Muslim people destroy a Mosque where a group from the Thowheeth Jamath Organization is said to have engaged in praying

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 - 18:37


Muslim people of Madaatugama, Kekirawa and members of the main Mosque have taken steps to break down and destroy today (29) a Mosque where a group from the Thowheeth Jamath Organization is said to have engaged in religious observances.  

The main President of that M. H. M. Akbar Khan said that while a resident of the village had allocated a piece of land for a library to be built for the children of the area, this Mosque had been constructed here using money from a foreign country during the immediate past.

Since there was no requirement for another mosque due to the present situation in the country, the Committee of this Mosque had got together and decided to break down this mosque, he said further.

Later residents of Madaatugama have used sledgehammers and broken part of the Mosque and a plaque in Arabic letters was also destroyed.

A resident of Madaatugama who arrived here, Mohammed Ameen said this Mosque which was broken up did not have a name and that it was simply known as a mosque and that the Thowheeth Jamath organization group engaged in religious observances here.

Our Correspondent said that a group from the Jummah Mosque of Madaatugama said that they had associated very closely with the Sinhalese people of the area and since they had decided to once again, to get together and work together jointly, this Mosque which was built by a foreign country should be destroyed.

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