Mystery murder in Dam street - Body washed and the room completely cleaned (Video)

Wednesday, 03 March 2021 - 16:20

The details of the tragic incident involving the married 52 year old Sub Inspector of the Buttala police, the 29 year old girl who was a social activist an artiste and a youth worker and the unsuspecting wife of the police SI is slowly helping to unravel this scandalous incident.

The case has moved fast and information from key informants have helped the police to get closer to the facts. The bus driver and conductor, three wheel user and the records at the lodge have been crucial in getting to the bottom of this investigation.

Several parts of the mystery remain unresolved with the head of the victim being the key piece of the puzzle that has still not been traced.

Key information 
The driver of the three-wheeler that the Sub Inspector had taken to the Hanwella bus stand from the rest house was able to reveal a lot of information regarding this incident. The Sub Inspector had got into the three-wheeler to reach the Hanwella bus stand from the rest house.

It has also been revealed that he is not a three wheeler driver by profession and comes to Colombo every day for work.

This lead has taken the police to the rest house. The information given to the reception counter by the suspect has been his true identity and address which helped the police to trace the suspect.

However, the Sub Inspector was found hanging from a tree close to his house this morning putting an end to the tracks with him regarding the missing head.

Suicide Note by Sub Inspector M.A. Premasiri
Police discovered a letter written by the Sub Inspector before his suicide. Writing a letter to his wife, he laments over the series of decisions, the shame he has brought upon his family and the shame that his family would now have to live with.

While taking his own life he has asked the family to be resilient in the face of shame and ridicule. He had also asked them to continue the work for the almsgiving of his mother.

The Sub Inspector M.A. Premasiri admits to having an affair and asks his wife to forgive him for the heartache caused.

Wife desperately searching for him 
The wife has been desperately searching for him last night with the police calling for him from the woods where he had disappeared when the police came to arrest him. They were unable to trace him last night.

However, this morning the police found his body hanging from a tree and a bottle of poison just close by. DIG Ajith Rohana commented that they are suspecting that he has taken his life unable to deal with the consequences of the event.

Coronavirus control head and MSD
The Sub Inspector who committed suicide had been on duty as the head of the Coronavirus control unit of the Buttala Police Station.

He had recently come home after taking a six day leave for his mother's three month alms giving.

He had also served in the Ministerial Security Division. Before joining the Buttala Police, he was attached to the Security Division of Ratnapura District Parliamentarian Hesha Vithanage.

Thilini Yasodhara Jayasundara
Meanwhile, the body that was found in a suitcase in the Dam Street area last Monday was identified as that of a 30 year old unmarried girl residing in the Theppanawa area in Kuruwita yesterday.

The victim Thilini Yasodhara Jayasundara, 30, a resident of Theppanawa, Kuruwita, has been living with her mother. She has supported the MP's election campaign and her brother is a UNP member of the Kuruwita Pradeshiya Sabha.

The mother stated that the daughter had left the house on the 28th to support a dansala held for the devotees attending the Sri Pada pilgrimage.

The body was found in a suitcase in the Dam Street area in Colombo last Monday afternoon.

CCTV - went togther came alone

Accordingly, CCTV footage from Dam Street revealed footage of a man pushing a suitcase which was later released to the media.

CCTV footage was released to the media showing him entering a private bus on Route 143 Hanwella - Colombo carrying his luggage.

Police Media Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana stated that the two had arrived at a rest house near the Hanwella bus stand on the night of the 28th.

The media spokesman said that investigations revealed that only the suspect had left the rest house on the 1st with a suitcase.

Police said that the man in the CCTV footage was suspected to have carried the head of the murdered woman in a bag hanging from the back of his neck.

Head still missing 
However, it has not yet been revealed where the head may have been taken.

The police team that went to the inn where the incident had taken place stated that room where the murder had taken place was completely cleaned.

Body washed and place cleaned 
Police also stated that they are suspecting that the body was washed after the death of the girl.

The head remains a mystery to be solved, while the two grieving families and innocent children remain marred by this tragic incident.