critical; says Minister Nimal Hiru News en 2013-07-28 UNP to take Legal action against Dayasiri. Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Signs of Daya Master not receiving nominations from the Alliance nominations list. Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Can Wolverine claw back big-budget Hollywood losses? Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Egypt turmoil; Morsi supporters defy removal threats Hiru News en 2013-07-28 Suzuki Motor to build new plant in Indonesia Hiru News en 2013-07-28 HRC receives 209 complaints against the police. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 2 UPFA factions clash at Nawula. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 No nomination for former councillor who forced a teacher kneel down as well. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 UPFA and UNP nominations end today; TNA hands over nominations for the North today. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Dilshan and Sangakkara secure series Hiru News en 2013-07-29 A new revelation by the BBS Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Daya Master bows down for party decision Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Mid-East peace talks to resume in Washington Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Heavy traffic on Galle Road due to protest Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Shortcomings in Piriven mid term question papers. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 3 cases against the former Chief Justice. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Influence to the government and India from the National collective organisations. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 A special circular for provincial politicians of NW and Central provinces. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Egypt crisis deepens. EUs Ashton visits Cairo Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Lewis Hamilton; Hungarian GP win among most important Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Malaka Silva attacked Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Cyber racket on wildlife revealed. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 TNA hands over nominations for Jaffna. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 40 million rupees worth drugs seized from Mathara. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Attack on Minister Mervin Silvas son Malaka. Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Wave of deadly car bombs hits Iraq Hiru News en 2013-07-29 The Wolverine Destroys Competition At U.s. Box Office Hiru News en 2013-07-29 Lehmann defends absence of specialist spin coach Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Tuition classes banned one week before scholarship exams; 15000 rupees with an A/L answer script. Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Suspects who attacked Malaka Silva not identified yet. Hiru News en 2013-07-30 A monk at Rathupaswala in a vast un to death demanding clean drinking water; People surround the factory. Hiru News en 2013-07-30 His holiness the Pope on a tour of Sri lanka next year. Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Need of the day is to make children aware of honorable family bondage; President Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Syria troops retake key Homs area Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Japan assures assistance for Sri Lankas technology development Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Sri Lanka hopes to move to budget deficit of 4.0-pct of GDP Hiru News en 2013-07-30 JVP candidates in the North intimidated. Hiru News en 2013-07-30 A coffin brought to the Rathupaswala protest. Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Teacher of Royal College still on roof top Hiru News en 2013-07-30 A group of TNA members in discussion to join the government. Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Tsunami rehearsal in 14 districts today. Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Sound of Music memorabilia sells for $1.3m Hiru News en 2013-07-30 EUs Ashton meets ousted Egypt leader Mohammed Morsi Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Australias David Warner available for third Test Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Travel ban on the son of Vass Gunawardana Hiru News en 2013-07-30 A request to issue a Bhikku order demanding the abolishment of PCs Hiru News en 2013-07-30 President says his policies have not changed Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Disciplinary Inquiry on protesting teacher of Royal College Hiru News en 2013-07-30 Fast in Waliweriya continues Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Rathupas-wala fast not yet over. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 2 naval officers killed in an accident at Karuwala-gas-wewa. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Petroleum chairman resigns. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 A fire at corporative and internal trade ministry building. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Health Minister not satisfied with steps taken to prevent harassment against women. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 3 treasure hunters nabbed. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 India coalition approves new state of Telangana Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Jim Reeves fans commemorate singers 49th death anniversary today. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Indian cricketer S Sreesanth charged Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Cigarette price increased. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Sri Lanka rest key players for 5th ODI Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Sri Lanka tax revenues picking up: Treasury Secretary Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Zimbabweans to elect president Hiru News en 2013-07-31 FDI worth 2 billion dollars targeted for this year Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Navy arrests 65 Indian fishermen. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 No solution to Ratupaswala drinking water problem - The Thera calls off fast unto death. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 UPFA handed over nominations for Kurunegala under Athula Wijesinghes leadership. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 25,000 metric tons out of the rejected petrol stock accepted. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Tax on alcohol increased Hiru News en 2013-07-31 COPE report worries a Minister Hiru News en 2013-07-31 81 Independent groups for the PC election; Nominations close by 12 noon Hiru News en 2013-07-31 Rathupaswala water case postponed; Drinking water issue throughout Gampaha; Doubt about water in Western Prov. Hiru News en 2013-07-31 100 war criminals including Sri Lankans made UK immigration applications last year Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Testing of PH value of Rathupas-wala water again; Villagers continue to surround the factory. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Another ransom charge against Vaas Gunawardana; order to appear before Mahara court on the 5th. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Range Bandara and Asoka Abesinha back to the UNP. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Handing over of nominations for NW, Central and Northern provincial council election ends today. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Dominant Sri Lanka make it 4-1 Hiru News en 2013-08-01 The US Secretary of State, John Kerry arrives in Pakistan Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Former Police Spokesman considered to have resigned from his post Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Eagles to play three inaugural concerts Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Kulasekara back in Sri Lanka T20 squad Hiru News en 2013-08-01 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Daya Ratnayake takes over as new Army Chief Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Showers in certain parts of the country. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Rathupaswala monk re-start fast un to death; case against the controversial factory postponed. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Southern PC fisheries Minister arrested Hiru News en 2013-08-01 10 former PSD personnel in Rookantha - Chandralekha case imprisoned. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Elections for the Northern, central and NW provincial councils on the 21st of September. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Denzel Washington confirms Broadway return Hiru News en 2013-08-01 UK VISA APPLICANT ARRESTED FOR FRAUD Hiru News en 2013-08-01 South Africa turn to introspection after thrashing Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Kerry confident US will reach security pact with Kabul Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Permission to transport sand in the night. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Former PC member indicted for humiliating school teacher. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 PC elections on September 21st; 19 political parties and 75 independent groups in the fray. Hiru News en 2013-08-01 police fire tear gas at rathupaswala Hiru News en 2013-08-01 Tense situation at Balum-mahara over Rathupas-wala water problem; 2 journalists injured. Hiru News en 2013-08-02 A railway engine catches fire Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Opposition leader points out the need for independent police commission. Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Youth killed in the protest; 44 admitted to hospital; 6 security officers among them. Hiru News en 2013-08-02 US invites Pakistan Prime Minister for Obama talks Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Michael Clarke century puts Australia on top Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Randy Travis out of hospital after stroke Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Showers to continue Hiru News en 2013-08-02 BALAYA; Economy and Development Hiru News en 2013-08-02 No completion from the opposition; Sarath Ekanayaka Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Newly appointed Deraniyagala OIC transferred Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Another 39 illegal migrants bound to Australia arrested. Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Police OIC appointed after the Noori Estate murder also transferred Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Opposition leader requests an independent inquiry Hiru News en 2013-08-02 59 injured still hospitalized -8 undergoing intensive care Hiru News en 2013-08-02 The Weliweriya incident was instigated by an outside group of armed individuals - states the Army Hiru News en 2013-08-02 US embassies to shut on Sunday over security threat Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Australian prime minister criticises umpires Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Cameron to release three Avatar sequels Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Sri Lanka stages international gem and jewellery show Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Daladagama accident kills 3 from the same family. Hiru News en 2013-08-02 President invites the Pope Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Min. Mervin accuses politicians in Gampaha; This is a political thirst; Min Dallas Hiru News en 2013-08-02 Youth in Weliweriya died due to gun shot wound; Investigations handed over to CCD; 56 still receiving treatment in hospital Hiru News en 2013-08-02 SLFP not challenged; Min. Maithreepala Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Bodu Bala sena challengers Minister Dilan. Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Government ready to accept any decision given by the public. Hiru News en 2013-08-03 A committee to probe the conduct of the Army. Hiru News en 2013-08-03 26 govt institutions summoned to the human rights commission over the Waliweriya incident. Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Showers today as well. Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Zimbabwe election: Mugabes Zanu-PF wins majority Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Sri Lanka lose the first T 20 by 12 runs Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Steve Waugh praises MS Dhoni. Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Keith Urban to return American Idol judges table Hiru News en 2013-08-03 US in worldwide travel alert after al-Qaeda threat Hiru News en 2013-08-03 SL rupee held near 10-month lows Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Jayalalitha requests for Sri Lankan High Commissioner to be questioned Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Another assurance from the Commonwealth to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-03 The government should be an example for the opposition - states SLFP General Secretary Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Warning from the Rathupaswala Thero who engaged in a fast Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Hotline to receive complains on examination malpractices Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Seas rough from Puttalam to Potuvil Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Elections Commissioner instructs institutions to refrain from having walks, rallies until PC elections end Hiru News en 2013-08-03 JVP challenges Minister Dallas on Rathupaswala incident Hiru News en 2013-08-03 Trust your neighbour and not your distant relatives; President tells people in the North Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Fight