Hiru News en 2019-01-09 Vehicle prices likely to increase by 3 to 5 hundred thousand rupees Hiru News en 2019-01-09 Sinharaja forest’s last two elephants are safe Hiru News en 2019-01-09 Wigneshwaran pleased with the appointment of a Tamil national for Governor of the North. Hiru News en 2019-01-09 Open warrant re-issued against Jaliya Wickramasuriya Hiru News en 2019-01-09 Angoda shooting, an act of revenge for the murder of ‘Raththaran’ Hiru News en 2019-01-09 Members nominated for 5 select committees Hiru News en 2019-01-09 Major General Shavendra de Silva appointed the Army Chief of Staff Hiru News en 2019-01-09 Opposition Leader explains the tripartite calamities before the country Hiru News en 2019-01-09 Malwathu Chapter extends an invitation to the president while Asgiri Chapter rejects a new constitution Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Another change to governors Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Specialist committee reports on the compilation of the new constitution, to be presented to parliament tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Two killed in an accident in Padukka Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Reginald and Niluka appointed as chairpersons of state corporations Hiru News en 2019-01-10 SLFP General Secretary Dayasiri pledges to make fulltime commitment Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Overfeeding thought to be cause of death of 31 sheep, during workers strike Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Objections voiced against Constitutional Assembly meeting Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Rain forecast in many areas tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Three suspects with counterfeit money arrested Hiru News en 2019-01-10 185 years jail term on two former LTTE cadres for murdering 37 security personnel Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Foreign bonds sought for debt-servicing Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Passenger buses to be charged up to 3 thousand rupees carbon tax Hiru News en 2019-01-10 Fuel price formula committee meets Hiru News en 2019-01-10 The Opposition asks one-day parliament debate Hiru News en 2019-01-11 Fuel prices drop once again Hiru News en 2019-01-11 The constitutional council convenes later today Hiru News en 2019-01-11 An ancient limestone cave discovered in Matale (Pictures) Hiru News en 2019-01-11 3 additional non cabinet Ministers sworn in, One ministry removed from the purview of Minister Daya Gamag Hiru News en 2019-01-11 Wimal ordered to pay Tylwin 10 million rupees compensation Hiru News en 2019-01-11 Muzammil appointed CEA Chairman Hiru News en 2019-01-11 Steering committee reports submitted to the Constitutional Assembly Hiru News en 2019-01-11 Person held by Navy with 3.185kg of turtle flesh Hiru News en 2019-01-11 Minister Arjuna Ranatunga’s security guard further remanded Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Batsmen still havent understood the value of finishing a match - Malinga Hiru News en 2019-01-11 Number of non-cabinet, state and deputy ministers increases to 30 Hiru News en 2019-01-11 Political party leaders to decide the fate of the Constitutional Assembly Hiru News en 2019-01-12 New constitution proposes President to be elected by MP’s vote and Prime Minister to head the Cabinet Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Podujana Peramuna throws weight behinda Flower Bud Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Showers to increase from today Hiru News en 2019-01-12 IGP called up by Government Analysts Department Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Macedonia parliament agrees to change countrys name Hiru News en 2019-01-12 US shutdown bites as federal workers miss payday Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Interpol Warrant on Bangladeshi female who drove drug operation in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2019-01-12 UNP backbenchers want clarification on ORU MITHTHA NAADU Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Shortage of Blood at Blood Bank Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Warning from Bakery Owners Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Racket mixing Milk powder used for animal feed with dairy products uncovered in Kuliyapitiya Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Date set for police officers to communicate their greivances Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Opposition expresses strong disapproval with constitutional proposals Hiru News en 2019-01-12 Outsiders met with opposition from UNP Backbenchers Hiru News en 2019-01-13 Presidential Investigative Commission to look in to corruption in Health sector during last 4 years Hiru News en 2019-01-13 Need is for an election and not a constitution; statement from Asgiri Anu Nayaka Thera Hiru News en 2019-01-13 Steps to ban tuition classes during school time Hiru News en 2019-01-13 Report on clash in Parliament to the Attorney General Hiru News en 2019-01-13 80,000 Sri Lankan lives lost due to Alcohol and Cigarettes annually Hiru News en 2019-01-13 Sumanthiran speaks of Oru Miththa Naadu Hiru News en 2019-01-13 500 Indian fishing boats in Sri Lankan territorial waters Hiru News en 2019-01-13 Two killed in a shooting incident in Wattala; Four shooting incidents within 2 weeks Hiru News en 2019-01-13 Opposition asks for an emergency to combat Fall Armyworms Hiru News en 2019-01-13 Gotabaya ready for the Presidential Election Hiru News en 2019-01-14 President instructs electoral organizers to Prepare for PC election before Presidential election Hiru News en 2019-01-14 Heavy rainfall and strong winds predicted for many provinces Hiru News en 2019-01-14 IGP goes before the Government analyst’s department today Hiru News en 2019-01-14 Vital information revealed about the waththala double homicide Hiru News en 2019-01-14 The IGP submits a voice sample to the government analyst department Hiru News en 2019-01-14 A resolution to be moved in parliament , with regard to the recent MPs clash Hiru News en 2019-01-14 A New allegation against the TNA Hiru News en 2019-01-14 Fonseka in a predicament, over democracy Hiru News en 2019-01-14 Gotabaya receives SLPP support Hiru News en 2019-01-14 Stones hurled at UNP party supporters houses for not participating at steering committee meeting. Hiru News en 2019-01-14 A massive loss incurred by cancelling aircraft procurement; SLFP unions charge Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Sri Lanka pays 1 billion US Dollars, the largest loan instalment in Sri Lanka’s history Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Agricultural scientists request that seanaa catepillars be destroyed wherever they are found Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Indian fishermen get aggressive in Sri Lankan waters Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Former Alliance Chief Ministers go to courts petitioning an election Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Colombo the must-photograph travel destination for 2019 Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Investigations regarding the vehicle which fled after colliding with Police Officers in Jaffna Hiru News en 2019-01-15 130 Kilos of Sea Horses and 500 Kilos of Shark Fins seized from Kalpitiya Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Risk of Malaria resurfacing Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Final discussion on appointing Heads of Boards and Corporations tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Two children drown in a tank at Vavuniya, father killed over a land dispute Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Silent protest against the proposed constitution before the temple of the sacred tooth in Kandy Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Steady development program in the North and East Hiru News en 2019-01-15 Theverapperuma demands Fonseka to answer his questions Hiru News en 2019-01-16 Theresa Mays deal is voted down in historic Commons defeat Hiru News en 2019-01-16 Alliance general secretary gives clarity regarding the government’s intention Hiru News en 2019-01-16 Three suspects who abducted a businessman, nabbed on the expressway Hiru News en 2019-01-16 President Sirisena scheduled to meet with the president of the Philippines later today Hiru News en 2019-01-16 Two perspectives relating to Sinharaaja’s new road Hiru News en 2019-01-16 Maze farmers demand compensation for crop damage by Army worm Hiru News en 2019-01-16 A new draft bill presented to hold provincial council elections under the old system Hiru News en 2019-01-16 122 MP’s are prepared to withdraw their petition against Mahinda Hiru News en 2019-01-16 3 youths hospitalized following a clash in Na-Ula Hiru News en 2019-01-16 Nalaka de Silva further remanded Hiru News en 2019-01-16 A fuel station catches fire at Galkulama Hiru News en 2019-01-16 Two former LTTE cadres sentenced to 10 years for bombing Anuradhapura Air force camp Hiru News en 2019-01-16 The President and his Filipino Counterpart sign several bilateral agreements Hiru News en 2019-01-16 Bone fragments of up to 300 individuals discovered at Mannar mass grave Hiru News en 2019-01-16 A two-week anti-Fall Army worm operation begins Hiru News en 2019-01-16 Namal, Wimal and Shashi to CID Hiru News en 2019-01-17 The suspect arrested for possession of 60 million rupees worth of heroin, receives telephone calls from Welikada Hiru News en 2019-01-17 Admission of children to grade one takes place today Hiru News en 2019-01-17 Election Commission writes to party leaders Hiru News en 2019-01-17 An Invitation from the TNA to opposition leader, Mahinda Hiru News en 2019-01-17 A Case against Gotabaya to be heard on a daily basis Hiru News en 2019-01-17 Sabaragamuwa Medical Faculty opens amid student protests Hiru News en 2019-01-17 Special Presidential Commission to probe massive corruption from 2015 Hiru News en 2019-01-17 Deputy chairman of Akkaraipattu Urban Council arrested Hiru News en 2019-01-17 President Sirisena visits ADB headquarters in Manila Hiru News en 2019-01-17 Joint Opposition Leader visit Election Commission Hiru News en 2019-01-18 Sri Lanka Cricket election postponed Hiru News en 2019-01-17 70 students hospitalized following hornet attack Hiru News en 2019-01-17 Another 1200 acres army held land to be released on Monday Hiru News en 2019-01-17 Explosives discovered from Puttalam Hiru News en 2019-01-17 Agricultural Department says fall Armyworm hit maize suitable for human consumption Hiru News en 2019-01-17 The deadlock that worries the Election Commission chairman Hiru News en 2019-01-18 Opposition Leader Mahinda , states that the TNA should not be permitted to betray the country, simply because its supports the government Hiru News en 2019-01-18 Four arrested in connection with the detection of explosives in Wanathawilluva Hiru News en 2019-01-18 A female student hospitalised after being assaulted by a teacher in Siyambalaanduwa Hiru News en 2019-01-18 In Germany , A former LTTE member arrested, for the murder of Lakshman Kadirgamar Hiru News en 2019-01-18 After assuming duties Mahinda Rajapaksa announces the Opposition leaders office is open to all Hiru News en 2019-01-18 MP Wijemanna claims he did not kick Kabeer Hashim’s door Hiru News en 2019-01-18 The 2 suspects arrested for possession of the largest haul of heroin questioned by detectives from Bangaledesh Hiru News en 2019-01-18 Sri Lanka impacted by Climate change Hiru News en 2019-01-18 SLFP reveals a secret agreement by the Government Hiru News en 2019-01-18 Four more suspects surrender over Beruwala heroin incident Hiru News en 2019-01-18 Thailand to assist Sri Lanka to curb Army Worm menace Hiru News en 2019-01-19 Suspects arrested with