Hiru News en 2018-06-30 Prices of a cup of tea & plain tea reduced Hiru News en 2018-06-30 Wild elephant gives chase to Deputy Minister (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-06-30 SLFP wants to have PC elections soon Hiru News en 2018-06-30 ETI depositors continue to suffer Hiru News en 2018-06-30 MR says Group of 16 is with him Hiru News en 2018-06-30 Gangsters clash in Jaffna Hiru News en 2018-06-30 Sports Minister interrupts Chandimal at SLC media conference Hiru News en 2018-06-30 Chinese embassy responds to NYT article Hiru News en 2018-06-30 World cup epic : France beat Argentina 4-3 Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Veteran cinema personality Roy de Silva dies Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Losses at CEB increase by 240% Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Largest promotion ever Hiruta wissai, thagi wassai programme commences Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Nationwide protests in US against Trumps immigration policies Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Brazilians attempt to smuggle in cocaine foiled (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Cavani’s brilliance takes Uruguay to last eight Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Dr. Padeniya re-elected as President of GMOA Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Former President rejects New York Times report Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Bus plunges into gorge killing 44 in India Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Another foreigner arrested at BIA with cocaine Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Dr. Mahathirs earnest plea from young Malaysians Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Husband throws acid at wife Hiru News en 2018-07-01 CPC losses mount - Ministry Secretary Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Wild elephant flees from Kurunegala to Rambukkana Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Rs. 23 million worth of cocaine retrieved from Brazilians Hiru News en 2018-07-01 CPC warns SriLankan Airlines Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Various views expressed on NYT report Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Host Russia stuns Spain to reach last eight Hiru News en 2018-07-01 Deputy Minister Ranjan makes conflicting statements Hiru News en 2018-07-01 New Delhi family found hanged in their home Hiru News en 2018-07-02 31 injured as elephants go on a rampage in Kahawatte Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Group of 16 to meet MR Hiru News en 2018-07-02 JVPs 20 A plans hindered - Vasu Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Fmr. President threatens to take NYT to court Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Murder-suicide in Urubokka Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Suicide attacker targets Sikhs in Afghanistan Hiru News en 2018-07-02 National policy for export development Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Cocaine worth Rs. 35mn retrieved from Brazilians Hiru News en 2018-07-02 State bank broken into in Thalawa Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Divers close-in stranded Thai boys Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Vehicle used by Matara robbers found Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Hand grenade attack in Kuliyapitiya Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Railway security officers to be deployed in civvies Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Human-killing wild elephant captured (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Minister Fonseka not sure of his political future Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Left-wing candidate wins presidential election in Mexico Hiru News en 2018-07-02 South Africa captain calls for harsher punishments for ball-tampering Hiru News en 2018-07-02 CPC introduces Euro 4 Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Brazil takes on Mexico Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Singers Cheryl and Liam Payne announce split (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Mother of two hacked to death Hiru News en 2018-07-02 More cocaine retrieved from arrested Brazilians (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Hearing on petition against Kerawalapitiya tender postponed Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Cash and jewellery worth over Rs. 87mn robbed from Thalawa bank (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Hiru News - Sri Lanka’s number 1 TV news bulletin – @ 6.55 tonight Hiru News en 2018-07-02 State Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran wants LTTE back Hiru News en 2018-07-02 South Africa team arrives Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Missing Thai boys found Hiru News en 2018-07-02 CID to probe Thalawa bank robbery Hiru News en 2018-07-02 Neymar takes Brazil to last eight Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Belgium outsmarts Asian hope Japan Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Joint Opposition to demand Opposition Leaders post Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Services halted on Kelani Valley railway track Hiru News en 2018-07-03 ICC gives six months to hold SLC elections Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Thai boys might need to wait for months to come out of cave ! Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Sinhala Ravaya goes to police against Vijayakalas statement Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Volkswagen Group to invest over one billion Euros in India Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Kelani Valley rail track repaired Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Emil Ranjan & Neomal Rangajeewa remanded again Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Sri Lankas debt continue to grow Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Sri Lanka Freedom Party appoints new Media Spokespersons Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Thalawa bank robbery suspects identified Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Police Commission receives 625 complaints against police Hiru News en 2018-07-03 MP Bandula talks about New York Times report Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Postal workers stage a protest Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Leopard killing : 10 suspects further remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Vijayakalas statement creates tension in Parliament Hiru News en 2018-07-03 New York Times issues a statement Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Fmr. Malaysian PM arrested for corruption Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Aaron Finch sets up a new T20I record Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Policeman commits suicide in Jaffna Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Speaker informs AG to scrutinize Vijayakala’s statement Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Prices of 5 Kg & 2.3 Kg domestic gas reduced Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Talks with PM fail, teachers & principals to strike Hiru News en 2018-07-03 UNP backbenchers want Vijayakala to be removed Hiru News en 2018-07-03 Parliament tensed due to Wijayakala’s statement, Speaker informs AG to scrutinize it and take action Hiru News en 2018-07-03 PM requests President to remove Vijayakala from her Ministerial post Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Teachers and principals report sick leave Hiru News en 2018-07-04 President’s Secretary clarifies annexures of bond report Hiru News en 2018-07-04 England and Sweden to meet in quarter-final clash Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Gotabhaya to visit SLPP head office Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Wife remanded for killing husband Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Gmail messages read by third parties Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Attempt to smuggle in gems to Sri Lanka thwarted (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Two schoolboys die in Denagama road accident (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Ecuador court orders arrest of fmr. President Correa Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Leave of police officers in Jaffna Division cancelled Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Former Malaysian PM charged for corruption Hiru News en 2018-07-04 SriLankan Airlines agrees to settle $ 5mn to CPC Hiru News en 2018-07-04 New committee to hold SLC elections Hiru News en 2018-07-04 “China – Sri Lanka cooperation on Hambantota Port will continue”, Chinese Foreign Ministry Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Bond reports section C-350 published Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Teacher strike disrupts school activities Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Military uniforms and weapons found in a house in Medirigiriya Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Vijayakala in Colombo to meet Prime Minister Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Teacher union leader hospitalized Hiru News en 2018-07-04 IGP assigns DIG to probe allegations against Vijayakala Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Court of Appeal issues Stay Order against Gotabhayas case Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Thalawa bank heist : Cash & jewellery worth over Rs. 160mn looted Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Weerakumara & Wijewickrama appointed as SLFP Organizers Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Diverse views expressed on Vijayakalas statement Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Rajapaksa brothers meet at SLPP office Hiru News en 2018-07-04 Ex SLC Presidents meet Sports Minister Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Millions of rupees worth liquor and narcotics found at Orugodawatta Hiru News en 2018-07-05 State Minister Vijayakalaa meets Prime Minister Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Attorney General takes PTL to courts to recover losses to public institutions Hiru News en 2018-07-05 US Secretary of State visiting North Korea Hiru News en 2018-07-05 India - Sri Lanka joint venture to rescue Mattala Hiru News en 2018-07-05 