Illegal Firearm Mishap Leaves Young Man Seriously Injured in Mannar

Tuesday, 19 September 2023 - 18:37

Mannar, [HiruEnglishNews] - A young man found himself in a perilous situation after he unlawfully accessed his father's illegal firearm and embarked on a hunting expedition with a friend. Tragically, the firearm malfunctioned during their excursion, leading to severe injuries to the young man.

The incident unfolded recently, resulting in the injured individual's admission to Mannar Madu Hospital for urgent medical attention. Due to the gravity of his condition, medical professionals decided to transfer him to Mannar Hospital, where he continues to receive critical care.

Local residents stated that the friend who had accompanied the injured man, quickly returned to their village to relay the unfortunate incident. In response, villagers organized an effort to transport the injured youth to the hospital, given the sudden and unexpected discharge of the firearm.

Authorities from the Madu police were alerted to the situation, and they subsequently conducted an investigation that led to the recovery of the firearm in a nearby forest.

The Madu police are pursuing further investigations into this incident to ascertain the details and circumstances surrounding the accidental discharge of the illegal firearm.

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