explosives from Wanathawilluwa to be detained for 90 days for questioning Hiru News en 2019-01-19 Tests in search of micro organisms to control fall army worm Hiru News en 2019-01-19 Proposal to carry water from Iranamadu to Jaffna Hiru News en 2019-01-19 SLFP says cannot afford to divide now Hiru News en 2019-01-19 Donald Trump is to meet North Korean leader for 2nd summit Hiru News en 2019-01-19 British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka says UK would extend same preferential tariff rates to countries which are currently beneficiaries of GSP Hiru News en 2019-01-19 Australia fast bowler Josh Hazlewood ruled out of the test series against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2019-01-19 Fall Army Worm detected in Nuwara Eliya as well; Samples sent to US Hiru News en 2019-01-19 Another warning from Milk Powder importers Hiru News en 2019-01-19 Report on clash in Parliament to the Speaker Hiru News en 2019-01-19 Welgama says Mahinda must be the Presidential candidate Hiru News en 2019-01-20 Fall Army Worm affects corn cultivations island wide Hiru News en 2019-01-20 Sugar Tax on sweetmeats as well Hiru News en 2019-01-20 Central Bank warns of a malicious email Hiru News en 2019-01-20 Trump offers compromise to end government shutdown Hiru News en 2019-01-21 Gold jewelry worth over 4.5 million rupees seized at BIA Hiru News en 2019-01-20 Risk of SENA affecting Paddy cultivations as well Hiru News en 2019-01-20 Draft Bill empowering Bribery Commission to be debated on Tuesday Hiru News en 2019-01-20 Pistol found from car which crashed in Wennappuwa killing 6 Hiru News en 2019-01-20 Broad investigations in to the weapons haul found from Wanathawilluwa; Doubts if an Armed Gang was involved Hiru News en 2019-01-20 3 accomplices of underworld Kingpin Madush arrested in Thalangama with heroin Hiru News en 2019-01-20 No room for secret agreements of Ranil and Sumandiran; A statement from Opposition leader Hiru News en 2019-01-21 Thirteen North-western University students arrested over an assault Hiru News en 2019-01-21 The opposition leader in a doubt Hiru News en 2019-01-21 US shutdown: Trump angered by Democrats rejection of compromise Hiru News en 2019-01-21 A shooting in Kotahena; Narcotics trafficker “Croos” injured Hiru News en 2019-01-21 Former DIG Nalaka De Silva further remanded Hiru News en 2019-01-21 A shooting takes place in Matara; Licenses for pistols and revolvers cancelled Hiru News en 2019-01-21 Accident kills two which includes a Sri Lanka Army Major Hiru News en 2019-01-21 Spread of Dengue due to the prevailing weather condition Hiru News en 2019-01-21 Stance against drug traffickers unchanged- says the president Hiru News en 2019-01-21 A minister levels accusations against the Ministry of Agriculture on the anti- Fall Army worm program Hiru News en 2019-01-22 Kumar Dharmasena wins ICC Umpire of the Year Hiru News en 2019-01-22 Agriculture department suspects that fall-armyworm came from India, Farmers claim it came from America Hiru News en 2019-01-22 No notice issued to Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, Army media spokesman says that the brigadier will not be produced in London Hiru News en 2019-01-22 Electricity board incurs a Rs. 50 billion loss Hiru News en 2019-01-22 Fall army worm infests paddy cultivations Hiru News en 2019-01-22 SLFP district organizers summoned to Colombo today Hiru News en 2019-01-22 Police Complaint lodged against youth for climbing the historic Welgama temple to take photographs Hiru News en 2019-01-22 5 arrested in Colpitty with heroin worth over 1000 million rupees; 2 Americans among them Hiru News en 2019-01-23 The government states that a Loan to be repaid this year exceeds 5000 billion dollars Hiru News en 2019-01-23 Mannar mass grave bone fragment to be sent to the US today Hiru News en 2019-01-23 The New SLFP District leaders have been appointed Hiru News en 2019-01-23 The JVP says that the Constitutional Council should be dissolved Hiru News en 2019-01-23 Opportunity to declare ownership of automatic firearms today as well Hiru News en 2019-01-23 Supreme Court issues notice on former Chief Justice Sarath Nanda Silva Hiru News en 2019-01-23 Namal Rajapakse heads to the CID Hiru News en 2019-01-23 Maldives President to attend Sri Lanka’s Independence Day celebrations Hiru News en 2019-01-23 Wasp attack in the Ella area Hiru News en 2019-01-23 All set to increase fines against drivers who commit grave traffic violations Hiru News en 2019-01-23 An operation in Balangoda for the brothers who destroyed Buddhist statues Hiru News en 2019-01-23 Threat of Fall Army Worm spreading to fruit cultivation Hiru News en 2019-01-23 Home Affairs Minister explains about Independence day Hiru News en 2019-01-24 Six accomplices of Angoda Lokka nabbed Hiru News en 2019-01-24 New trains imported from India to ply from 30th of this month Hiru News en 2019-01-24 Sri Lankan held for smuggling medicine including sexual-enhancement pills Hiru News en 2019-01-24 Revelations that the Colpetty Heroin racket being steered from Turkmenistan Hiru News en 2019-01-24 COPE report on 17 government institutions submitted to parliament Hiru News en 2019-01-24 Murdered and burned corpse found from Moratuwa -Vehicle reported missing Hiru News en 2019-01-24 Price formula for milk powder too Hiru News en 2019-01-24 President Maithreepala Sirsena meets Singaporean president Hiru News en 2019-01-24 Speaker, Prime Minister, Mangala and Kabir in Medamulana Hiru News en 2019-01-24 FAO concerned about Sri Lanka, as the Fall army worm infestation spreads Hiru News en 2019-01-25 A group who came to a school in Weligama on motorcycles attacks a student Hiru News en 2019-01-25 A decisive discussion continues today regarding estate labour wages Hiru News en 2019-01-25 Briton agrees to correct the incorrect understanding about Brigadier Priyanka Hiru News en 2019-01-25 Investigations underway to have the confiscation of assets of 24 major drug kingpins Hiru News en 2019-01-25 Discussions begin regarding estate labour wages Hiru News en 2019-01-25 Vehicle permits for government employees to be granted again Hiru News en 2019-01-25 Notice issued on Aloysius, Palisena and 2 others Hiru News en 2019-01-25 855 rupees for the estate labourers Hiru News en 2019-01-26 HIRU Siripa Karunawa reaches final stage Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Invitation to the JVP Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Remains of Army Captain and Trooper killed in Mali to be brought back soon Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Education Minister prepares to close divisions and open more Zonal Offices Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Australia stamp their authority in first Test against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Trump announces deal to lift shutdown Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Facebook to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Dallas reveals of UNP’s need for a National Government Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Programmes to combat fall army worm from today Hiru News en 2019-01-26 UN Secretary General condemns attack on Sri Lankan Peacekeeping Forces in Mali Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Report on restructuring Sri Lankan to the President on Monday Hiru News en 2019-01-26 President instructs to provide lifetime salaries and allowances to Disabled soldiers and dependents of deceased soldiers Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Farmers urged to refrain from cultivating maize until further notice Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Sagaragamuwa Maha Saman Devala at risk Hiru News en 2019-01-26 Maggots in a chicken curry causes tense situation in a wedding in Embilipitiya Hiru News en 2019-01-27 Farmers requested to cultivate corn after the New Year Hiru News en 2019-01-27 Uththara-devi commences operations today Hiru News en 2019-01-27 Children participating in Sports meets advised to consume additional water Hiru News en 2019-01-27 Estate workers take to the streets continuing their demands for 1,000 Rupees; Hatton – Balangoda Road blocked Hiru News en 2019-01-27 Database of fingerprints to identify criminals promptly Hiru News en 2019-01-27 CEB 115 Billion in debt amidst losses Hiru News en 2019-01-27 Shortage of essential medicines at Apeksha hospital Hiru News en 2019-01-27 Minister Mangala reveals a dream of the UNP Hiru News en 2019-01-27 Risk of fall army worm spreading to green vegetables; Proposals to the government to offer incentives to farmers assisting in combating the issue Hiru News en 2019-01-27 Estate workers continue to protest demanding a 1,000 rupee daily wage Hiru News en 2019-01-28 Sri Lankan airlines reformation recommendation committee scheduled to report to the president today Hiru News en 2019-01-28 Wimal summoned to the CID Hiru News en 2019-01-28 Minister Naveen speaks of the decider in appointing the next president Hiru News en 2019-01-28 The Estate labour wage agreement left on the fence,Hatton Colombo road closed due to protests Hiru News en 2019-01-28 Wimal Weerawansa reports to CID Hiru News en 2019-01-28 Archaeological Ordinance to be amended after 14 years Hiru News en 2019-01-28 UNP backbenchers are reluctant to support another unity government Hiru News en 2019-01-28 Prices of locally manufactured liquor increases Hiru News en 2019-01-28 Drug racketeer Kudu Siddik released on bail Hiru News en 2019-01-28 New collective agreement signed amid estate workers’ protest Hiru News en 2019-01-29 The Labour Struggle Centre points out, The agreement is a lie! Estate employees wages were increased only by just Rs.10 Hiru News en 2019-01-29 Education ministry states let there be no restrictions to recommended attire for pregnant teachers’A special phone number activated for complaints Hiru News en 2019-01-29 The union for Importers of milk powder states “If the tax was reduced, the price would drop by Rs.50 per kilo” Hiru News en 2019-01-29 Fall Army worm infestation spreads to Anuradhapura Banana cultivation Hiru News en 2019-01-29 Mussamil reports to the CID, to make a statement regarding VIP assassination plot Hiru News en 2019-01-29 Attack on the Navy during a raid on sand mining in Kandalkadu; Hiru News en 2019-01-29 Price of powdered milk likely to increase this week Hiru News en 2019-01-29 Estate workers protest continues today Hiru News en 2019-01-29 The Circular on school fund raising cancelled Hiru News en 2019-01-29 Five caught in Bangladesh over biggest drug haul in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2019-01-29 Attack on the Navy during a raid on sand mining in Kandalkadu Hiru News en 2019-01-29 Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapakse responds to Election Commission Chairman Hiru News en 2019-01-30 New Opposition Alliance to be established in one and half weeks Hiru News en 2019-01-30 Bandula reveals seven new tax systems made effective on 1st January Hiru News en 2019-01-30 Farmer unions threaten to carry out a different form of protest Hiru News en 2019-01-30 Former DIG Nalaka de Silva further remanded Hiru News en 2019-01-30 Ramba virus attacks computer systems Hiru News en 2019-01-30 1200 women in the IRC list Hiru News en 2019-01-30 The President says convicted drug racketeers will be executed soon Hiru News en 2019-01-30 The appeal verdict on Ghanasara thero postponed Hiru News en 2019-01-30 Chairmen appointed to institutions under Power and Energy Ministry Hiru News en 2019-01-30 Wildcat strike at the customs. Hiru News en 2019-01-30 A reminder from the Asgiri chapter Hiru News en 2019-01-30 Anti Army worm virus brought to the country from the US Hiru News en 2019-01-31 A former PC and his wife apprehended along with Narcotics worth more than 36 million rupees. Hiru News en 