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Friday, 12 February 2016 - 13:15
Chairman of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Youth Front, former minister Shantha Bandara says that many important decisions will be made at the SLFP... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 8:34
The second step in a series of religious faith steps carried out by the Joint Opposition against the current government and the FCID are scheduled to be... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 11:49
A police detainee who has failed in an attempt to strangle himself by hanging has been admitted to Ambalantota hospital. Ambalantota Police stated that... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 11:24
A fatal motorcycle accident in Wandurammulla area in Yakkalamulla – Akurassa route has killed two youth. The deceased male aged 24 and female aged... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 9:58
One dead and two injured after the van they travelled in collided with a lorry that had toppled after it crashed on to a wild elephant along Puttalam-... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 9:00
General Secretary of Sri Lanka Freedom Party and Minister Duminda Dissanayake stated that the SLFP would split if the former President and current MP Mahinda... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 8:57
Minister Sarath Amunugama said that 11 MPs of the Joint Opposition will take a neutral stance, if their counterparts form a separate political party. The... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 8:55
Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa stated that the SLFP MPs who have already joined the government will decide soon which faction they should represent... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 8:37
The South African Navy Ship ‘Spioenkop’ enroute to Goa to take part in a Multinational Naval Exercise, arrived at the Port of Colombo yesterday... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 8:44
Two bush fires are reported from Galwetikanda Reservation in Galagedara and forest area in Thalawakele next to Thalawakele Tamil School. Flames have destroyed... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 8:51
Major General Milinda Peiris has been appointed as the Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army yesterday (12th). Being Sri Lanka Army’s 47th Chief... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 12:06
A Certificate of Absentia will be issued for missing people from next year, Minister of Home Affairs Vajira Abeywardena told the Parliament yesterday.... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 11:52
A tense atmosphere escalated in Batticaloa after the OIC of Mangalagama Police objected the move by Chief Incumbent of Mangalarama Viharaya to help a destitute... Read More
 Saturday, 13 February 2016 - 11:12
Bhikkus representing the Asgiri Chapter has opposed the proposed Theravada Bhikku Kathikawatha Bill during a discussion yesterday. This event took place... Read More
 Friday, 12 February 2016 - 22:39
President Maithripala Sirisena has stated that the country has not been pressurized by any foreign elements whatsoever. Addressing a ceremony held in... Read More
 Friday, 12 February 2016 - 17:03
The government has granted approval to hold the 2016 state Vesak festival at the premises of Naigala Raja Maha Viharaya in Weeraketiya, Hambantota. The... Read More
 Friday, 12 February 2016 - 16:57
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has warned of the danger of the Islamic State terror group spreading its tentacles to South Asia through organizations... Read More
 Friday, 12 February 2016 - 15:35
The students of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura had started a fast at the university administration building today (12), demanding solutions for... Read More
 Friday, 12 February 2016 - 16:40
The police have arrested two suspects in connection with the incident of shooting to death an individual in Ambalangoda –Madampe area.   A... Read More
 Friday, 12 February 2016 - 15:59
The Open University Students’ Union (OUSU) staged a protest today (12) demanding the authorities to reopen all the faculties of the Open University. Earlier,... Read More
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 - 11:52
Himasha Heshana and Rumeshika Ratnayake, who won the South Asian Games 100m men's and women's events respectively, are the fastest...
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 - 8:32
Three persons were shot dead at the 20-house unit area in Wellampitiya. Three residents of the same area aged 19, 24 and 49 were killed...
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 - 9:09
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksha says that the Yahapalana government takes revenge at a level beyond his wildest imagination. This...
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