West Indies fast bowlers shot out Bangladesh for 43 Hiru News en 2018-07-05 12 Indian fishermen apprehended Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Vijayakala decides to resign Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Suspects in Kirivehera shooting further remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Newly married 19-year-old dies in motorcycle accident Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Objections in Parliament for proposed limitations to representation in regional development committees Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Probe underway to identify public officials who applauded Vijayakala’s statement Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Thai rescue effort to be expedited Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Six students arrested at Ragama railway station Hiru News en 2018-07-05 CHEC rejects “election-funding” allegation Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Monkey attacks schoolgirl inside classroom Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Leopard killing : Suspects granted bail Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Agri Dept. organizes fruit crops exhibition Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Mobile phone found under Arjun Aloysius’s mattress in prison Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Kirivehera shooting CCTV footage out Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Presidents Secretary resigns Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Sri Lanka Test squad for SA series named Hiru News en 2018-07-05 Vijayakala Maheswaran resigns from Ministerial portfolio Hiru News en 2018-07-05 National Audit Bill passed with amendments Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Fuel prices revised upwardly Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Sinhala Ravaya requests President to issue an order to arrest Vijayakala Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Hiruta Wissai Thagi Wassai - Awarding of trucks commences Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Revenue inadequate to pay interests, says Commissioner Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Met Dept. says wind speed may rise Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Japanese cult leader Shoko Asahara executed Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Former UPFA MP V. K. Indika dies Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Celebrated Dutch film-maker Robby Müller dies Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Hiruta Wissai: Thagi Wassai - First winner found Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Thai rescue : Fear mounts as former Thai Navy diver dies Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Water cut in Kotte MC and Colombo 5 Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Boat capsized in Thailand, 10 die & 45 missing Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Anura Kumara reveals Presidents directive on fuel price revision Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Private bus unions expect a fair hike after increase in fuel prices Hiru News en 2018-07-06 SL Customs generate Rs. 724mn via raids Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Speaker says highest possible action taken against Vijayakala Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Fifa world cup : Quarterfinals begin Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Joint Opposition demands PC election be conducted under old system Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Court orders five media institutions to provide full statement of Vijayakala Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Still no price revision at CPC fuel sheds ? Hiru News en 2018-07-06 UNP appoints committee to examine Vijayakalas statement Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Senior administrative officer appointed as Presidents Secretary Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Prime Minister leaves for Singapore on Sunday Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Lanka IOC says will sell fuel at new prices Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Ex-Pakistani PM Sharif sentenced to ten years in jail Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Cabinet to decide on Ceypetco fuel prices Hiru News en 2018-07-06 Four ETI directors barred from going abroad Hiru News en 2018-07-06 France beat Uruguay to book a semi-final spot in Fifa WC Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Belgium knocks out five-time champions, Brazil Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Two arrested at BIA with foreign currency (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-07 GMOA to make a revelation next week Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Female drug trafficker escapes from police Hiru News en 2018-07-07 US Secretary of State continues negotiations in N Korea Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Fire breaks out at a Pettah shop Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Post-Master General transferred Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Englands World Cup hopes rising Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Fuel pricing formula to be continued Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Nearly 100,000 SL refugees still in Tamil Nadu Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Mahinda Deshapriya writes to political parties Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Mattala to be run by Indo - Lanka JV Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Thai cave boys send letters to parents Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Wild elephant attack kills villager in Polonnaruwa Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Floods & landslides leave over 38 dead in Japan Hiru News en 2018-07-07 India intervenes to find missing fishermen Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Army camps closed for all those who disrupt harmony Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Treasury firm on implementing fuel pricing formula, CPC remains silent Hiru News en 2018-07-07 Vijayakala asks for a change Hiru News en 2018-07-07 New organization named Hari Maga launched Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Hikkaduwa fishermen’s protest ends Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Death toll in Japan floods risen Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Croatia and England to meet at Fifa WC semis Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Rs. 1.2bn worth heroin found Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Four missing in a boat mishap in Amparai Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Operation to rescue Thai boys begin Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Two arrested over Wanniyakulam murder Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Flood-related deaths exceed 60 in Japan Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Fuel prices to be revised on a weekly basis Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Suspects in Anuradhapura murder arrested, three swords and a motorcar found Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Three bodies of four who went missing in Eggaloya found Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Two boys rescued from Thai cave Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Update: Two die in Jampettah shooting Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Singer Priyani Jayasinghe murdered Hiru News en 2018-07-08 Pakistan beat Australia in Harare Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Work at Blood Bank interrupted Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Rescue effort in Thailand to continue Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Rajanganaya Reservoir invaded by a bacteria (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Gunman kills Colombo Municipal Councillor Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Husband flees after killing popular female singer Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Pakistani arrested with heroin worth Rs. 50mn Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Husband arrested for killing popular female singer Priyani Jayasinghe Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Canadian pop star Justin Bieber engaged Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Blood Bank activities crippled by GMOA strike Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Tissa Attanayake to launch a new political movement Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Increasing wind speeds and showers predicted Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Protestors block Tissa - Kataragama road Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Galle Face entry road closed Hiru News en 2018-07-09 New programme for tea smallholders Hiru News en 2018-07-09 India wins T20 series in England Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Sri Lankan born Canadian, Michael Ondaatje wins Golden Man Booker Prize Hiru News en 2018-07-09 24 killed in train derailment in Turkey Hiru News en 2018-07-09 60 injured in Gokarella bus accident Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Death toll in Japanese floods risen, Sri Lankans not affected Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Anuradhapura murder suspects remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Fatal accident reported on Southern Expressway (Video) Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Thai cave mission : Four more boys rescued Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Winning truck handed over to first lucky winner of Hiruta wissai - Thagi wassai Hiru News en 2018-07-09 Motive behind Jampettah Street shooting revealed Hiru News en 2018-07-10 No tour guides at Sigiriya today Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Three LG councillors murdered within one and half months Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Divers ready to rescue last five from Thai cave Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Two boys missing from Puttalam, found in Pettah Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Keselwatte Dinukas accomplice arrested Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Lorry topples on expressway flyover at Athurugiriya (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Fines for road rule violations to be increased Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Strong wind advisory issued Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Two arrested at Central Mail Exchange with a heroin parcel Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Reason for Gokarella bus accident revealed Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Brexit crisis : UK Cabinet reshuffled Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Malinga makes a decision on his future ! Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Rs. 20mn bribe case : Suspects further remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Finance Minister and President to discuss fuel price issue Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Two State Ministers sworn in Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Underworld link to heroin detected at BIA ! Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Biggest car giveaway : SUN FM presents first car Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Belgium takes on France in W/C semis Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Police Inspector arrested for accepting a bribe Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Monk kills a police officer in Ratnapura Hiru News en 2018-07-10 George Clooney meets with an accident Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Missing fishermen found in seas off Maldives Hiru News en 2018-07-10 SInger Priyani Jayasinghes husband remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Thai Cave Rescue completed Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Fuel prices to be increased from midnight Hiru News en 2018-07-10 STF protection for Kirivehera Thera Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Name of Joint Opposition changed Hiru News en 2018-07-10 AG advices to IGP to probe Vijayakalas statement Hiru News en 2018-07-10 Wife and her paramour arrested over Hunupitiya three-wheeler drivers death Hiru News en 2018-07-11 France edges out neighbours Belgium to reach WC final Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Hemantha Warnakulasuriya passes away Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Joint Opposition dashes coconuts in Seenigama Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Bus associations demand revision in bus fares Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Facebook faces a fine for data breaches Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Hiru TVs 20th anniversary : First car winner from Hakmana Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Wind speed to rise in and around Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Army Commanders service extended Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Fatal accident in Vavuniya kills two Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Strong winds damage houses in Colombo Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Galle Face entry road closed Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Blood Banks DG removed Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Two young women jump before a moving train in Gampaha Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Armed forced to be deployed to prevent drug trafficking Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Thai cave rescue heros father dies Hiru News en 2018-07-11 School vans and three-wheeler drivers demand a fare hike Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Rangana Herath reveals retirement plans Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Owners of houses damaged by strong winds, compensated Hiru News en 2018-07-11 US maritime aircraft locates missing Sri Lankan fishing vessel Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Monk remanded for strangulating policeman Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Detention Center for Sinharaja elephants Hiru News en 2018-07-11 Two arrested with heroin worth Rs. 118mn Hiru News en 2018-07-11 President makes a tough decision Hiru News en 2018-07-11 CPC says fuel price increase not enough Hiru News en 2018-07-12 HIRU TVs 20th anniversary: Homagama wins second car Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Croatia ends England’s dream run at Fifa WC Hiru News en 2018-07-12 ICC suspends Chandi, Hathuru and Gura for two Tests Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Heap of concealed mail sacks found in Galle Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Thai cave complex to be turned into a museum Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Main suspect in Mt. Lavinia shooting arrested Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Murdered policeman promoted posthumously Hiru News en 2018-07-12 SL Vs SA 1st Test : Sri Lanka wins toss, elected to bat Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Oil prices record steep drop Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Two arrested in Ambalangoda with firearms Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Update : Rain stops play at Galle Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Relocation of Sinharaja elephants opposed Hiru News en 2018-07-12 UNP Natl. Organizer says Vijayakala should be expelled Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Fuel pricing formula opposed Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Three-wheeler operators seek legal remedy Hiru News en 2018-07-12 CID allowed to question drug traffickers arrested in Seruwawila Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Fmr. President seeks clarification on upward revision of fuel prices Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Kylie Jenner to become youngest-ever self-made billionaire Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Thailand PM arrives in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-07-12 NATO members agree to increase defence spending Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Excise Dept. conducts over 25,000 raids Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Update : South Africa loses one wicket Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Hiruta wissai - Thagi wassai Winner of second truck is from Athurugiriya Hiru News en 2018-07-12 Capital punishment in Sri Lanka : What next?” Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Third car offered to lucky viewers of HIRU Tele Perahara goes to Kandy Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Teachers charge “WP term test papers are leaked” Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Organized Crimes Prevention Division commences probe on Vijayakala’s statement Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Strong gusty winds predicted to continue Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Three arrested with Rs. 50mn worth foreign currency notes Hiru News en 2018-07-13 China industrial park explosion kills 19 Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Trump says ‘Brexit’ would kill US – UK trade Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Motorcyclist dies in Nithavur Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Safety drill mishap kills college student (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Kuldeep Yadav mesmerizes England Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Heart surgeries at Karapitiya Teaching Hospital suspended Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Minister Duminda says given freedom forgotten Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Protest in Lunugamvehera against proposed elephant fence Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Construction projects in Knuckles halted Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Perera, Lakmal and Herath combine to bowl out South Africa Hiru News en 2018-07-13 State Languages Department ordered to provide written transcriptions of Vijayakala statement Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Catholic priest dies in road accident Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Rs. 66mn worth heroin found in Sampur Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Mahanama & Dissanayake further remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Update : 10 visitors stranded inside Wangedikanda forest reserve, rescued Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Three cave survivors given Thai citizenship Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Sri Lanka in a commanding position, lead by 272 runs Hiru News en 2018-07-13 STF arrests five suspects for attempting to kill wife of a prison inmate Hiru News en 2018-07-13 Teacher unions warn on August Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Viewer from Kegalle wins fourth car offered by HIRU TV Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Over 130 killed in suicide blast in Pakistan Hiru News en 2018-07-14 GPS a must for tippers Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Few members of Group of 16 to return to SLFP Hiru News en 2018-07-14 MP Ranaweera summoned before Privilege Committee Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Two killed in separate shootings in Moneragala Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Fatal accident in Maggona, ten injured Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Five family members arrested while packeting heroin Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Rangana Herath hints of his Test retirement Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Prices of bakery products to be increased by Rs. 5 Hiru News en 2018-07-14 One killed in Ududumbara cab accident Hiru News en 2018-07-14 South Africa set a target of 352 Hiru News en 2018-07-14 President leaves for Italy Hiru News en 2018-07-14 SB, WDJ and Susil to attend Joint Opposition party leaders meetings Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Litro Gas seeks price increase Hiru News en 2018-07-14 16-hour water cut in some parts of Gampaha district Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Sri Lankans reply to De Villiers Off-season remark in style, Proteas beaten by 278 runs Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Undergraduate missing after falling into Asupini Ella Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Father & son die in a motorcycle accident Hiru News en 2018-07-14 ETI chaos : Depositors