2019-01-31 Functions of the customs still crippled Hiru News en 2019-01-31 Paddy mill owners agreed to sell rice for double price says ministry of agriculture Hiru News en 2019-01-31 Counterfeit notes of 5000 rupees and 1000 rupees seized from Horowpathana Hiru News en 2019-01-31 A school principal arrested for obtaining a bribe in Horowpotana Hiru News en 2019-01-31 A team from Narcotic bureau to visit Bangladesh Hiru News en 2019-01-31 Court of Appeal postpones the verdict against Vigneshwaran Hiru News en 2019-01-31 Court to issue a ruling on preliminary objections in DA Rajapaksa Case on February 11 Hiru News en 2019-01-31 A bench member withdraws from petition against Prime Ministers parliament set Hiru News en 2019-01-31 A woman married to several youth promising jobs in Italy arrested Hiru News en 2019-01-31 New acting Director General appointed to the customs - The ongoing strike continues Hiru News en 2019-01-31 President says a new government to be formed this year Hiru News en 2019-02-01 Search operations continue for a girl reported missing in Karuwalagaswewa Hiru News en 2019-02-01 Interruptions to Electricity supply in several areas restored Hiru News en 2019-02-01 Day 3 of the Customs strike continues today;Protesters Voice their Opposition to the acting director general Hiru News en 2019-02-01 Patients inconvenienced due to Pharmacists strike Hiru News en 2019-02-01 The President says the aim of the constitutional amendment is to strengthen parliament Hiru News en 2019-02-01 The Alliance led by Mano, schedules crucial meeting with the Prime Minister today Hiru News en 2019-02-01 Customs work to rule continues;Threatens to stop general services Hiru News en 2019-02-01 The UNP proposal for a unity government sent to the speaker; 48 Cabinet and 45 non-cabinet positions on offer Hiru News en 2019-02-01 SLFP picks Maithripala Sirisena for candidacy in next presidential election Hiru News en 2019-02-01 The discussions fail between the Customs trade unions and the Finance Minister Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Virus to combat Fall Army Worm from next Yala Season Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Meeting between President and Vice President of Seychelles Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Customs continues work to rule; Income decreases by 65 percent Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Digambaram to take a decision on the 5th Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Westminister court revokes arrest warrant on Brigadier Priyanka Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Debate on forming a National Government on the 7th; Joint Opposition and JVP says they weren’t informed Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Importers warn of a shortage of food items due to the Customs strike Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Operation in Wilpaththu in search of missing Saliyawewa girl Hiru News en 2019-02-02 An explanation on the constitution and the national government from Opposition Leader Mahinda Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Prisoners like Duminda Silva who were imprisoned over political reasons should be released - Ajith Prasanna Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Customs takes stricter trade union action Hiru News en 2019-02-02 150 police officers deployed in search of the missing girl in Puttalam Hiru News en 2019-02-02 Aava group completely under control Hiru News en 2019-02-03 Customs Trade Unions which worked to rule, prepare for a strike Hiru News en 2019-02-03 Aleppo building collapse kills 11 Hiru News en 2019-02-03 Agriculture Department to advice corn farmers before Yala season; chemicals banned from been used to ripen fruits Hiru News en 2019-02-03 5,848 Tri Forces Personnel for the National Day Hiru News en 2019-02-03 4 foreigners arrested for videoing Katunayaka Hiru News en 2019-02-03 Revelation from the Mother of missing girl in Puttalam; Divers return to Kala Oya Hiru News en 2019-02-03 Containers cleared reduces by 90 percent due to Customs strike Hiru News en 2019-02-03 Mother of the missing girl in Karuwala-gas-wewa confesses to assaulting her daughter and dumping her in Kala Oya Hiru News en 2019-02-03 Wholesalers of essential food items to close down their outlets on the 5th Hiru News en 2019-02-03 Former President Chandrika’s security officers attempt to coerce journalists Hiru News en 2019-02-03 Leader of the Opposition to take part in National Day Celebrations; UPFA General Secretary in disappointment Hiru News en 2019-02-04 71st National Independence Day today Hiru News en 2019-02-04 Grandparents of missing girl of Karuwalagas-wewa arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-04 Container Transporters and Warf Clarks join the Customs strike Hiru News en 2019-02-04 Black flags in several areas over estate workers salary issue Hiru News en 2019-02-04 Australia seal series 2 - Nil Hiru News en 2019-02-04 President addressing nation says he opposes proposed national government Hiru News en 2019-02-04 Mother of missing Karuwala-gas-wewa girl to be sent to a psychiatrist Hiru News en 2019-02-04 71st Independence Day proudly celebrated; Mahinda present, Chandrika and Fonseka absent Hiru News en 2019-02-04 A woman dies after a Ferris Wheel collapses at Naiwala Hiru News en 2019-02-04 Bodies of war heroes killed in Mali flown to the island Hiru News en 2019-02-04 Failure to achieve a lasting political solution is regretted, says the President at the Independence Day celebration Hiru News en 2019-02-04 Unloading of essential food items and pharmaceuticals likely to be crippled due to Customs strike Hiru News en 2019-02-05 Heavy rains in several provinces today as well Hiru News en 2019-02-05 Mother who got hospitalised after dumping twin infants in a fertiliser bag arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-05 A warning regarding a monetary fraud carried out through ATM machines Hiru News en 2019-02-05 Customs strike completes a week; Pettah wholesale shops will remain closed today. Hiru News en 2019-02-05 The injured girl at the Naivala entertainment park also dies Hiru News en 2019-02-05 Wanted criminal group member Makandure Madush and 3 associates arrested in Dubai – a popular vocalist among them Hiru News en 2019-02-05 Tamil Progressive alliance meets the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2019-02-05 1000 containers of essential goods stranded in the port; Wholesalers protest in Pettah Hiru News en 2019-02-05 SLMC to decide on the Unity Government today Hiru News en 2019-02-05 Three suspects arrested with 110 kilograms of heroin Hiru News en 2019-02-05 Chandimal dropped for South Africa tour, Karunaratne made captain Hiru News en 2019-02-05 Finance Minister Mangala withdraws his Cabinet paper Hiru News en 2019-02-05 STF Chief’s service extended Hiru News en 2019-02-05 Custom trade unions to continue the strike Hiru News en 2019-02-05 Underworld kingpin Madush and another 25 arrested in Dubai Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Central Province Public Service Commission dissolved Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Assistance of Foreign and Defence Ministries to bring back the group including Madhush to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Customs strike ends following discussions Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Discussions to continue regarding the daily wage of estate workers Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Focus on national government resolution at today’s party leaders’ meeting Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Russia plans new missile systems after pullout Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Pat Cummins, Jason Holder achieve career-best Test rankings Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Robbery reported at a fuel station in Dompe Hiru News en 2019-02-06 A suspect arrested with a foreign firearm Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Joint Communique between SL and Maldives Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Sri Lanka is not a country that has to be monitored by Western countries - says Lord Naseby Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Customs strike incurs a 12 billion rupees loss Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Cabinet approves to set up an Authority to rehabilitate drug addicts Hiru News en 2019-02-06 School Principals on a protest march Hiru News en 2019-02-06 One of the suspects arrested with Madush possess a diplomatic passport Hiru News en 2019-02-06 11 arrested for using illegal fishing nets Hiru News en 2019-02-06 The Unity Government proposal to be debated tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Acting chairmen appointed to Bank of Ceylon and Peoples Bank Hiru News en 2019-02-06 President says death penalty against drug racketeers will be implemented within next 2 months Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Angoda Lokka said to have escaped during Dubai hotel raid Hiru News en 2019-02-06 Wadiwel Suresh prepares to withdraw from estate workers collective agreement Hiru News en 2019-02-07 National Government resolution debate postponed Hiru News en 2019-02-07 Central Bank advises to be vigilant when using ATM’s Hiru News en 2019-02-07 A meeting between President, Opposition Leader and Joint Opposition leaders Hiru News en 2019-02-07 Postponed estates workers discussion resumes today Hiru News en 2019-02-07 Navy seizes a stock of explosives and a pressure bomb Hiru News en 2019-02-07 The delayed unity government proposal to be debated next week Hiru News en 2019-02-07 Tense situation in Parliament on Constitutional council Hiru News en 2019-02-07 A member of the bench hearing the case against former Chief Justice Sarath. N .Silva withdraws Hiru News en 2019-02-07 3 accomplices of underworld leader D.Manju arrested with drugs Hiru News en 2019-02-07 Former chairman of Kalutara Pradeshiya Sabah jailed for 5 years Hiru News en 2019-02-07 Several MPs entrap on a parliament lift Hiru News en 2019-02-07 Discussions on estate workers’ daily wage fail Hiru News en 2019-02-07 Thundershowers in several provinces Hiru News en 2019-02-07 Ronald Perera appointed as chairman of BOC Hiru News en 2019-02-07 Ajith P Perera jeered at in Bandaragama Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Stock of Kerala Ganja worth more than 40 million rupees seized at Peliyagoda Hiru News en 2019-02-08 A senior police officer for special task force noted that the brother of Singer Amal Perera, Sohan Perera was also arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Indian National arrested with 10.5 million rupees worth cocaine at BIA Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Number of person who could use the Parliament lift limited to six Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Strong winds and heavy showers in several provinces today as well Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Discussions for obtaining another IMF loan Hiru News en 2019-02-08 The tenure of the Presidential commission probing Sri lankan and Mihin Lanka extended Hiru News en 2019-02-08 2 suspects arrested with a foreign manufactured pistol Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Thai princess to stand as Prime Minister candidate Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Police raid a gambling spot from a female PS member of Beruwala Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Australian parliament computer network breached Hiru News en 2019-02-08 A police team head to Madush’s house Hiru News en 2019-02-08 UN Women Disability Study Report Launch Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Heavy showers forecast for Sabaragamuwa and central provinces next two days Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Heavy