About Us

Hiru News - Premier No 1 broadcaster in Sri Lanka for accurate and timely news in Sinhala, Tamil and English. Committed to the highest professional standards in journalism, with teams skilled in multi dimensional journalistic nuances, versatile, energetic and daring to report "Truth at all costs" in a responsible manner to inform, educate, entertain and add value to our audience.

Backed by the largest reporter base in Sri Lanka Hiru News provides the latest news and information as an when it happens. Our 24X7 News Room with an international reporter network based in more than 40 countries helps you keep up to date of the latest news from across the globe.

Hiru News also provides you information regarding the latest new updates in the business world, which extensively covers a day’s business & economic activities, including Exchange Rates, Stock Market Updates & Global Financial Reports.

We also provide you the latest news in the world of entertainment and the world of sports with special attention being focused on the sports activities that are most popular in Sri Lanka, while also keeping you updated on all other special moments occurring across the world.