Suspect in a murder in Gampaha shot dead during arrest attempt

Friday, 30 September 2022 - 12:51

A suspect who snatched a bag after stabbing and killing a person in Gampaha was killed in a police shooting this morning when he tried to attack the police with a sharp weapon to evade arrest in Kotugoda area in Gampaha.

A senior police officer in charge of the area stated the suspect tried to attack the police with a sharp weapon while the police was going to arrest him for the crime committed on 20 September.

He was shot dead by the police today morning (30) near Gampaha - Kotugoda area.

This robbery occurred on the 20th afternoon, when the robber who came with a female accomplice on a motorcycle tried to snatch a woman's gold necklace and a handbag when she was walking on the road.

Since the woman was tightly holding on to the handbag, the couple that came on the motorcycle fell into a nearby drain.

The incident occurred near the woman's house, and her husband and father, who were at home then, had reached that place.

The suspect had attacked the woman's husband and father with a sharp weapon.

The two people who were seriously injured in the incident were later admitted to Gampaha Hospital, and the woman's husband died.

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