traffic jams in Peliyagoda and its surroundings Hiru News en 2019-02-08 6 months jail term on Gnanasara Thera suspended for 5 years Hiru News en 2019-02-08 Military DPM and T56 bullets found from the house of Janga who was arrested along with Madush in Dubai Hiru News en 2019-02-08 The woman who dumped her daughter into the Kala oya made a confidential statement to the court Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Mohan De Silva and Ravin Wickremerathna’s nominations rejected from Cricket elections Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Legal action against 7 MP’s involved in the clash in Parliament Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Thailands king condemns bid by sister to become PM Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Another water cut tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Commission probing corruption between 2015 to 2018 commences work Hiru News en 2019-02-09 CCTV footage of hotel of Sunshine Sudda who was arrested along with Madush, to the Police Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Finland basic income trial left people happier but jobless Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Will consider PSL performances to finalize World Cup squad - Arthur Hiru News en 2019-02-09 2 injured in a shooting Dompe Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Three suspects arrested with two firearms Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Madhush’s paramour’s car taken in to custody in Padukka Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Youth killed due to lightening Hiru News en 2019-02-09 A motorcar used by actor Rayan Van Royan discovered from a Weligama Hiru News en 2019-02-09 2 reports to the Speaker on malfunctioned elevator Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Opposition’s new Alliance within a Month Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Mohan and Raveen whose Cricket nominations were rejected, to court Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa states that there was a breakdown of the bilateral relationship between India and Sri Lanka in 2014 Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Army officer who assisted Jangaa, an accomplice of Madush, arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-09 President states that the police will be changed Hiru News en 2019-02-09 3,876 individuals arrested during a 4-hour operation Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Circular to be issued holding the police responsible for illicit liquor found Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Heavy showers over Sabaragamuwa and Central provinces in the next 16 hours Hiru News en 2019-02-09 Provincial Council elections will definitely be held before the Presidential election; President says in Polonnaruwa Hiru News en 2019-02-09 UNF still in national government discussions Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Showers expected in few areas Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Police expand investigations in to connections of Madhush Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Retired Teachers back to service Hiru News en 2019-02-10 12 including Olu Maraa arrested in Wennappuwa Hiru News en 2019-02-10 5 arrested with 3.1 Million Rupees worth cigarettes Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Another accomplice of Madush arrested in Mattakkuliya; Olu Maraa also arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Liquor Licences to be issued online Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Funds lost by Bond Scam to be recovered soon; Attorney General’s Department expedites process Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Murali explains reasons for Sri Lanka Cricket’s collapse Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Individual killed by a wild elephant in Uva Kuda Oya Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Shooting incident in Thanamalwila; Person accused of committing a murder, killed Hiru News en 2019-02-10 An accomplice of Makandure Madush arrested in Sooriyawewa Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Train services on the Northern Line disrupted Hiru News en 2019-02-10 MP Wimal Weerawansa makes a controversial revelation about how Subaskaran Allirajah, who handles LTTE funding, bought EAP Company Hiru News en 2019-02-10 Producing Madush and others before courts, delayed; Asela and Nalaka who organized Madush’s father’s funeral, also arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-11 Angoda Lokka, who fled during Madusha’s party, also arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-11 Predictions of Strong winds throughout the island till Wednesday Hiru News en 2019-02-11 Fuel price revision to take place today, according to the price formula Hiru News en 2019-02-11 Thanamalwila shooting due to a family dispute Hiru News en 2019-02-11 UNP MP Chaminda Wijesiri assaults a police constable Hiru News en 2019-02-11 Special trial at bar rejects Gotabaya’s preliminary objections Hiru News en 2019-02-11 Environmentalists also blames Ministry of Agriculture Hiru News en 2019-02-11 SLPP questions the reasons for provincial council elections to be postponed Hiru News en 2019-02-11 Police inform Court UNP MP Chaminda Wijesiri will be arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-11 An accomplice of Angoda Lokka arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-11 President says all chainsaw machines should be licensed Hiru News en 2019-02-11 Fuel Prices Increased Hiru News en 2019-02-12 The Speaker permits the arrest of UNP MP Chaminda Wijesiri Hiru News en 2019-02-12 Discussions takes place regarding the purchase of MI - 17 Helicopters from Russia Hiru News en 2019-02-12 Verdict about the group including Singer Amal Perera today Hiru News en 2019-02-12 Fuel prices on the rise, Petrol up by Rs. 6/=, Diesel by Rs. 4, IOC increases their fuel prices too Hiru News en 2019-02-12 2 arrested with heroin from Ingiriya Hiru News en 2019-02-12 Songs by Amal played at Dubai Police station Hiru News en 2019-02-12 Kotalawala Administration explains to student clash Hiru News en 2019-02-12 Another resolution before the Geneva Human rights session to pressurize Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2019-02-12 21-hour water cut in Colombo suburbs tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-02-12 Aloysius complains of headache at the Bribery Commission Hiru News en 2019-02-12 Cabinet approves to provide computer tabs to AL students Hiru News en 2019-02-12 Arrested accomplice of Madush to be detained for questioning Hiru News en 2019-02-12 MP DAYASIRI ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL Hiru News en 2019-02-12 Family Lawyer heads to Dubai for Amal and Nadimal Hiru News en 2019-02-12 UNP back benchers prepare to disclose vital information Hiru News en 2019-02-13 Allowance for estate workers through the budget Hiru News en 2019-02-13 The Decision by minister Akila to reinstate retired teachers in service, objected Hiru News en 2019-02-13 Report on parliament elevator to be handed over to the secretary general today Hiru News en 2019-02-13 The 70 Sri Lankans detained in reunion islands to arrive in Sri Lanka tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-02-13 Investigations commence regarding ETI transaction Depositors to the CID Hiru News en 2019-02-13 UNP MP chaminda wijesiri surrenders to police Hiru News en 2019-02-13 Government to add 50 rupees to estate workers wage Hiru News en 2019-02-13 Maakaruda madush and other suspects to be presented before Dubai courts Hiru News en 2019-02-13 The Court of Appeal rejects primary objections filed by former CM - CV Wigneshwaran Hiru News en 2019-02-13 Government to add 50 rupees to estate workers wage Hiru News en 2019-02-13 Chaminda who assaulted a policeman granted bail Hiru News en 2019-02-13 A person accused of handling cash for Kanjipani Imran arrested in Maligawatte Hiru News en 2019-02-13 The CID informs Court about the contacts between Amal Perera and Nalaka de Silva. Investigations continue to ascertain whether Madush is involved Hiru News en 2019-02-14 Importing of Pepper, arecanut, cinnamon, tamarind, nutmeg and mace brought to a halt Hiru News en 2019-02-14 68 kilo grams of Kerala Ganja recovered in a SUV at Maradana Hiru News en 2019-02-14 The foreigners who stole fauna and flora in Singharaja have a record fine imposed. Hiru News en 2019-02-14 4 arrested for the pocession of Narcotic pills Hiru News en 2019-02-14 The civil defence force member arrested for assaulting a school student in Dehiattakandiya Hiru News en 2019-02-14 Madush and 25 others to be detained for two weeks in Dubai Hiru News en 2019-02-14 Minister Ravi reports to the bribery commission Hiru News en 2019-02-14 20 illegal emigrants arrested from Siyambalanduwa Hiru News en 2019-02-14 Two arrested for posing photographs on an ancient Dagaba Hiru News en 2019-02-14 60 illegal immigrants detained after returning from Reunion Island - (Pictures) Hiru News en 2019-02-14 Election Commission says provincial council polls should be conducted first Hiru News en 2019-02-14 Foreign Ministry confirms about Dubai court proceedings on Madush and his group Hiru News en 2019-02-14 Opposition Leader charges that public administration has collapsed due to the constitutional council Hiru News en 2019-02-15 New Commission Investigating Bribery or Corruption commence duties Hiru News en 2019-02-15 An alcohol trafficking carried out concealed in mattresses in Moodu-katuwa Hiru News en 2019-02-15 A man throws acid at his wife in Kamburupitiya Hiru News en 2019-02-15 Kanjipaani Imraan’s mistress shot at in Kotahena Hiru News en 2019-02-15 Kankesanturai harbour will be turned into economic hub Hiru News en 2019-02-15 The Opposition to object the unity government proposal on the 20th Hiru News en 2019-02-15 A police team appointed to visit Dubai to investigate criminal gang leaders including Madush Hiru News en 2019-02-15 CID receives 25 statements with regard to missing businessman of Rathgama Hiru News en 2019-02-15 54 students of Sabaragamuwa Campus suspended 40 female students among them Hiru News en 2019-02-15 Two youth who posed for photographs atop an ancient Dagaba, remanded Hiru News en 2019-02-15 A man arrested for attacking wife to death Hiru News en 2019-02-15 6 suspects of Anuradhapura MC financial fraud further remanded Hiru News en 2019-02-15 A suspect arrested for carrying a hand grenade to the public rally addressed by the president Hiru News en 2019-02-15 Kudu Chooti was shot at by a close associate of Kanjipana Imran Hiru News en 2019-02-15 The habeas corpus filed by Wijeyweera’s wife dismissed Hiru News en 2019-02-16 3 suspects of the Thanamalwila murder arrested with firearms Hiru News en 2019-02-16 IMF team in Sri Lanka to decide on the loan instalment Hiru News en 2019-02-16 Opposition Leader says the new constitution is fictitious Hiru News en 2019-02-16 CID concludes investigation on the assassination conspiracy; Report to be submitted to the Attorney General next week Hiru News en 2019-02-16 Alliance MP’s to take a decision against the Speaker Hiru News en 2019-02-16 Foreigner drowns in Mount Lavinia Sea Hiru News en 2019-02-16 Female navy sailor commits suicide Hiru News en 2019-02-16 Two arrested with firearms in Kanda-ketiya Hiru News en 2019-02-16 Two arrested with heroin in Angulana Hiru News en 2019-02-16 Wimal writes to the Central Bank Governor raising suspicion over the sale of EAP to Subashkaran despite a local buyer’s offer Hiru News en 2019-02-16 Discussion to be held tomorrow over Amal and Nadeemal Hiru News en 2019-02-17 350 schools with no admissions for grade 1 Hiru News en 2019-02-17 Alliance General Secretary says a new organisation will be formed Hiru News