charges Central Bank Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Andra Pradesh boat tragedy : 30 missing Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Fake passport racket in Tamil Nadu: Sri Lankans helped fly abroad as Indians Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Leading Buddhist monk expresses views on death penalty Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Lankan Premier League postponed Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Belgium wins third place in Fifa WC Hiru News en 2018-07-14 Germanys Kerber demolishes Serenas dream in Wimbledon finals Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Fifa world cup winner : France or Croatia ? Hiru News en 2018-07-15 New traffic fines to be imposed from today Hiru News en 2018-07-15 K. Rani passes away in India Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Israel carries out airstrikes on Hamas targets Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Cuban constitution to be rewritten Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Glyphosate ban removed in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Functions of Special High Court begin next week Hiru News en 2018-07-15 No doctors at hospital, father & son die in accident Hiru News en 2018-07-15 522 in North released by SLA Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Colombo Stock Exchange recovers Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Names of 18 jailed drug traffickers sent to Justice Ministry Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Wind speed in coastal areas to rise Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Afghan war : Civilian deaths reach record high Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Camps will not remove, says Army Commander Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Special courts not necessary says former President Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Glyphosate ban lifted for only tea & rubber says Registrar of Pesticides Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Rs. 17mn worth heroin found from Seenanveli beach Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Police to probe an incident where an infant is given alcohol Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon Hiru News en 2018-07-15 Unwanted World Cup record! Hiru News en 2018-07-15 France wins Fifa WC 2018 Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Transport associations go to Human Rights Commission against increase of spot fines Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Woman agrees to accept hangmans post Hiru News en 2018-07-16 MP Ranaweera to appear before Parliamentary Committee on Privileges Hiru News en 2018-07-16 President to address the World Forests Summit Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Presidents of USA & Russia meet in Finland Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Five arrested in Trincomalee with a metal scanner Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Wind speed to rise in and around Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Two flights diverted to Mattala Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Attempt to take a photo ends in tragedy (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Fire destroys seven houses in Peliyagoda Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Message to users of Expressways Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Development Officer hacked to death Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Fifa World Cup 2018 - Harry Kane wins Golden Boot Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Chinese growth meets targets Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Basil Rajapaksa allowed going overseas Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Attempt to smuggle gold prevented at BIA Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Good news for Sri Lankan health authorities Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Countrys issues cannot be solved through a constitution, says MP Vasudewa Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Joint Opposition stages demonstration in Mattala Hiru News en 2018-07-16 US rejects EU request to grant exemptions on Iran Hiru News en 2018-07-16 UNP seeks debate on implementing death penalty Hiru News en 2018-07-16 IGP says police personnel given a deserved salary hike Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Russian President criticized over umbrella saga (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Riots mar French world cup win, two persons die Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Royal family’s new member Louis christened (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Lasantha’s case : Two police officers granted bail Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Former President leaves for Singapore Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Villagers kill 300 crocodiles in Indonesia Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Trump & Putin begin one-to-one discussions Hiru News en 2018-07-16 ICC announces more sanctions against Chandi, Hathuru & Gura Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Person who allegedly fed infant with liquor traced Hiru News en 2018-07-16 Fifth winner of HIRU car competition announced Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Villager attacked by a bear Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Shamsi returns to South Africa Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Parliament to debate Sri Lanka- Singapore FTA Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Celebration becomes a nightmare for Hasan Ali Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Death sentence or GSP+? EU warns Hiru News en 2018-07-17 OCPD seeks Speakers nod to record statements on MP Vijayakalas statement Hiru News en 2018-07-17 President Trump criticized over pro-Russia comments Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Chris Gayles fielding masterpiece Hiru News en 2018-07-17 CERT advises FB users to be cautious Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Hiruta wissai - Thagi wassai - Second truck presented (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Be aware ! Dog meat being served in Kataragama Hiru News en 2018-07-17 President arrives in Georgia Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Peradeniya Engineering Faculty closed until further notice Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Protest creates heavy traffic in Kandy Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Speaker signs National Audit Act Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Four arrested over feeding liquor to a toddler Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre being treated for cancer Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Australia deports a group of Sri Lankans Hiru News en 2018-07-17 ETI depositors visit Central Bank Hiru News en 2018-07-17 MP Prasanna Ranaweera facing one month ban ! Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Six girls fight inside police station Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Australia awards civilian honours to cave divers Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Protest by Rajarata undergrads causes traffic in Town Hall Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Four foreigners arrested with dollar notes at BIA Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Three given death sentence over murder Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Minister Sagala says crimes should be prevented even by giving harsh punishments Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Body of undergrad fallen from Asupini Ella found Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Novak Djokovic & Angelique Kerber set dancing floor on fire Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Bangladesh drug war : Over 200 killed in two months Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Seven fishermen found stranded in deep seas return Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Oluvil campus suspends 17 students & sacks 4 Hiru News en 2018-07-17 Police record statement from NPC Chief Minister over Vijayakalas remarks Hiru News en 2018-07-17 ETI depositors complain to Central Bank Hiru News en 2018-07-17 HIRU 20th anniversary : Sixth car winner from Panadura Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Future of Galle Intl. Cricket Stadium uncertain ! Hiru News en 2018-07-18 JVP questions legality of SL – Singapore FTA Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Draft of new constitution ready Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Former JHU MP monk remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Trump changes his remarks on Russia Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Mini-Tsunami hit coast of Spanish islands, one dead Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Verdict on Ven. Gnanasaras defamation case on August 8 Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Gotabaya Rajapaksa rejects social media reports Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Oversees visits banned indefinitely for ETI board of directors Hiru News en 2018-07-18 One missing after raft capsized in Valachchenai Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Tuition activities banned from July 31 for A/L Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Ampara government servants oppose political interference (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Heroin trafficking school security guard arrested Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Joint Opposition members visit Transport Ministry Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Statements recorded on Vijayakalas remarks to be sent to AG Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Galle Intl. Cricket Stadium to be shifted Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Gold smuggling attempt by Indians foiled Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Infants father and three others remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Heavy Traffic in Town Hall Hiru News en 2018-07-18 President Sirisena details Sri Lanka’s fight against corruption (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Indian cricket fans see bright future for junior