Candidates preferential numbers released- Gazette notification issued

Tuesday, 09 June 2020 - 12:07


The extraordinary gazette notification No. 2179/7 - TUESDAY, JUNE 09, 2020 indicating the preferential numbers of candidates contesting the forthcoming parliamentary elections has been issued today (09).

The order in which the name of each recognized Political Party and the distinguishing number of each Independent Group and the symbol allotted to each such Party or Group appearing in the ballot paper of each such Electoral District shall be in the same order as given in the Schedule; and the names of candidates (as indicated by the candidates) of each recognized Political Party or Independent Group, placed in alphabetical order in accordance with the Sinhala alphabet, nominated for election as Members of Parliament from each such Electoral District and the preferential number assigned to each candidate, are as specified in the Schedule.

The situation of the polling station or stations for each of the polling districts in each such Electoral District, and the particular polling stations reserved for female voters, if any, are aslo specified in the Schedule.

The gazette notification has been issued by the following for the Election Commission

MAHINDA DESHAPRIYA  - Chairman, Election Commission

N. J. ABEYESEKERE  - Member, Election Commission

S. RATNAJEEVAN H. HOOLE - Member, Election Commission

The numbers can be obtained from the following link (updated)