en 2019-02-17 Postal facilities of MPs and Provincial Councillors, doubled Hiru News en 2019-02-17 National Government proposal before the party leaders meeting on Wednesday Hiru News en 2019-02-17 President congratulates SL cricket team Hiru News en 2019-02-17 Senior DIG in charge of the Southern Province, Ravi Wijegunawardena transferred to Police Headquarters Hiru News en 2019-02-17 Joint Opposition writes to the President about the actions of the government Hiru News en 2019-02-17 Nadu and Samba to be sold at 80 and 85 respectively from the 1st of April o Rice mill owners reach an agreement with the Agriculture Ministry Hiru News en 2019-02-17 Government executive grade officers prepare for a strike action Hiru News en 2019-02-17 Estate workers protest today as well demanding 1,000 rupees Hiru News en 2019-02-17 President says that a new government will definitely be formed this year Hiru News en 2019-02-17 7 individuals arrested over excavating for artefacts Hiru News en 2019-02-17 A decision on provincial council elections next week Hiru News en 2019-02-17 Father and uncle arrested for abusing daughter Hiru News en 2019-02-17 Tense situation in Puttalam due to garbage, today as well Hiru News en 2019-02-18 4 killed and 19 injured in an accident in Chilaw - Mahawewa (photos) Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Dam Street Shooting a consequence of an underworld clash, One person admitted to hospital Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Amal Perera prepared to take legal action after returning to the island Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Shooting in Ratnapura injures one Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Bus conductor missing after the accident that killed three passengers Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Dates fixed for the debate on Constitutional Council Hiru News en 2019-02-18 The Manager to submit a report on the Cricket Video footage Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Suspect arrested with 24, 100 dollar counterfeit notes Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Police Commission calls for a report on the Rathgama incident from the IGP Hiru News en 2019-02-18 The bailed out suspect of the 40 million customs fraud remanded Hiru News en 2019-02-18 India warns of backlash against Kashmir Muslims Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Registration of Chain Saws will begin on February 20th Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Supreme Court Petition against the Election Commission Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Thundershowers in several provinces Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Indonesian presidential hopefuls vow energy self-sufficiency through palm Hiru News en 2019-02-18 The driver of the Marawila fatal bus accident arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Colombo Port to get 3 high-tech scanners Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Trump aide predicts hundreds of miles of border wall by 2020 Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Japans PM nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on US request - Asahi Hiru News en 2019-02-18 Theresa May urges Tory MPs to unite and back deal Hiru News en 2019-02-18 ICC clears Akila Dananjaya’s bowling action Hiru News en 2019-02-18 The bailed out suspect of the 40 million customs fraud remanded Hiru News en 2019-02-19 Two customs officials have been sent on compulsory leave, over 40-million rupees beedi leaf fraud Hiru News en 2019-02-19 Animal trafficking in Horton Plains Wildlife Park operated by foreigners Hiru News en 2019-02-19 The two Ratgama businessmen still missing Relatives charge the police Hiru News en 2019-02-19 Terrorist Investigations Division probes Madhush’s Bank Accounts Hiru News en 2019-02-19 A youth arrested for posting derogatory material against police on Face Book Hiru News en 2019-02-19 2 killed and 4 injured in another road accident earlier today Hiru News en 2019-02-19 An IP remanded in connection with disappearance of Rathgama businessmen Hiru News en 2019-02-19 Unity government debate postponed, will not be held this week Hiru News en 2019-02-19 Two arrested while illegally transporting sea cucumber Hiru News en 2019-02-19 Fire erupts in a housing complex in Athurugiriya Hiru News en 2019-02-19 A close associate of Makandure Madush arrested in connection to the 7000 million rupees diamond robbery Hiru News en 2019-02-19 The abducted girl student of Aranayake rescued within an hour Hiru News en 2019-02-20 Registration of Chain saw machines begins today. Hiru News en 2019-02-20 Discussions relating to the Provincial Council election to take place at the party leaders’ meeting Hiru News en 2019-02-20 Election of Bar Association office-bearers to be held today Hiru News en 2019-02-20 Train travel delayed Hiru News en 2019-02-20 A phone , seized as evidence in the case of the 7 billion rupee gem heist, to be sent to the government analyst Hiru News en 2019-02-20 Two arrested with drugs in possession in Cinnamon Gardens Hiru News en 2019-02-20 UNP chairman , Minister Kabeer Hashim appears before Sri Lankan Airlines Presidential Commission Hiru News en 2019-02-20 The missing Agarapatana child found, after being abandoned Hiru News en 2019-02-20 The US analytical report on Mannar human bone fragments produced before Court Hiru News en 2019-02-20 A committee appointed to probe Ranjan’s controversial statement Hiru News en 2019-02-20 Committee appointed to probe Ranjan’s controversial statement; Deputy speaker says no list of ministers and MPs received so far Hiru News en 2019-02-20 Vote counting begins in Bar Association election Hiru News en 2019-02-21 Kalinga Indatissa elected as the new president of the Bar Association Hiru News en 2019-02-21 A lifetime suspension on the licenses of skippers, if their fishing trawlers are used for illegal activities Hiru News en 2019-02-21 SLC elections take place today Hiru News en 2019-02-21 Huge fire kills dozens in old part of Bangladesh capital Dhaka Hiru News en 2019-02-21 Two arrested for transporting parts of Venivelgeta plant Hiru News en 2019-02-21 The Speaker says he did not receive a list of MP’s who allegedly use cocaine Hiru News en 2019-02-21 Shammi Silva elected as SLC President Hiru News en 2019-02-21 Keselwatte dinuka’s relative arrested for possession of Narcotics Hiru News en 2019-02-21 The OIC of Southern provincial special crime unit reports to the CID with regard to the Rathgama incident today Hiru News en 2019-02-21 Julie Bishop announces resignation from Parliament Hiru News en 2019-02-21 Two motorcyclists killed in an accident at Mathugama Hiru News en 2019-02-21 Galle face road closed due to IUSF protest march Hiru News en 2019-02-21 President says 19th Amendment is abused Hiru News en 2019-02-21 SA bowled out for 222 Hiru News en 2019-02-22 Jayawardenepura University states that the Dwarf population observed in Anuradhapura and Ampara are not Neettawa pygmies Hiru News en 2019-02-22 Sub Inspector, who attended an anti-narcotic programme, victim to an assault Hiru News en 2019-02-22 Committee regarding Cocaine meets today Hiru News en 2019-02-22 A special discussion between President and the leader of the Opposition scheduled for today Hiru News en 2019-02-22 CID arrests a SI in connection to the disappearance of the Rathgama businessmen Hiru News en 2019-02-22 Ranjan reports to Cocaine probing committee; Report to be handed over to the Prime Minister either today or on Monday Hiru News en 2019-02-22 More Details relating Neettawa pygmies emerge from Kuliyaptiya Hiru News en 2019-02-22 59 MPs to be charged for the clash in parliament Hiru News en 2019-02-22 A drug dealer arrested with cocaine of 80 million rupees in Negombo Hiru News en 2019-02-22 Case against Vijayakala postponed Hiru News en 2019-02-22 2 abducted businessmen of Rathgama murdered in Akmeemana and bodies burnt at Walasmulla Hiru News en 2019-02-22 Cocaine committee probe report on Monday Hiru News en 2019-02-22 Ruwan Wijewardene sworn in as State Minister of Media Hiru News en 2019-02-23 Accomplice of Kanjipani Imran arrested Hiru News en 2019-02-23 President wants Uma Oya project expedited Hiru News en 2019-02-23 Bone and hair fragments believed to be that of 2 Businessmen of Rathgama who were killed sent for DNA tests Hiru News en 2019-02-23 Body of an Individual found from near Araliya Uyana – Depanama Hiru News en 2019-02-23 2 arrested with heroin worth 1 Million from Kelaniya Hiru News en 2019-02-23 Residents protest against the killing of 2 businessmen in Rathgama ; Galle Road blocked Hiru News en 2019-02-23 11 underworld figures arrested within 17 days Hiru News en 2019-02-23 Individual whose body was found from Depanama believed to be linked to the underworld Hiru News en 2019-02-23 One of Kanjipaani’s main shooters arrested in Jampettah street Hiru News en 2019-02-23 A historical win for Sri Lanka in South Africa Hiru News en 2019-02-23 Protest in Rathgama obstructs Galle Road and coastal railway line for 6 hours; Burnt phones and several clothes discovered Hiru News en 2019-02-23 Committee Chairman clears all MPs from cocaine allegations Hiru News en 2019-02-24 CID continues investigations in search of 5 more Police Officers over Rathgama incident Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Largest stock of heroin ever, seized at a Super Market in Colombo; 294 Kilograms - worth 2.954 Billion Rupees Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Kim Jong-un leaves North Korea for Vietnam by train Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Brexit must not be frustrated, Theresa May vows Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Wanted to do something special in South Africa – Karunaratne Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Committee to work on initial agreements on new Alliance next week Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Suspect arrested with a firearm in Ratnapura Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Defender flees after knocking over a Police Officer in Bambalapitiya Hiru News en 2019-02-24 SA slips to 3rd Place in ICC Test Rankings Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Opposition wants an investigation regarding LNG Cabinet Paper Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Largest heroin haul seized brought from Dubai; President praises the officers who carried out the raid Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Sri Lanka’s 1st Satellite, Ravana 1 to be launched in April Hiru News en 2019-02-24 President arrives at the Narcotics Bureau to witness the largest ever heroin haul Hiru News en 2019-02-24 The defender involved in the “hit and run” incident of the Borella Traffic OIC, found Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Permission granted to detain and question the two suspects who were arrested with heroin in Colpetty Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Individual arrested in Kalpitiya with a stock of illegal cigarettes Hiru News en 2019-02-24 Wife of a former Pradeshiya Sabha member arrested with a firearm and forbidden knives Hiru News en 2019-02-24 New UNP Negombo electorate organizer assumes duties; Resistance from the former organizer Hiru News en 2019-02-25 3 persons including, a son of a Superintendent of Police, arrested over allegedly knocking down the Borella traffic OIC Hiru News en 2019-02-25 Report on Ranjan’s Cocaine allegation to be submitted to the Prime Minister today Hiru News en 2019-02-25 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council commences today Hiru News en 2019-02-25 Younger brother killed in the blast of a barrel of thinner; Father and brother wounded Hiru News en 2019-02-25 Day to day life in the North cripple due Hartal Hiru News en 2019-02-25 8 