Tendulkar Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Bail decision on Aloysius & Palisena to be taken on October 11 Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Close associate of Makandure Madush arrested Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Bharathas bodyguard started firing first and Duminda got hit first - State Counsel tells in court Hiru News en 2018-07-18 HIRU TVs 20th anniversary : Lucky winner of seventh car from Divulapitiya Hiru News en 2018-07-18 Former OIC of Welikada Police to be jailed Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Delay in upcountry trains Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Artillery bombs found in Mullaitivu Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Cardiac surgeries at Karapitiya resumed Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Nation Building Tax (Amendment) bill passed Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Presidents of Sri Lanka & Georgia discuss bilateral relations Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Vijayakala writes to UNP investigation committee Hiru News en 2018-07-19 White House insists Trump believes Russia still a threat Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Shamsi joins South African team ahead of Colombo decider Hiru News en 2018-07-19 French teenage soccer star donates world cup earnings to a children charity Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Water cut in several areas of Colombo Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Minister Mano Ganesan says implementation of death penalty not finalized Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Joint Opposition prepares to surround Prime Minister’s office Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Handing over of Mattala to India, only a Joint Venture agreement says Minister Nimal Siripala Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Fmr. divisional secretary given RI for accepting a bribe Hiru News en 2018-07-19 British parliament suspends MP Paisley for visiting Sri Lanka under state sponsorship Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Facebook to remove misinformation Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Two killed in Galewela accident Hiru News en 2018-07-19 SIM cards seized from Aloysius’s prison cell reveal details leading to different crimes Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Bail application of Neomal and Lamahewa rejected Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Quorum bell rung twice in Parliament during the New York Times debate Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Five men from Mahawilachchiya seek hangmans post Hiru News en 2018-07-19 Minister Fonseka talks about STF Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Eighth car offered by HIRU TV goes to Rakwana Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Wind speed to rise inland & coastal areas Hiru News en 2018-07-20 2018 AL examination starts on 6th of August Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Police protection for Galle Intl. Cricket Stadium Hiru News en 2018-07-20 CEB settles dues of Embilipitiya private power supplier Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Modi government faces no-confidence motion Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Sri Lanka elects to bat first at SSC Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Notice issued againt Gotabaya Rajapaksa Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Minister Sagala gives assurance on Galle Stadium Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Hiruta wissai, thagi wassai - 3rd truck winner from Matale Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Malaysian politician questioned over alleged LTTE links Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Life expectancy of Sri Lankans improves Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Does Euro 4 need to be added with another chemical solution ? Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Angelo Mathews reaches 5,000 run landmark Hiru News en 2018-07-20 No quorum in Parliament again Hiru News en 2018-07-20 First shot fired by Bharatha Lakshman’s bodyguard Gamini critically injuring Duminda Silva precipitated all other events thereafter - Presidents Counsel tells Supreme Court Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Disruptions to power supply in Colombo next week Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Jeffrey Vandersay handed one-year suspension Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Maharaj makes history, Sri Lanka on 277/9 Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Minister Wijeyadasa clarifies controversy of Galle Stadium Hiru News en 2018-07-20 MP Seenithambi offered Rs. 50mn bribe Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Rahul Gandhi hugs PM Modi during No-Confidence debate Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Export-Import controller arrested for soliciting a bribe Hiru News en 2018-07-20 SLFP organizer in Kelaniya accuses Minister Fonseka Hiru News en 2018-07-20 Indian national arrested with Rs. 9.6mn worth drugs Hiru News en 2018-07-20 HIRU TVs 20th anniversary: Lucky winner of ninth car from Kothmale Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Police sergeant arrested by Bribery Commission Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Rs. 20mn worth gold found at BIA Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Wind speed to rise in and around Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Modi wins no-confidence motion by 325 votes Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Vehicle importers express divisive opinions on Euro4 fuel Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Mothers illicit affair leads to sons murder Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Rs. 13mn worth ethanol found in Ja-Ela Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Israel carries out air strikes on Gaza strip Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Protest in Galle against move to remove Intl. Cricket Stadium Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Ex-Secretary to President named as High Commissioner to India Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Last wicket pair helps Sri Lanka total 338 Hiru News en 2018-07-21 President adamant to implement death penalty Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Podujana Peramuna to go to Commonwealth if provincial council election is delayed Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Railway technical staff to resort to work-to-rule Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Export-Import controller remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Two schoolboys drown in Veyangoda Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Sri Lanka ends 2nd day with 365-run lead Hiru News en 2018-07-21 Tamil National Alliance seeks police powers to North Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Over two kilos of narcotics found in East Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Railway technical staff launches a work-to-rule agitation Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Two girls drown in Kalutara Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Lokka arrested over Maradana shooting Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Fmr. Pakistani President Zardari absconding money laundering case Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Heatwave kills many in Japan Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Global fuel prices increase, what will happen in Sri Lanka ? Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Sri Lanka reaches 237 for 4 Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Large cache of bombs and ammunition found in Mullaitivu (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Wife axed to death by husband Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Man who steals money from friends ATM card arrested (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-22 PM assures in Vijayakalas presence LTTE will not revive again Hiru News en 2018-07-22 No delay in Special High Court, first one to be set up next week Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Changing Executive Presidency not timely; a statement from Asgiri Anu Nayake Thera Hiru News en 2018-07-22 Danushka Gunathilaka suspended for breaching ‘Player Code of Conduct’ Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Reason for Gunathilaka’s suspension revealed Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Moragahakanda - Kalu Ganga reservoir to be filled Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Principals & teachers warn of political appointments Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Afghan Vice-President survives airport blast Hiru News en 2018-07-23 10-year-old boy missing in Balangoda forest Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Gusty winds predicted to hit three provinces Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Sri Lankans to witness longest lunar eclipse Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Six heroin traffickers arrested from Matale remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Services on up-country line restored Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Shooting in Toronto injures nine, gunman dead Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Protestors block Kandy - Colombo main road Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Water-filling of Kalu Ganga reservoir commences Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Interest on microfinance loans to be restricted to 30% Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Uva PCs three ruling party members cross over to opposition Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Selena Gomez celebrates birthday Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Special unit to thwart corruption in Moragahakanda project Hiru News en 2018-07-23 GMOA steps up protest against SL - Singapore FTA Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Seven persons die in drowning within last two days Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Sri Lanka beat South Africa Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Principals advised to release exam results before end of term Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Walapane