Hiru News en 2013-08-06 UNP appoints a committee to hold a decisive election in 2014. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 Mines bureau to investigate Rathupaswala water. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 A gun shot from Waliweriya protestors side; Leader of the house tells parliament. Hiru News en 2013-08-06 President orders to pay compensation to families of the affected persons of the Weliweriya incident. Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Kap planting for the Dalada perehara today Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Old sampur agreement at a loss; says former power and energy minister. Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Kandy General Hospital heart surgeries suspended. Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Preferential numbers for provincial council candidates from today. Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Sri lanka win the final T 20; retains no. 1 position in T 20. Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Irans new leader Rouhani urges serious nuclear talks Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Several provisions under the special trade goods tax debated in parliament. Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Windy weather to continue. Hiru News en 2013-08-07 2 more middle east victims at Mathale Hospital Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Solomon Islands ready to learn from Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-07 No government helicopters for election campaign Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Main suspect of Milliner businessmens murder, Vaas Gunwardanas son Ravindu arrested Hiru News en 2013-08-07 DRS hasnt worked well - Flower Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Sri Lankas sovereign rating can be upped on better fiscal, monetary policy: Fitch Hiru News en 2013-08-07 N Korea says Japan has crossed military danger line Hiru News en 2013-08-07 JVP ready to stand on its head Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Animal sacrifice of the Chilaw Munneshwaram Kovil temporarily halted Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Kelaniya prepared for Mervins referendum Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Son of Vaas Gunawardena further remanded for 72 hours Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Politics is a journey of patience - Ranil tells Dayasiri Hiru News en 2013-08-07 ICC probe use of silicone tape to confuse Hotspot, says report Hiru News en 2013-08-07 Yemen says it has foiled an al-Qaeda plot Hiru News en 2013-08-07 The funeral of student Ravishan Perera held Hiru News en 2013-08-07 4 students admitted to hospital following a clash Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Special transport facilities for voters with bodily frailty. Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Nalin Bandara takes oaths in place of Dayasiri today. Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Government gives reasons for the gold excess reserves. Hiru News en 2013-08-08 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Kaesong complex; Two Koreas to hold more talks Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Kevin Pietersen reject accusations. Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Health sector faces challenges because of multi-national companies; Min Siripala Hiru News en 2013-08-08 China invited to attend Commonwealth business forum in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Minister G. L. Peiris to India Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Wellawaya Chairman threatens police; I did not interfere with their duties - says Chairman Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Local Government Minister who forced teacher to kneel granted bail Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Vaas Gunawardena’s son presented before courts Hiru News en 2013-08-08 5 testimonies regarding Weliweriya incident presented to Courts Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Russia disappointed bilateral talks with US cancelled Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Reason for DCD is profit - says Maubima Lanka Foundation; Milk Powder Companies refuse ban Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Prasad Kariyawasam summoned by Indian authorities. Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Parliament adjourned for 5 minutes Hiru News en 2013-08-08 India blames Pakistan for Kashmir killings Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Kevin Pietersen: ECB wants apology over bat cheating claims Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Oil pipeline in the sea bursts Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Industrial Technology Institute issues reply to challenge by milk powder companies Hiru News en 2013-08-08 93 army weapons used in the Weliweriya incident taken into police custody Hiru News en 2013-08-08 Postal voting on the 9th and 10th of September: Code of ethics for candidates Hiru News en 2013-08-08 2 die in accident on expressway Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Another Indo-Sri Lanka romance; Couple in Kerala Police Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Karunanidhi puts forward conditions to Manmohan Singh on Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Range Bandara and Ashok Abeysinghe given green light from UNP Working Committee Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Islam devotees celebrate Ramadhan today Hiru News en 2013-08-09 It is UNP that destroyed SLTB; Min. Welgama Hiru News en 2013-08-09 UNP now steady; MP Range Bandara Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Special day to distribute polling cards on September 8th Hiru News en 2013-08-09 LTTE Diaspora approaches India Hiru News en 2013-08-09 PSC to solve National Issue to verbally question the public Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Price of Mini Trucks increased Hiru News en 2013-08-09 British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka urges the overstaying Sri Lankans to return home voluntarily Hiru News en 2013-08-09 US withdraws diplomats from Lahore consulate. Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Chinese government to strengthen trade and economic cooperation with Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Vince Gills and Paul Franklins Bakersfield reach No. 4 on Top Country Albums Hiru News en 2013-08-09 BCCI in a soup over 500 million rupee land deal Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Two children in Haputale die by falling into a well Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Hold Vaas Gunawardena and son together - A request from an attorney Hiru News en 2013-08-09 CCTV cameras to monitor ballot paper printing Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Indigenous community not exhibits - says president Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Elephant registry disappears Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Gunmen kidnap Turkish Airlines pilots in Lebanon Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Michael Jackson wanted to play Iron Man in a movie. Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Sri Lanka cricket coach Graham Ford tipped to take charge at Surrey Hiru News en 2013-08-09 Indias central bank in new measures to boost rupee Hiru News en 2013-08-10 The UNP is inept - says the JVP Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Allegations against the TNA regarding fishermen in the North Hiru News en 2013-08-10 The countrys heritage cannot be allowed the perish - says Defense Secretary Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Vehicle import conditions change Hiru News en 2013-08-10 US embassies to reopen after alert. Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Sri Lanka to expand spice growing areas Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Helen Mirren talks about meeting her ideal man. Hiru News en 2013-08-10 England 238 for 9 at stumps on the first day of the fourth Ashes Test Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Virat Kohli praises Jadeja. Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Humphrey Bogarts estate administrators set to release first film Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Belarus, expresses interest in assembling agro-automotives in Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2013-08-10 India prepares to commission its first nuclear submarine Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Jayalalitha shedding crocodile tears - allegation from Tamil Nadu Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Main election rallies of the UPFA and UNP in September Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Water supply to many areas in Colombo suspended due to water pipe bursting Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Inform CID regarding all examination disruptions - President instructs Minister Hiru News en 2013-08-10 Residents of Dambulla stage protest in Kandalama junction Hiru News en 2013-08-10 A 5,000 year old civilization found from Haldummulla Hiru News en 2013-08-10 161 killed in a month due to road accidents Hiru News en 2013-08-10 67 complaints received by elections department on violations of election laws; most complaints from Kurunegala Hiru News en 2013-08-10 PC elections should challenge govt; UNP Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Applications for Korean language proficiency test tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-08-11 A lesson from Opposition leader on going from house to house Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Tamil National Alliance to US; Patriotic Movement reveals newest conspiracy Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Police Curfew imposed in Grandpass ends Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Licenses of suppliers who supply drugs to fraudsters to be cancelled immediately Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Mo Farah wins again Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Opportunity to obtain temporary identity cards until 3rd September Hiru News en 2013-08-11 1 million arrive to witness the Colombo South harbour; Traffic in Galle Face Hiru News en 2013-08-11 130 who violated speed limits on the expressway fined Hiru News en 2013-08-11 India calls for the release of their fishermen - Decision after court ruling; a reply from Foreign Ministry Hiru News en 2013-08-11 The historic Kandy Esala Perahera to begin today Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Police curfew imposed on Grand Pass Police area again Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Pakistan unsafe to tour, says former PCB chief Shahryar Khan Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Dustin Hoffman feels great after cancer treatment. Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Over 50 super luxury vehicles registered monthly. Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Indian-built Arihant nuclear submarine activated. Hiru News en 2013-08-11 2 Women and 5 year old child killed in accident at Daluggala Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Politicians image is spoilt - SLFP General Secretary claims Hiru News en 2013-08-11 TNA says that it has to seek international assistance on PCs Hiru News en 2013-08-11 International forces should be convinced that the government is strong - External Affairs Minister says Hiru News en 2013-08-11 Police curfew imposed on Grand Pass Police area again Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Information comes to light about the lost Elephant register. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Grand pass Police curfew removed; agreement for a fare solution. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 A new housing complex for MPs. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Bus unions decide to increase the fare by 10 Percent. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Over 2.5 million visit Colombo South Port Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Kabul floods kill 22. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro teams up for The Good House. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 PCB doesnt intend to retain Dav Whatmore beyond next year Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Signs of postal charges being amended. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Postal vote applications exceed 100 thousand. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 4 persons of a family attacked at Danketiya in Tangalle Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Bus fares increased by 10 percent from September 1st ; says Gamunu Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Minister Wasudewa to present a bill. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 A move to protect genes of native animals Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Usain Bolt runs 9.77 seconds to win world 100m title in Moscow Hiru News en 2013-08-12 25 thousand kilo grams of spoilt potatoes found in Dambulla Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Egypt to begin breaking up pro-Morsi protest camps Hiru News en 2013-08-12 3 million visit Colombo south port. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Rathupas - wala soil report before 22nd. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Government has the right to increase bus fares. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Health Ministry asks to withdraw milk powder and other supplementary food tainted with whey protein. Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Hollywood on course for biggest summer box office in 2013 Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Prisoners, settlements hike tension before Mideast talks Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Bolt considers Commonwealth Games run Hiru News en 2013-08-12 Sri Lanka state airline on track for direct China flights Hiru News en 2013-08-12 President unveils statue of former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar Hiru News en 2013-08-13 It is a question still whether people need the opposition? Hiru News en 2013-08-13 TNA too obstructs CHOGM. Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Solheim remembers Sri Lanka again. Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Solutions from the President to the Rathupas-wala problem Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Dominant England pounce on Australia. Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Gunmen kill 44 at Nigeria mosque Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Jermaine Jackson in Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Grandpass issue solved. Hiru News en 2013-08-13 87 election complaints. Hiru News en 2013-08-13 No DCD Botalinam in milk products; PHIs assure. Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Anjana supports Gamunu, Route permits will be cancelled if bus fare is increased says Private transportation Minister. Hiru News en 2013-08-13 111 illegal immigrants affected Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Kerry hopeful on Mid-East talks despite settlement move Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Kallis may have to decide on ODI future soon Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Apple lifted by report on iPhone launch Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Those who gave orders are still at large - Minor perpetrators forgiven, says Rookantha and Chandraleka Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Two more days to view Colombo South Port - 5 million visitors within 6 days Hiru News en 2013-08-13 India did not purchase arms from Sri Lanka - Army denies PTI news Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Four more UNP MPs discussing to join the Government Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Pakistan PM urges new beginning with India Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Seven charged with match-fixing in Bangladesh Hiru News en 2013-08-13 Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa tops the UK box office Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Israel releases 26 Palestinian prisoners Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Minister Dilan discloses a problem faced by dairy farmers. Hiru News en 2013-08-14 14 persons arrested in connection with human trafficking; 4 naval officers among them. Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Support of several African countries for the Commonwealth Summit. Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Discussion for briefing Kilinochchi District election candidates held yesterday. Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Careers are on the line - Lehmann Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Handloom manufacturer climbs electricity pylon in Chilaw Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Vaas Gunawardena and Son re-remanded till 27th of this month Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Allegations of performance enhancing drug use against athletes who consumed nutritional supplements. Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Prime Minister of Korea Chung Hong - won, is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Record number of SMEs at FACETS Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Nine charged for corruption in BPL Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Indian submarine hit by explosion at Mumbai port Hiru News en 2013-08-14 President appoints a 3 member commission Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Hans Zimmer to receive key prize at Classic Brits Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Bloodshed as Cairo camps cleared Hiru News en 2013-08-14 5 more suspects arrested in connection with the Noorriwaththa murder. Hiru News en 2013-08-14 3 mobile phones of Vaas Gunawardana under investigation; A lap top also seized by the CID. Hiru News en 2013-08-14 5 Muslim Congress members contesting under the alliance out of the party. Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Kurunagala alliance rift aggravates; Minister Jayarathne Herath accuses Minister Johnston. Hiru News en 2013-08-14 Oppositions protest cross the limits. Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Last day for obtaining applications for Korean language exam Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Decrease in number of devotees to Dambadiva Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Ministerial sub committee on milk powder to be proposed to the Cabinet Hiru News en 2013-08-15 An efficient state service for the North and East as well Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Police to present facts to Courts regarding Wipakshaye Virodhaya protest which violated orders Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Universities planning new technology degrees and departments Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Egypt crisis; World leaders condemn crackdown on camps Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Kandy hospital stops OPD service, clinics and scheduled operations Hiru News en 2013-08-15 A body of 8-year-girl retained at home as her father did not return Hiru News en 2013-08-15 A daily loss of 80 million if Norochcholai is closed for maintenance Hiru News en 2013-08-15 The President prepares to consider pardon for the perpetrators of Rookantha Chandraleka harassment case Hiru News en 2013-08-15 UNICEF says child marriages increased Hiru News en 2013-08-15 63rd Annual Bellanwila Esala Festival starts today Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Jayawardene set to join T&T Red Steel Hiru News en 2013-08-15 525 killed in Egypt violence Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Sri lankan house maid put inside a fridge Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Police also engaging in prostitution - alleges Tri Shaw Associations Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Complain from Wannila aththo Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Graduates between 35 45 years of age granted permanent employee status Hiru News en 2013-08-15 Trade union goes to court against sale of banned milk powder Hiru News en 2013-08-15 India calls for fair elections Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Number of smokers decrease Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Arundika Fernando challenges Ranjan Ramanayake Hiru News en 2013-08-16 5 member committee to look for elephants record book Hiru News en 2013-08-16 UN high commissioner for human rights confirms Sri Lanka visit Hiru News en 2013-08-16 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Govt takes all decisions based on the policy of safeguarding local industries; President. Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Malinga joins Guyana in CPL Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Investigations regarding allegations of abuse against deputy mayor of Nuwara Eliya Hiru News en 2013-08-16 100000 food items containing whey protein removed from the market Hiru News en 2013-08-16 UNP in discussions with several ministers regarding 10 facts – says Mangala Hiru News en 2013-08-16 70 representatives of Commonwealth countries currently in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Attempts to bring back Sri Lankans jailed in India Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Indian fishermen await a court decision. Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Increase in tea export earnings Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Nadeeka Lakmali qualifies for the finals of the women javelin throw at the 14th IAAF Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Pakistan plans day-night Test with Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Sri Lanka hopes for current account surplus in BOP after 2016 says CB Governor Hiru News en 2013-08-16 That 70s Show star Lisa Robin Kelly dies in rehab Hiru News en 2013-08-16 A Cabinet sub committee to review new bus fare policy Hiru News en 2013-08-16 The first Randoli Perehera of Kandy Asala Perehera begins today Hiru News en 2013-08-16 A written complaint from JVP to Election Commissioner Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Dispute between Kandy hospital doctors and nurses deepens - A male nurse protests on a tree Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Produce goods for the export market; President instructs industrialists Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Simon Cowell avoids American divorce court appearance Hiru News en 2013-08-16 Four bodies found in sunken India submarine Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Police looking for Aranayaka PS chairman Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Tamil Nadu needs responses – states the JHU Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Fires in 3 reserves - more than 100 acres destroyed in Belihuloya Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Nursing officer in Kandy still atop the tree Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Egypt crisis Dozens dead in Egypt day of anger Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Paul McCartney to perform next month. Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Sri Lanka turns down request from Pakistan to play day - night Tests in UAE. Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Individual who attempted smuggle gems arrested Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Area 51 declassified in U 2 spy plane history Hiru News en 2013-08-17 The Central Bank says Sri Lanka has kept policy rates steady. Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Jessie Mueller to play Carole King Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Sachin Tendulkar may retire after 200th Test Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Aranayaka PS chairman arrested Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Sri Lanka amongst the 11 countries reporting growth in number of AIDS patients Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Opposition leader to India Hiru News en 2013-08-17 LTTE in a terrorist troika - revelation by Indian Intelligence Services Hiru News en 2013-08-17 3 youth drown in Kinniya reservoir Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Minister G L to India tomorrow; Karunanidhi ready for protests Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Sri Lankan Ambassador advices Sri Lankan visiting Lebanon Hiru News en 2013-08-17 Nursing officer brought down from tree; Conflict between Doctors and Nurses prevails Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Minister Maithreepala says TNA has an ulterior motive Hiru News en 2013-08-18 UNP says they will open up to Navy Pillai Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Number of election related complaints rise to 110 Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Tusker in Yala, Gamunu shot Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Several development projects in Nuwara-eliya to be declared open by President Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Usain Bolt bags another Gold Hiru News en 2013-08-18 India s Rupee suffers record low Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Seminars and Workshops for Grade 5 scholarship to be banned from tomorrow midnight Hiru News en 2013-08-18 111 thousand postal votes for PC polls Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Sri Lanka s invitation to India tomorrow - Canadian representatives also in the island Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Ragging at Tution class Video on social media - 3 students arrested Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Gamunu tusker who was thought to have been shot - safe Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Umar Akmal to miss Zimbabwe ODIs, T20s Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Syria refugees pour into Iraqi Kurdistan in thousands Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Oprah not interested in marriage Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Indian fishermen propose a free maritime zone; A condition from the fisheries Ministry before discussions. Hiru News en 2013-08-18 Opposition leader wants a general election in 2014. Hiru News en 2013-08-18 A probe into burnt Colombo municipal council documents. Hiru News en 2013-08-18 An air men and Woman killed in shooting; Corporal who carried out the shooting also critical. Hiru News en 2013-08-18 President hands over houses for war heroes built in Nuwara Eliya Hiru News en 2013-08-18 119 election related violence Hiru News en 2013-08-19 The hand of attacked Wennapuwa alliance councillor grafted. Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Assistant Superintendent of Hanthana estate remanded. Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Minister G L meets Indian Prime Minister today. Hiru News en 2013-08-19 President to attend business forum in Belarus Hiru News en 2013-08-19 THAI PRINCESS ARRIVES IN SRI LANKA Hiru News en 2013-08-19 South Korea begins new joint US military drills Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Attackers of Wennappuwa DC UPFA councilor flee the area. Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Information regarding 8 Sri Lankan women forcibly held in Saudi. Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Army replies to opposition allegations regarding Rathupaswala evidence. Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Kachchatheevu Island is a settled matter; says Minister G L in India. Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Kumar Sangakkara set to join the Jamaica Tallawahs Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Glove worn by Michael Jackson at the center of a legal battle Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Fawad Ahmed named in Australia s one-day squad Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Free Willy actor August Schellenberg dies Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Many dead as floods and rainfall hit China Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Open warrant issued for Nuwara Eliya Deputy Mayor Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Mayor request to suspend duties of officials who were involved in burning CMC documents. Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Govt prepared to point out any shortcomings in the Navi Pillai report. Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Internal issues can be solved within the country - says President Hiru News en 2013-08-19 Opposition is deteriorating says Minister Maithripala. Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Final Kandy and Katharagama perehara today. Hiru News en 2013-08-20 An assurance from Minister G L to the Indian Premier that a value will be given to the Indo - Lanka agreement. Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Election commissioner on a tour of North Western province. Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Thondaman - Digambaran clash aggravates - attack on 3 officers. Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif urges dialogue with militants Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Venerable Wataraeka Vijitha Thero attacked Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Poya Segment Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Jim Reeves fans commemorate late singer’s 90th birth day today. Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie held Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Haddin set sights on 2015 World Cup Hiru News en 2013-08-20 5 individuals including students who threatened a female A/level student arrested Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Meeting between the leader of the opposition and chairman of the BJP Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Health Ministry grants permission to release a stock of milk powder confirmed to be not containing DCD Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Instances of election violence increase to 149; Police continues investigations regarding Thondaman, Digambaran clash Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Apple readying two iPhone versions for launch Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Russia scrambles to contain record floods Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Indian rupee falls further amid Fed stimulus concerns Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Jesse Ryder: New Zealand batsman devastated by doping ban Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Disney child star Lee Thompson Young found dead at 29 Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Large crowds flock to Kandy and Kataragama to witness final perehera Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Operation to remove posters and cut outs to begin day after tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-08-20 It is the responsibility of all to safeguard the country - says President Hiru News en 2013-08-20 Challenge from Digambaram. Thondaman issues warning Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Allegations that year 5 scholarship has been denied to a group of students in a school in Maradana. Hiru News en 2013-08-21 A fair solution to the Indio - Sri Lanka problem is necessary; a statement from Minister G L Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Election commissioner begins Northern observation today. Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Admission of students to National schools banned till end of the year. Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Pakistan seizes 100 tonnes of bomb-making chemicals Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Dilshan to join Guyana Amazon Warriors Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Egypt crisis Court to rule on Mubarak release Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Opposition from the Alliance against Walalla PS Chairman who is accused of bribery. Hiru News en 2013-08-21 2 students commit suicide in Ruwan-walla over a love affair. Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Opposition leader meets Indian President. Hiru News en 2013-08-21 A proper methodology to bring back Sri Lankan refugees from India Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Eastman Kodak gains approval to come out of bankruptcy Hiru News en 2013-08-21 It is the responsibility of all to create a just society - President. Hiru News en 2013-08-21 CCTV cameras to identify buses plying at a slow speed Hiru News en 2013-08-21 75 govt vehicles for the NW and Central PC Polls; Transparency International Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Money and Jewellery worth 20 million rupees stolen from a private finance company in Gampaha Hiru News en 2013-08-21 Army vigilant regarding those damaging the countrys image Hiru News en 2013-08-21 A bullet from an UNP MP in the chambers Hiru News en 2013-08-21 President says time has come for a new era to dawn on the lives of estate workers Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Shane Watson puts Australia in charge of fifth Test Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Egypt court orders Hosni Mubarak freed Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Investigation regarding Minister Thondamans behaviour in the police Hiru News en 2013-08-22 President explains the importance of National peace. Hiru News en 2013-08-22 It is revealed that the bullet brought to the Parliament chamber was a pen cap. Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Rathupas-wala Military investigation report to the Army Commander. Hiru News en 2013-08-22 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Wasim Akram marries Australian girlfriend Shaniera Thompson Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Lanka s exports to Israel up by 30% Hiru News en 2013-08-22 G.L. Peiris visits Pakistan Hiru News en 2013-08-22 UN urges clarity over Syria attacks Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Akila wins first silver for Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Individual suspected of raping and murdering girl in Diyatalawa arrested Hiru News en 2013-08-22 ITI gives explanation regarding its DCD tests Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Severe allegations against Chief Minister Maheepala from Minister Mithrapala Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Certification from the elections department regarding election in the North Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Russia, Palestinians discuss new Mideast peace talks Hiru News en 2013-08-22 John Lennon jacket could fetch £12000 Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Bravo confident of tackling Malinga threat Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Sri Lanka wins another medal at the Youth Games in China Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Factory in Rathupaswala to be closed for another week. Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Minister Champika rejects a NZ government statement Hiru News en 2013-08-22 No final decision on Indias level of participation in the CHOGM says Indian Government Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Parties and associations including the UNP signs an Agreement for Consensus Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Allegations against Mayor of Kaduwela Hiru News en 2013-08-22 Minister Welgama talks about Dayasiris future. Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Public have issues regarding the Govt as well as the opposition says Lal Kantha Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Do not restrict the struggle to closed doors request Wickramabahu. Hiru News en 2013-08-23 The army is there to assist in the North says Minister G L Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Steve Smith century keeps Australia on top at Oval Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Syria chemical attack Ban Ki moon urges swift probe Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Still there are conspiracies against the country; says Minister Samarasingha Hiru News en 2013-08-23 2 TNA local government representatives join the government Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Stallone mulls Rambo TV series Hiru News en 2013-08-23 A fire at Kollonnawa CEB store Hiru News en 2013-08-23 A fee to collect garbage in the Western province Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Fonterra suspend operations in Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Darren Lehmann fined for Stuart Broad blast Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Ben Affleck to play Batman in Man of Steel sequel Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Syria crisis Child refugees reach one million Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Details of batches of milk powder to the Food advisory committee Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Allegations from the Samurdhi Development Officers Association Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Anonymous stock of milk discovered from Bogawanthalawa. Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Pregnant mother blessed as far back as 5000 years ago. Hiru News en 2013-08-23 No Army for the election; Elections commissioner Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Police under a new Ministry Hiru News en 2013-08-23 Police can use minimal force to safeguard law and order - Defence Secretary Hiru News en 2013-08-23 GL Meets Pakistan PM Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Whom to tell? – inquires the UNP Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Samurdhi officer connected to Gampaha robbery arrested Hiru News en 2013-08-24 No mercy for Soldiers who are connected to crimes Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Navi Pillay states that she will be open minded with regard to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Lebanese city of Tripoli rocked by deadly explosions Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Dolly Partons Dollywood to expand with new a resort Hiru News en 2013-08-24 The Ashes England 247/4 at stumps on Day 3 Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Syria crisis; US weighs military options Hiru News en 2013-08-24 India rupee slide takes breather dollar up against yen Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Veteran British cinematographer Gilbert Taylor dies. Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Nuwan Pradeep named in SLs A team Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Local water species under threat due to invasive species of Prawn Hiru News en 2013-08-24 No room at Western Province Arts Institute for Bus Association Summit Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Pakistani Premier confirms participation in CHOGM summit Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Member of the armed gang that broke in to the house of Journalist perishes due to police fire Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Second Advance Visit Teams in Sri Lanka ahead of CHOGM 2013 Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Van used in Gampaha robbery found Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Gamunu Wijerathna gears for another strike; 5000 more buses for the SLTB Hiru News en 2013-08-24 We need an unbiased report from Navy Pillai; Government Hiru News en 2013-08-24 Incident at Sunday Leader Journalists house was a theft; Says Police - Government condemns attempts made to politicize the incident Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Revelation by Hiru bears fruit Relief for the Saudi housemaid Hiru News en 2013-08-25 A new name for Dayasiri Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Advice for parents of students sitting for the scholarship examination Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Navy Pillai to the Country today Hiru News en 2013-08-25 President to Belarus Hiru News en 2013-08-25 MSF backed hospitals treated Syria chemical victims Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Bolivia prison riot death toll rises Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Lance Armstrong agrees Sunday Times settlement Hiru News en 2013-08-25 United Nations High Commissioner Navy Pillai arrives Hiru News en 2013-08-25 A mother and son in hospital after being assaulted by Thihagoda PS Chairman Chairman also in hospital Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Woman in critical condition in Marawila after being shot by a Doctor Hiru News en 2013-08-25 UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navy Pillai arrives Hiru News en 2013-08-25 President to Belarus Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Visually handicap can vote with the aid of a relative Hiru News en 2013-08-25 US and UK vow serious Syria move Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Microsoft eyes new course as Ballmer sets retirement Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Iran warns US of harsh consequences over Syria Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Mike Tyson close to death from drugs and alcohol Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Scholarship examination results to be released on the 1st week of October. Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Gunmen open fire at Alliance supporter s home in Kandy Hiru News en 2013-08-25 2 army deserters among the 5 suspects who broke into the journalist house; Army media spokesperson clarifies. Hiru News en 2013-08-25 Navaneedan Pillai to meet Chief Justice and Minister Wasudewa tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-08-25 President arrives in Belarus Hiru News en 2013-08-26 MP R Dumindha Silva mediates to find a solution to the Meethotamulla garbage issue. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Steps against UNP MPs who evade the election campaign. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 The pow vow between President and Belarus President today. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 An agitation in front of the Colombo UN office I came not to criticise says Navi Pillai Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Another Gampaha burglary suspect arrested at Neluwa Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Lasith Malinga set to miss CL T20 due to personal reasons Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Syria to let UN inspect attack site Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Navi Pillai meets Chief Justice. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Complain to Bribery commission on burning CMC documents. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Inquiry against exam officials who changed year 5 scholarship answer papers. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Nuwara eliya deputy mayor accused child abuse remanded. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Tense situation in front of Colombo UN office. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Navi Pillai meets Chief Justice, Attorney General and Justice Minister. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 All set for FACETS Sri Lanka 2013 Hiru News en 2013-08-26 John Lennon tie sells for £3,000 at Liverpool Beatles auction Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Afghanistan s Karzai in Pakistan for key talks on Taliban Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Jurassic Park 3d Does Monster Business In China To Land At The Top Of Global Box Office Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Assad says chemical weapons claims insult to common sense Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Alastair Cook savours - dream - winning feeling Hiru News en 2013-08-26 No trace of Botulinum in 8 samples of infant milk powder. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 President meets Belarus President. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Court orders to conduct investigations regarding 2550 disappeared persons from the North and East Hiru News en 2013-08-26 Navaneedan Pillai questions regarding the newly established Ministry Law and Order. Hiru News en 2013-08-26 A complaint from a UPFA candidate to elections commissioner Hiru News en 2013-08-27 SL cannot take a unilateral decision about the 13th amendment C. V. Vigneshwaran attests. Hiru News en 2013-08-27 President reveals UNHRC agenda in Belarus. Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Sri Lanka is business friendly says Central Bank Governor. Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Harin reveals the two most blamed UNP members Hiru News en 2013-08-27 UN Human rights Commissioner arrives in Jaffna. Hiru News en 2013-08-27 US warns Syria over chemical weapons strike Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Sangakkara to choose between Kandurata and Sunrisers Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Belarus and Sri Lanka discussing direct flights Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Syria crisis: UN inspectors renew chemical attack probe Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Flower tight-lipped over his future Hiru News en 2013-08-27 SAFTA trade exceeds US$ 2.4 bn mark Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Sethu Samudram project destabilises Mannar bay. Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Bollywood scenes in Colombo says UNP. Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Police clarify canine wedding. Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Pillai has no right to question regarding establishment of Ministries says NFF. Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Navaneethan pillai in the North Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Japan offers higher education scholarships to Sri Lankan students Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Syria crisis Foreign minister denies chemical attacks Hiru News en 2013-08-27 UK military drawing up Syria contingency plans Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Alastair Cook among big England names rested for Australia ODI s Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Madonna is highest-earning celebrity Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Vass Ravindu and 7 others further remanded Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Another malpractice reported during the year 5 scholarship examination Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Kotte MC member arrested for sexually molesting wife Hiru News en 2013-08-27 2 protests along the route taken by Navi Pillai. Hiru News en 2013-08-27 Belarus Sri Lanka sign eight cooperation documents Hiru News en 2013-08-28 A mother and child killed due to motorcycle ridden by drunken father falling into a river. Hiru News en 2013-08-28 A clash between 2 election candidates in the North; a supporter injured in a shooting. Hiru News en 2013-08-28 Navaneedan Pillai tours Trincomolee today. Hiru News en 2013-08-28 President returns to the island after completing a 3 day official visit to Belarus. Hiru News en 2013-08-28 US ready to launch Syria strike, says Chuck Hagel Hiru News en 2013-08-28 Giles, Clarke has hit out at the ICC after bad light caused a farcical end to the 5th Ashes Test Hiru News en 2013-08-28 4 army personnel who sexually abused a woman and escaped have been dismissed. Hiru News en 2013-08-28 Assaulted Bangladeshi monk dies Hiru News en 2013-08-28 PAFFERAL alleges that state property being used for election via legal loopholes. Hiru News en 2013-08-28 Prove impartiality A challenge from National organisation collective. Hiru News en 2013-08-28 Fonterra products free of botulism - says New Zealand Hiru News en 2013-08-28 Navi Pillai in discussion with Eastern Government officers Hiru News en 2013-08-28 No doubt Syria used chemical arms says US Vice President Joe Biden Hiru News en 2013-08-28 England sorry over inappropriate behaviour Hiru News en 2013-08-28 Syria crisis Cameron and Obama discuss military options Hiru News en 2013-08-28 George Clooney in Venice to open film festival Hiru News en 2013-08-28 A container emerges from Chilaw Sea. Hiru News en 2013-08-28 Northern UNP candidates prepare to resign from election. Hiru News en 2013-08-28 Pillai s orders will never be accepted; says Government. Hiru News en 2013-08-28 Pillai goes off track; restrictions to media. Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Water supply engineers on strike Hiru News en 2013-08-29 An island wide soil sample test. Hiru News en 2013-08-29 US ambassador meets venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha thero. Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Navi Pillai meets the Human rights commission today. Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Police ordered to take stern action against election law violators. Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Sanga in a dilemma. Hiru News en 2013-08-29 President Obama sure Syria behind chemical attack Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Stuart Broad defends decision to rest England Ashes stars for ODIs Hiru News en 2013-08-29 North Korea hits out at South-US army drill Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Sri Lanka rupee fall temporary aberration says CB Governor Hiru News en 2013-08-29 South Korean Prime Minister begins Sri Lanka visit Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Tense situation at CMC meeting over documents burnt at the cemetary Hiru News en 2013-08-29 4 individuals arrested in connection with the Bangladeshi Monk s murder Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Inquire into all crimes during the war - Missing Person s Parents Collective Association requests from Navi Pillay Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Court order decrees license needed to carry out religious animal sacrifices Hiru News en 2013-08-29 100 Sinhalese families lack basic amenities in Batticaloa Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Sri Lankan Navy Intercepts 4145 illegal immigrants in the last 3 years Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Sanga chooses Kandurata over IPL Franchise Hiru News en 2013-08-29 50 individuals arrested for violating election laws Hiru News en 2013-08-29 150 year old telegram service to stop from October Hiru News en 2013-08-29 The authority that summoned the army for the incident at Weliweriya exposed in Court Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Decision to allow Pillay to arrive was not a collective one Wimal Govt allowed her to go beyond diplomatic framework Keheliya Hiru News en 2013-08-29 Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones take time apart from each other Hiru News en 2013-08-29 UN chief awaits Syria weapons report Hiru News en 2013-08-30 3.1 million worth Gold biscuits confiscated by customs Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Orders to destroy a stock of milk powder containing DCD Suspicion over 3 more Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Unity agreement cannot take ruling power; says Minister Vijayamuni Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Navy Pillai to meet President and Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Red Notice Hiru News en 2013-08-30 David Cameron loses Commons vote on Syria action Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Aaron Finch hits 156 as Australia beat England in T20 opener Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Simon Cowell won t rule out X Factor return Hiru News en 2013-08-30 65 houses in Horana and Bulathsinhala damaged due to gale winds. Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Australia keen on floodlight Test matches played with a pink ball Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Assad vows to defend Syria amid military build up Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Venice film festival gives lifetime award to Friedkin Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Vehicle import laws tightened. Hiru News en 2013-08-30 TNA asks an international investigation from Navi Pillai. Hiru News en 2013-08-30 A petition from Rathupas wala thero to the UN. Hiru News en 2013-08-30 4 army officers released from position over the Waliweriya incident. Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Usain Bolt claims victory in Zurich Diamond League 100m Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Avengers sequel casts James Spader as villain Ultron Hiru News en 2013-08-30 France s Hollande backs US on Syria action Hiru News en 2013-08-30 Bodies of murdered husband and wife recovered from a house in Ratnapura Hiru News en 2013-08-30 If Rathupaswala glove factory is re-opened - residents ready to sue again. Hiru News en 2013-08-30 New experience for Navi Pillay Hiru News en 2013-08-30 100 kilo grams of heroin worth of 1000 million rupees seized Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Fire destroys 37 houses in Mattakkuliya Hiru News en 2013-08-31 The haul of Heroin seized at Orugodawatta increases to 250 kilograms - Value of drugs seized 2.5 billion rupees Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Public opinion is that the UN is negative - President tells Navi Pillay Hiru News en 2013-08-31 LTTE is not a terrorist organization - says TNA chief ministerial candidate Wigneshwaran Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Delhi gang rape: Verdict due in juvenile case Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Ringo Starr to include Beatles track Octopus s Garden with release of new children s book. Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Zimbabwe cricket calls off home series against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Kachchativu was not ceded to Sri Lanka - Indian government tells Supreme Court Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Rathupaswala monk concludes fast Hiru News en 2013-08-31 LTTE sympathizers control human smuggling - President tells Australian newspaper Hiru News en 2013-08-31 I will assist in an internal investigation - Navi Pillay states during press briefing Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Oxygen leakage at Premature baby unit at Matale hospital Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Inspections at Omanthai checkpoint relaxed Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Only 85 employees permitted to enter Rathupaswala factory - fast ends with a consensus Hiru News en 2013-08-31 Calls for an international inquiry may continue if local inquiry on war is not successful - Navy Pillai Hiru News en 2013-08-31 MP R Dumindha Silva to provide relief to those affected by fire in Mattakkuliya Hiru News en 2013-09-01 People weakened the opposition; JVP Hiru News en 2013-09-01 A list of signatures for the safety of ballot boxes Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Navi Pillai leaves; Patriotic Movement says true motives revealed Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Showers across the country this evening; Public cautioned on lightening Hiru News en 2013-09-01 SLC president replies to Sangakkara Hiru News en 2013-09-01 One Direction : This is Us grosses $8.9 million Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Dollar trades mixed Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Obama to seek Congress vote on Syria military action Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Do not worry about Navi Pillai; says JHU Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Nepal s Maoist Leader reveals ties with the LTTE Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Vehicle Prices go up with new Central Bank regulations Hiru News en 2013-09-01 LTTE sleeper cell busted in Tamil Nadu Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Oluwil Harbour to be opened today Hiru News en 2013-09-01 A risk of dengue raising its head again. Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Seized stock of drugs by the customs was meant to be distributed in the country evidence from the Police Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Government doubts certain statements made by Navi Pillai Hiru News en 2013-09-01 A unitary state will be created while safeguarding democracy says President. Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Syria crisis Obama delay could embolden Assad Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Hugh Jackman to receive back to back festival honours Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Australia batsman Warner dropped for one day series with England Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Indias GDP shows continuing slowdown Hiru News en 2013-09-01 Navi Pillas stance has changed says a former diplomat. Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Anna Hasare an activist against corruption in India prepares to visit Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Brother and sister killed by falling into a culvert Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Privileges are obtained only by a small group A statement from the opposition leader Hiru News en 2013-09-02 The propaganda saying that state banks were being sold is false says President. Hiru News en 2013-09-02 John Kerry US has evidence of Syrian sarin use Hiru News en 2013-09-02 N Srinivasan to remain president in exile till BCCIs AGM on September 29 Hiru News en 2013-09-02 UN HR Commissioner Navi Pillai has transgressed her mandate during her visit says GovT Hiru News en 2013-09-02 UPFA intensifies campaign in the North says Minister Susil Premjayantha Hiru News en 2013-09-02 A mother and 3 children staging a protest in front of the Kegalle SPs office Hiru News en 2013-09-02 40000 government servants and 7000 police personnel will be assigned for election duty Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Minister Mervyn should have sent his marriage proposal to Kandy Police says JVP Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Sri Lankan government responds to Navi Pillays statements Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Syria minister US strike on Syria would benefit al Qaeda Hiru News en 2013-09-02 CID concludes investigations on bribery charges against Vaas Gunawardana. Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Only the government can increase bus fares - Gamunu Wijerathna ready to go to courts. Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Government is unable to give relief in the budget - says Opposition leader. Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Democracy has been consolidated - says President at the 62ND SLFP convention. Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Michael Jackson s bent spoon for Uri Geller sells for £500 Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Five-Test tour itinerary is announced for 2014 Hiru News en 2013-09-02 New charges laid against Pakistan ex-leader Musharraf Hiru News en 2013-09-02 Several dilapidated roads in Kolonnawa were repaired and opened for public use by MP R. Duminda Silva. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 No Farmer pension all island agrarian federation says. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 A suspicion for JHU about goods coming from Pakistan. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Tamil Nadu demands an all party committee about Kachchathiv. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 SLFP did not have a journey of bed of roses says President. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Syrian government behind massive chemical attack Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Sanga settles for a draw. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Showers or thundershowers over most provinces of the island today. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Amnesty to register tamed elephants. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 GCE Ordinary level examination will begin on December 10th. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Navi Pillai s statement is bias a statement from Minister G L Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Today s decisions by the government will decide Country s destiny - says Defence Secretary. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 September 12th, 13th and 14th alternative postal voting dates. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Dr. Dayan Jayathilaka challengers Minister Champika. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Security forces vigilant on Muslim extremism. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Election is useless; UNP says in Parliament Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Fertiliser subsidy increased by 15 percent. Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Assad warns of regional war if West takes military action Hiru News en 2013-09-03 US box office scores record summer Hiru News en 2013-09-03 Roger Federer beaten by Tommy Robredo Hiru News en 2013-09-04 A complaint to Defence Secretary to the effect that a State institution extorts ransom. Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Navaneethan pillai confirmed one of our demands too - says UNP. Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Island-wide rain today as well - A risk of powerful lightning. Hiru News en 2013-09-04 If land and police powers are not given - we will go to the international forum says - TNA CM candidate. Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Obama wins key backing on Syria plan Hiru News en 2013-09-04 A new heavy industrial zone in Sampur. Hiru News en 2013-09-04 BCB requests 2 extra weeks from ICC for completion of stadium for World T20 Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Sir Elton John honoured at London gala Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Ten Lankans held for illegal fishing in Indians waters Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Vaas Gunawardana granted bail in the case threatening CID Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Lack of doctors disrupts OPD service at Anamaduwa hospital Hiru News en 2013-09-04 The Bribery Commission summons the former CJ again. Hiru News en 2013-09-04 TNA s demand for land and police power will push the country into trouble - says government. Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Michael Douglas - Michael Douglas Rules Gq Men Of The Year Awards In London Hiru News en 2013-09-04 11 year old girl choked to death in the swing Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Cabinet apologizes for Minister Mervin Silva s proposal Hiru News en 2013-09-04 No DCD in powdered milk available in the Market; Dep Health Minister Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Another recommendation by LLRC will be implemented tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-09-04 Government should set an example on elections; UNP Hiru News en 2013-09-05 Reply from President to certain individuals statements about good governance and human rights. Hiru News en 2013-09-05 A model from Sri lanka to the UN. Hiru News en 2013-09-05 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-09-05 Dignity of public servants has deteriorated - allegations from UNP Hiru News en 2013-09-05 2 Protests against school problems in the South Hiru News en 2013-09-05 An exorcist died while performing inside a pit Hiru News en 2013-09-05 Government Cabinet papers in Opposition hand says Mangala Hiru News en 2013-09-05 Grease and oil found in certain brands of bottled water sold in Pettah. Hiru News en 2013-09-05 CCD begins investigations Hiru News en 2013-09-05 Syria says will not give in even if there is World War 3 Hiru News en 2013-09-05 Notice issued on 5 including Minister C B Hiru News en 2013-09-05 Husband who murdered wife sentenced to death Hiru News en 2013-09-05 A principal who demanded a sexual bribe arrested in a guest house Hiru News en 2013-09-05 TNA election manifesto is an Avatar of LTTE; says expert in International terrorism Rohan Gunarathna Hiru News en 2013-09-05 Missing businessmen in Kurunagala found in Anuradapura; Police suspect an act of abduction Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Iraq Seeks to Strengthen Relations with Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Two war ships to Sri Lanka from India. Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Chief Justice reveals a matter the court should be ashamed of. Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Rain island wide today. Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Obama and Putin in showdown as Syria put on G20 menu Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Heated debate over use of state property during BALAYA. Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Angelina Jolie Steve Martin among Oscar honorees Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Andy Murray beaten by Stanislas Wawrinka Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Dr Swamy meets President Rajapaksa Hiru News en 2013-09-06 67th anniversary celebrations of the UNP begins Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Deadline for candidates to declare assets tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-09-06 52 documents of the CMC burnt without permission Hiru News en 2013-09-06 No special SL team for the UN Human Rights Session beginning on Monday Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Two School Rugby players face ban over doping charges Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Australia elections Rudd and Abbott in final push Hiru News en 2013-09-06 LTTE sympathizer immolates himself in front of the UN Office in Geneva Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Rolling Stones To Be Honoured At The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Sri Lanka and India in link to boost textile sector Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Kevin Pietersen factor crucial Eoin Morgan Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Tamil Diaspora using various incidents to pressurize SL Dr Wasantha Bandara. Hiru News en 2013-09-06 SLC Vice President resigns Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Samuel L. Jackson wants Usain Bolt to star in new film Hiru News en 2013-09-06 A stone tablet belonging to either the 1st or 2nd century BC discovered Hiru News en 2013-09-06 An organized group hurled stones at security forces at Weliweriya - Magistrate inquiry told Hiru News en 2013-09-06 New Sri Lanka from Ranil in 2014 Hiru News en 2013-09-06 A proposal to ban Sinhala - Tamil and Muslim parties with communal agendas Hiru News en 2013-09-06 The President says Digana that no separation of the country until he is alive Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Ask the Bribery Commission about me; Minister Mervyn Hiru News en 2013-09-06 Last suspect over the murder of Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha acquitted Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Election related complaints rise to 330 Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Don t get caught to the trap of the TNA - a request to the people in the South Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Showers exceeding 100mm today as well Hiru News en 2013-09-07 We will not panic before challenges - says President Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Man arrested in Buckingham Palace Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Moon probe ready for lift-off Hiru News en 2013-09-07 No propaganda near postal voting centres Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Don t sell Indian war ships to Sri Lanka - Karunanidhi raises concern - Tamilnadu fishermen engage in strike Hiru News en 2013-09-07 World Crude oil prices increase Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Search continues for woman who allegedly fell in to Diyawanna Oya Hiru News en 2013-09-07 New methodology when providing crackers to chase away elephants Hiru News en 2013-09-07 A surge in violence as election draws closer; says observers. Hiru News en 2013-09-07 A new label from Ranil for those who left the party. Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Peace in the country cannot be destroyed; says President. Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Heavy showers during the next 48 hours. Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Australia election: Rudd concedes as Abbott wins victory Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Serena Williams & Victoria Azarenka reach final Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Diana film slammed by British press Hiru News en 2013-09-07 Apple faces e book restrictions Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Consider the past present and future; a request from the JVP Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Representatives from the Attorney General s Department to Geneva Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Strong winds subside; Thunder showers today as well Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Be aware of attempts made to create divisions; President Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Tokyo to host 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Apple poised to ship iPhones to China Mobile Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Tony Abbott wins Australia election; Maldives Presidential election in to second round Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Cambodia s ruling CPP party confirmed election winner Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Nitrate levels in water increase in Jaffna, Puttlam and Ampara Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Left has a responsibility to safeguard provincial councils; Wasu Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Foreign election observers to the island on 13th Former Indian elections chief among them Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Signs of President participating at UN Summit Hiru News en 2013-09-08 US reportedly plans for 3 days of attacks on Syria Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Purchasing of drugs from an Indian company suspended. Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Elections commissioner request for public support. Hiru News en 2013-09-08 An attempt to distance the Muslims from the government - says President. Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Novak Djokovic beats Wawrinka to make US Open final Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Alec Baldwin to host late night talk show Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Inflation slumps in August Hiru News en 2013-09-08 Teacher unions oppose the new teacher transfer policy. Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Geneva session begins today Navi Pilla s oral report on Sri lanka on 25th. Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Minister Basil Rajapkase will release himself of handling the Northern spring programme from 21st. Hiru News en 2013-09-09 North Central and North western postal votes begins today. Hiru News en 2013-09-09 The era of line rooms ends says President Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Government has no proper economic programme allegations from opposition leader. Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Syria chemical arms Global red line crossed Kerry Hiru News en 2013-09-09 BCCI likely to reprimand Bindra Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Showers in several provinces today as well. Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Serena Williams wins fifth title Hiru News en 2013-09-09 SL investor Forum in Hong Kong today Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Information regarding international drug smuggling operation revealed Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Chinification instead of Privatization Hiru News en 2013-09-09 TNA election manifesto a referendum for eelam says Collective of National Organizations Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Postal election peaceful 2 shootings in Kandy Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Michael Clarke fires tourists to ODI win Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Kottawa Ananda College Principal who is in remand custody not harassed. Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Chandila granted bail by Delhi court Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Brad Pitt - Brad Pitt confirms World War Z sequel talks Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Syria conflict: Kerry says bigger risk not taking action Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Alliance supporters clash in Matale Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Navi Pillai speaks in Geneva regarding those she met in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-09-09 JHU to not take part in the PSC in future Hiru News en 2013-09-09 Postal voting peaceful - High number of votes cast Hiru News en 2013-09-09 A suicide every 40 seconds in the world Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Today is the 2nd day of postal voting. Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Suspicion about 2 more containers sent from Pakistan. Hiru News en 2013-09-10 A letter from opposition leader to Navi Pillai. Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Do not give credence to unsubstantiated allegations SL says at the UNHRC. Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Rafael Nadal beats Novak Djokovic to win US Open Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Obama could pause Syria attack plans Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Several spells of showers today as well. Hiru News en 2013-09-10 China assures assistance to develop Sri Lanka s tourism industry Hiru News en 2013-09-10 131 hospitalised in Dik oya due to food poisoning. Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Election laws are blatantly violated says UNP. Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Kurunagala UNP PC member protest against Dayasiri on a roof top. Hiru News en 2013-09-10 TNA writes to President. Hiru News en 2013-09-10 UN chief calls for destruction of Syria chemical weapons Hiru News en 2013-09-10 James Bond s submarine car auctioned Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Sri Lanka Sees Stable Rupee in Contrast to India Volatility Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Few matches of the IPL tournament to be played in Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Minister Thondaman granted bail Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Special team deployed in Kaththankudi to conduct inquiry into police being forced to kneel down Hiru News en 2013-09-10 UNP engages in a discussion with the TNA – reveals Minister Dallas Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Widespread regarding the election manifesto presented by the TNA Hiru News en 2013-09-10 Postal voting concludes without any issues. Hiru News en 2013-09-11 An electricity suspension in several areas for 12 days from tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Indian Prime Minister to Sri lanka soon. Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Minister Basil reveals TNA chief Minister Candidate s details. Hiru News en 2013-09-11 A petition to the appeal court requesting that the election in the North be banned. Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Rangana Herath adjudged as the player of the year. Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Syria crisis: Obama vows to keep pressure on Assad Hiru News en 2013-09-11 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Sir Elton John to perform at Emmy Awards for first time Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Syria conflict: Disputes flare over UN resolution Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Apple unveils two new iPhones for world market Hiru News en 2013-09-11 A private bus was attacked at Maradankadawala - The driver and the conductor hospitalized Hiru News en 2013-09-11 No change in train fare says Transport Minister Hiru News en 2013-09-11 The Election Commissioner goes to Human Rights Commission 101 election rule violators arrested Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Don t infuse government Oxygen says Opposition leader in Jaffna Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Bottled water sold without permission of Ministry of Health seized. Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Drug shortage after substandard varieties removed from Market. Hiru News en 2013-09-11 31 schools in Colombo to be temporarily closed due to CHOGM Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Syria crisis: Obama vows to keep pressure on Assad Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Apple unveils two new iPhones for world market Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Huge water source discovered in northern Kenya Hiru News en 2013-09-11 No 1st 2nd 3rd for Children under 13 years Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Request to cancel election in the North presented to Attorney Gerenal Hiru News en 2013-09-11 South should agree to the solution provided to the North - Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-09-11 25% of bottled water in Bastian street of Pettah do not meet quality standards Hiru News en 2013-09-11 Certain election manifestos reveal Prabakaran s requests - President Hiru News en 2013-09-12 1000 prisoners freed today. Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Minister G L meets commonwealth foreign Ministers. Hiru News en 2013-09-12 State funds are not deployed for development of the North says Ranil Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Election in the North is held not due to any pressure President says in Mannar. Hiru News en 2013-09-12 107 arrested for violating election laws. Hiru News en 2013-09-12 US marks 9/11 attacks anniversary Hiru News en 2013-09-12 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Showers today as well. Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Clint Eastwood s estranged wife files for legal separation Hiru News en 2013-09-12 England v Australia Rain ends third one day international Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Lanka Teachers Association President interdicted. Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Show protest before the CHOGAM - A proposal by Athuraliye Rathana Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Products with Whey Protein content are permitted for sale Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Country s financial position is not sound - MP Harsha Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Foreign observers to arrive in SL today. Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Pakistan Twenty20 champions Faisalabad Wolves to miss Champions League T20 Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Sri Lanka Treasuries yields flat Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Commonwealth team observing Northern PC elections to arrive on September 14th. Hiru News en 2013-09-12 A main suspect of human trafficking arrested Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Actions against officials who deprived government servants of postal voting Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Legal action against the TNA election manifesto Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Statement from the Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Freedom to argue and hold different opinion is restored, says the President Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Contradictory statements over the DCD; charges Health Services Trade Union Federation Hiru News en 2013-09-12 New Jurassic Park film gets name and 2015 release date Hiru News en 2013-09-12 Russia s Putin issues plea to US over Syria Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Ford will not renew Sri Lanka contract Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Syria crisis - Tense US-Russia talks on chemicals deal Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Heavy rain in several areas in the country today as well. Hiru News en 2013-09-13 A protest against Sri Lanka from Indian ports Minister. Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Sinhala - Tamil clash is like the clash between husband and wife - TNA CM candidate. Hiru News en 2013-09-13 An assurance at the British parliament for Colombo Commonwealth Summit. Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Inability of the Opposition to win elections is not Government s fault - President. Hiru News en 2013-09-13 JK Rowling to pen Harry Potter spin-off film Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Red notice Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Al-Qaeda chief calls for US attacks - economic boycott Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Steven Spielberg - Steven Spielberg To Receive Israel s Top Civilian Honour Hiru News en 2013-09-13 BCCI probe finds four players guilty of match-fixing Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Sri Lanka seeks more Saudi tourists Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Thunderstorms in several areas in the evening Hiru News en 2013-09-13 100 kilograms of TNT found in a lorry seized before 17 years in Kotahena. Hiru News en 2013-09-13 A telephone call from Australian New Premier to the President Hiru News en 2013-09-13 All election candidates who do not declare assets to be sued Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Minister Lakshmna yapa issues a challenge regarding casinos. Hiru News en 2013-09-13 US concerned about government s future actions regarding reconciliation Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Delhi gang rape Four sentenced to death Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Champions League route cleared for Faisalabad Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Sri Lanka s economy grows 6.8 pct in 2013 June quarter Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Children of the Payagala Jayanthi orphanage to be sent to 5 other orphanages Hiru News en 2013-09-13 Bottled water brands Amaron and Ceylon Water banned from sale Hiru News en 2013-09-13 1200 newspapers carrying portrait of Prabhakaran with caption Mahaviru and 4 TNA supporters arrested Hiru News en 2013-09-13 The world will not be allowed to destroy our heritage says President Hiru News en 2013-09-13 116 arrested for election related violence Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Why did Prabhakaran murder Rajiv Gandhi? reveals KP Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Yal Devi train travels to Kilinochchi Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Opposition Leader alleges that the sea has also been leased Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Be aware of threats against the country - says President Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Sri Lanka Cricket asks Coach Graham Ford to stay. Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Syria crisis UN report to confirm chemical arms attack Hiru News en 2013-09-14 116 arrested with regard to election law violence Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Why did Prabhakaran murder Rajiv Gandhi? reveals KP Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Yal Devi train travels to Kilinochchi Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Be aware of threats against the country - says President Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Opposition Leader alleges that the sea has also been leased Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Police post for Kelaniya University hostel Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Opposition leader names disciplined persons Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Whole country is the same for me; President Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Sports Ministry to investigate Cricket Awards ceremony Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Zimbabwe beat Pakistan in a thriller Hiru News en 2013-09-14 Discussion on election with Foreign Observers Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Meeting with local and foreign election observers today Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Mental health training for Teachers Hiru News en 2013-09-15 A promise for education from UNP Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Don’t leave room to fulfil petty objectives President Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Death toll from bomb attack on a funeral in Iraq climbs to more than 20 Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Jos Buttler helps England level one day series Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Colorado flooding rescue operation continues Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Rebels and troops resume fight in southern Philippines Hiru News en 2013-09-15 State revenues should be pushed up DEW Hiru News en 2013-09-15 No using phones when crossing the road Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Tiger emblem removed from London Police website Hiru News en 2013-09-15 4 Indian pharmaceutical companies who supplied sub standard drugs blacklisted Hiru News en 2013-09-15 All rights and facilities will be given to the North President Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Reduce the price of flour a request from a trade association Hiru News en 2013-09-15 A change in the University education system. Hiru News en 2013-09-15 A statement from opposition leader regarding the foundation of the current economy. Hiru News en 2013-09-15 No proposal to divide the country in the election manifesto; says TNA Hiru News en 2013-09-15 A PC requesting a separate state creates a rift with the government; says President. Hiru News en 2013-09-15 125 arrested for election related incidents. Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Dhawan to captain Sunrisers in CLT20 Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Woody Allen gets honorary Golden Globe Hiru News en 2013-09-15 Northern province topped GDP growth rate in 2012 Hiru News en 2013-09-16 6 killed in accidents in Dambulla and Nochchiyagama 35 in hospital Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Foreign election observers to the North today Hiru News en 2013-09-16 A question from Opposition Leader to the President Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Government ready to fulfil the needs of estate community President Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Obama says Iran nuclear row larger than Syria crisis Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Showers expected today as well. Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Japan s Vice Minister lauds Sri Lanka s progress Hiru News en 2013-09-16 56 return to Sri Lanka from Middle East. Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Mobile phones sold at exorbitant prices in prison. Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Tiger proxy Seeman criticises Vigneshwaran. Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Video: Former CJ Shirani Bandaranayaka barred from leaving the country. Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Video: Opposition leader meets Chief Prelate of the Malwathu Chapter. Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Sri Lanka tourist arrivals up 26-pct in Aug; India, China surge Hiru News en 2013-09-16 UN chief to present key Syria chemical report Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Are Buddhist flag and D S statue statement taken up in Geneva; UNP asks the government. Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Video: Dayasiri charges on a computer ploy; Election secretariat to educate candidates. Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Video: SLFP reminds TNA of the constitutional cure. Hiru News en 2013-09-16 England v Australia: Michael Clarke a doubt for ODI decider Hiru News en 2013-09-16 Insidious Chapter 2 horror tops US box office Hiru News en 2013-09-16 CID to investigate Cancer Hospital Hand Glove theft Hiru News en 2013-09-17 CMC considers suspension of local BTI bacteria Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Opposition Leader alleges that government making money from rain water as well Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Heavy showers across the country - Strong winds in the Central Province Hiru News en 2013-09-17 129 who violated election laws in Police custody Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Washington Navy Yard gunman named as Aaron Alexis Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Stricken Costa Concordia ship set upright Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Harrison Ford To Receive Hollywood Career Award Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Lankan refugees turning to South Korea Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Rare twin storms batter Mexico 40 dead Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Australia seal ODI series victory Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Sangakkara up against his IPL team Hiru News en 2013-09-17 24-hour water cut in Kelaniya and Wattala Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Budda Gaya bomber identified. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 National sanga convention to take the law into its hands. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Kalaniya University students on a march demanding for safety. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 TNA arouses separatism in the name of election; says President. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Paddy purchasing issues in Pollonnaruwa and Ampara. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Heavy rain fall more than 100 mili meters expected in certain areas. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Hyderabad - Kandurata in battle of debutants Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Western powers to press Syria resolution at UN Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Tons of expired food for sale - seized. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Video : Rainfall exceeds 100 milimeters - sea gets rough. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Video : Secret letter from Election commissioner charges the UNP. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Dayasiri changes computer gimmick story. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Samurdhi Officers raise objections to a proposal by the Election commissioner. Hiru News en 2013-09-17 Video : Only those who love country can become leaders - President. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Syria crisis - UN powers discuss Council resolution Hiru News en 2013-09-18 The sea rough today as well - Fishing and naval activities risky. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Election propaganda activities end at mid-night today. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 A question to the Government from the Opposition Leader about the future of the youth. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Video : No need of gimmicks for victory - President emphasizes. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Video : Chandraani Bandara s mishap. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Dhawan leads Sunrisers to comfortable win Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Canada to announce decision on CHOGM soon. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Shahid Afridi keen to captain Pakistan cricket team again Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Sri Lanka gets US$ 540mn in FDI in 2013 first half Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Tony Abbott sworn in as Australia prime minister Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Sluice gates of 3 reservoirs still open; rain to continue next few weeks. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 More details found on 100 million rupees out dated food stock seized in Kotahena. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Final election rallies today - UPFA rally in Kandy - UNP rally in Chilaw and TNA in Jaffna. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Principal of Chilaw - Saravana Muslim College assaulted by the Samurdhi Development officer Hiru News en 2013-09-18 TNA election manifesto demands more powerful than wadukk-kodde resolution says KP. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Video: Bail on suspected principal who demanded sexual bribe. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Khurshid and G.L to meet Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Wayne Rooney: David Moyes tips striker to be Man Utd great Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Princess Diana film opens after critical mauling Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Syrian proof of rebel chemical use Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Strong winds expected. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Video: A letter to the President from Rathupaswala. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Video: K.P. appears in a media briefing for the first time, criticizes the TNA election manifesto. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 The Supreme Court issues orders for 15 respondents including the elections commissioner. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Court issues summons on the TNA and Election Commissioner. Hiru News en 2013-09-18 Video: Government has kept full faith in the people; President Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Risk of dengue spreading Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Showery and Windy weather o be gradually decreased - The sea rough today as well. Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Petition forwarded to prevent the Northern election dismissed Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Video : Consider about the future - says President. Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Gold FM Sri Lanka s Number 1 English radio channel for more than a decade celebrates its 15th Anniversary today. Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Binara full moon poya day. Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Propaganda activities comes to an end. Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Syria needs one year to destroy chemical weapons Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Mark Wahlberg is now a high school graduate Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Ford to quit Sri Lanka in January Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Iran will never build nuclear arms says Iranian President. Hiru News en 2013-09-19 8 treasure hunters arrested Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Exercise - Cormorant Strike 4 enters into the final week Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Boeing to end C-17 military aircraft programme in 2015 Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Leonardo DiCaprio - to star - as former US president Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Heavyweight boxing legend Ken Norton dies at 70 Hiru News en 2013-09-19 A group of scientists to investigate Lunugala earth tremor. Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Pharmacies checked for banned drugs. Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Video: Paddy purchasing paused in Pollonaruwa - Government grants another 100 million. Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Video: Randomly selected Ballot boxes will be sent for counting - Plastic ballot boxes among them. Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Husband arrested in connection with the incident of assaulting his wife and burning her Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Egyptian forces raid pro-Morsi town of Kerdasa Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Southern rural foods for European markets Hiru News en 2013-09-19 New video released to promote Beatles upcoming album Hiru News en 2013-09-19 BCCI denies reports on Sachin Tendulkar s retirement Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Court case against screening of No Fire Zone in Malaysia Hiru News en 2013-09-19 3 police constables who assaulted night club employees remanded Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Video: I will not get close to KP - says Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Video: 98% of Ballot papers distributed Hiru News en 2013-09-19 Video: President Mahinda Rajapakse pays homage to the temple of the tooth relic Hiru News en 2013-09-20 Minister Maithreepala blames Opposition and the Public Hiru News en 2013-09-20 24,500 Police officers on election duty - STF deployed at counting centres Hiru News en 2013-09-20 Showery weather to continue Hiru News en 2013-09-20 Northern election an important opportunity for reconciliation - a statement from Ban Ki-moon Hiru News en 2013-09-20 Health Ministry formulates a new plan to prevent children contracting HIV virus. Hiru News en 2013-09-20 UN must act on Syria next week, says Kerry Hiru News en 2013-09-20 Haddin back in ODI side - Wade axed Hiru News en 2013-09-20 Foreign inflows fuel SL recovery - CB Hiru News en 2013-09-20 Pixar - No new releases in 2014 as films pushed back Hiru News en 2013-09-20 3 police OICs and a police inspector transferred.