arrested in connection with the Borella Traffic OIC hit and run incident - MP Mahindananda’s son also among them Hiru News en 2019-02-25 Olivia Colman and Green Book spring surprise wins Hiru News en 2019-02-25 Southern Special Crime Investigation Unit is likely to be dissolved after the Rathgama incident. Hiru News en 2019-02-25 The handcuffs used in Rs. 7 Billion rupee diamond robbery found from the house of a gunman of Makandure Madush Hiru News en 2019-02-25 2 suspects arrested over Borella traffic OIC hit and run accident released on bail; the son of an SP attached to VIP security division who drove the ill-fated jeep remanded Hiru News en 2019-02-25 In a petition to the Supreme Court admiral Wasantha Karannagoda requests anticipatory bail Hiru News en 2019-02-25 Family of slain two businessmen in Rathgama meet the opposition leader Hiru News en 2019-02-26 A Sri Lankan mother and two daughters killed in a vehicle accident in Oman Hiru News en 2019-02-26 H One, N One at Matale general hospital Hiru News en 2019-02-26 Signs of vehicle emission tax and carbon tax being removed through the next budget Hiru News en 2019-02-26 Southern Provincial special Investigation Units gun safe sealed Hiru News en 2019-02-26 A soldier attached to Pallekale army camp shot himself to death Hiru News en 2019-02-26 Rabies likely to raise its head again Hiru News en 2019-02-26 Several more bone fragments of slain businessmen of Rathgama sent to government analyst Hiru News en 2019-02-26 Amal and Nadimal likely to be on Dubai remand by another month Hiru News en 2019-02-26 HND students protest causes traffic jams around Technical junction Hiru News en 2019-02-26 A ruling on preliminary objections in the petition that challenges Premier Wickremesinghe’s MP post to be announced on May 21 Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Supreme Court suspends Internship medical appointments Hiru News en 2019-02-26 Sanath Jayasuriya banned from all cricket related activities for 2 years Hiru News en 2019-02-26 Pakistan vows to respond at the time and place of its choosing Hiru News en 2019-02-27 National economic council concerns, disregarding local companies in ETI transaction Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Dr. Bandula’s property at risk due to a bank loan Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Opposition leader agrees to hold elections according to the old system Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Government executive staff on strike today Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Heavy rain in several areas today Hiru News en 2019-02-27 ETI depositors make allegations again Hiru News en 2019-02-27 An Individual arrested for stealing paddy from the paddy marketing board Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Indian air force plane crashes in Kashmir Hiru News en 2019-02-27 UNP working committee convenes - Ranjans cocaine allegations to be considered Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Indian national acquitted in the VIP assassination plot, Nalaka de Silva further remanded Hiru News en 2019-02-27 The President, PM and the Opposition Leader in a special discussion tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Functions of public institutions disrupted due to executive officers strike Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Outgoing Auditor General requests the President to reconsider the National Audit Commission Hiru News en 2019-02-27 A coir factory in Kuliyapitiya catches fire Hiru News en 2019-02-27 President says central bank bond scam perpetrators cannot be punished until their proxies are ruling the country Hiru News en 2019-02-27 5 Suspects of the Kirivehera Chief Incumbent shooting further remanded Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Sri Lankan suspends flights to Karachi and Lahore Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Ranjan warned during the UNP working committee meeting Hiru News en 2019-02-27 Sri Lankan government has requested both India and Pakistan to act with restraint Hiru News en 2019-02-28 Suspect arrested in kuliyapitiya , for possession of heroin worth 120 million rupees Hiru News en 2019-02-28 President of SLC leaves for Dubai Hiru News en 2019-02-28 The group including Madhush, Amal and Nadimaal to appear before Dubai court today Hiru News en 2019-02-28 Discussions between President, Prime Minister and Opposition Leader scheduled for this afternoon Hiru News en 2019-02-28 Police apprehend the car used in the abduction of Ratgama businessmen Hiru News en 2019-02-28 Thundershowers in several provinces Hiru News en 2019-02-28 UPFA Provincial councillor Krishantha Pushpakumara arrested in connection with child abuse Hiru News en 2019-02-28 Tense situation in front of the Education Ministry in Battaramulla Hiru News en 2019-02-28 A judge withdraws from Karannagoda’s petition hearing Hiru News en 2019-02-28 Details emerge relating to 120 million rupees worth of heroin, received from two Wariyapola prison inmates Hiru News en 2019-02-28 JVP prepares to meet the Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2019-02-28 Water cannons and tear gas fired at a protest by teachers Hiru News en 2019-02-28 Southern Provincial councillor Krishantha Pushpakumara released on bail in child abuse incident Hiru News en 2019-02-28 Trump-Kim talks end without agreement Hiru News en 2019-02-28 Train services on Southern coastline still not restored Hiru News en 2019-02-28 A dasa sil matha stabbed to death Hiru News en 2019-02-28 The President and the Prime Minister in a discussion; Sambandan, Hakeem, Mano and several SLFP seniors join in Hiru News en 2019-03-01 The group including vocalist Amal Perera and Nadimaal to be held in detention custody in Dubai for another month Hiru News en 2019-03-01 Presidential Commission probe into 3.8 billion rupee fraud in procuring medications to treat cancer Hiru News en 2019-03-01 Party leaders agree to strengthen provincial councils Hiru News en 2019-03-01 US offers reward for Osamas son Hamza Hiru News en 2019-03-01 Telecommunication Regulatory Commission states that private phone calls are not being recorded. Hiru News en 2019-03-01 Coastal railway line restored Hiru News en 2019-03-01 IMF agrees to extend Sri Lanka loan program Hiru News en 2019-03-01 Arrest warrant issued on 5 organized criminal gang leaders in Dubai for sending the largest heroin stock Hiru News en 2019-03-01 Teachers and Principals to go on sick leave on the 13th Hiru News en 2019-03-01 Several institutions under Naveen and Harrison shifted to Kirialla and Rada Krishnan. Hiru News en 2019-03-01 Norwegian State Secretary to visit Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2019-03-01 Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera acquitted from elephant calf captivity case Hiru News en 2019-03-01 K D Lal Kantha arrested Hiru News en 2019-03-02 President to focus on establishing a special court for drug offenders Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Abhinandan: Captured Indian pilot handed back by Pakistan Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Sri Lanka Northern economy to be linked to exports via youth force Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Delhi, Mohali ODIs to go on as scheduled Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Water cut to be imposed on several areas in Colombo Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Symbol and name of new alliance between SLFP and SLPP to be announced after formulation of constitution. Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Lal Kantha to be produced before court today Hiru News en 2019-03-02 3 hospitalized following a clash between 2 groups in Kalpitiya Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Police investigations in to deaths of 2 Youths in Weligama Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Farmers Unions allege Sena compensation estimates unacceptable Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Meeting between Opposition Leader Mahinda and JVP Leader next week Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Bodu Bala Sena writes to Attorney General Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Student who saved girl friend, dies along with friend he tried to save Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Lal Kantha in remand for causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Another accomplice of underworld criminal Kanjipani Imran arrested Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Police Officer and daughter killed in an accident Hiru News en 2019-03-02 Half burnt corpse of a female believed to have been killed, found from Chilaw Hiru News en 2019-03-03 3 Underworld criminals including Bloemandhal Sanka arrested in Tamilnadu Hiru News en 2019-03-03 Individual who tried to sell a high valued conch shell arrested Hiru News en 2019-03-03 HIRU STAR Grand Finale today Hiru News en 2019-03-03 UPFA General Secretary speaks of the end of the Government Hiru News en 2019-03-03 A proposal on power devolution next week Hiru News en 2019-03-03 Estate Workers take to the streets again demanding 1,000 Hiru News en 2019-03-03 Fire at Vishnu Dewalaya in Kataragama Hiru News en 2019-03-03 Monetary limits of Commercial High Court increased Hiru News en 2019-03-03 No need of 20th Amendment; Hakeem wants a Presidential election Hiru News en 2019-03-03 Sri Lanka Cricket Secures US$ 11.5 million of ICC Funds Hiru News en 2019-03-03 Sri Lanka bowled out for 231 runs Hiru News en 2019-03-03 Another 3 accomplices of Kanjipani Imran arrested with narcotics from Wallampitiya Hiru News en 2019-03-04 Mangala Denex from Batapola wins the prestigious HIRU STAR award Hiru News en 2019-03-04 Police constable detained for questioning in connection to the rathgama incident Hiru News en 2019-03-04 17 persons arrested in Polhena for the possession of cocaine and narcotic pills; An actress among them Hiru News en 2019-03-04 Fire erupts in a three-storied building in Wennapuwa Hiru News en 2019-03-04 Two arrested with Kerala marijuana in possession in Rathgama Hiru News en 2019-03-04 An investigation into a 6.3 million rupee theft reveals Anuradhapura hospital premises had No CCTV cameras installed Hiru News en 2019-03-04 Details emerge about the links between the mastermind behind the 7 billion rupees robbery and Madush. Hiru News en 2019-03-04 The winner of HIRU Star, Mangala Denex is currently being escorted to his ancestral village, Batapola. Hiru News en 2019-03-04 New traffic plant on in Kandy town Hiru News en 2019-03-04 A portrayal of QC HA Nissanka unveiled Hiru News en 2019-03-04 Mi 8 Lite to change social media lifestyle in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2019-03-04 17 suspects including an actress remanded for cocaine use Hiru News en 2019-03-04 Thousands gather to Batapola to welcome HIRU Star winner Mangala Denex Hiru News en 2019-03-04 Railway Engine drivers to strike effective tomorrow midnight Hiru News en 2019-03-05 The OIC at the Southern Province Special Investigation Unit arrested in connection to the murder of the Ratgama businessmen Hiru News en 2019-03-05 The fifth budget of the current government is to be presented in parliament later today Hiru News en 2019-03-05 The President instructs police to launch an investigation into gangs extorting money from buses Hiru News en 2019-03-05 Cabinet approves Budget 2019 Hiru News en 2019-03-05 The President to launch the national narcotics eradication program tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-03-05 The owner of the stolen 5 billion rupees diamond identified, madush the mastermind behind the theft Hiru News en 2019-03-05 Unusually high temperatures to continue over the next two months Hiru News en 2019-03-05 Budget speech 2019 commences Hiru News en 2019-03-05 Production