SLFP organizer jailed Hiru News en 2018-07-23 Traffic congestion in Bambalapitiya controlled Hiru News en 2018-07-23 People warned : Sea from Puttalam to Batticaloa via Colombo and Galle to become rough Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Updated : Popular singer & actor Indika Ginige dies Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Foreign currency smuggling attempt thwarted Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Mahinda Rajapaksa and TNA leader meet in Colombo Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Court seeks details from a private bank relating to alleged financial transactions Hiru News en 2018-07-24 North Korea starts dismantling rocket launch site Hiru News en 2018-07-24 An accomplice of Lasa arrested in Welikada with heroin Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Gunman attempts to kill a businessman Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Fire at Kotahena Central College Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Hiruta wissai, thagi wassai - 3rd truck winner from Matale (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Mahanama & Dissanayake remanded again Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Forest fires kill over 20 in Greece Hiru News en 2018-07-24 President & PM issued notices to appear before court Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Police say ‘Gunathilaka’ faces no charges over rape case Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Public assistance sought to locate missing George Keyt paintings Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Japan helps manufacture electric three-wheelers in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Cause for Indika Giniges death revealed ! Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Scores missing in Laos dam collapse Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Maxwell says ‘shocked’ to hear fixing allegations Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Mathews to lead 15-member squad in ODI’s against South Africa Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Seven Indian fishermen arrested off Kankesanthurai Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Basil Rajapaksa permitted to go abroad Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Farmer protest delays Tour de France (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Thai boys rescued from cave, ordained Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Microfinance loans of women in 12 districts written off Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Are footballers behind Galle cricket ground fiasco? UNESCO also in doubt Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Sri Lanka secures 1st place in civil aviation safety in South Asia Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Charith Senanayake new manager of national cricket team Hiru News en 2018-07-24 Two arrested in Kalpitiya sea with gold Hiru News en 2018-07-25 British MP Ian Paisley suspended over Sri Lankan government-funded holidays Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Police record statement from MP Maheshwaran Hiru News en 2018-07-25 HIRU TVs 20th anniversary : Lucky winner of 11th car from Ratmalana Hiru News en 2018-07-25 UAE to host next edition of Asia Cup Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Accident on A-9, 18 injured (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Body of Indika Ginige taken to home (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Two teachers sexually abuse schoolgirl, upload footage in Facebook Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Pakistan goes for polls, Imran Khan vying for power, blast kills many in Quetta Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Second accused in Kotakethana double murder acquitted Hiru News en 2018-07-25 $ 100mn World Bank aid to modernize Sri Lanka education system Hiru News en 2018-07-25 UNP Central Working Committee convenes to discuss Vijayakalaa issue Hiru News en 2018-07-25 New hope for President Hiru News en 2018-07-25 GMOA to strike on August 3 Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Update : Police use tear gas to disperse HND students’ protest Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Strike by education sector called off Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Baratha’s bodyguard Gamini, shot at Duminda’s head twice, while he was leaving, caused the incident: revealed in Supreme Court Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Education Ministrys controversial appointments stalled Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Police seek public support to arrest two suspects Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Police use tear gas to disperse HND protest : One student hit by tear gas canister Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Death penalty on drug traffickers certain, says Minister Rajitha Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Arjuna and Faizser clash during Cabinet meeting Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Another accusation from ETI depositors Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Huge liquid water lake found beneath South pole of Mars Hiru News en 2018-07-25 Pakistan election : Imran takes early lead Hiru News en 2018-07-26 HIRU TVs 20th anniversary : Lucky winner of 12th car from Badulla Hiru News en 2018-07-26 More statements recorded on Vijayakalas controversial remarks Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Missing child in Balangoda : Police to continue search mission Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Hobbling elephant calf found to be genetically deformed Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Batti given compensation of Rs. 55,000 Hiru News en 2018-07-26 West Indies beat Bangladesh by 3 runs Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Imran Khan leads in Pakistan election Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Electricity disruptions in Colombo Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Minimum Z-score to be released within a week Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Updated : Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka not allowed to go abroad Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Demi Lovato recovers from drugs overdose Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Explosion outside US embassy in Beijing Hiru News en 2018-07-26 ETI depositors to intensify their struggle Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Party leaders fail to reach consensus on Provincial Council election system Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Bombings in Syria : Death toll nearing 250 Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Railway unions launch two-hour strike Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Train delays cause tension at Fort Railway Station Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Indika Giniges funeral held (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Imran Khan claims Pakistan election victory Hiru News en 2018-07-26 Z-score for GCE (A/L) 2017 out Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Monaragala wins 13th car offered by HIRU TV Hiru News en 2018-07-27 $ 20mn blue diamond stolen from Dubai, found in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Collapsed dam in Laos : Flood waters hit neibouring Cambodia Hiru News en 2018-07-27 BCCI wants Indo – Pakistan Asia Cup game to be rescheduled Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Century’s longest lunar eclipse to be seen tonight Hiru News en 2018-07-27 New recovery from Mannar mass-grave Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Peradeniya University closed for two months Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Colombo power cut postponed to tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-07-27 India says ‘no plans’ to acquire Mattala Intl. Airport Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Gotabhaya pledges economic freedom for Tamils Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Danushka Gunathilake suspended for six intl. matches Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Dale Steyn to retire from white-ball cricket Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Sri Lankans to witness longest lunar eclipse tonight Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Temperatures risen in 6 districts Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Kuwaiti couple attacks customs officials over a dog Hiru News en 2018-07-27 Ex-Pakistan PMs party concedes victory to Imran Khan Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Sulani from Wattala wins 14th car offered by HIRU TV Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Sri Lankans witness total lunar eclipse (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Kuwait Embassy gets involved in BIA assault case Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Two missing in Kalu Ganga Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Karunanidhi hospitalized, supporters gather at hospital Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Water cut in several areas of Colombo Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Price of bread likely to be increased by Rs. 10 Hiru News en 2018-07-28 State Languages Department asked to transcribe 30 statements recorded on Vijayalakas remarks Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Aviation Services Trade Unions to fight against transferring Mattala Airport to an Indian firm Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Teachers and students oppose temporary closure of Peradeniya University Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Tension in Arabian-gulf sends oil prices up Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Assault on customs officers : Kuwaiti couple granted bail Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Bike collides with train, two killed (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Gunathilaka saga : Mathews says indiscipline will not be tolerated Hiru News en 2018-07-28 Maharashtra bus accident kills 33 Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Rs. 10mn robbed in Bulathsinhala Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Youth thrown into Kandalama tank by drunken