was not to suppress; a statement from the Higher Education Minister Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Another injured in Weliweriya incident dies raising the death toll to 2 Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Advanced level to commence tomorrow; 2 circulars to the Police Hiru News en 2013-08-04 No indifference in development; President Hiru News en 2013-08-04 More Sri Lankan asylum seekers to Australia Hiru News en 2013-08-04 NPC Polls held due to pressure from India; TNA Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Interpol issues global security alert linked to jailbreaks Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Tunisia faces mass weekend protests Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Ellen DeGeneres to host the 2014 Oscars Hiru News en 2013-08-04 White House holds high-level meeting on terror threat Hiru News en 2013-08-04 India in discussions over DRS compromise Hiru News en 2013-08-04 CHOGM will woo unprecedented investments Hiru News en 2013-08-04 A father sets ablaze demanding for 500 thousand rupees in Galle. Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Navy arrests another 20 Indian fishermen poaching in northern seas Hiru News en 2013-08-04 22 injured during the Waliweriya incident still receiving treatment. It is the responsibility of the govt to provide water; says UNP. Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Preferential numbers for the PC election either tomorrow or day after. Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Showers in several provinces. Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Police unearth gruesome fate of prisoners held by LTTE Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Heavy rains in the Central hills; 350 families displaced Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Waliweriya incident death toll hits three; Final rights of Akila Dinesh held. Hiru News en 2013-08-04 President instructs to commence Kandy - Domestic air port construction expediently. Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd calls election for 7th September Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Kurt Angle - Wrestling Star Kurt Angle Entering Rehab Hiru News en 2013-08-04 Sri Lanka out to level series Hiru News en 2013-08-04 US employment up by 162 thousand in July Hiru News en 2013-08-05 5 killed in motor vehicle accidents within the past few hours Hiru News en 2013-08-05 New international terminal of Colombo harbour inaugurated today. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 A person killed due to inclement weather; 600 families displaced; rough seas today as well. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 GCE A/L begins today; request from election candidates not to interrupt. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 South Africa win the series T 20 series. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 HSBC bank closing accounts for diplomats in Britain Hiru News en 2013-08-05 Denzel Washington - 2 Guns Leads U.s. Box Office Hiru News en 2013-08-05 Rawana Balaya complain on 21 cattle reared at Ruhuna University Hiru News en 2013-08-05 WHO to investigate on anti dengue mosquito. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 5035 persons affected by inclement weather; risks of landslides in Central hills. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 The President declares open the 1st phase of the Colombo South Port. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 Anti-government protesters gather in Bangkok Hiru News en 2013-08-05 US senators to join Egypt talks Hiru News en 2013-08-05 Chelsea fail in second bid for Rooney Hiru News en 2013-08-05 An attempt of 1.5 million rupees bribe to escape Noori estate superintends murder. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 Farmer pension case taken for hearing in the absence of respondent. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 Deputy Speaker exposes about vehicles of school principals. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 Although ports are built around the country criticism cannot be stopped; says President. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 HRC summons 26 Institutions to enquire about the drinking water problem in Waliweriya. Hiru News en 2013-08-05 Australia and Nauru enters into a new agreement to accommodate illegal boat people Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Prison officers prevent 5 prisoners from escaping. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Power and energy Minister inquires about CEB corruption. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 A preparation to hoist the Indian flag at Kachchathiv island. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Madras Cafe is not a Sri Lankan investment; says John Ibraham. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Exercise Pacific Angel begins today in North Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Ranil talks about a power plant without electricity Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Syria rebels strike President Assads Alawite heartland Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Sir Elton John recovering. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 England retain Ashes Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Showers expected today as well. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Sri Lanka move up ODI rankings, Sangakkara achieves career-best rating Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Elvis Presleys iconic Graceland home in demand. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Michael Clarke says Australia can draw Ashes series Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Al-Qaeda leaders talks sparked US embassy closures Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Sri Lanka deficit to move down with lower rates, PPPs: CB Governor Hiru News en 2013-08-06 2012s Northern growth surpassed national rate Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Death penalty on husband who murdered wife with pesticide jab. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Security guaranteed for Dambadiva pilgrims. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 UNP demand international probe on Waliweriya incident. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Attorney Generals approval for Sampur Project. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Minister G L Peiris calls on first deputy to President of Iran. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 US warns citizens to leave Yemen amid terror alert Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Mission: Impossible 5 names McQuarrie as director Hiru News en 2013-08-06 South Africa eye a clean sweep against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Separate official in charge of state property during election.