tax on petrol vehicles increased by new budget Hiru News en 2019-03-05 Budget 2019 grants Rs.2500 for public servants Hiru News en 2019-03-05 126 mobile phones seized from two houses of Kavuma who was arrested with 5 billion rupees diamond Hiru News en 2019-03-05 The budget proposes 2,500 rupees allowance for public workers, housing loans for the newly married; Tax on cigarettes, liquor and several vehicles increased Hiru News en 2019-03-05 Hiru News - Sri Lanka’s number 1 TV news bulletin – @ 9.55 tonight Hiru News en 2019-03-06 Permission to detain kewumaa , the suspect in the 5 billion rupee diamond heist, for 7 days questioning Hiru News en 2019-03-06 A foreigner apprehended with a stock of Cocaine worth 75 million rupees Hiru News en 2019-03-06 Budget debate begins today - Price increase on vehicles, Wagon R. Up by Rs. 250,000/=, Alto by Rs. 150,000 and Aqua by Rs. 600,000/- Hiru News en 2019-03-06 Train Engine Drivers planned strike called off Hiru News en 2019-03-06 A soldier arrested for the possession of 73 anti-aircraft automatic weapons Hiru News en 2019-03-06 A General election to be held before the Presidential poll,3 representatives for the president leave for Geneva Hiru News en 2019-03-06 Several UNP Ministers show solidarity with their backbenchers Hiru News en 2019-03-06 Attorney General informs court Nalaka de Silva could be indicted Hiru News en 2019-03-06 Attorney General expects to indict Admiral Karannagoda Hiru News en 2019-03-06 Hot weather to hit several areas in the island Hiru News en 2019-03-06 JVP, Opposition Leader discussion is over Hiru News en 2019-03-06 Presidential commission too ready to probe ETI deal Hiru News en 2019-03-07 The second three-member special high court hearing begins on 14th of this month Hiru News en 2019-03-07 450 complaints lodged at the Presidential commission probing corruption in State Institutions between 2015 and 2018 Hiru News en 2019-03-07 A special operation launched in search of two firearms belonging to Kawumaa, the main suspect in the diamond heist Hiru News en 2019-03-07 Angampora receives cabinet approval as a legalized martial art Hiru News en 2019-03-07 One killed and 3 injured in an accident in Piliyandala Hiru News en 2019-03-07 Special hotlines to inform on illicit liquor Hiru News en 2019-03-07 7 suspects including Ali Roshan acquitted Hiru News en 2019-03-07 ETI depositors complain to Presidential commission probing corruption Hiru News en 2019-03-07 Bone fragments discovered in a private land in Batticaloa – Sathurkondan Hiru News en 2019-03-07 Of the 7 billion rupees worth of stolen gems, Madush receives a stock worth 2 billion rupees - A search for 3 suspects including a woman Hiru News en 2019-03-07 The carcass of a wild elephant found Hiru News en 2019-03-07 Lalkantha released on bail Hiru News en 2019-03-07 Two pistols discovered from the garden of WedikandeKasun Hiru News en 2019-03-07 The Supreme Court issued an order today preventing the arrest of former Navy Commander Wasantha Karannagoda Hiru News en 2019-03-07 A maximum retail price for Nadu and Samba Rice Hiru News en 2019-03-07 Notice issued on ETI directors again to appear before the court Hiru News en 2019-03-07 It has been revealed that the bone samples from the Mannar Mass Grave, fall within the years 1400-1650 AD Hiru News en 2019-03-07 A new Prisons Commissioner General Hiru News en 2019-03-08 The SLPP series of anti-government rallies launches in Kandy today Hiru News en 2019-03-08 Separate compartments for women during train travel initiated today Hiru News en 2019-03-08 The Complaint against Minister Akila to be probed by the Presidential Commission Hiru News en 2019-03-08 A proposal to the Geneva Sessions requesting time - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hiru News en 2019-03-08 An all female crew flies to Singapore Hiru News en 2019-03-08 ‘Kadirane Ukkuwa’ arrested Hiru News en 2019-03-08 A promotion for the head of the State Intelligence Service Hiru News en 2019-03-08 Police have to pay damage for making false charges Hiru News en 2019-03-08 Nalaka De Silvas revised bail application rejected Hiru News en 2019-03-08 A petition demanding provincial council elections to be heard on March 29th Hiru News en 2019-03-08 Women happy about separate railway carriages Hiru News en 2019-03-08 A new archaeological opinion on Mannar mass grave Hiru News en 2019-03-08 CID Officer who accepted a bribe remanded until 22 Hiru News en 2019-03-08 Hot weather tomorrow for four Provinces and two districts Hiru News en 2019-03-08 Indian Players in Army Caps play in the third one day match with Australia (photos) Hiru News en 2019-03-08 Excavation of Mannar mass grave temporarily suspended Hiru News en 2019-03-08 Awarding of compensation to farmers affected by the Fall Army Worm to begin from Ampara day after tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-03-08 A confirmation label for Coconut Oil Hiru News en 2019-03-08 Narcotic sea route to Sri lanka identified Hiru News en 2019-03-08 A protest against ETI Director Deepa Edirisingha at a Women’s Day ceremony Hiru News en 2019-03-09 Imran Khan Says No Terror Groups Will Be Allowed To Operate On Pak Soil Hiru News en 2019-03-09 Update : Locomotive drivers and Guards call off the strike Hiru News en 2019-03-09 Britain given 48 hours to come up with Brexit breakthrough Hiru News en 2019-03-09 England skittle out West Indies for 45 in Twenty20 demolition Hiru News en 2019-03-09 Public requested to use electricity sparingly Hiru News en 2019-03-09 President decides to monitor all the Ministries Hiru News en 2019-03-09 Shootings in Mawanella and Batapola Hiru News en 2019-03-09 UN Human Rights Commissioner calls for a hybrid court on Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2019-03-09 SLFP General Secretary Dayasiri explains why they weren’t present in Kandy Hiru News en 2019-03-09 Flower Bud to hold a seminar on the budget Hiru News en 2019-03-09 TRC brought under the Defence Ministry Hiru News en 2019-03-09 STC wins Battle of the Blues after 12 years Hiru News en 2019-03-09 UN Subcommittee on Torture Prevention to visit Sri Lanka; TNA pleased Hiru News en 2019-03-09 Reports of more sightings of Nittaewo in Walasmulla Hiru News en 2019-03-09 Pohottuwa and United National Front speaks of their Presidential candidates Hiru News en 2019-03-09 ETI Depositors to take a political decision Hiru News en 2019-03-10 Borella Traffic OIC who was run over by a Defender in Bambalapitiya dies Hiru News en 2019-03-10 Change in the voters registry Hiru News en 2019-03-10 Colombo heats up due to vehicles; Power demand also increases Hiru News en 2019-03-10 Sirikotha to the villages from today Hiru News en 2019-03-10 Mother who sought ransom father, after hiding child arrested Hiru News en 2019-03-10 Fuel price revision tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-03-10 Owner of heroin haul seized in Akurala, an imprisoned smuggler Hiru News en 2019-03-10 Compensation for farmers affected by fall army worm, from today Hiru News en 2019-03-10 15 individuals who commented on Facebook regarding the accident that resulted in the death of the Borella Traffic OIC, called to court Hiru News en 2019-03-10 J.C Alawathuwela replies to Chaminda Wijesiri Hiru News en 2019-03-10 TNA to meet the JVP tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-03-11 Karannaagoda summoned to the CID Hiru News en 2019-03-11 Borella Traffic OIC’s funeral to be held today;The SP’s son to be produced before courts. Hiru News en 2019-03-11 Special security to be implemented around night clubs Hiru News en 2019-03-11 Fuel price revisions to take place today Hiru News en 2019-03-11 A Problem regarding technology at Boeing Hiru News en 2019-03-11 A dead body at Godellawatte Hiru News en 2019-03-11 The body of the main suspect in Sapugaskande Manna’s murder case discovered at a property in Nawagamuwa Hiru News en 2019-03-11 18 who were subject to various types of harassment and torture in Kuwait return to the island Hiru News en 2019-03-11 Driver of the Defender in the hit and run incident in Bambalapitiya further remanded Hiru News en 2019-03-11 Admiral Karannagoda’s questioning continues on this morning at the CID Hiru News en 2019-03-11 Milk powder price formula to be implemented in a week Hiru News en 2019-03-11 Gold Bangles valued at more than Rs. 20 million taken into custody by Customs Hiru News en 2019-03-11 The woman arrested in connection with the murder of Kim Jong-Nam freed Hiru News en 2019-03-11 Discussions between the JVP and the TNA begin Hiru News en 2019-03-11 A sudden death of a woman in an aircraft Hiru News en 2019-03-11 President says that human rights have intervened in the role of teaching in an improper way Hiru News en 2019-03-11 161 Kilos of heroin and 3000 T-56 bullets discovered from ‘Kewumaa’s’ house in Rawatawatte Hiru News en 2019-03-11 A protest opposite the Human Rights Council requesting that they should not try to influence Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2019-03-11 The Black Box of the Ethiopian Aircraft which crashed has been found Hiru News en 2019-03-11 The New Prisons Commissioner General assumes duties Hiru News en 2019-03-11 CID questions former Navy Commander Karannagoda for 8 hours Hiru News en 2019-03-11 JVP and TNA in a new agreement Hiru News en 2019-03-11 Police to compensate Boralla traffic OIC who died in the accident Hiru News en 2019-03-11 167 Kilos of heroin and 3000 T-56 bullets discovered from ‘Kewumaa’s’ house in Rawatawatte Hiru News en 2019-03-12 A CD containing footage of Madush’s father’s funeral found from Kewumaa’s House Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Voting on the second reading of the budget takes place today Hiru News en 2019-03-12 A complaint filed relating to tabs given to A/L students Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Japan loans 48 billion rupees toward a light rail transit system Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Investigations reveal ravatawatta property was used as a warehouse to store firearms and a 1.8 billion rupees stock of heroin belonging to madush Hiru News en 2019-03-12 12 Kilos of gold found in a toilet on a Bangladeshi aircraft Hiru News en 2019-03-12 An individual assaulted with a cudgel and killed Hiru News en 2019-03-12 A member of a Pradeshiya Sabha assaulted and hospitalized in the town of Marawila Hiru News en 2019-03-12 22 killed in air strikes in Yemen Hiru News en 2019-03-12 19 nabbed at Uhana in Ampara with Heroin Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Fishermen from Rameshwaran protest against Sri lanka Hiru News en 2019-03-12 A 50 million rupee gem robbery takes place following an attack Hiru News en 2019-03-12 The UPFA has decided to vote against the Budget Hiru News en 2019-03-12 4 Year Prison Sentence for a Police Inspector who accepted a bribe Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Gammanpila also says he is against the Budget Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Transfers for 56 Police Officers Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Dayasiri’s opinion Hiru News en 2019-03-12 A school Principal who accepted a bribe of Rs. 8000 arrested Hiru News en 2019-03-12 An accomplice of ‘Samayang’ arrested at Angoda Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Jananath Warakogda taken into Police custody Hiru News en 2019-03-12 An individual who was preparing to sell drugs to school children, arrested Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Police investigate an incident where a six-year-old had been given alcohol to drink Hiru News en 2019-03-12 The second reading of the Budget was passed in Parliament Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Fuel price increased from midnight today Hiru News en 2019-03-12 Details emerge of heroin seized from Kawuma’s