friends, dies Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Western province private bus owners to launch a strike Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Ven. Rathana steps down as Senior Advisor to President; Proposes cabinet to be dissolved Hiru News en 2018-07-29 California wildfire kills five Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Van - tipper collision kills a couple (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Powerful earthquake kills 10 in Indonesia Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Sri Lanka to bat first in Dambulla Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Another person arrested over Bulathsinhala robbery Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Plans to jam mobile phone signals surrounding exam halls Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Party leaders to meet to finalize a date to debate 20th amendment Hiru News en 2018-07-29 South Africa 37/2, chasing 194 to win Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Egyptian court sentences 75 to death Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Mathews says disappointed with performance at 1st ODI Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Sri Lankans staying in UAE without visa to be given amnesty period Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Suspects arrested in connection with Bulathsinhala robbery detained for questioning Hiru News en 2018-07-29 Three Ingiriya police officers remanded for assaulting a youth Hiru News en 2018-07-30 COPE to probe power purchasing accusations Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Doctors say August 3rd strike will go ahead Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Warning for train commuters Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Sangakkara says ‘no’ to politics Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Heroin found in foreign womans bag Hiru News en 2018-07-30 California wildfire spreads fast Hiru News en 2018-07-30 15-hour water cut in Biyagama and Delgoda areas Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Railway unions to go ahead with work stoppage Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Four million to lose India citizenship through a new bill Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Ranjan Ramanayake served with show-cause Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Ingiriya OIC and three other policemen interdicted Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Import Export Controller further remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Malia Obama develops a taste for UK fashion Hiru News en 2018-07-30 SriLankan Airlines welcomes latest aircraft Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Kite flyers warned by CAA Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Kuwaiti couple accused of assaulting customs officials banned from leaving Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Imran Khan to be sworn-in as Pakistan PM on August 11 Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Dilani wins fourth truck offered by HIRU FM Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Railway token strike suspended Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Two Navy intelligence officers granted bail Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Election underway in Zimbabwe Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Three-wheel with 13 onboard hits CTB bus Hiru News en 2018-07-30 Marikkar draws wrath of Kolonnawa residents Hiru News en 2018-07-31 JVP alleges foul play in acquiring new aircraft Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Mars gets closer to earth after 15 years Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Party leaders meet to discuss 20 A Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Doctors’ DAT allowance increased, GMOA says token strike will go ahead Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Donald Trump prepares to meet Iranian leader Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Three Facebook friends arrested over fire of ‘Lovers Mountain ’ Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Minister Vajira expresses views on Galle Stadium Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Ranjan goes mad, behaves violently Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Rangajeewa & Lamahewa further remanded Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Protestors block Matara - Walasmulla road (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-31 School vacation starts on August 3 Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Court allows Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera to travel abroad Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Chris Gayle equals world record Hiru News en 2018-07-31 SB, Susil, and WDJ to attend JO leaders meeting Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Additional Solicitor General to examine Vijayakala’s statement Hiru News en 2018-07-31 36 injured as two buses collide in Matale (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Roadside bomb explosion targets passenger bus in Afghanistan Hiru News en 2018-07-31 US intelligence reveals N Korea is developing missiles Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Commonwealth Sec. Gen. arrives tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Elderly man jailed for abusing 5-year-old girl Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Open warrant issued against Jaliya Wickramasuriya Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Worlds largest cargo plane lands at Mattala (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Finance Ministry issues circular restricting payments to excess staff at state entities Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Another case of mass death reported from India Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Two Navy intelligence officers remanded again Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Person who sold heroin to UK rugger players arrested Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Adil Rashid named for first Test against India Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Prices of more essential drugs reduced Hiru News en 2018-07-31 Sampanthan makes a statement on Opposition Leaders post Hiru News en 2018-07-31 HIRU TVs 20th anniversary : Lucky winner of 16th car from Hambantota Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Term of Presidential Commission probing SriLankan Airlines extended Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Ministers exchange verbal volleys over railway salary issue Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Miracle : Mexican plane with 103 onboard crashes, all survive Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Sri Lanka to make few changes for second ODI Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Police raid a mobile brothel in Wellawatte Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Cigarette prices increased Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Import duty of less than 1000cc cars increased Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Insurgents kill over 26 in Afghanistan Hiru News en 2018-08-01 NPC CM issues a warning Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Two youths knocked down by Provincial Councillor’s vehicle, critical Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Sri Lanka opts to bat first in 2nd ODI Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Special High Court issues summons to Gamini Senarath Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Kopay Gramaseva Officers launch strike Hiru News en 2018-08-01 STF to be deployed for search operations in prisons Hiru News en 2018-08-01 England to bat first in 1st Test Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Underworld kingpin Pathalaye Police handed over OCPD Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Fire at factory in Kalutara Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Kuwaiti couple : More videos of airport clash being published Hiru News en 2018-08-01 SL total 244/8 in 2nd ODI against SA Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Ministers clash over cabinet paper to solve Railway salary anomalies Hiru News en 2018-08-01 Quinton de Kock guides South Africa Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Party leaders’ agree to hold Provincial Council election in January Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Police in Jaffna to curb clashes between Ava & Dhanurok groups Hiru News en 2018-08-02 ‘Jana Bala Sena’ to be held in Colombo Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Minister Kabir explains reason to increase vehicle tax Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Sri Lanka beaten again in Dambulla (Highlights) Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Violence flares up in Zimbabwe after elections Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Medium & Small-scale rice mill owners to be supported Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Landmark find : Australian experts contain dengue fever outbreak Hiru News en 2018-08-02 More skeleton parts found from Mannar mass grave Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Tense situation erupts during Dambulla match, 10 arrested Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Short films accepted for HIRU Golden Film Awards 2018 Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Forest fire causes damages to Northern Railway Line Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Prof. Colvin Gunaratne resigns Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Office of Mullaitivu Assistant Fisheries Inspector attacked (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-08-02 No foreign leaders for Imrans swearing-in ceremony Hiru News en 2018-08-02 130 kilos of KG found in Mannar Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Laos extends on arrival visa facility to Sri Lankans Hiru News en 2018-08-02 11 arrested over incidents in Jaffna Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Traffic congestion in Town Hall area Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Aloysius & Palisena remanded Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Speaker seeks UPFA Gen. Sec. oppinion on Speaker Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Finance Minister