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Friday, 02 December 2016 - 19:56
The private bus associations, who are on strike, have decided to continue the agitation as they did not receive a solution to the increase in traffic fine... Read More

 Thursday, 01 December 2016 - 10:34
"This is an attempt to mislead and deceive the public!"Former MP Duminda Silva’s sister said that the news article published in an English newspaper... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 20:12
Several groups of three wheel drivers and lorry drivers also joined in the private bus strike today in protest of the increase in traffic fine on 7 road... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 20:11
A special commemoration  ceremony to pay tribute to former Cuban leader late Fidel Castro was held at the President’s House today. Addressing... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 14:22
Three-wheeler drivers’ unions has arrived at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo Fort. They are protesting against the government’s move... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 13:06
A 30-year-old man has died when a tree fell over him during the heavy showers and winds in Sappachchimavadi area in Chavakachcheri. He suffered severe... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 13:05
The government suffered a Rs. 236 crore loss due to rice imports in 2014, JVP MP Sunil Handunnetti pointed out in parliament today. Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 13:01
A new rule will be brought in the year 2020 together with the people who are affected by the prevailing crisis, JVP says. MP Sunil Handunnetti said this... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 13:01
Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to USA Jaliya Wickramasuriya has been remanded till December 16. Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne gave the order today. FCID... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 12:50
Minster of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam charges that provincial councils have failed to appropriately assign school principals recruited by the state. The... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 12:44
Bus commuters throughout the country have been inconvenienced as a result of the strike by private bus operators. Protesters are protesting against the... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 12:44
Frontline Social Party leader Kumar Gunaratnam who completed a jail term for violating the Emigration and Immigration Act was released this afternoon. ... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 12:24
Three-wheeler drivers across the island are taking part in protests as they demand the cancellation of the increase of the minimum fine to Rs. 25,000 for... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 12:16
Social media and local media outlets are reporting about a Mercedes Benz S300 worth about Rs. 40.1 million. The vehicle was pictured parked in a ministerial... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 12:03
Ten fishermen who went fishing in the Northern Province has gone missing, Jaffna District Secretary N. Vedanayagam said. He said the group went... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 11:27
About 12 Sri Lanka Transport Board buses were attacked in several areas as private bus employees continue their strike, Chairman of the SLTB Ramal... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 11:16
Parliament yesterday discussed regarding the controversial phone call IGP Pujith Jayasundara received during an event in Ratnapura. President Maithripala... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 10:22
A 21-year-old young man from Madurankuliya area was arrested over the abduction and sexual abuse of a school student. The incident has taken place on... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 10:02
Body of a 47-year-old man has been recovered from a hotel room in Pasyala area in Nittambuwa this morning. The man was an employee at the hotel. Police... Read More
 Friday, 02 December 2016 - 9:05
Labor officers who were on strike for nearly one month has called off their movement last night. The decision was made following a successful discussion... Read More
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