house brought from Pakistan or Afghanistan Hiru News en 2019-03-12 The resolution on Sri Lanka presented to UN Human Rights Council sessions Hiru News en 2019-03-12 DV Upul and son Chanaka report to CID Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Insurance for Buddhist monks as well Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Teachers and principals on sick leave Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Police STF arrest underworld gang member “ Bumbaa” Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Fuel price increased again Hiru News en 2019-03-13 President’s heads of expenditure debate today Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda arrives at the CID again Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Speaker warns Parliamentarians Hiru News en 2019-03-13 The President leaves for Kenya Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Uninterrupted electricity even in the face of dry weather Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Congestion at Horton Place due to a protest walk by the IUSF Hiru News en 2019-03-13 A nurse injured in an assault by a Surgeon Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Former Navy Commander leaves CID after 6 hours Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Water and Tear Gas used at the Parliamentary roundabout to disperse the IUSF protest march Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Cabinet approval to purchase pharmaceuticals given for Diabetes and Heart Patients Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Teacher – Principal strike called off Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Basil says no dispute if Mahinda nominate Maithree as next Presidential candidate Hiru News en 2019-03-13 Water cannon and tear gas fired to disperse IUSF protestors today as well; The convenor arrested Hiru News en 2019-03-14 I.O.C. fuel prices increased ;Meters will be removed, if a subsidy is not given - say three-wheeler owners Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Activities of the Second three-member special High Court at bar begins today Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Discussions between SLPP and SLFP begin today Hiru News en 2019-03-14 President addresses the UN Environmental Conference in Kenya today Hiru News en 2019-03-14 A warm welcome for President Maithripala Sirisena who reached Kenya Hiru News en 2019-03-14 The Motor Traffic Department and the National Transport Medical Institute will be opened on Saturday too Hiru News en 2019-03-14 update :- Discussions between the SLFP and the SLPP begin Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Second three-member Special High Court at Bar declared open Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Fatal shooting at Moratumulla leaves two dead Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Convener of the IUSF further remanded Hiru News en 2019-03-14 SLFP general secretary states, Discussions were successful, Second round of talks will take place on the 21st. Hiru News en 2019-03-14 A group of representatives from the TNA also head to Geneva Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Powdered milk prices likely to be increased by 60 to 70 rupees Hiru News en 2019-03-14 A Petition filed by a group including Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa is withdrawn Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Two individuals arrested with Kerala Ganja at Cinnamon Gardens Hiru News en 2019-03-14 A teacher who assaulted a group of students remanded Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Extremely hot weather for several areas in the North-western Province, tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Hathurusinghe called back after the 5th ODI Hiru News en 2019-03-14 A shop destroyed in a fire at Ayagama Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Police seek the assistance of the public to take into custody a woman connected to ‘Kewumaa’s’ drug racket Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Korean assistance to be used for new technology for the production of electricity Hiru News en 2019-03-14 The Boeing Company has decided to suspend the use of all Boeing – 737 Max type of aircraft Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Two youths died in a motorcycle accident at Pambala on the Chilaw-Colombo Road Hiru News en 2019-03-14 A carcass of an elephant calf with gunshot injuries found in the Kalawewa National Park Hiru News en 2019-03-14 A Petition to the Supreme Court by a relative of Makandure Madush Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Four new proposals to the World Environment Conference by the President Hiru News en 2019-03-14 A route permit is the motive behind the double murder of Moratuwa Hiru News en 2019-03-14 Dilan says the presidential candidate is ready but announced him at the correct time Hiru News en 2019-03-15 President Sirisena meets president of Kenya Hiru News en 2019-03-15 900 complaints to Presidential Commission Inquiring into frauds Hiru News en 2019-03-15 Police Commission cancels the transfer of OIC Crimes Division, Colombo Hiru News en 2019-03-15 14 Chinese nationals who served as helping hand imprisoned. Hiru News en 2019-03-15 Shooting incidents have been reported from two mosques at Christchurch in New Zealand Hiru News en 2019-03-15 Prime Minister of New Zealand responds to the shooting at Christchurch Hiru News en 2019-03-15 3 family members killed in a motor accident at Polgahawela. Hiru News en 2019-03-15 Several dead after shootings in Christchurch Hiru News en 2019-03-15 A man self-immolates in front of the JSS Hiru News en 2019-03-15 Investigations reveal that Kevuma bought a female accomplice 5 houses. Hiru News en 2019-03-15 7906 drivers sued for noise pollution Hiru News en 2019-03-15 Galle road blocked off from devata, due to a protest Hiru News en 2019-03-15 29,000 new cancer patients in the year 2018 Hiru News en 2019-03-15 An allegation regarding the field of education by the JVP Hiru News en 2019-03-15 Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa permitted by Court to travel abroad Hiru News en 2019-03-15 Transfer for four Police Officers-In-Charge Hiru News en 2019-03-15 An individual taken into custody in Hambantota, with explosives Hiru News en 2019-03-15 A revolver discovered near the Hatton Private Bus Stand Hiru News en 2019-03-15 Number of deaths in the Christchurch shootings rise to 49 Hiru News en 2019-03-15 Three arrested with Ice, Cocaine and Mobile Phones Hiru News en 2019-03-15 4 accomplices of Bumbaa arrested with heroin and firearms worth millions of rupees Hiru News en 2019-03-15 The self immolated man in front of JSS office is a SLTB employee Hiru News en 2019-03-15 The main suspect of SAITM Sameera shooting is among the van robbers of Ranaala Hiru News en 2019-03-15 E.T.I Depositors submitted a complaint to the Presidential Commission Hiru News en 2019-03-16 Policies of Alliance between SLFP and Podujana Peramuna to be discussed on the 21st Hiru News en 2019-03-16 Concerns regarding standard of Coconut Oil; PHI’s prepare for raids Hiru News en 2019-03-16 Milk Powder prices increased Hiru News en 2019-03-16 Rathgama suspect transferred Hiru News en 2019-03-16 Minor tremors in few areas in Badulla Hiru News en 2019-03-16 Australia and Sri Lanka to stage Naval Exercise Hiru News en 2019-03-16 IGP writes to the Speaker over Ranjan’s Cocaine allegations Hiru News en 2019-03-16 Minister Harrison says local milk powder prices will also go up Hiru News en 2019-03-16 3 injured after colliding with cab MP Masthan was travelling in Hiru News en 2019-03-16 America says Sri Lanka victim to China’s predatory loans Hiru News en 2019-03-16 Signs that prices of milk powder will change every 3 months Hiru News en 2019-03-16 Elections Commission removes Ambilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabah Chairman from his position, loses membership as well Hiru News en 2019-03-17 O Level results by the end of the month Hiru News en 2019-03-17 Embilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman who lost his post, to go to Courts Hiru News en 2019-03-17 7 arrested for obstructing and assaulting STF Officers who raided a sand mining racket Hiru News en 2019-03-17 Colour codes for sweets as well Hiru News en 2019-03-17 Attorney General’s assistance sought in destroying 1,000 Kilos of drugs that were seized Hiru News en 2019-03-17 Billion Dollars from China for the Central Expressway Hiru News en 2019-03-17 Thundershowers today and tomorrow Hiru News en 2019-03-17 Subject minister reveals 1000 monks leave the Shasanaya annually Hiru News en 2019-03-17 Increased milk powder prices until year end Hiru News en 2019-03-17 A proposal to Mahinda to nominate Gotabaya as the Presidential candidate Hiru News en 2019-03-18 Four killed Seven hospitalised, in the van-tipper accident at Nagavillu in Puttalam Hiru News en 2019-03-18 Rainfall predicted in several provinces this afternoon Hiru News en 2019-03-18 National Action Plan to combat Bribery and Corruption to be launched today Hiru News en 2019-03-18 A raid takes place at the Location where documents, recovered from van apprehended at Waellampitiya, were prepared Hiru News en 2019-03-18 Southern Provincial councillor Krishantha Pushpakumara alias Raththaran resigns Hiru News en 2019-03-18 A dead body of a person who had died under suspicious circumstances discovered in Hanwella Hiru News en 2019-03-18 7 individuals who engaged in illegal gem mining taken into custody Hiru News en 2019-03-18 Convener of the IUSF released on bail Hiru News en 2019-03-18 Army Commander says forces are ready to face an international investigation Hiru News en 2019-03-18 A question raised in Parliament regarding dairy cows Hiru News en 2019-03-18 Permission granted to hear another case against E. T. I. Directors Hiru News en 2019-03-18 Nagananda Kodituwakku’s legal career suspended for three years Hiru News en 2019-03-18 Seven Policemen and another Wildlife officer arrested over Rathgama double murder Hiru News en 2019-03-18 A power generator at Norochcholai breaks down Hiru News en 2019-03-18 President says Singapore’s assistance to trace Arjuna Mahendran is not sufficient Hiru News en 2019-03-19 A Norochcholai generator still not connected to the grid;Obstacles to power supply in several areas Hiru News en 2019-03-19 Reports of A heightened risk of influenza in Galle and Mathara Hiru News en 2019-03-19 A Proposal to parliament for a 2500 rupees salary increase in the private sector Hiru News en 2019-03-19 Badulla night mail train detaches in Benmulla Hiru News en 2019-03-19 Officer-In-Charge of the Eechchankulam Police Station arrested Hiru News en 2019-03-19 Former Navy Commander arrives at the CID today for the third time Hiru News en 2019-03-19 10 acres destroyed in a fire that broke out close to the upcountry railway line Hiru News en 2019-03-19 A suspect with a firearm in possession arrested in Minuwangoda Hiru News en 2019-03-19 The 7 individuals from the Southern Province Special Investigations Unit and the Forest Ranger taken into custody in connection with the Rathgama Incident remanded Hiru News en 2019-03-19 JVP reveals a tax fraud of Aloysius in Parliament Hiru News en 2019-03-19 Power supply back to normal this evening Hiru News en 2019-03-19 Johnston freed from the four other cases filed by the Bribery Commission as well Hiru News en 2019-03-19 Hartal in Batticaloa requesting that missing persons be found Hiru News en 2019-03-19 Nalaka De Silva remanded again Hiru News en 2019-03-19 Investigating officers subjected to various influences after ‘Kewuma’ was captured Hiru News en 2019-03-19 Opposition comments on the Counter-Terrorism Act Hiru News en 2019-03-19 A Protest against the Aruvakkalu Garbage Quarry opposition the Presidential Secretariat