explains reasons to increase vehicle taxes Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Pope declares death penalty inadmissible in all cases Hiru News en 2018-08-02 Mismatch in a complaint on North East housing project Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Strong winds hit Ampara, 76 houses damaged (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Mullaitivu experiences ice rain (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-08-03 British MP loses party membership for making sponsored trips to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Hospital functions cripple due to GMOA strike Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Mattala transfer : Minister reveals truth Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Indian drug peddler arrested at Pettah Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Woman hacks man to death Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Teenage genius: 12-year-old boy admitted to a university in Mexico Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Court of Appeal rejects Minister Bathiutheen’s affidavit Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Health alert : Vavuniya Sathosa worker accidentally mixes urea with sugar (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Rookie left-armer Sam Curran bamboozles India Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Prime Minister Wickremesinghe visits famous shrine in Tirumala Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Rs. 77mn worth gold smuggled from Sri Lanka found in Tamil Nadu Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Police interest rates to remain unchanged Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Shooting in Modera, one killed Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Iran conducts naval exercise Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Rising trade gap : Reason for tax hike in small cars Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Two policemen dismissed for obtaining a bribe from a foreigner Hiru News en 2018-08-03 Former SLMC chairman says GMOA strike illegal Hiru News en 2018-08-04 Police scrutinize CCTV footage for Mutwal shooting suspects Hiru News en 2018-08-04 GMOA strike ends, patients affected Hiru News en 2018-08-04 SAITM students write to President over pay issue Hiru News en 2018-08-04 UPFA Gen. Sec. in a decisive discussion on Opposition Leader’s post Hiru News en 2018-08-04 US State Secretary wants to pressurize N Korea over weapons programme Hiru News en 2018-08-04 China agrees to extend $ 1.25bn loan to bailout Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-08-04 IND – ENG 1st Test : Virat Kohli holds key Hiru News en 2018-08-04 Helicopter crash kills 18 Hiru News en 2018-08-04 Train ticket prices to be revised Hiru News en 2018-08-04 ‘Mattala project with India is on’, The Hindu reports Hiru News en 2018-08-04 Cash controller of Anuradhapura MC remanded over Rs. 30mn fraud Hiru News en 2018-08-04 Secret plan to establish cable car service in Sigiriya ! Hiru News en 2018-08-04 Wasp attack sends 60 persons including Grade 5 students to hospital Hiru News en 2018-08-04 Exporting soil containing fragments of gold to be controlled Hiru News en 2018-08-04 President says will not allow increase of MP salaries Hiru News en 2018-08-05 Three wheeler - lorry collision leaves three dead Hiru News en 2018-08-05 Venezuelan President comes under drone attack (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-08-05 Two die during a party at Wadduwa hotel Hiru News en 2018-08-05 Two arrested with conch shells worth Rs. 20mn Hiru News en 2018-08-05 20 senior police officers transferred Hiru News en 2018-08-05 Joint programme to combat human trafficking Hiru News en 2018-08-05 Two planes crash in Switzerland, 23 killed Hiru News en 2018-08-05 Miscarriage of justice ? 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SLAF pilot arrested at BIA with a firearm Hiru News en 2018-08-06 Inter provincial bus operators to strike Hiru News en 2018-08-06 Update : 32 persons injured in Polgahawela train accident Hiru News en 2018-08-07 Health Ministry and Finance Ministry in disagreement over taxes Hiru News en 2018-08-07 UPFA announces decision on Opposition Leaders post Hiru News en 2018-08-07 Diplomatic row between Canada & Saudi Arabia escalates Hiru News en 2018-08-07 South Africa captain Du Plessis out of SL tour Hiru News en 2018-08-07 16-year-old student dies in a motorcycle accident (Photos) Hiru News en 2018-08-07 Malinga gets another opportunity ? 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Gnanasara : Verdict to be announced today Hiru News en 2018-08-08 President rejects a cabinet paper submitted on monitoring MPs Hiru News en 2018-08-08 Vehicle use risen by 38% Hiru News en 2018-08-08 Madras HC to decide on burial site for Karunanidhi Hiru News en 2018-08-08 Two veteran artists pass away Hiru News en 2018-08-08 Youth drowns in Poona Wewa Hiru News en 2018-08-08 Contempt of Court case against Ranjan to be taken up Hiru News en 2018-08-08 Karunanidhi to be buried next to his mentor Annadurai Hiru News en 2018-08-08 Update : Ven. Gnanasara given Rigorous Imprisonment Hiru News en 2018-08-08 Update: ETI protest march closes Lotus roundabout Hiru News en 2018-08-08 Appeal filed against Ven. Gnanasaras guilty verdict Hiru News en 2018-08-08 Welgama recommends Dayasiri for SLFP’s Gen. Sec. 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Chilean President Michelle Bachelet appointed High Commissioner for Human Rights Hiru News en 2018-08-11 Consutative Committee appointed to study SL - Singapore FTA Hiru News en 2018-08-11 Kidney patients seek legal action against glyphosate Hiru News en 2018-08-11 Joint Opposition to act independently ? Hiru News en 2018-08-11 Death toll in Indonesia earthquake tops 387 Hiru News en 2018-08-11 Several trains to be operated Hiru News en 2018-08-11 Shakib Al Hasan might miss Asia Cup Hiru News en 2018-08-11 Railways Department’s losses exceed Rs. 100mn Hiru News en 2018-08-11 Purchasing of expensive chairs to WPC temporarily halted Hiru News en 2018-08-11 Rathana Thera prepares to seek legal action Hiru News en 2018-08-11 Welgama continues his struggle for Leader of Opposition post Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Government tells railway unions even if they strike for two months their demands will not be fulfilled Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Public urged to give information on Ava Group Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Wimal challenges Sajith for a debate Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Showers to be enhanced with high wind speed Hiru News en 2018-08-12 ‘Makandure Madush’ behind sending tramadol stock ? Hiru News en 2018-08-12 USA cuts military training programmes to Pakistan Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Central Bank predicts better economic growth Hiru News en 2018-08-12 SL - SA fifth ODI at Khettarama Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Sri Lanka wins third place in U-20 Asian Rugby Championship Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Flash floods kill 37 in Kerala Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Noble prize winner Sir VS Naipaul dies Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Train strike called off Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Few more sections of Bond Commission report sent to Speaker Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Fight for opposition leader’s post not over says ‘Group of 16’ Hiru News en 2018-08-12 US Defence budget focuses more close links with Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Is India responsible for medicinal waste accumulating on Sri Lankan shores? Hiru News en 2018-08-12 NASA launches mission to touch the Sun Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Sri Lanka wins toss at Khettarama Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Night mail trains to be operated tonight Hiru News en 2018-08-12 South Africa struggling chasing 300 to win Hiru News en 2018-08-12 JVP promises to form a scientific cabinet Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Tense situation at SLFP Mawanella Bala Mandala meeting Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Three-wheel drivers oppose age limit of 35 Hiru News en 2018-08-12 Hajj festival to be celebrated on August 22 Hiru News en 2018-08-12 South Africa suffers third worst ODI defeat Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Train services return to normal Hiru News en 2018-08-13 The verdict on Duminda Silva’s Appeal expected soon Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Explosion in Syria kills 36 Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Government takes decisions with public approval Hiru News en 2018-08-13 JVP to lodge a complaint with Auditor General Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Thunderstorms to occur in Sabaragamuwa Hiru News en 2018-08-13 England knocks out India at Lords Test Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Gnanasara Thera to undergo surgery Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Female inmates stage a protest at Welikada Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Head-on motorcycle accident in Jaffna Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Fire kills nine at Taiwan hospital Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Will focus on winning T20, Mathews says Hiru News en 2018-08-13 JO to become independent in Parliament Hiru News en 2018-08-13 COPE looks into alleged power purchasing deals Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Sangakkara says he will “not enter politics” Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Vandersay and Madushanka replaced in T20 squad Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Protesting female inmates clash with each other Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Kotte Sangha Sabha to appeal Presidential pardon to Gnanasara Thera Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Former President Chandrika shuns media Hiru News en 2018-08-13 Joint Opposition prepares to reject speaker Hiru News en 2018-08-14 Special team to investigate clinical waste found in Puttalam coast Hiru News en 2018-08-14 Joint Opposition to become independent in Parliament! Decision to be announced this afternoon