Hayleys Agriculture assigns ALT X to develop complete brand strategy and visual identity for the ‘CocoLife by Hayleys’ coconut product range

Wednesday, 07 June 2023 - 16:07


Altered Experience (ALT X), Sri Lanka’s award-winning design thinking consultancy for the age of convergence, has been selected by Hayleys Agro to design and deliver a complete brand toolkit comprising of brand strategy and visual identity to launch their new coconut-based brand named "CocoLife by Hayleys".

Primarily aimed at the international market, CocoLife by Hayleys will include a diverse range of organic coconut products that are cruelty-free, sustainable, and ethically manufactured in the certified facilities of Hayleys Agriculture.  Unlike conventional marketing approaches, ALT X used human centric principles and a data driven format combined with behavioural science to deliver a comprehensive branding solution that is guaranteed to make a significant impact once the product range hits the market.

Jayanthi Dharmasena - Managing Director of Hayleys Agriculture Holdings stated, “When seeking a partner to launch our new brand CocoLife by Hayleys, we were keen to find one that is capable of understanding the importance of taking a human-centric approach. ALT X is one of the premier design thinking consultancies in Sri Lanka that has won multiple awards and boasts of an impressive client portfolio. We are very happy with their design philosophy where they use data, technology and design thinking to transform businesses. We are confident that the outstanding toolkits they designed for us and their exciting brand positioning strategy will propel us forward and help us compete in the international market.”

Kabeer Rafaideen – Founding CEO of ALT X stated, “We are excited about being presented with the opportunity to work with one of Sri Lanka’s largest conglomerates that has made their mark both locally and internationally. Being a Sri Lankan entity, we are passionate about taking local brands on to the global stage while also demonstrating that Sri Lanka has the creativity and expertise to deliver world-class design solutions. This partnership is the latest that continues to highlight our growing reputation in both the local and international arena and our ability to channel the principles of design thinking to deliver high quality solutions that create viable business results.”

ALT X has successfully delivered world-class solutions for clients and thereby won international acclaim. ALT X’s client portfolio includes brands such as Westinghouse, Traffi UK, Kodak, Ava Water in Saudi Arabia, Rainco Sri Lanka, AXIA UK, Aurora RCM USA, Elle & Eswaran Brothers. Hayleys Agriculture has been spearheading the agricultural sector in Sri Lanka since the 1950’s and is the largest exporter of processed fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka. As an industry pioneer in innovation and sustainability, the company remains a dominant player in the country's agricultural sector, offering many products and services to the local and export markets.

With a specialized focus on sustainability, compounded by their group affiliation with the Climate and Conservation Consortium, ALT X creates business transformations using design thinking driven experiences and offering services across digital marketing, digital media, data, technology and business consulting.

Jayanthi Dharmasena - Managing Director of Hayleys Agriculture Holdings and Kabeer Rafaideen – Founding CEO of ALT X